Repairing The Breach





“You are what you eat”

Today is the 17th day of the 3rd month on our Maker’s restored calendar.

It is the anniversary of the 2nd day of the 3 days that our ancestors sanctified themselves unto the 3rd day after they got to Sinai on the night of the 15th day of this month.

Today is 2 months from the anniversary of the day that YEHWEH resurrected His only begotten Son after He had been in the tomb for 3 days and 3 nights.

The Most High descended upon Mount Horeb on the 3rd day of these 3 days and He spoke to our ancestors out from the midst of the cloud and the fire.

He spoke the 10 words to them that we refer to as the 10 commandments on this 3rd day.

And after He did the people were afraid and they petitioned His servant that He drew out from the waters of Egypt to go and hear the rest of that which He constituted to them to do at that time.

His servant Moses recounted their request to their children nearly 40 years later.

This is recorded in;

Deuteronomy 5

23 The mountain burned with fire and you heard His voice out of the midst of the darkness and all of the heads of your rods and your elders approached to me…

24 …and said behold, YEHWEH Elohiym has showed us His glory and His greatness and we have heard His voice out of the midst of the fire because we have seen this day that Elohiym talks with Adam and He lives.

25 Henceforth why should we die because this great fire will devour us? If we continue to hear YEHWEH Elohiym’s voice any longer we will die.

26 Because who of all flesh is there that has heard the voice of the living Elohiym speaking out of the midst of a fire as we have and lived?

27 You (Moses) go and listen to all that YEHWEH Elohiym shall say and you speak to us all that YEHWEH Elohiym speaks to you and we will listen to you and do it.

28 And YEHWEH heard the voice of your father’s words when they spoke this to me and YEHWEH said to me, I have listened to the voice of the words of this people that they have spoken to you AND THEY HAVE SPOKEN WELL ALL THAT THEY HAVE SAID.


30 Go tell them to turn back to their tents…

31 …and you stand here with Me and I will speak to you all of the commandments and the statutes and the judgments that you shall teach them to do in the land that I am giving to them to possess.

The difference between then and now is at least our ancestors came out from Egypt in order to be sent back to their tents that day.

You have failed to do so; you remain in the comforts of your homes instead of obeying the word of YEHWEH Elohiym’s mouth that He has spoken for you to do at this time.

You have refused to flee from touching the dead or even going into their houses like He has constituted to you to do at this time.

Therefore you remain in the captivity.

Today I am going to share with you some of the symbolism that the Most High wove into His clean and unclean food statutes that testifies against your uncleanness before His faces.

He gave us every “you shall” and “you shall not” for a reason.

This is true even with His pathway instructions for “you shall eat” and “you shall not eat.”

The word of His mouth that He spoke to us through His servant Moses on the 1st day of the 11th month contains a slightly abbreviated list of His clean and unclean meat statutes compared to His Leviticus chapter 11 list of these things.

The list that He gave us in Leviticus is slightly more detailed, however since the Most High’s Torah that He gave to us in the writings of Deuteronomy is now being written upon the 46 great stones of His Altar (per His instructions that He gave to us in these writings and per His Ezekiel chapter 43 son of man instructions)…

…and since His Deuteronomy chapter 14 clean and unclean meat Torah flows into a prophecy that tells you to bring your tithes and your offerings to the place that He has placed His name at this time…

…I will use His Deuteronomy pathway instructions for today’s video.

The actual descriptions of these meats are the same in both of these lists anyway; it is just that Leviticus chapter 11 includes some other details like telling us that we can eat insects such as locusts that have legs that enable them leap.

Deuteronomy 14

3 You shall not eat anything that is an abomination.

4 These are of the beasts that you shall eat; the ox, the lambs of the flock, the goats of the flock,…

5 …the mighty (perhaps a buck or a ram), the splendor (perhaps a bull elk), the reddish (perhaps a reddish deer), the slender (perhaps a gazelle), the leaper (perhaps an antelope), the marked (perhaps a clean animal with a stripe on it), the light footed (perhaps a mountain goat or a mountain sheep)…

What I have done here in translating these beasts in this manner (because I am not sure what they are) is I have referred to them with the derivatives of their names instead of guessing or speculating on what they are like most (if not all) of the translators have done.

