Repairing The Breach





Today is the 1st day of the 11th month on our Maker’s restored calendar.

It is the 28th day of december on His servant satan’s calendar.

This day is the anniversary of the day that He caused His servant Moses to speak “These are the Truths” to our ancestors in the 40th year after He brought them out from Egypt.

YEHWEH brought forth these truths through His servant Moses 70 days before He brought them across the Jordan River on dry ground.

And now He has caused these truths to be written upon 12 of the 46 whitewashed stones that make up the boulder design of His Altar that His word calls the boulder design of His house.

He caused this work to be finished 157 days before the conception day of the 2nd man-child of the revelations of His only begotten Son.

He marked His servant Noah 157 days after He told him to start loading the Ark.

He told His servant Noah to start loading the Ark on the 10th day of the 2nd month and He marked him 3 days’ journey into His 7 day Feast of Temporary Dwellings.

How the Most High has woven all of the different waypoint indicators such as these that He gave to us in the testimony of His word into His end time timeline has been fascinating to witness.

Today is THE 10 DAY WAYPOINT into the 9 months of Him bringing forth the man child and His gathering the remnant to plant THOSE OF YOU THAT WILL TURN BACK TO HIM THROUGH THAT WHICH HE HAS RESTORED IN THE MILLENNIUM WERE THOSE OF YOU THAT WILL DO SO AND SEPARATE YOURSELVES TO HIM TO BE HIS SHUT UP TREASURE THROUGH HIS MAGNIFIATION OF HIS NAZARITE VOW can grow to become part of the latter harvest into His eternal realm.

What has happened in the world during these 10 days has been incredible to watch unfold.

Most notably of these events was the 10 nations in the United Nations that unanimously approved a resolution that is against the rod of Dan that He has brought back to some of the physical land that He promised to give to His servant Abraham’s descendants.

This event has started to cause the dominos to fall and falling they are indeed going to continue to fall.

The incoming president of the chief seat of the scattered descendants of Israel has spoken that things are going to be different for the United Nations after January 20th on YEHWEH’s servant satan’s calendar and he is correct.

But this arrogant man has no idea what is in store for him and the people that he has been positioned to preside over.

This coming year will indeed be action packed, the stage for what is going to be unleashed upon the inhabitants of this world and especially upon the scattered descendants of Israel has been being set for these past 6 years of Him sending me to you and Trump and his tower of influence are not going to be able to stop it.

If YEHWEH allows him to make it to january 20th without the Obama administration setting off world war 3 or something else like this in order to prevent his inauguration or if none of those that are seeking to kill him are able to before then he is going to learn what the rest of you are going to learn.

He is going to learn that this is the Most High’s show and that he is merely a pawn in this.

He is going to learn that the Most High has sent His anointed and he is not him.

Trump is a pawn no different than everyone else that the Most High has raised up in order to accomplish His purpose in raising them up.

Many people in America are looking upon Trump as some sort of a savior that is going to deliver them from the cesspool that America has become…

…but the reality is he and his tower of confusion are going to come crashing down just like the walls of the tower of babel and the walls around Jericho came tumbling down when the Most High caused them to do so.

At the end of these 9 months that which opposes the Most High and His righteousness is going cease from being allowed to continue.

It has been amazing how YEHWEH has brought us to the here and the now and the coming exodus out from mystery babylon.

That which Trump and his tower of influence stands for is not of the Most High nor His righteousness yet many of you that are of the scattered descendants of Israel think that he is your man.

The truth is YEHWEH has risen him up as a contrast to His 2nd anointed Son that He has sent to you to gather those of you that will turn back to Him and separate yourselves to Him to be His people.

January 20th on His servant satan’s calendar will be the 24th day of the 11th month on my Father’s restored calendar.

This is the day that His word gives to us for the man that is riding upon a red horse of His Zechariah chapter 1 prophecy.

Zechariah chapter 1 is an end time prophecy for Him sending me to you with His 4 carpenters in order to gather the remnant to Him.

This prophecy flows into chapters 3 and 4 were He tells us that this man is one of His two olive trees, the one that would flow out from mystery babylon at this time.

Zerubbabel means one that flows out from babylon, it is what it is.

10 days from today will be the anniversary of the day that YEHWEH caused His servant Noah to let loose the 1st dove and the unclean raven.

He caused him to let loose the 2nd dove 7 days later.

The 2nd dove brought back the olive branch.

This olive branch was symbolic of YEHWEH’s 2nd anointed Son.

3 days’ journey later will be the 40 day waypoint of the appointed time, appointed times and half an appointed time that we are now in.

40 days is half an appointed time, it is half of His Nazarite vow.

And 3 days’ journey from there will be the day that trump thinks that he is going to take the helm of this sinking ship if YEHWEH allows him to do so.

I do not know if YEHWEH is going to allow him to do so however I do know that even if He does, trump is not going to be in charge like he thinks that he is going to be.

He will learn that he has merely been given the reins of a runaway horse and that these reins have been cut off from his hands.

I do not know how YEHWEH is going to cause all of this to unfold or when He is going to cease from holding back the bulk of it however I do know how it is going to end.

It is going to end with all that continues to oppose His righteousness being purged from before His faces.

It is going to end with all that brings confusion to the land of the living being cast into the pit with the rest of the uncircumcised, slain by the judgment of YEHWEH my Elohiym’s word.

And I know from reading the news each day since the 440 days ended and the appointed time, appointed times and half an appointed time began that the war drums and such have increased in their sounding.

The following day from when trump thinks he is going to be in charge of this show is the 25th day of the 11th month.

This is the day that YEHWEH caused His servant Noah to let loose the 3rd dove that did not return to the boat.

One thing that is for sure, there is no way that trump or anyone else on planet earth is going to be able to turn back that which YEHWEH is soon going to let loose, all that any of you can do is turn back to the Most High through that which He has restored and come out from mystery babylon, come out from your whoredoms to Him and be His shut up people.

If you do not do so your walls are soon going to come tumbling down upon you just like trump’s tower of confusion is going to come tumbling down and you are going to become acquainted with your Maker’s hot indignation.

Thus saith the word of His mouth that He has put upon His servant Zerubbabel