Next week on April 18th in man’s calendar is the 14th day of the first month in our Creator’s method of tracking days and months.

Lev 23:4-5

4 These are the APPOINTED TIMES of YEHWEH, even holy convocations, which you shall proclaim in their APPOINTED TIMES.

5 In the fourteenth day of the first month at even is YEHWEH’s Passover.

This Passover is the second to the last Passover before Yehshua returns in power and glory.

I posted a video a couple of days ago that proclaimed the 6th trumpet of the apocalypse would begin to blow on June 12th of this year.

With this being the case, the first 5 trumpets would need to blow before then, either immediately before then or they would begin to blow with number one sounding on Passover night.

I do believe this is will be the case and it will prove that I am His servant sent to plead with the world to turn to Him and sent to begin to restore truth in order to prepare a people for the return of their Messiah.

If the first trumpet begins on the Passover night, the next five will be spaced out 11 days leading up to the 6th blowing on June 12th.

The dates for #’s 2, 3, 4, and 5 would be April 29th, May 10th, May 21st and June 1st.

Concerning the Passover, it is important to understand that when the children of Israel were commanded to slaughter the lamb or goat, they were not offering up a sacrifice to YEHWEH as with the other sacrifices they made to Him.

The Passover was to serve two purposes, one to point to the lamb who would come and be their atonement and secondly as a memorial of when the destroying angel passed over their houses the night of the first Passover.

Did Yehshua do away with the Passover service or change it when He died as our Passover lamb?

As with all things, we must simply believe the word of Elohiym.

Ex 12:14

14 This day shall be to you for a memorial; you shall celebrate it as feast to YEHWEH throughout your generations; you shall celebrate it as an ordinance or a statute forever.

If you look up forever, it means until it is done away with. Yehshua did not come to get rid of one dotting of an “I” or crossing of a “t” within the law until heaven and earth pass away.

Some ordinances associated with the temple and the alter such as the sacrifices made to YEHWEH that were to be forever have went away because there is no temple and Yehshua made the atonement for us if we let His blood cleanse us, but the Passover is not associated with these sacrifices, nor is it a sacrifice that we are making to Him.

In this present day that we live in, it is to be a memorial to YEHWEH for sparing our lives by delivering us out of the bondage of sin and a memorial of His Son being sacrificed on our behalf so that we could be atoned for by His blood.

If you tread under foot His blood by continuing to reject His Father’s laws and statutes from being written in your hearts and minds, His blood is not blotting out your transgressions.

Most of you listening to this have replaced His commanded Appointed Times with pagan holidays such as easter which has a plain blasphemous origination.

Others of you observe a perversion of this commanded festival.

An example of this is those who call themselves Jewish today observing a perversion of it by eating a Passover meal that they call the Seder.

Other groups think that Yehshua changed this ordinance on the night before He was killed when He ate with His disciples the night that is referred to as the last supper that was eaten in the night of the 13th..

This is easy to fall into this trap if you believe that each day in YEHWEH’s calendar begins at sunset the day before.

One of the reasons people believe this is it has become the tradition of those who call themselves Jewish today. They say that each day begins at sunset the night before and these people assume they must be right.

Many of these same groups assume the same line of thinking in regards to a Saturday Sabbath.

They try to support their sundown to sundown belief by using the instructions for observing the Day of Atonement and the creation account as their proof of this theory.

Scripture proves that this theory is not true. I posted a two part series called Sundown to Sundown that explains this further if you really fear going against your Creator and you want to know His truth on the subject.

Briefly though, in Genesis it gives the account of the ereb and the morning were the 1st day and the 2nd day, etc.
Ereb is most often translated as the English word even or evening.

Gen 1:3-5

3 And Elohiym said, Let there be light: and there was light.

4 And Elohiym saw the light, that it was good: and He divided the light from the darkness.

5 And Elohiym called the light DAY, and the darkness He called NIGHT. And the EVENING (EREB) and the MORNING were the first day.

