I often reflect on the incredible detail that our Creator has in His design to build His family.

He has put forth so much ingenuity in setting up His classroom that He uses to mold those who will become His clay in order to become as He is.

I marvel at the intricate design of it all and how so much of it is a matter of being completely separated to Him if we are to become His by becoming as He is.

I think back about how it was in the hearts of most of the children of Israel when He tried to deliver them into the Promised Land.

Most of them still worried about food and water and they complained in the desert even though they saw the Red Sea part and even passed through it.

I think back about how, even after seeing all that they had seen, how they still refused to trust and obey Him when they came to the Jordon the first time.

And I compare their attitudes to what I have witnesses this past year in people today who He is trying to call out of the bondage of sin to be delivered into the Promised Land that He has placed before them.

Especially in regards to things like fleeing like we are commanded to do when the abomination of desolation was revealed.

Most of you would rather refuse the evidence that our Elohiym has given to us that Saul is this abominable one than to flee like we are commanded to.

But others of you who even do acknowledge that he is this man have refused to flee.

At least the children of Israel fled back then.

Maybe you are worried about what you will eat or where you sleep.

Here is what Yehshua said about this very subject;

Matt 6:28-7:1

28 Why do you worry about your clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:

29 Yet I say to you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

30 Therefore, if Elohiym so clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is burnt up, will he not much more clothe you, you of little faith?

31 THEREFORE DO NOT WORRY, saying, what will we eat? Or, what will we drink? Or, what will we be clothed with?

Have you ever looked at this as a command that we are not to worry about these things?

You should because it is.

We must trust our Elohiym to provide if we are going to be found in His favor.

And we must obey Him in order for this provision to be given to us.

The children of Israel were sent back to the desert for 40 years to die because they did not trust Him enough to obey Him.

They did not go in and take the land that He promised to give them when He told them to.

Why do you think that you do not have to trust and obey Him today?

Trusting Him and believing Him is part of what genuine faith is.

The rest of it is obeying Him.

Yehshua continued on;

32 For all of the gentiles (the other nations) desire after these things and indeed our heavenly Father is aware that you have need of such.



Again, I ask you the question, is it possible that not trusting our Elohiym pleases Him in lieu of what is recorded in His word?

It does not matter what your answer to this question is because His word says the answer is no.

If you do not trust Him, then you simply do not believe His promises.

I don't care what your excuse or your reasoning to the contrary is.

This does not mean that we can put Him to the test though either, but we have to obey Him and obeying Him requires us to trust Him.

He designed it this way.

Yehshua is saying in this verse that it is evil to worry about the here and the now.

He is saying that all we need to do is keep our eyes single on His Father's kingdom and on becoming His righteousness and He will provide for everything else.

He said in a parable in Matthew 10:28 that we are not to fear for our lives on a physical plain but only fear losing out on eternal life.

We are told who will not inherit His kingdom and will be cast into the lake of fire;

Rev 21:8

8 BUT THE FAITHLESS (those who fear to trust their Elohiym) AND THE DISBELIEVING (the ones who do not believe Him), and the abominable, and murderers, and fornicators, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, will have their place in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone which is the second death.

He lumps the faithless and the disbelieving in with the murderers and all other abominations.

The question that you must ask yourself is; do you really trust Him if you will not obey Him?

Some of you have told me that you do trust Him and this is why you do not have to flee to the hills.

Your claim is that you believe He will deliver you from wherever you are.

Granted, He certainly could do this but why would He do so if you will not obey Him?

His Son said to flee.

This is a commandment to do so.

Show me where in His measuring rod that trusting in Him without obeying Him works out.

The children of Israel had to flee.

Abraham had to lift up the knife.

If you have examined the evidence and you know that Saul is this man, then how can you think that you do not have to flee?

This life in the flesh is a testing and a proving ground where we must be refined and purified by the fire.

Trusting and obeying our Elohiym is part of this refining and purifying process.

How can you be refined and purified if you reject the process?

If you really do believe our Elohiym's word, then doing what His word says to do will be automatic because you will fear going against His word.

This test is showing that most of you really do not believe His word.

Some of you might choose to obey some of the simple instructions like sewing on some blue tassels like we are commanded to do, but when push comes to shove and the command gets serious like the command to flee, are you willing to obey Him?

Or do you just want to give Him lip service?

If you think that it is just me saying that Saul is the abomination and that it is just me saying to flee, then you certainly have chosen to not believe His word anyway because His word testifies that He has sent me.

And His word testifies that Saul is the abomination that desolated that which He set apart to set His children apart to Him.

This test in the flesh is about believing His word and obeying His word so that we can trust in His provision and become as He is.

This is all drawing to a head as we draw so close to the timing of the 2nd Exodus.

A few days before this new year began on our Creator's calendar for much of the world, I spoke about a prophesy that Yehshua gave that applies to the time we are in.

He said;

Revelation 2

9 I know your affliction and poverty (but you are rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not but are the synagogue of Satan.


It was revealed that this was recorded for those of you who have the truth given to you but are sitting on the fence.

He is admonishing you to be faithful to what has been given to you.

Notice that He said that the devil will put some of you in prison.

He is saying that satan was going to be allowed to sift some of you because you are sitting on the fence.

He was not saying that man will put some of you in prison; He was saying that satan will.

He was talking about a spiritual prison.

He was saying that you were going to be cast into a spiritual trial to test you whether you would trust and obey what you had been given or not.