His causing me to do so by not giving us the sure identity of each of these sets up a precedence that carries through into His list of unclean birds.

And it sets up an incredible revelation of one of these birds that He has brought forth at this time that I will tell you about in a bit.


It is important to understand what the Most High is establishing in giving us His clean and unclean beast Torah in this manner.

First He gives us some examples of the clean beasts and then He gives us the overall description of that which makes them clean.

And then in the following couple of verses He points out that either one of these two measuring rods (that He gave to us in the testimony of His word) do not stand by themselves in relation to the beasts;

7 Only these you shall not eat of them that rise up the cud or of them that divide and split the hoof; the camel and the rabbit and the hidden (perhaps a rock-rabbit or a hyrax) because they rise up the cud BUT THEY DO NOT DIVIDE THE HOOF THEREFORE THEY ARE UNCLEAN TO YOU.

Most people say that this verse is not referring to a rabbit or a hare like the King James translators said that it is because they think that a rabbit does not lift up its cud.

They are wrong, a rabbit deposits two different types of droppings (one of which is only partially digested) and then it turns back later to lift up the non-digested pellets.

This is the Most High’s show; He put a hook in the translators to do whatever He wanted them to do and whenever He wanted them to do it.

He caused them to translate this word this way because it is what it is.

He knows what lifts up its cud according to His rules and what does not.

And He does not classify things like man has done.

For instance a whale is not a mammal like man says that it is, it is a fish because it is that which goes in the waters.

Nor is a bat a mammal, it is a bird because it is a winged creature.

8 AND THE SWINE IS UNCLEAN TO YOU because it divides the hoof BUT IT DOES NOT (RISE UP) THE CUD. You shall not eat their flesh nor touch their dead carcass.

In giving us this set of instructions in this manner He has established that we have to let all of His word be our measuring rod and not just part of it.

And He establishes that it is not about the names of these animals but rather it is about His description of them that we must use for determining whether to eat them or not.

The dividing of the hoof is symbolic of our need to walk before His faces divided from or separated from everything that is unclean in His eyes.

The rising up of and the chewing of the cud is symbolic of our need to not only eat His unleavened bread of life by reading it, but also our need to speak about it and meditate upon it when we rise up and when we sit in our houses and when walk in the way and when we lie down.

He constituted to us to chew are cud in this manner in two different places on the 1st day of the 11th month.

He did so in chapters 6 and 11.

This instruction is not a suggestion; it is a commandment from the Most High’s mouth.

He gave us this commandment because doing so is what circumcises our hearts.

He uses our doing so to mold and fashion us to be as He is (without blemish in His dual eyes).

If we do not do BOTH of these two things that this statute represents we are unclean before His faces.

Meditating upon His word is talking about it to and with our minds.

Most people think that these instructions are about what these unclean animals themselves eat, it is not.

Granted swine and lobsters and shell fish and catfish and others such as these unclean animals can consume utter filth and even toxins…

…however other unclean animals like rabbits and horses and such only eat plant matter so this blows this theory out of the waters.

In other words it is about much more than what they eat.

After He gives us His pathway instructions for the beasts of the field He gives us His instructions for that which is in the waters.

However, when He does so with this sort He does not give us any examples of them like He does with the beasts.

He only gives us the descriptions of His identifying marks that He constitutes to us to use to determine what to eat and what not to eat from the waters of the earth.

And He does so in this manner for a reason as well.

His pathway instructions for these 1st two groups establish precedencies for His instructions for the 3rd group, the fowls of the air.

9 These you shall eat of all that are in the waters; ALL THAT HAVE FINS AND SCALES you shall eat…

10 …and all that do not have fins and scales you shall not eat, THEY ARE UNCLEAN TO YOU.

Having scales is symbolic of us needing to be covered by the Most High and we have to be clean before His faces in order for Him to cover us.

Fins are what steer and power both the clean and the unclean creatures that are in His waters.

