Repairing The Breach






Today is the 21st day of the 6th month on our Maker’s restored calendar.

It is the 20th day of august on His servant satan’s calendar.

Tomorrow is the 45th Sabbath of the 440 days of the great and the fearful day of YEHWEH my Elohiym’s wrath.

Counting tomorrow there will be 110 DAYS that are left of these 440 days.

This is 1/4th of this period of time.

The Most High marked His servant Noah 110 DAYS after the end of the 40 days and 40 nights of Him sending the waters upon the earth.

3 days’ journey into these final 110 days of this era of time is the 24th day of the 6th month.

I have spoken about the significance of the 24th day of the 6th month in relation to it being the 2nd date of the 4 dates that the Most High gave to us through the hand of His servant Haggai in several of these videos.

3 years ago on the 24th day of the 6th month He caused me to produce a video that was called “5 Smooth Stones.”

The timing of this video in relation to the here and the now and what was said in it is awesome.

His anointed and my family were still pitched by the brook that His word likened to the Kidron Brook at that time.

His anointed servant David took 5 smooth stones from a brook to take with him to smite the uncircumcised philistine.

This is recorded in;

1 Samuel 17:40


Are these just random details or were they given to us prophetically?

Since the Most High’s word tells us that He was going to manifest His revelations to us at the time of the 2nd exodus through similitudes of that which He had recorded in the testimony of His word, I would say that the latter is the case.

Do you think that it is just a coincidence that the Most High has sent me to you with a staff in my hand?

Is it just a coincidence that in Jeremiah chapters 49 and 50 YEHWEH calls the youngest of His flock a shepherd?

I sometimes even get called a shepherd when I go to town because of the white linen clothing and the head covering that my Father has clothed me with and the staff that is in my hand.

I have even been told that I am known by this name by the locals in the town that is nearest to me.

Verses 49 and 50 in 1st Samuel chapter 17 tell us that YEHWEH’s anointed only needed to use one of these 5 smooth stones to smite the uncircumcised.

However, is it possible that the Almighty caused His servant to miss with the other 4 stones before giving His anointed the victory?

If not, what is the meaning of His anointed choosing 5 smooth stones to take with him?

The way that these 5 smooth stones fit snugly into the here and the now is incredible.

If YEHWEH did cause His servant David to miss with the first 4 stones, did he start wavering in his faith or did he increase in it?

Speaking from personal experience with the Most High holding back His wrath for these past 4 years since restoring His 30 day months, my bet is that David’s resolve and his faith in the Most High would have been increased.

And I certainly believe that this is how this event unfolded, I will tell you why I believe this.

One day (when the Most High was in the process of plucking me out from your midst) I was on my way out from the woods from a morning of archery hunting for a splendor and I spotted a smaller type of a grouse in a tree.

I wanted to bring it home to eat it but I did not want to run the risk of wasting an expensive arrow and broad head in the process so the Most High put it into my mind to throw a rock at it.

The problem with this idea is I have an absolutely horrible throwing arm and I cannot hit the broad side of a barn plus I have no power in my throws.

This is why I give the Most High the credit for putting this (what seemed to be a silly) thought into my head.

The details of that which followed were awesome.

I picked up a stone and I threw it only to get close enough to cause the bird to fly to a different branch.

I was in the mountains and this was a wild bird.

If the Most High was not in this, then how did I even get close enough to this fowl in the first place, less more why didn’t it fly off when I hurled a stone at it?

I repeated this effort with 3 more stones and then I paused and I beseeched my Elohiym for help and YEHWEH my Elohiym led me search out a smooth stone.

When I found one the bird was still sitting there and this 5th stone was a direct hit and the bird fell to the ground and I took it back to the cabin where my wife prepared it for me that day and I ate it.

If YEHWEH’s anointed did fire the 1st 4 stones at Goliath only to have them miss, Goliath was no doubt mocking him during this time in the same manner that most of you have been mocking His anointed for these past 4 years going on 5 years since He restored His 30 day months.

And David would have no doubt been seriously petitioning the Most High when he reached in his pouch for the 5th stone in the same manner that I have been petitioning Him to shut your mouths especially since the beginning of the 5th year of His restoration of His Sabbaths and the rest of His appointed times.

This 5th year began with Him causing His servant to rise up His Altar in your midst and I have been petitioning Him upon His Altar.

This has no doubt got to be another coincidence.

His servant David would have been saying, YEHWEH, I know your servant Samuel anointed me and I know that you are with me as you have been with me when I slew the lion and the bear, therefore YEHWEH don’t let your servant be ashamed this day and don’t let this uncircumcised philistine have victory over your servant whom you have chosen and anointed.

If so, this petition parallels my petitions to Him in a remarkable way.

YEHWEH even caused me to kill a lion and a bear before He plucked me out from your midst.

My bird experience is far from the only reason why I believe that this is how this event unfolded.

When we get to the 24th day of the 6th month 3 days’ journey from today we will be to the 5th of this waypoint since He restored His 30 day months.

The Most High’s word marks this waypoint in a powerful way concerning His two servants Yehshua and Zerubbabel and those that are standing with us.

When I posted the “5 Smooth Stones” video 3 years ago there had only been 3 of the 5 men of His Ezekiel chapter 9 son of Adam prophecy that had come to stand with His anointed.

So my shepherd’s pouch was not yet fully loaded at that time.

At this 24th day of the 6th month daypoint last year number 5 was in YEHWEH’s camp but events that followed testified that he was not fully on board.

