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70 x'x 7 & THE 11th HOUR










70 x's 7 & THE 11th HOUR

Today is the 10th day of the 1st month on YEHWEH's restored calendar.

This 10th day is the day that He commanded us to set aside the Passover lamb or goat each year for the memorial of His Passover that He offers to us.

It is also the anniversary of the day that our Messiah rode into Jerusalem on the ass's colt.

The 10th day is also significant in YEHWEH's calendar in other months with events that are important in His plan to build His eternal family.

The 10th day of the 2nd month is the day that He told Noah to start loading the Ark.

The 10th day of the 7th month is His commanded observance of the Day of Atonement.

In this video I will also discuss why our Creator has funneled the end of man's 6,000 year era into the 8th day of the 11th month like He has.

He has revealed His end time timeline in a systematic manner that has brilliantly testified to why He is sending His wrath and to whom He is sending it upon.

His doing so has also testified to His word in a magnificent way.

And His doing so has testified to His love for His creation and to His desire for us to become His eternal children and to His long suffering that He has endured as He has built His first fruits from our midst.

He led me to start sounding the shofars on the 1st day of the 10th month this past year.

This day was the anniversary of Noah seeing the tops of the mountains.

It fell on the 19th day of December on the calendar that satan gave to his children.

The 1st day of the 11th month this year will be on January 13th, 7 days before the 20th.

This 1st day of the 11th will be 390 days or 13-30 day months from the 1st day of the shofars beginning to sound on December 19th.

Noah's 377 day timeline is 13 days short of 390 days.

The reason why these 390 days are significant is found in prophecy that our Messiah gave.

Peter asked Him how many times he should forgive a brother who has sinned against him.

And Yehshua answered him;

Matthew 18:22

I say to you until NOT SEVEN: but until SEVENTY TIMES SEVEN.

70 times 7 equals 490.

Yehshua, like He often did other times, seized the opportunity to give parable and an end time prophecy in His answer to Peter.

Notice His emphasis on "not 7" here in His answer to him.

I pointed out that 390 days from the beginning of the first shofar lands on day one of the 7 days leading up to the 8th day of the 11th month.

If you think that Yehshua's reference to "not 7" here in this verse is just a random example that He used, you are being willfully ignorant.

Everything that is recorded that He spoke has significance.

He was giving a prophecy that there would come a point in time when our Elohiym's letting man continue in their rebellion to Him would come to an end and His time of tribulation would be sent upon them.

And He referenced the number 490 in this prophecy for a reason.

Noah was told to start building the Ark 490 years after the year 1100 from the time that YEHWEH placed man in the garden.

YEHWEH bid him to start building the Ark in the year 1590.

Another 490 year period of time is found in Daniel's 70 weeks prophecy that is recorded in chapter 9 that testifies to Yehshua being our Messiah.

This 490 year period began in the year 3300.

I want to point out that the year 3300 is yet another tie in to the 330 days found in Noah's 377 day timeline.

Daniel 9:24

Seventy weeks (70 x's 7days equals 490 days or 490 years) are decreed to your people and to the holy city, TO TURN FROM YOUR REBELLION (so that you can be forgiven) AND TO END OF YOUR TRANSGRESSIONS (so that you can be forgiven) AND TO CANCEL YOUR EVIL PERVERSIONS (so that you can be forgiven), AND TO COME TO EVERLASTING RIGHTEOUSNESS AND TO SEAL UP THIS VISION AND THIS PROPHECY AND TO ANOINT THE HOLY HOLY.

So you see, Yehshua's reference to forgiving 490 times is indeed significant.

Our Creator's timeline testifies to His desire to forgive us.

But His word says that we must turn from our rebellion to Him and put an end to our evil perversions of His word.

There are also other 490 year tie-ins with the other 1100 year breaks in this 6,000 year era of time.

And the 1100 year breaks are prophetic for YEHWEH putting an end to man's era in the 11th month as well.

I have discussed these 1100 year periods in other videos.