Those who are covered by the Most High are those who are steered and powered by Him.

Cursed is the man whose flesh is his own arm.

He covers those who do His word and talk about and meditate upon His word from the time that we rise up and as we sit in our houses and as we walk in His pathway and as we lie down.

Like I said, it is true that many of these unclean animals consume utter filth and even toxins.

This is true with all 3 of these groups.

However this is a secondary issue.

For instance a clean largemouth bass will eat lizards and snakes and other abominable animals and it is still clean.

As a matter of fact, they will eat just about anything that is not trying to eat them first.

And like I said, some of His unclean animals are even herbivores; therefore they eat nothing that is unclean.

This sets up a precedence that it is not about what they eat.

However some of them being the cesspool of the animal kingdom does have significance as well.

Some of them are even bad for our health to eat such as swine and shellfish.

But not all of them.

Therefore the ones that do not eat the filth contain other symbolism in them being unclean.

Our ways are not His ways; this is why we need to let His pathway instructions teach us what is right and what is wrong in His dual eyes.

After His pathway instructions for His waters creatures He goes on to give us His dietary Torah for His winged creatures.

He does so in a 3rd manner.

By just looking at the translations of evil men it appears that He only gives us examples of birds not to eat.

It appears that He does not give us any identifying marks tell us that a winged creature is unclean.

And He does not give us any examples or identifying marks to use to determine if a bird is clean, although else where His word certainly testifies that doves and pigeons and quails are clean.

There is a reason for Him doing this in this manner.

We have to use the precepts that He has already established with His pathway instructions for the 1st two sorts.

Here is what His word tells us concerning His winged creatures;

11 You shall eat all clean birds.

12 These are those that you shall not eat; the tearing (as in the meat tearing), the talon grasping (as do birds of prey.), the mighty (perhaps the eagle),

13 …the soaring (as birds of prey do), the screamer (perhaps the raptor), the darting (like the falcon or other birds that dart quickly) AND THEIR SORT (referring to predatory birds in general).

So you see things are not always as they appear.

He does indeed give us identifying marks to use for these birds.

He gives us a 4 different “sorts” of birds in these instructions and then after words He lists two others that are a 5th sort.

“And their sort” can be said of the waters creatures that do not have scales AND fins and of the beasts that do not have split hooves AND do not chew their cuds.

Those of you who are not steered and powered by the Most High are not covered by Him because you are unclean before His faces; this is all of your sort.

This is the small, the young, the old, the man and the woman, it is the rich and the poor, the fat and the skinny, etc., it does not matter.

YEHWEH is not a respecter of peoples.

Those of you whose steps are not divided from that which is wrong and not clean in His eyes are unclean before His faces, the whole sort of you.

Those of you who do not talk about His word and meditate upon it from when you rise up and when you sit in your houses and when you walk in the way and when you lie down are unclean before His faces, the entire lot of you.

The so-called scholars acknowledge that they do not know for sure what any of these birds are, however the translators still called them by their best guesses.

In doing so they disguised why the Most High hid the actual identity of them.

With this first group they were not too far off with some of their guesses because the derivatives of the names of these birds testify that they are referring to predatory birds in general.

This list of predatory birds is symbolic of all of you that are like predators that search out to devour one another with your lies.

It is symbolic of all of you who are in christianity that search to lead one another into your cesspool of filthy lies.

In doing so you are tearing apart and devouring one another’s flesh.

The next bird is a fairly easy one to be confident of;

14 The darkened (referring to the raven) AND ITS SORT (referring to birds that are vultures like the raven is).

You are a bunch of predators and vultures, the whole sort of you.

You feed off of and thrive off of one another’s dead carcasses.

The remainder of the Most High’s descriptions (that are for His winged creatures that He commands us to not eat) are much more difficult to discern than these 1st two sorts.

This is because He has not given us such straight forward identifying marks like He gave to us for the previous birds and for His waters creatures and for His beasts of the field.

It is important to understand that the Most High’s hand is not shortened so that He was not able to preserve what these birds are.

Therefore He did not tell us what these birds are for a reason.