This ten day period just ended yesterday for most of you which was the day that YEHWEH commanded us to set aside the Passover lamb or goat.

Did you finish this ten days off in obedience to this instruction?

Or did you let satan derail you by giving him your ear?

I know from what has been written to me and from what I witnessed this past 10 days that many have waivered during this time.

Especially in lieu of the command that went out during this 10 days for all uncircumcised males to get circumcised before they can enter into the Promised Land.

How did the children of Israel handle this commandment when told to do this?

They did it.


It was because they wanted the Promised Land bad enough.

How about Abraham?

He did it that day.


It was because he had a heart that trusted and obeyed his Elohiym and He desired to be found in His favor.

He wanted the covenant bad enough.

He was not worried about his life in the flesh.

He was worried about His eternal life.

I mentioned Matthew 10:28 earlier.

Yehshua said;

Matt 10:28

28 Do not fear them that can kill the body but are not able to kill your eternal life: BUT RATHER FEAR HIM WHO IS ABLE TO DESTROY BOTH BODY AND ETERNAL LIFE IN THE LAKE OF FIRE.

Why would any of you worry about not having His provision given to you if you really trust and believe His word?

He promises to take care of us if we trust and obey Him.

The second day of this 10 day period I posted a video called "Abram departed"

It was about this very subject of trusting and obeying him in lieu of the days that are approaching and how Abraham departed from his countrymen when he was told to.

How did you receive this in lieu of the coming 2nd Exodus?

Did you have a heart like Abraham's.

This is the heart that He is looking for us to have.

It is such hearts as this that He is building His family with.

Folks, this is real.

And it is happening.

Some of you slid backwards because of it being announced last week during this 10 days that the time of torment was a prophesy that explained who would receive the torment.

You were disappointed that the torment was not going to be during this 5 day period that we entered into yesterday.

You wanted the physical sign to support your actions to flee.

This is because you are wanting a sign and Yehshua said that a wicked and adulterous generation requires a sign.

We have already been given so many signs and they are incredible.

And one of the biggest signs yet was this prophesy about the 5 months of torment.

It actually increased my faith because I love how His word comes together in His perfect timing.

There is no way that I could have come up with November 9th as the beginning of this 5 months and it could have magically slipped into this 5 day period like it did unless it was planned out and given from above.

It certainly was not planned by me, simply go back and listen to the videos that led up to these dates being revealed and this will prove this to any of you.

Plus, as I said the other day, our Elohiym's word verifies that the torment will be on the last day anyway.

It was just not revealed yet prior to this because it was not His time to do so.

You should marvel that He revealed this during this 10 day period of time when He said that satan would be allowed to sift some of you.

You should have been excited about this revelation instead of letting it cause you to stumble.

For you to let the torment not happening during these 5 days cause you to not hearken to your Elohiym's instruction to flee shows that you were counting on or looking for a physical sign instead of just believing His word.

He is the one that waited to reveal His 5 month prophesy until when He did to test you and to prove you.

And speaking of testing and proving us, how are you doing on lifting up to  Him the offering in righteousness that He has called for us to lift up to Him at this time?

How are you doing at hearkening to His 5 point Ezekiel 24 sign?

Are your heads covered?

Have you stopped eating the bread of men?

I go to some of the you tube sites of those of you who are in contact with me just to see if your eyes are single in what our Elohiym has put before us to do and with most of you, they are not.

Are your shoes on your feet by readying yourself for the 2nd exodus?

Are you crying aloud to warn others that Yehshua is returning in July and that He is bringing His Father's wrath with Him to those who will not hearken to Him?

Are you refusing to mourn for those who will not hearken but rather only weeping over your own rebellion to Him for all of these years?

Have you turned back to living His Torah with His statutes and judgments that He established in His word?

Have you let His word become your source of your existence?

Or is your attitude one of not trusting Him and not obeying Him like the children of Israel's was after they came out from the Red Sea?

And at least they trusted Him enough to set the lamb or goat aside when told to and at least they departed when told to.

How many of you have done this as far as setting aside the Passover lamb or goat on the 10th day like He commanded us to do?

And remember; they did not enter into the Promised Land and neither will you if you do not obey Him and trust Him.

His word testifies to this.

Do you know better than His word?

Do you have another measuring rod?

They were sent back to the desert to die.

This was done to show us that we must trust and obey our Elohiym.

Like Yehshua said, we must endure or hold fast to the end.

If you are thinking that I might be wrong on the timing and that we might not be where we are at in time, then you do not believe His word because His word promised that it would be from Him when the Ezekiel 24 sign was sent.

His word even ties in the one who would bring forth the Ezekiel 24 sign with the one who would proclaim the day and the year of His vengeance in Isaiah 61.

He was not going to let an imposter cause Him to break His promise.

The Ezekiel 24 sign was a promise from Him in His word that endures forever.

Not to mention the rest of the signs that He has given to us like the turning the water into blood.

And like I said, this prophecy about the 5 months of torment is awesomely inspiring as well and it is a huge sign.

Remember, He will come like a thief in the night to most but the wise will understand.

The wise are those who have His 7 spirits of which one of them is the spirit of wisdom.

Folks, I am pleading with you to obey our Elohiym and leave the consequences up to Him.

If you do and you die, at least you will die obeying Him.

Turn to having a heart such as Abraham's and the rest of the patriarchs and trust our Elohiym to deliver you.

He will show Himself strong to those of you who will.

The mouth of YEHWEH Elohiym has spoken that He will.