Obviously Moses knew the words for night and day because they are used in the same verse that he used the words morning and ereb.

If He wanted to say and the night and the day were the first day, He would have said the night and the day were the first day.

If ereb meant night here, then Moses left out the afternoon in His recording of the first six days by saying that the evening and the morning were the first day.

Ereb refers to a range of different times beginning from mid-day when the sun is straight up until the time even after the sun has set depending on where it is used and how it is used in relation to other words and grammatical notations in the Hebrew language.

There are many scriptures that prove this but I will just give you a few to prove it today. There are more in the sundown to sundown video.
First, I will start with the only one that matters since we are talking about the Passover.

We are told that the Passover lamb or goat is to be killed within or amongst or between the ereb. When was Yehshua killed?

John 19:13-14;

13 When Pilate therefore heard that saying, he brought Yehshua forth, and sat down in the judgment seat in a place that is called the Pavement, but in the Hebrew, Gabbatha.

14 And it was the PREPARATION OF THE PASSOVER , and about the sixth hour: and he said to the Jews, Behold your King!

Did John, who was an eyewitness to these events, not know when the Passover was? Or, was he calling the feast of Unleavened Bread the Passover?

This passage shows that Yehshua was killed before the Passover if John was referring to the Passover night which He was. I will show this when I discuss the sacrifices that are offered up the next day to YEHWEH for His Passover that are discussed in Deuteronomy 16 in a little bit.

And I do not know of one scholar who thinks that Yehshua was killed at any other time than the afternoon of the 14th at about 3 P.M.

People want to use some translation errors in the Matthew’s account of the last supper and say that John was talking about the preparation for the First Day of Unleavened bread and not the Passover instead of simply believing the word.

The word says it was the preparation for the Passover and it says this because it was. He also says in another verse that it was also the preparation for the High Sabbath.

It was indeed also the preparation for the first day of Unleavened Bread as well but in this verse, John records Passover so we can be without excuse.

This is the beautiful thing about Elohiym’s word, it covers all of the basis, here a little there a little.

That night, the night of the 14th was the Passover and the next day, the 15th is the 1st day of Unleavened Bread so they were definitely to prepare for that day as well just as with the day before all Sabbaths all preparation days.

And this preparation has even more involved like de-leavening your households.

So in John 19:14, He records it was the preparation for the Passover and just 17 verses later the same author says it was also the preparation for the Sabbath.

John 19:31

The Jews therefore, because it was THE PREPARATION, that the bodies should not remain upon the cross on the Sabbath day, (BECAUSE THAT SABBATH DAY WAS A HIGH DAY,) besought Pilate that their legs might be broken, and that they might be taken away.

I don’t think John was confused.

The people that observe the Passover in the night of the 13th and claim that it is the beginning of the 14th have lots of scriptures they have to dance around.

The false prophet who is on the scene is one of these liars.

I am not asking you to believe me, I am telling you to believe my Father’s word, not the traditions of men.

Again, the pre-conceived belief that causes this error is that a new day begins at sundown the night before.

I will tell you more of the logic that they use to uphold their belief that the Passover lamb was killed on the night of the 13th but that it could be killed at any time before sundown on the 14th.

Lev 23:5 In the fourteenth day of the first month “AT EVEN” is YEHWEH’s Passover.

They understand that the word “at” here is the Hebrew word beyn which means between or amongst or within so they say this verse says between two evenings.

They claim this because the form of ereb used in this verse indicates plural evenings.

Thus they reason as long as Yehshua was killed between the two sunsets between the 13th and the 14th it was okay.

Well, Elohiym is a plural word as well and YEHWEH Elohiym says that there was only one Elohiym and no other. Of course that was before Yehshua entered into His family.

The point is the Hebrew language has some difficulties without His spirit guiding us.

If the Passover could be killed in the afternoon of the 14th and sundown that day begins the 15th as these people say it does, then how could they eat it that night and obey the rest of the statutes associated with the Passover?