390 days of the 490 days of Yehshua's parable for how long man should be forgiven leads up to January 13th.

The "not 7" is a prophetic reference to the 7 days that begins on this day.

I will explain the other 100 days.

The numbers in the prophecy that YEHWEH has sent me to you with are all recorded in His word.

And several of them are recorded in the measurements that He gave to Ezekiel for His temple.

Within these measurements, there is even a reference to this 100 day period of time in the form of a hundred cubits.

This reference is found in;

Ezekiel 41:15


This is a prophecy that the 100 days would be offset, here a little, there a little, measuring line upon measuring line, precept upon precept.

40 days before December 19th was November 9th.

This was 40 of the 100 days.

This 40 day period has been discussed in other videos as well.

November 9th was the day that YEHWEH funneled His timeline into to stamp His judgment on the 10 tribes of Israel that He placed under Jeroboam's care.

He used Jeroboam's profaning of His Feast of Temporary Dwellings in the 8th month to illustrate this judgment.

I'll share with you yet another "as it was in the days of Noah" match.

The First Fruit harvest on July 19th was 113 days prior to November 9th.

In the 377 day Noah code, there were 106 days between when Noah let loose the 1st dove and when YEHWEH allowed for him and his family to come off the Ark.

Following this prophecy through, here a little, there a little, there were 7 days from when YEHWEH told him to start loading the Ark until He closed the door.

This totals 113 days.

This 7 days being separate from Noah's time on the Ark is a prophecy that part of the 490 days is going to be separated off from the rest of them.

I will expand on this in a bit how this ties into a prophecy for ten days.

50 days prior to November 9th was the 1st day of the 7th month on YEHWEH's restored calendar.

This day is His commanded observance of the Memorial of Acclamations that most people erroneously call the feast of trumpets.

This totals 90 of the 100 days and these 90 days are a continuance of the 390.

And the 90 days is very significant in this as well and I will also get to this in a bit.

At this point in time we were 480 days out from day one of the 7 days that take us up to the 8th day of the 11th month.

This means that on the Memorial of Acclamations that landed on last September 20th, that at this time we were 487 days out from the 8th day itself since the 7 days that begin on the 13th would be counted from this viewpoint.

However they are not counted in the 490 days.

The 10 days are separated off and YEHWEH did this to put the emphasis on the 10th day.

I will point out though, that in this 487 days there is yet another 110 day match to Noah's timeline.

487 minus Noah's 377 days is another 110 day match that can be added to the several other 110 day matches that YEHWEH has already revealed in His timeline.

And the 110 day matches are also given to testify to the 11th month and even to the 10th day since 110 is 11- 10's or 10- 11's.

There is even another 330 day mirror in this.

330 days is 11- 30 day months.

330 days prior to January 13th was the 17th day of the 2nd month on man's calendar.

And it was on the 17th day of the 2nd month on YEHWEH's calendar that He closed the Ark's door behind Noah and his family.

The way that He keeps mirroring and matching His timeline into Noah's 377 days account of the events of the flood is phenomenal.

Even within 330 days is 6-55's and 55 represents His Isaiah 55:11 signature ring that YEHWEH has sent me to you with.

And 6 represents the 6 stone pots that our Messiah used for a vehicle to turn the water into wine.

And all of the references to 6 are symbolic of the 6,000 years of man's era that is fast coming to an end as well.

And this 11 month or 330 day period between the 17th day of the 2nd month and the 13th day of January which is the 1st day of the 11th month on YEHWEH's restored calendar is being given to us to point to the 11th month as well.

Here is another place that we find a reason why YEHWEH is funneling His wrath into the 11th month;

Deuteronomy 1

1 These are the words that Moses spoke to all of Israel on this side of Jordan in the wilderness and in the desert towards the Red sea between Paran and Tophel and Laban and Hazeroth and Dizahab.