And the reason has flowed into the here and the now in an awesome way.

In the here and the now He has commanded you to stop eating the bread of men.

He has sent forth His servant to tell you what is recorded in His scriptures of truth.

And He has told you to shut up and listen to the word of His mouth that He has put upon His servant.

The next sort of winged creatures that He forbids us to eat is the following;

15 THE DAUGHTER OF THE HOWLER (the howler is referring to the ostrich, I will show you how this is a prophecy that is for the here and the now and I will tell you who the daughter of the ostrich is in a bit), the violent (this is some violent bird that is either long legged and long necked or like the ostrich in some other way or like the blossomed bird or like the emaciated bird or a combination of these traits), the emaciated (i.e. the road runner and other emaciated  looking birds like it & that have other such traits of this group such as elongated necks and/or legs, etc.) AND THE BLOSSOMED AND THEIR SORT.

I will also tell you what the blossomed is referring to in a bit.

And I will tell you what the emaciated and the violent are referring to besides just their traits that identify them as unclean birds in a bit.

But first I will address His last two sorts of these birds.

The birds in this next sort are all waters fowls.

We can know this through the principle of precept upon precept, measuring line upon measuring line, here a little, there a little just like we can know that the last sort have long legs and elongated necks or a combination of other traits of this sort.

16 The cup (perhaps the pelican because it has a pouch that serves as a cup as part of its beak. I will also speak about the significance of the cup bird following the blossomed bird in a bit), the blowing (perhaps the heron and other large winged waters fowl that create a large breathe of air with their wings), the long or hard breather (i.e. the waters hen and the mud hen and other long diving ducks and such.),

17 …the vomiter or the regurgitater (i.e. the gull and several other sea and waters birds that use this function to feed their young), the compassionate (as in the motherly, therefore ducks and geese and swans in general), the diver (certain types of waters fowl like harlequin ducks and grebes),

18 …the saintly (perhaps the white stork because of its white raiment), the mean bird (i.e. the sea gull and the herring gull and the swan that are quite aggressive) AND THEIR SORT (referring to waters fowl in general)…

This sort being all waters fowls is symbolic of your fouled up baptism waters.

Waters fowls foul up the waters, they defecate in them.

And you have done the same thing by defecating upon the Most High’s cleansing waters of His statutes.

You have fouled up all of the waters of the Most High’s statutes including His baptism waters.

So now He is going to dry up your waters and your rivers and He is going to cause them to be the stench to your nose because you have caused your baptism waters and your omission of the rest of the cleansing waters of His statutes to be a stench to His nose.

And then He gives us two more birds.

Precept upon precept tells us that they are of the same sort yet His not listing them in this manner as a sort tells us that they are different.

and the beating wing (referring to the bat) and the keen sighted (the owl/ these last two are referring to night hunters)…

This sort is night creatures that fly and hunt by night.

The night winged creatures being unclean parallels your walking in the darkness and your uncleanness before YEHWEH’s faces because you lurk in the darkness not guided by His light.

And then after these 7 sorts He gives us an 8th sort;

19 and every swarming thing that flies is unclean unto you and you shall not eat them.

I mentioned earlier that His Leviticus chapter 11 instructions omit those that can leap from this list.

Baal-Zebub means master or husband of the fly; therefore you could say that it means master or husband of the swarming thing.

Baal-Zebub was the elohiym of Ekron that Ahaziah inquired of instead of inquiring of YEHWEH.

YEHWEH sent my predecessor Elijah to him to tell him that he was going to die because he had done so.

Ekron means to eradicate or to exterminate.

If baal-zebub or any other elohiym besides YEHWEH is your master and your husband you are going to be exterminated.

The Most High has sent His end time Elijah to you to tell you that He is going to exterminate you like flies because you have made make believe elohiyms your master and your husband.

You are unclean like these swarming things because you have inquired of your make believe elohiyms instead of inquiring of YEHWEH Elohiym, the Elohiym of Abraham, Isaac and Israel.