And how was Yehshua able to go to the garden after supper on the 13th since we are commanded to stay in our houses on the Passover night until morning?

There is another Hebrew grammatical notation that is used for dual and it is missing in this verse, however it is found in the description of actually killing the Passover in Exodus 12:6 and in Numbers 9.

There are several different notations given to ereb to define it. It is a noun and can either be a definite article or a definite article with a prefixed preposition.

It is also shown as either single or plural or dual so we need to let scripture define itself according to it uses.

The plural means that there is more than one point in ereb that it is referencing.

The Passover was to be killed in the afternoon and that evening they were to observe the rest of the statutes associated with it including eating it and disposing of the remainder.

They knew when to kill the Passover and they still knew it at the time that they killed Yehshua because they were preparing for the Passover that day when they killed Him, just as John records.

But, as I said, there is also a dual notation associated with ereb concerning the Passover in Exodus 12 and in Numbers 9.

In both of these instances it is referring to the time the lamb is to be killed as proven by Exodus 12:6.

In order to understand, you must make sure you have the seven spirits of Elohiym dwelling in you and that requires obedience to His word and a desire for and a hunger for obedience to His word.

One of these seven spirits is a pre-requisite for the others, it is the spirit of fear of being wrong and therefore against YEHWEH.

And, we have to believe His word; it defines itself with His spirit.

I started this study believing that Yehshua was killed at the Appointed Time that the Passover was to be killed on and His word tells us when He was killed.

Then I let scripture define the beginning and ending of a day instead of simply believing the traditions of those who call themselves Jewish today.

And I was careful not to be presumptuous by letting scriptures that were written for specific time periods cloud my mind and define the overall way of counting days like the instructions for the Day of Atonement.

There are many different examples shown in scripture that clearly show that the night belongs to the preceding day and not the other way around, including the Passover instructions.

This means the night of the 13th is the night of the 13th and it is not the beginning of the 14th.  Elohiym is not confusing, that is satan’s job to muddy things up.

Moses could have used the word two to describe two erebs in these verses because there is such a word that He used several other times in his 5 books that means two.

Especially with something so important as the Passover.

As a matter of fact He uses the Hebrew word for two over 240 times.

Let’s look at other examples using the dual notation with ereb along with the word beyn;

In Ex 16:12

12 I have heard the murmurings of the children of Israel: speak to them, saying, AT EVEN (beyn ereb) you shall eat flesh, and IN THE MORNING you shall be filled with bread; and you shall know that I am YEHWEH your Elohiym.

Here ereb also is shown using a dual code and a definite article code just as in Exodus 12 and numbers 9 and this verse is also using the Hebrew word beyn referring to among or within or between depending on how it is used.

Is YEHWEH referencing between two evenings here? If so, then why the differentiating between the bread which was given to them in the morning?

How would this apply to eat the quail from sunset to sunset? And when were the quail given to them, after sunset?

Ereb is certainly a versatile word and the dual reference in the Hebrew language obviously is referring to within or between dual points within ereb.

The quail being given to them in the afternoon and the timing of Yehshua’s murder certainly establish this but there is also more undeniable proof coming in Exodus 29.

Also, consider why there is a word in the Hebrew for morning and words for day and night but not one for afternoon?

Why not afternoon? It is because ereb is the word used to describe the afternoon and ereb is translated as evening and that makes it all so confusing.

The King James does use the word afternoon one time in judges 19:8 but it is translated from two words,  the word for day and the word for stretched out.

So there is no really almost no use of the word afternoon recorded in the Old Testament but the word morning is used over and over again? Does that make since?

Now I will drive the nail in the coffin and put an end to this debate.

The fact that there were morning and afternoon sacrifices being made “each day” proves that the dual notation used with beyn and ereb defines a point in what we call the afternoon.