2 There are ELEVEN DAYS' (ten and 1) journey from Horeb by the way of mount Seir to Kadesh-barnea.

3 And it came to pass IN THE FORTIETH YEAR, IN THE ELEVENTH MONTH, ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH, that Moses spoke to the children of Israel all that YEHWEH had commanded unto them;

In lieu of these verses and in lieu of what the Isaiah 55:11 signature ring that YEHWEH place on my hand testifies to, if you think that this signature ring could possibly my own manifestation, you are delusional.

This signature ring ties in why He gave us His word and why He created us in with the entire witness that His word testifies to that His two witnesses were to be sent with.

Yehshua also gave a parable that was also a prophecy for the 11th month that also ties in our Creator's desire to forgive us.

He said;

Matthew 20:6

And about the ELEVENTH HOUR he went out and found others standing idle and said to them, why do you stand here all day idle?

In this parable, He broke up the day into quarters with His illustration of hiring others in the 3rd hour and the 6th hour and the 9th hour.

But He used those that He hired in the 11th hour to make His point.

They had only worked "one hour", yet the goodness of the master that hired them was revealed.

He paid them the same wages as He gave to those who worked all day.

But these servants still had to work, just like you still need to turn from your rebellion in order to be forgiven.

You have to bring forth fruit worthy of His forgiveness and this fruit is genuine repentance.

This parable is a prophecy not only of YEHWEH's goodness; it is also a prophecy for those of you who will repent at the 11th month.

Repentance is turning from your rebellion to the Most High.

If you do, He will deliver you into the millennium where you will become the planting thereof where you can become part of the latter harvest into His eternal family.

Even Yehshua's reference to one hour in this parable ties in this prophecy with the coming time of judgment.

Revelation 18

10 Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! Because IN ONE HOUR your judgment is come.

17 Because IN ONE HOUR your great riches are come to nothing. And every shipmaster and all the company in ships and sailors and as many as trade by sea stood afar off,

19 And they cast dust on their heads, and cried, weeping and wailing, saying, Alas, alas, that great city, wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness! Because IN ONE HOUR she is made desolate.

And this one hour is the 11th hour and the 11th hour is symbolic of the 11th month.

Here is another reference to the 11th month that contains symbolism that applies to this coming 11th month.

1 Chronicles 27:14

The ELEVENTH captain FOR THE ELEVENTH MONTH was Benaiah the Pirathonite, of the children of Ephraim: and in his course were twenty-four thousand.

Benaiah means YEHWEH builds or YEHWEH restores and Pirathonite comes from a word that means to avenge.

Now I will explain to you why the 8th day of the 11th month.

The 8th day is always the first Sabbath rest of each new month.

It is on the 8th day of a male's life that he is supposed to be circumcised.

It is on the 8th day from the 1st day of when the blood departs from a woman that she is pronounced clean.

It is the 8th day following the 1st day of the 7 day Feast of Temporary Dwellings that is the High Sabbath that is symbolic of the great white throne of judgment that follows our Creator's 7,000 year plan to build His eternal family.

And it was in the 8th month that Jeroboam profaned YEHWEH's 7th month Feast.

And it was the anniversary of the last day of Jeroboam's feast that YEHWEH used for an example to stamp why a double portion of His wrath is being sent upon the scattered nations of Israel that have polluted or rejected His appointed times.

It is indeed fitting that He has funneled His prophecies into the 8th day of the 11th month the way that He has.

But don't wait to the 11th hour to turn from your rebellion to Him.

If your heart is to do so, chances are, your heart won't make this choice anyway.

I have asked several times in these videos why do you need for Him to humble you into hearkening to Him anyway?

Why not obey Him because you love Him and you want to walk with Him in agreement with His righteousness so that you will be found in His favor?

I will tell you why not, it is because nearly all of you do not love His righteousness.

You are in love with an image of Him that you got from your father the devil.

YEHWEH's righteousness has no place in your rebellious, uncircumcised hearts.

And you are soon to have His wrath unleashed upon you just to get 3.3333333% of you to turn from your rebellion to His true image and to His word, therefore to His Son who was made to be His word in the flesh.

It is indeed a sad state of affairs that you are this stiff-necked and rebellious.