As a matter of fact he was removed from YEHWEH’s camp less than a month later because he exhibited unbelief at the end of the 1,260 days, however he acknowledged his folly and he was only removed for 7 days.

And since then he has chosen to let the Most High grow and refine him, he has chosen to remain in the refiner’s fire to become a smooth stone.

There are other dynamics that were still in play last year on this waypoint as well.

I do not know for sure however I am pretty confident that number 4 was on his way back to the place that the Most High has chosen for His name to dwell here on this waypoint.

I had heard from him through a text a few days earlier and he indicated that he might be heading this way from Alaska.

And then on the 25th day of the month (which is the day that Zerubbabel and company finished building the wall in the days of Nehemiah), he died in Canada which would have been on the way here.

Number 2 of this number has also indicated that he wants to turn back to the Most High’s camp for a 3rd time; however this has not happened either.

And the fact is there is only one of these 5 men that remains in my shepherd’s pouch at this time.

And not only are we fast approaching the 5th such 24th day of the 6th month, we are also fast approaching the 5th Feast of Huts and the rest of His restored appointed times that are in the 7th month from when He restored His Sabbaths and the rest of His appointed times.

And it gets even better.

The beginning of His restored 30 day months was the beginning of the 1st month of the year 5772.

However the 1,260 days of His 42 month witness against you did not begin until the end of His 7 day Feast of that which is Unleavened that is in the 1st month.

3 days’ journey into these 42 months was the day that He caused me to shave off my hair and beard per His Ezekiel chapter 5 son of Adam prophecy.

This was on the 24th day of the 1st month.

This is the day that YEHWEH’s messenger came to His servant Daniel to tell him the interpretation of the vision that he had been shown of the man that he had seen that was clothed in linen and girded with a golden belt.

This interpretation included YEHWEH’s messenger telling His servant Daniel that this vision was for the end of this era of time.

It just so happens that the 24th day of the 6th month is 5 smooth 30 day months after the 24th day of the 1st month.

Concerning the 24th day of the 6th month YEHWEH my Elohiym’s word tells us;

Haggai 1

13 Then YEHWEH’s messenger Haggai spoke YEHWEH’s message to the people saying, I AM WITH YOU SAYS YEHWEH.

“The people” is referring to those who are standing with His two servants Yehshua and Zerubbabel.

The previous verse and the following verse testify to this by calling this group of people “the remnant.”

14 And YEHWEH WILL AWAKEN the spirit of Zerubbabel the governor of Judah, the son of Shealtiel and the spirit of Yehshua the High Priest, the son of Josedech (Joseph) AND THE SPIRIT OF ALL OF THE REMNANT OF THE PEOPLE AND THEY WILL GO AND DO WORK IN YEHWEH OF HOST’S, THEIR ELOHIYM’S HOUSE...

15 …IN THE 24th DAY OF THE 6th MONTH in the 2nd year of Darius the king (of Persia).

Is it a coincidence that this 24th day of the 6th month is the 2nd of these waypoints that number 5 is in the Most High’s camp standing with His anointed?

Here is another fascinating detail that YEHWEH my Elohiym has woven into the 24th day of the 6th month.

This day is 56 DAYS after His Feasts of Sevens on His restored calendar.

He opened the Ark’s door 56 DAYS after He caused His servant Noah to remove the covering.

These details should have your knees knocking together.

However so far all of the incredible warnings like this that the Most High has woven into the testimony of His word and into His end time timeline have not caused you to fear His wrath.

It is a good thing for you that He has held back letting it loose for my sake.

However the day must come when He ceases from holding this time of correction back, His word says so.

The 24th day of the 6th month is one of 3 possibilities that the testimony of word gives to us for the beginning of the 3 months of drought that He gave to us through His servant Amos.

These 3 months parallel the 3 years of drought that the Most High brought forth through His servant Elijah’s hand.

He has sent me to you in similitudes of His servant Elijah.

YEHWEH gave His servant Isaiah a prophecy in chapter 20 for my needing to walk naked and barefoot for 3 years.

He has woven a couple of different tiers of this period of time into His end time timeline in order to reflect this prophecy however this years’ 24th day of the 6th month being 3 years after the “5 Smooth Stones” video is a whopper, especially in lieu of the other details that I am sharing with you in this video.

Whether this daypoint is one of His last warnings or whether this is no longer a warning does not matter because either way there are not many days left before He begins to cause you to know that He has sent me in a way that is going to cause 3.33 repeating 3% of you to listen to the word of His mouth.

The 5 masters of the uncircumcised philistines turned the Ark of YEHWEH’s covenant back to our ancestors when He sent tumors upon them.

They offered up 5 golden tumors and 5 golden mice to the Most High when they did so, one of each of these for each of the 5 masters of the people.

The mice were for the mice that the Most High had sent to corrupt their land and the tumors were for the tumors that He had caused to break out upon their people.

YEHWEH had given His Ark into their hands for 7 months before they turned back His Ark.

Five days into the last 110 days will be the 3 ½ month waypoint of the 7 months of famine that we are now in.

These two plagues were nothing compared to what you are getting ready to experience because of your rebellion to your Maker.

And your gold and your silver are going to be burnt up with you because you have failed to offer it up to Him upon His Altar that He has reared up in your midst.

Turn back; YEHWEH my Elohiym’s wrath IS at hand!

Thus saith YEHWEH’s anointed.