Ex 29:38-39

38 Now this is that which you shall offer upon the altar; two lambs of the first year EACH DAY continually.

39 The one lamb you shall offer in the morning; and the other lamb you shall offer “AT EVEN:”

Notice these sacrifices were offered up each “day” continually.

“at even” in this verse is beyn ereb and ereb also has the dual grammatical notation used here.

Were the priests offering up one lamb in the morning and the other lamb between two sunsets? No, it would be crazy to think this.

The dual notation of ereb used with beyn points to a point in midafternoon as defined by the timing of Yehshua’s murder and the timing of the afternoon sacrifices that were offered up each day continually.

If you want to observe the Passover on the wrong day by observing it on the night of the 13th, that is your choice. I can guarantee you won’t be living into the millennium doing this.

In regards to the Day of Atonement, Lev 23:32 is specific instructions for the afflicting of our soul that is to begin the day before at sundown on the 9th day of the month and the affliction is to last until sundown on the 10th.

If the 10th began at sundown on the ninth, Moses would have just said you must afflict your soul for the entire 10th day and night.

And the holy convocation is the on the 10th day just as scripture says.

Likewise the word is specific that we are to begin eating unleavened bread on the night of the Passover, on the 14th.

Again, I cover this topic in more detail in the Sundown to Sundown videos if you want to hear more biblical proof.

Those following the false prophet or others who teach the blasphemy of a night of the 13th Passover are following them to the lake of fire if they do not repent.

It is not a light thing to change our Creator’s Appointed Times as you will soon find out because the time of purging out of that which opposes His truth is at hand.

Here are the Passover instructions;

Ex 12:3-14

3 Speak to all the congregation of Israel, saying, in the tenth day of this month you shall take to them every man a lamb, according to the house of their fathers, a lamb for a house:

The 10th day of the month this year is the 14th day of April. We are to pick out or purchase a male lamb without blemish and keep it in our gates for four days.

If you say this is for Israel only, well, I suggest that you learn who Israel is. I have a video posted on this subject as well.

If you are not from the linage of Israel, I suggest that you seek to be engrafted into that linage because Israel is those whom Elohiym rules over and will give rule to.

4 And if the household be too little for the lamb, let him and his neighbor next to his house take it according to the number of the souls; every man according to his eating shall make your count for the lamb.

5 Your lamb shall be without blemish, a male of the first year: you shall take it out from the sheep, or from the goats:

6 And you shall keep it up until the fourteenth day of the same month: and the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel shall kill it within the afternoon. (beyn (du) ereb)

7 And you shall take of the blood, and strike it on the two side posts and on the upper door post of the houses, wherein you shall eat it.

8 And you shall eat the flesh in THAT NIGHT, (this is the word that means night) roast with fire, and with unleavened bread; and with bitter herbs you shall eat it.

9 Eat it not raw, nor sodden at all with water, but roast with fire; with his head with his legs, and with the inwards thereof.

10 And you shall let nothing of it remain until the morning; and that which remains of it until the morning you shall burn with fire.

11 And thus shall you eat it; with your loins girded, your shoes on your feet, and your staff in your hand; and you shall eat it in haste: IT IS YEHWEH’S PASSOVER.

12 For I will pass through the land of Egypt this night, and will smite all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast; and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgment: I am YEHWEH.

13 And the blood shall be to you “FOR A TOKEN” upon the houses where you are: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt.

Now commanding it for us today;


And the next day begins the first day of Unleavened Bread. It is always on a weekly Sabbath in YEHWEH’s calendar just as all 15th days of the months are and just as it was in the days that Yehshua was killed.

Here are the instructions for the Passover in the book of Numbers;

Num 9:2-5

2 Bid the children of Israel prepare or dress the Passover AT THE APPOINTED TIME.

3 In the fourteenth day of this month, WITHIN THE AFTERNOON (beyn (du) ereb), you shall prepare it in the APPOINTED TIME: according to all the ordinances, and according to all the statutes thereof, you shall prepare it.

4 And Moses spoke to the children of Israel, that they should prepare the Passover.

5 And they prepared the Passover on the fourteenth day of the first month WITHIN THE AFTERNOON (beyn (du) ereb) in the wilderness of Sinai: according to all that YEHWEH commanded Moses, so did the children of Israel.

The King James translates this word for prepare or make ready as “you shall keep.”

I don’t think I saw the correct words for this in the sundown to sundown video but it is clear that with the notations used with it, it is a matter of preparing or making ready. It is even translated as dressing a calf in Genesis 18:8.

Scripture always defines itself. Yehshua was the Passover lamb and He was killed in the afternoon of the 14th and the Jewish people of the day were preparing for the Passover at that time just as John, an eyewitness, recorded.

After the Passover is killed and prepared in the afternoon part of Ereb, the rest of the ordinances and statures are observed that night.

We are commanded to observe them as a memorial in their appointed time.

The Passover is also discussed in Deuteronomy 16 but now something else is added and Moses is talking about sacrifices being offered up for or because of the YEHWEH’s Passover, this is a totally different subject.

Deut 16:1-8

1 Hedge about or guard the month of Abib, observe or accomplish the Passover to YEHWEH Elohiym for in the month of Abib YEHWEH Elohiym brought you forth out of Egypt by night.

This is the commandment for observing the Passover. Then in the next verse Moses begins talking about sacrifices being offered to YEHWEH the first day of Unleavened Bread.

2 You shall therefore sacrifice because of YEHWEH Elohiym’s Passover of the flock AND THE HERD in the place which YEHWEH shall choose to place His name therein.

The translations make this difficult to understand and people want to call The Feast of Unleavened Bread part of the Passover.

It is not, the Passover is represents His Passover given to us, these sacrifices are sacrifices that Israel made to Him because of His sacrifice given to us.

The sacrifice that He wants us to embrace in lieu of these sacrifices is dying to self so that we can receive His character.

With these sacrifices we see definite differences, now you can sacrifice of the herd as well (meaning of the cattle), not just of the flock.

And now it is not in your gates as it was with the Passover and the cooking procedure uses a different type of roasting and you are not to even return to your gates until the next morning This is opposite of the Passover instructions.

These sacrifices took place on the 15th day as the sun was bowing as the High Sabbath day was coming to an end.

And that night, the night of the 15th is the night to be much observed as also commanded.  It was this night when they left Egypt.

3 You shall eat no leavened bread with it; seven days shall you eat unleavened bread therewith, even the bread of affliction; for you came forth out of the land of Egypt in haste: that you may remember the day when you came forth out of the land of Egypt all the days of your life.

4 And there shall be no leavened bread seen with you in all your coast seven days; neither shall there anything of the flesh, WHICH YOU SACRIFICED THE FIRST DAY AT EREB remain all night until the morning.

This time “at ereb” is not using the within or amongst or between ereb description, nor the dual notation.

These sacrifices were to be at a different time of ereb.

5 You may not sacrifice for the Passover within any of your gates, which YEHWEH Elohiym gave you:

6 But at the place which YEHWEH Elohiym shall choose to place his name in, there you shall sacrifice for the Passover AT EREB, AT THE GOING DOWN OF THE SUN, at the APPOINTED TIME that you came forth out of Egypt.

It is very important to understand that at even here is not the same description as for the Passover lamb. Here it is used without the dual notation.

And this description specifically is outlined as sundown.

So the false prophet and many others claim that the Passover could be killed from sundown to sundown yet we see the sundown portion of Ereb is not described with the dual notation.

7 And you shall roast and eat it in the place which YEHWEH Elohiym shall choose: and you shall turn in the morning, and go to your tents.

This is an all-night affair, just as leaving Egypt on the night of the 15th was an all night affair.

8 Six days you shall eat unleavened bread: and on the seventh day shall be a solemn assembly to YEHWEH Elohiym: you shall do no work therein.

So the first day Unleavened Bread they offered up sacrifices at the going down of the Sun as the Sabbath drew to a close.

The false prophet claims that these sacrifices were being made on the afternoon of the 14th when Yehshua was killed.  This is blasphemous just as are the many other false doctrines that he embraces and teaches.

Like I have said in other videos, this is not about him nor about me, it is about truth being restored to prepare a people for a new era of time.

It is incredible how many people have this all messed up just because of the erroneous belief of a sundown to sundown day.

All of you will have to choose accordingly who you want to follow. If you want to follow baal, that is your choice.

But if you want to follow the word of Elohiym made to be flesh, He is my source for this information that I am giving to you.

He is the first witness that is bearing witness to the truth through His Father’s Spirit and through His shed blood.

Yehshua did not give new Passover instructions the night of the last supper that He had with His disciples.

He continued to teach them that night and further defined what He had taught them by telling them that He is the Unleavened Bread of life. His Father’s word is also the Unleavened Bread of life.

He became that word and the name that is given to Him is His Father’s word.

He taught them that they could ask anything through His name, the word of Elohiym and they would receive.

He explained that this is the food that they needed to eat of, the unleavened bread of life, the word.

He also told them that the wine is a symbol of His blood.

His first recorded miracle was turning the water into wine. He used the purification pots that the Jewish people used for ritualistic cleansing as a vehicle for this sign.

Water baptism was preached by John the Baptist and by Yehshua and His disciples as a cleansing process of repenting or changing from our ways and turning to the narrow path of the word.

The night before Yehshua’s murder, He gave them the symbol that the wine in those purification pots is a symbol of His blood.

This means that the water that we are baptized in to be cleansed with represents His blood if we truly repent and turn to His word to let it be written in our hearts and minds.

This is what was recorded in Matthew.

Matt 26:26-28

26 And as they were eating, Yehshua took bread, and blessed it, and broke it, and gave it to the disciples, and said, Take, eat; this is my body. (He was the word of Elohiym made flesh)

27 And He took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, Drink all of it;

28 Because this is my blood, it is the covenant which is poured out in place of the blood of many for the pardon of their sins.

If Yehshua was doing away with the Passover celebration that we were commanded to observe forever, He might just have mentioned it don’t you think?

Of course Saul of Tarsus jumped on this and instituted a ritual out of this as well.

Just study how many times Saul taught something different than Yehshua.

Matthew does not mention the foot washing but John does.

John 13:4-5

4 He raised from supper and laid aside His garments; and took a towel, and girded himself.

5 After that He poured water into a basin, and began to wash the disciples' feet, and to wipe them with the towel wherewith He was girded.

Notice here He is washing their feet with water, the water is a symbol of His blood. He is teaching them something.

John 13:6-8

6 Then He came to Simon Peter: and Peter said to Him, Lord, do you wash my feet?

7 Yehshua answered and said to him, what I do you do not know now; but you shall know hereafter.

8 Peter said to Him, you shall never wash my feet. Yehshua answered him, if I do not wash you, you have no part with me.

He is telling Peter that His spirit would teach them later why He was doing this.

9 Simon Peter said to Him, Lord, not my feet only, but also my hands and my head.

10 Yehshua said to him, he that is washed needs not to wash except his feet, but is clean every whit: and you are clean, but not all.

He is saying that if our baptism is real, meaning our repentance is followed by actions, confessing His word by living it, then His blood cleanses us and we are every bit clean and forgiven.

However, He is saying that we still can stumble so we need to bring any new sin under His blood to be cleansed.

His comment that all were not clean was referring to Judas Iscariot whose baptism was not real, His blood had not substituted the water that he was baptized in.

John 13:12-15

12 So after He had washed their feet and had taken His garments and was set down again, He said to them, do you know what I have done to you?

13 You call me Master and Lord: and you say well; for so I am.

14 If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; you also ought to wash one another's feet.

15 For I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done to you.

He is teaching them two fold here, one that we are to serve one another and secondly is that we are to help be our Brother’s keeper.

We are to help one another stay on the narrow path by helping point out their transgression so that they can bring them under His blood.

Our Creator wants us involved in helping Him build His family.

I am not talking about the self-righteous judgment of man, but rather encouraging one another to walk in the light and pointing each other to the light.

Not turning and looking the other way to let sin continue in a Brother. Letting a brother continue in unrepentant sin is not love, it is the spirit of murder.

John did not mention the wine and the bread, just as Matthew did not mention the foot washings and neither of them even implied that these were new Passover instructions.

I have chosen to believe Yehshua when He said that He did not come to get rid of one crossing of a “t” or dotting of an “i” within His Father’s statutes and I see the beauty of the Passover commandment as a reminder and a memorial of the atonement made on my behalf.

As far as the account of the disciples asking about going to prepare for the Passover and how it appears that the Passover was referring to the supper that they had that night in Matthew 26, it is simply poor translations.

Matt 26:17-20

17 Now the first day of the feast of unleavened bread the disciples came to Yehshua, saying to Him, Where will you that we prepare for you to eat the Passover?

Obviously, this verse is translated wrong. If they were coming to Him on the First day of Unleavened Bread, the Passover would have been over with.

18 And He said, Go into the city to such a man, and say to him, The Master says, my time is at hand; I will keep the Passover at your house with my disciples.

19 And the disciples did as Yehshua had appointed them; and they made ready the Passover.

20 Now when the even was come, he sat down with the twelve.

If you have a preconceived idea and you are wanting the last supper that He had with His disciples to be the Passover meal, then you can end up with a translation like this.

This is not the conversation recorded by Matthew, this translation does not even fit scripture starting with the errors in verse 17.
Here is what it says;

Matt 26:17-20

17 And the beginning of unleavened bread was approaching and the disciples came to Yehshua asking, Where do you want us to prepare to eat the Passover?

18 And He answered, Go into the city to this man, and say to him, The Master says, my time is at hand; make thee the Passover with my disciples.

“I will keep the Passover at your house” is not even in the Greek text. “I will keep” is translated from the Greek word poieo which means to make or to do.

Yehshua had to have this already arranged in part ahead of time because the guy would have already needed to have picked out or purchased a lamb or the goat big enough for at least 11 other guests because this is commanded to be done the 10th day and this was the 13th day.

He was just sending them to check it out because they asked and they needed to know what would be going on the following day and night, where would they go and such.

Did they eat at this same man’s house that night, the night of the 13th,  as well? I do not know, but it would stand to reason that they would have.

They were sent to check out the preparations that Yehshua had made for the Passover. These verses are not saying anything to the contrary.

John does not contradict with Matthew and John knew when the Passover was.

19 And the disciples did as Yehshua appointed them; and they prepared for the Passover.

I made arrangements to purchase the Passover lamb last week, was I preparing for it ahead of time? Yes I purchased the grill the week before that, was I preparing for it? Yes

20 And the evening came, and He sat down with the twelve.

Evening came every night and He sat down with them to eat when He was with them but this night was a special night indeed because He was going to give them much instruction and He did.

Just examine one fact to prove this, Yehshua and His disciples left that night for the garden. If it was the Passover, they would have stayed in their gates.

Plus all of the other proof that scripture gives us that the Passover is to be killed in the afternoon of the 14th, they could not have eaten that which could not have been killed yet.

My Father spoke that He is going to make it known that I am His servant and that He has sent me to you.

Even though it will be obvious in the coming weeks, most of you will reject it, just as those of Israel rejected our Messiah the first time that He came even though it was obvious who He was.

My father will be pleading with you to choose Him in the coming days through the affliction that is ahead.
His truth will set you free if you turn to it.

I suggest that you observe His Passover in truth this coming week.