But it is what it is, just like His word says that it would be this way at the time of the end.

And now dying you will soon die if you do not turn from your rebellion to Him.

I began this video saying that today; the 10th day of the 1st month is the day that He commanded us to set aside the lamb or goat for the Passover memorial.

If you are refusing to obey that which His word tells us we must do, if you think that His Passover sacrifice of His Son's shed blood is being applied on your behalf, you are sorely deceived.

His word commands us to celebrate the Passover each year per the instructions that He gave to us in His word as a memorial of His Passover sacrifice to us.

Plus, if you are living in rebellion to YEHWEH's word, then His Passover sacrifice of His Son's shed blood is not being applied to your transgressions anyway.

His Son told us that the 1st step is for us to turn from our rebellion to His Father's word.

Then the water that we are baptized under is turned into His shed blood to atone for our past transgressions of His Father's word.

I mentioned the 3 primary tiers of the 10th day of the month.

The 1st was Noah being told to load the Ark on the 10th day of the 2nd month.

This is significant to YEHWEH's backup Passover opportunity in the 2nd month that I will get to in a minute.

Noah loaded the Ark for 6 of the 7 days because the 15th day was the Sabbath.

Again, the 6 is a reference to the 6,000 years of man's era of time under the tutelage of satan for those who rejected YEHWEH's tutelage.

And this 6,000 are being cut short per Yehshua's prophecy that they would be.

This tier of the 10th day also represents that you must turn to having a heart like Noah's heart and the rest of the patriarch's hearts if you are going to be spared from YEHWEH's coming wrath and delivered into the millennium.

The next tier of the 10th day is His two step atonement process that is outlined in His instructions for the Day of Atonement on the 10th day of the 7th month.

This two-step process is discussed in parts 2 and 3 of "The 7th Month High Days" videos.

I will put the links to these videos in the video description box below.

The 3rd tier to the 10th day is YEHWEH's command for us to set aside the lamb or goat on this day for His Passover memorial on the 14th.

And off course the 10th day is also reflective of it being the anniversary of Yehshua riding into Jerusalem on this day.

Chances are, if you are listening to this today, you have not made preparations to set aside the Passover today.

Plus, the magnification of the dead person statute says that if you are not walking in our Messiah's footsteps who lived by His Father's every word, therefore if you are not living by His Father's every word like He did, you are unclean like a dead person is.

Therefore you would have to first turn from your rebellion and start following in our Messiah's footsteps in order to be clean before His Father's face.

Then you would need to be cleansed for 7 days with the water of separation in the red heifer statute before you could observe the Passover anyway.

And the Passover is in 4 days so this would not work for you.

But there is good news for you.

The good news for you is YEHWEH has a back-up provision in place for you to set aside the Passover on the 10th day of the 2nd month and accomplish the Passover on the 14th.

This 10th day will fall on the 27th day of April on satan's calendar.

And the 14th will fall on May 1st.

I'll put the links for the Passover and the back-up Passover videos in the description box as well.

Numbers 9

6 And there were men who were individuals with unclean bodies so they could not observe the Passover on that day and they came before Moses and before Aaron on that day:

The King James translated this that they were defiled because they had touched dead bodies but the word for dead is not in the original Hebrew text.

YEHWEH's word is telling us that these were individuals who were unclean for whatever reason.

This certainly could include touching a dead body or even actually being a dead body per the magnification of the dead person statute or it could be other things that His word tells us makes us unclean.

These physical statutes are given to us to teach us to fight to remain pure and on the path to perfection and clean before our Elohiym's face.

7 And those men said to him, what shall those of us who are among the children of Israel who have unclean bodies do since we are withheld from drawing near to YEHWEH's offering at His appointed time?

8 And Moses said to them, Stand still, and I will hear what YEHWEH will command concerning you.

9 And YEHWEH spoke to Moses, saying,

10 Speak to the children of Israel, saying, if any man of you or of your dwelling has an unclean body, or be in a journey afar off, HE IS STILL TO OBSERVE YEHWEH'S PASSOVER.