20 You shall eat all clean fowls.

21 You shall not eat “of any dead carcass” or give it to the stranger that is in your gates to eat, you can sell it to a foreigner BECAUSE YOU ARE A SACRED  PEOPLE UNTO YEHWEH ELOHIYM.

However you have not obeyed the word of His mouth in His statutes like these that I have discussed in this video, therefore you have not been a sacred people unto Him.

Instead you have fed off of one another’s dead carcasses.

Back to the daughter of the howler and the blossomed and their sort;


The violent bird is referring prophetically to the violence that you and your prophets and your priests have done to YEHWEH’s Torah.

He speaks of this violence is in;

Zephaniah 3:4

Your prophets are unbridled and treacherous people and your priests have polluted My sanctuary AND THEY HAVE DONE VIOLENCE TO MY TORAH.

You have also done violence to one another in facilitating one another (including your children) to walk on another pathway.

Your doing so is no different than being the one that actually pushes them into the lake that burns with fire and brimstone.

The emaciated bird is a prophetic reference to following prophecy;

Isaiah 17:4

IN THAT DAY (in the day that Damascus is becoming a city of ruins per this prophecy) IT WILL BE THAT THE GLORY OF JACOB (the glory of the scattered descendants of Israel) WILL BE EMPTIED (brought low) AND THE FATNESS OF YOUR FLESH WILL BE EMACIATED.

He is going to cause you to become emaciated because you are unclean before His faces.

You have also emaciated His word; you have made it so lean that it has been without nutrition to you.

Here is a summary of the 8 sorts of His unclean meat statutes that He gave to us on the 1st day of the 11th month;

  1.  The unclean beasts of the field sort

  2.  The unclean creatures of the waters sort

  3.  The predators sort

  4.  The vultures sort

  5.  The outstretched necked/long legged/violent/emaciated/blossomed birds sort

  6.  The waters fowls (that foul up His waters) sort

  7.  The night hunters sort

  8.  The swarming things that fly sort

I subtitled this video “You are what you eat.”

I did so because if you eat that which is unclean you are unclean in the Most High’s dual eyes.

And I did so for because of the following revelation that I am going to give to you on this day, this 2nd day of the 3 days at Sinai.

I’ll put verse 15 back up on the screen;.


I said that the howler is referring to the ostrich.

The reason why the translators omitted the word for daughter of (whatever they choose to call this bird) is because they did not know how to deal with it.

The King James translated this bird as the owl.

It does not make any sense to say the daughter of the owl because why would the daughter of the owl be unclean and not the owl itself?

They did not know how to deal with this description because it is a prophecy that was given for a revelation that the Most High has held back sending forth until this time.

The daughter of the ostrich is a prophetic reference to the North American turkey.

And the 4 identifications for this sort testify to this.

The turkey originated in the United Sates which is the chief seat of the scattered descendants of Israel.

Our ancestors did not have turkeys in the Middle East at that time so I do not know for sure what they thought the blossomed bird was.

It was probably the Hoopoe to them (and other birds like it) since the crown of the Hoopoe’s head blossoms in a similar way that the tail feathers of a turkey do when a turkey struts its stuff.

And the Hoopoe is a territorial bird that can be brutal even to one another.

It even uses its long elongated beak as a spear so it fits into the same sort as the blossomed and the violent.

And our ancestors would not have known that the blossomed was also a prophecy for the daughter of the ostrich.

The Hoopoe’s legs are longer but not like an ostrich’s or a turkey’s legs are proportionately, nor does it have a particularly outstretched neck like the ostrich and the turkey have.

However it certainly matches this sort with the some of the traits that it has especially since it blossoms.

Another bird that would certainly fit into this sort is the peacock.

Each bird in a sort does not need to have all of the traits of their sort, the other 4 sets of sorts of birds testify to this; it just needs to fit into the overall category of the descriptions that the Most High gave to us for that sort.

But the hoopoe is not a complete match to this sort like the turkey is.

The turkey looks an awful allot like a miniature ostrich with its long legs and its baldish head.

I had some domestic turkeys several years back and one day when they were getting mature (almost as if overnight) they turned very aggressive towards humans.

