Repairing The Breach


Our Maker’s 24th day of the 9th month, Haggai chapter 2 shaking of His dual heavens & the earth waypoint fell on His servant satan’s october 31st, “all saints eve” (a.k.a. halloween) this year.

I believe that YEHWEH my Elohiym, the Elohiym of Abraham, Isaac & Israel, is going to cause His dual double lights to return to their 360 day perfect smooth stone rotation at some point following this waypoint.
In light of this I am not going to identify His restored Sabbaths & the rest of His restored appointed times with His servant satan’s profaned calendar from this monumental mark in time.

Instead I will give you the format of YEHWEH’s restored calendar so that you can discern His restored 30 day months for yourselves going forward. 

Five days after His servant satan’s 10/31/2020 mark in time is His 4th Sabbath of the 9th month beginning at sunrise and lasting until sunset.

The following two days are His 9th month/10th month Head of the Month celebration days. 

The 1st visible crescent to identify the 10th month WILL BE visible in the twilight of the 1st of these two days when He does restore His rotations however until then His greater & lesser lights will remain in their 29.53059 day on average wobble.

You will simply need to believe the testimony of His word that testifies that He has restored His 30 day months through His sign of Jonah (a.k. a. His sign of the dove.)

The seventh day after this 9th month/10th Month two day celebration will be His 1st Sabbath of the 10th month at sunrise and seven days later will be His 2nd Sabbath of the month and so on to His 4th Sabbath of the 10th month.

This 4th Sabbath is again followed by His two Head of the Month celebration days and then this sequence simply repeats itself with 30 day months.

His next appointed time other than His Sabbaths and His Head of the Month celebrations is not until His Passover Memorial that is on the 14th day of the 1st month.

His Passover Memorial is followed by the seven days of His Feast of that which is Unleavened however since His Passover Memorial needs to be done at His House, you will have needed to find a way to navigate through the coming fallout & dead bodies in order to get to the place that He has chosen for His name to dwell BY THEN.

He has risen up His Isaiah chapter 19 Altar (that is the boulder design of His Ezekiel chapter 43 House) in the southwest of the chief seat of the scattered descendants of Israel in what is currently northeastern Arizona however I believe that the geography of this Elohiym forsaking land (along with the rest of this planet) is going change dramatically at some point following His 24th day of the 9th month waypoint so He is going to lead those whom will turn back to Him with ALL of your hearts to His House.