11 The FOURTEENTH DAY OF THE SECOND MONTH at even they shall prepare it, and eat it bitter with unleavened bread.

12 They shall leave none of it unto the morning, nor break any bone of it: ACCORDING TO ALL THE ORDINANCES OF THE PASSOVER they shall accomplish it.

13 But the man that is clean, and is not in a journey, AND FORBEARS TO KEEP THE PASSOVER, even the same soul shall be cut off from among his people: BECAUSE HE DID NOT DRAW NEAR TO YEHWEH'S OFFERING on His appointed time, AND THAT MAN SHALL BEAR HIS SIN.

14 And if a stranger shall sojourn among you, and observe YEHWEH's Passover; according to the ordinance of the Passover and according to the manner thereof, so shall he do: you shall have one ordinance, BOTH FOR THE STRANGER, AND FOR HIM THAT WAS BORN IN THE LAND.

Of course the stranger would have to be clean as well and now that the dead person statute has been magnified, they would need to be following in our Messiah's footsteps as well.

I pointed out earlier that 480 days of the 490 day prophecy are from the memorial of Acclamations this past year to the beginning of the 7 days that lead up to the 8th day of the 11th month.

I also showed you where YEHWEH's word testifies that part of the first 100 days of the 490 would be offset.

His word declares that only a tithe of a third will be brought to repentance through the coming calamity.

A tithe is 10%.

10% of 100 is 10 days.

He offset these 10 days to emphasize the importance of the 10th day of the 1st and 2nd and 7th months.

Notice that there are 3 tiers to these 10th days.

He also did so to emphasize the importance of the two 90 day periods on each side of the scattering of my hair last July per the Ezekiel 5 prophecy.

The 90 day periods testified to His restoration of the 30 day months and they were bookends to the last day of each of His 7 day feasts.

And the first 10 days of the 490 day count were referring to a particular 10 day period.

Our Messiah prophesied about this 10 day period in;

Revelation 2

8 And to the angel of the called out ones in Smyrna write; these things saith the first and the last which was dead and is alive;

9 I know your affliction and poverty (but you are rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not but are the synagogue of Satan.


On April 3rd last year, I posted a video called 10 days in prison that separated out this particular 10 day period.

April 3rd was the 11th day of the 1st month on YEHWEH's calendar.

This was the day after the 10th day when we are commanded to set aside the Passover lamb or goat.

And this particular 10th day was the last day of this tier of Yehshua's 10 day prophecy.

The theme of this video was about how YEHWEH's timeline unfolding like it had at that time caused some to be put in prison by satan.

The video discussed the testing and refining process that YEHWEH has put in front of those whom He is calling to become His eternal children.

It was about how this process demands that we trust and obey Him.

And since this time, He has continued to reveal His timeline in a systematic way here a little, there a little.

And His doing so has continued to be a witness against those of you who refuse to trust and obey Him.

It was 10 days ago that I posted the last video called; "Noah Removed the Covering"

These past 10 days were a mirror to the 10 days last year.

In this video, I read;

Exodus 40

1 And YEHWEH spoke to Moses, saying,

2 You shall rise up the dwelling of the tabernacle OF THE APPOINTED TIMES on the 1st day of the 1st month.

YEHWEH is telling you that if you want for Him to deliver you through what is about upon you, you are going to have to return to His appointed times, including His restored Sabbath and hearkening to His Passover memorial and His other appointed times.

He is getting ready to show you that you are not covered by Him and the shame of your nakedness is about to be revealed.

And He is preparing to purge His sanctuary.

The 10 days in Yehshua's prophecy is about what the "Ten Days in Prison" video testified to.

I will put the link to it in the video description box as well.

The point of what this 10 days testified to is that nearly all of you do not fully put your trust in YEHWEH's word.

His word is not your measuring rod.

And His Son was made to be His word in the flesh.

Therefore you do not fully put your trust in the true image of His Son.

And this is why His Son's prophetic 490 days of having His  blood available to you to atone for your sins is about up.

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym