Repairing The Breach



I keep getting referred to different ministries that are in the world today, either to their websites or to their you tube channels.

I look at them to see if there is anyone else teaching the truth, so far I have not found anyone.

It is incredible to see what people are choosing to listen to.

It is incredible to witness how so many choose to bathe themselves in all of satan’s swill including all of the conspiracy theories that he has set up as well instead of simply focusing on what is true.

I was directed to a Christian apologist’s site on you tube the other day.

He has almost a half a million channel views since Oct. of 08 and over 15 million video views.

Does this man teach His Creator’s commandments? Not that I could see from looking at the topics of his videos, he is teaching everything but the commandments.

He debunks things like evolution and such but is this where the battle is?

No, anyone who is coming to their Creator’s call is not going to believe the foolishness of evolution so why engage in those arguments.

This man needs to focus himself on finding favor with his creator by choosing to repent himself.

He needs to choose to start walking on the narrow path himself, yet 100’s of thousands are listening to him and billions of others are listening to those like him instead of turning to the truth that would set them free.

The description of those who have become the saints of the Most High is very clear and concise.

We read the description in Rev 14:12

12 Here is the continuance of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of Elohiym and the faith of Yehshua.

Is this rocket science? I said last week that it was easy to prove that Harold Camping or Ron Weinland or other modern day prophet is wrong or not just by looking at whether they live and teach our Creator’s commandments or not.

If they do not have beards that are left alone to grow, they obviously do not believe or teach this commandment because we are commanded to do so.

An obvious red flag should go up at first appearance of them in the flesh.

I use this example and the example of wearing boarders of cerulean blue with fringes on your clothing as simple examples because you do not have to look very far or listen to them very long to find out if they are walking in compliance with these most basic commandments.

These physical commandments were given to us for reasons and one of the most basic reasons is what I am talking about, so that you can easily know who He has chosen to be His servants and who is choosing to walk in agreement with Him and His instructions.

You might ask, are you saying that all of Christianity is deceived since none of them are walking in His statutes?

I answer to you yes. The true called out ones are called out of the captivity to Babylon, they flee to the true faith of Yehshua.

What is the true faith of Yehshua that the true saints have?

They are living their Creator’s word as He lived it because they believe that it transforms them into His image.

They do not dismiss His Father’s laws and statutes, they embrace them and leave their lives for His Father’s kingdom’s sake.

They believe Yehshua’s instructions like what He told His disciples recorded in Matt 5:19-20;

19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments and shall teach men so, he shall be named the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be named great in the kingdom of heaven.

20 Because I say to you, that unless your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, YOU SHALL IN NO CASE ENTER into the kingdom of heaven.

People want to twist verse 19 to say that the group that breaks the least of the commandments and teaches others to do so by their example are still in heaven, they are just called or named least in the kingdom.

Is that what Yehshua is saying? The next verse should eliminate this type of thinking.

In the following verses He goes on to magnify His Father’s law as He was prophesied by Isaiah to do and as He did in His teachings.

If you want to listen to men who support the teachings of Saul of tarsus, a false self-proclaiming Apostle who has led billions away from my Father’s Torah for the past nearly 2,000 years, that is your choice.

But I suggest that you flee from that choice and start following your Messiah.

He is the way to eternal life and He was and is His Father’s logos made flesh. The name that He is called by is His Father’s logos.
YEHWEH’s Torah teaches us His logos.

I said this is not rocket science because it is not.

Satan and his servants have made the truth desolate in the hearts of most of mankind.

His servants do not know that they are his servants, they are deceived and they think they are serving Yehshua.

But if you simply believe the words of Yehshua you should be able to acknowledge that they are false because they do not teach to live by every word that His father gave us as He himself lived and taught.

They want you to believe as they do and they feel good about it when you do.

They think that being in agreement with their false beliefs makes you in agreement with their father.

They are correct, if you are in agreement with them, you are in agreement with their father the devil because my Father’s logos has no place in you or them.

Do you think that your Creator is pleased if you reject His instructions that He gave us to mold us in His image with?

Well, if you do, you are about ready to find out differently because the wrath of His indignation that He has held back for so long is getting ready to be poured out on you.

I am telling you to turn the channel from anyone who is not turning to our Creator’s Torah.

And no, those who claim to be Jewish are not keeping His Torah in sprit and in truth either.

They have perverted much of it in forming the modern day religion of Judaism.

Just their false tradition of Saturday worship alone is one of the biggest blasphemes that any of the tribes of Israel did to His Torah.

His weekly Sabbaths are determined by His luminaries each month, just like scripture teaches.

The Jewish historical records even admit that they made this change in the 4th century. BLASPHEMOUS!

Dismiss what He is telling you through me today if you want, but it will be to your own peril.

He is pleading with you to repent and to turn to Him in truth and He will baptize you in the blood of His Son and He will begin to write His torah in your hearts by giving you His seven spirits to guide you to His kingdom.

You simply must sign your end of the contract by fleeing from all that is false and fleeing from your own understanding and be baptized as an outward symbol of your repentance.

He is setting before you an opportunity to be delivered from the coming destruction, choose life so that you and your seed may live.