They even have the long leg and the long neck look of the emaciated bird.

And their strut is an unquestionable blossoming.

The Hoopoe is the physical nation of Israel’s national bird.

They chose this banner 8 years ago in May of 2008 on satan’s calendar.

The significance of this is the Most High caused the chief seat of the scattered descendants of Israel to almost choose the turkey to be its national bird but instead He caused them to choose another unclean bird for their banner.

He caused them to choose the bald eagle.

This is a perfect national bird banner for this evil heathen nation to have considering the Most High’s prophecies that He gave to us for Him going to cause baldness to be upon your heads.

The daughter of the howler is not the turkey because the turkey came from the ostrich; it is because of the word of the Most High’s mouth has spoken that it is.

It is not because they are the same genus or species according man’s ideology, it is because the self-existing one that inhabits eternity caused them to have similar appearances with their outstretched necks and their long legs and such.

He did so because He knew when He gave our ancestors this sort that He was going to cause the United States to become the chief seat of the scattered descendants of Israel at this time.

He knew that He was going to cause this bird to be the featured meat of your blasphemous turkey day celebration.

He knew that our founding fathers were going to almost make this bird their national bird, like I said, He not only knew this, He caused it.

This is His show and He controls every detail that He chooses to control.

Ostriches don’t actually bury their heads in the sand (like the saying goes) and neither do those of you whose heads continue to be buried in the sand.

It is just a figure of speech that originated from the ostrich’s behavior.

When they attempt to hide they lower their heads and their long necks to the ground and from a distance it looks like their heads are buried in the sand.

However they are not hiding even though they think that they are.

In the same way you are not going to be able to hide in the coming days.

You are going to have no place to hide.

You have hidden behind lies and these lies are going to be brought into the light and you are going to be shown the shame of your nakedness and baldness is going to be upon your heads.

You are indeed what you have eaten.

And ducking your heads is not going to keep the judgment of YEHWEH’s sword from coming upon your outstretched necks.

The reason why it appears that your heads are buried in the sand is because the Most High has blinded your eyes so that seeing you see but you do not perceive and hearing you hear but you do not understand.

His word tells us that He has done so because you have profaned His Sabbaths and you have despised His statutes and you have not done His righteous judgments and your eyes and your hearts have been on following after your father satan’s idolatries.

This is recorded in His Ezekiel chapter 20 son of man prophecy.

Most of you claim that you celebrate your turkey day to give thanks to our Maker when in fact all you are doing highlighting your hypocrisy on this day.

Giving Him thanks and praise is a matter of us doing that which He delights in.

It is not a matter of giving Him lip service.

His bringing forth this revelation at this time mocks your hypocrisy.

In America we use the word turkey as a light and mocking jab to one another.

However you are much more than just turkeys in His dual eyes, you are filthy babylonians.

The blossoming of a turkey and other birds like it such as the peacock parallels your pride and your puffed up arrogance in telling our Maker how it is and deciding right from wrong for yourselves.

Besides being used in Leviticus 11 and in this verse in Deuteronomy to describe this bird, it is only used two other places in the testimony of YEHWEH’s word.

One of them is in;

Genesis 40

9 And the head butler told his dream to Joseph, he said to him; in my dream I beheld A VINE before my faces;

10 And THE VINE had 3 BRANCHES and it came to pass that they (the 3 branches) budded and (the vine’s) BLOSSOM ROSE UP” and the clusters SEETHED GRAPES.

The way that this dream and the Most High’s interpretation of it that He gave to him through His servant Joseph has flowed into the here and the now and into some of His end time prophecies is incredible.

The interpretation of it was that Pharoah was going to lift up his cup bearer in 3 days and put his cup back into his hand.

I discussed a parallel of the 3 days of this prophecy and the Most High’s end time cup bearer in a recent video that is called “The 21 days of the Feast.”

And now we are in another 3 day parallel that He has woven into the testimony of His word and into His end time timeline.

I have spoken throughout these videos that on one of these 3 days’ journey daypoints He is going to show you on a physical plain that He has put the cup of the fierceness of His wrath into my hand.

He has already shown you that He has done so.

He has done so with the testimony of His word but His word has not been good enough for you.

On the 3rd days’ journey daypoint from the 21st day of His Feast of that which is Unleavened of this year the Most High lifted up His end time messenger of His covenant in an incredible way.

In doing so He marked His servant in a very big way on this day.

This is discussed in a recent video that is called “The King of King’s Pool is Dug.”

If you have watched this video and if the way that He lifted me up and marked me on this day did not sink in and cause you to go WOW you should watch it again.

He did so with quite the amazing orchestration of events that He wove into the timing of some of His prophecies that He had recorded in the testimony of His word in relation to His 2nd 24th day of the 9th month Haggai chapter 2 prophecy…

...and He wove these things into His end time timeline and into as it was in the days of His servant Noah.

However since His marking His servant with His word like He has done with this incredible orchestration of events (and several others like it) has not caused you to listen, listen to that which He has spoken to you through His servant, on one of these 3 day daypoints He is going to do so on a physical plain.

The word seethed in this prophecy ties it in with other prophecies like the Most High’s Ezekiel chapter 24 son of man seething pot prophecy.

And in Joel chapter 3 He tells us;

Joel 3

11 GO AND BE SECURED, all of the heathens will be assembled to encompass there and YEHWEH will break down the mighty ones.

This prophecy is for the humbling of the heathens; however it is also for His planting of the millennium.

Verse one tells us that it is for the time that the Most High is going to turn back the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem.

And verse two tells us that it is for the time that He will gather all of the heathens to the valley of Jehoshaphat at this time.

Therefore there are two different places that He is referring to in this prophecy in verse 11.

His telling you to go and be secured is referring to those of you that will turn back to Him prior to Him gathering you to the valley of Jehoshaphat that will go to His place of safety that He has reared up in your midst.

The heathens that He is referring to are the heathen children that are of the scattered descendants of Israel that He is going to plead with to cause you to back to Him at this time.

Jehoshaphat means the YEHWEH will judge.

Verse 14 tells us that this valley is called the valley of the sharp threshing sickle.

The king james translated this word as the valley of decision.

In lieu of these details the place that He is telling you to go to in order to be secured is a different place than the valley of YEHWEH’s judgment that is spoken of in the following verse;

12 The heathens will be awakened and will come up to the valley of Jehoshaphat because I will sit there to judge all of the heathens that are encompassed there.


Go down and descend is telling you to come down off of your high horses and go to His place of safety.

Is it a coincidence that His butler prophecy uses the word seethed referring to the grapes when the butler had the king’s cup given back to him for him to deliver it full of wine for the king?

Is it a coincidence that the next unclean bird that is given to us after the blossomed bird is the cup bird and this cup bird is a waters bird?

The pelican swallows its prey alive when it consumes them and they are slowing destroyed by the acidic stomach juices that are in its belly.

You are not going to like the affliction that the Most High is getting ready to unleash upon you this is for sure.

At the end of the book Zechariah we are told in the last two verses;

Zechariah 14



What is said in these two verses is incredible.

The “shades upon the horses” ties this prophecy into His Zechariah chapter 1 prophecy that He began this book with.

Zechariah chapter 1 is for the one that is under the shade of the myrtle trees with the horses of this prophecy.

Therefore it also ties this prophecy in with the myrtle trees of His Isaiah chapter 55 prophecy.

His Isaiah chapter 55 prophecy sums up the signature ring that He has put upon His end time Zerubbabel’s hand (the signature ring of His 2nd 24th day of the 9th month prophecy that He gave to us through His servant Haggai in chapter 2).

I’ll expand on this in another video since this one is already getting pretty long.

YEHWEH’s Holy place is a no brainer in this verse.

His Ezekiel chapter 43 son of man prophecy calls the holy, holy or the most holy place the borders of His Altar that He has reared up in the midst of Egypt at this time.

This son of man prophecy also tells us that the rock design of His Altar represents His house at this time.

“The boiling pots” tie this prophecy in with His Ezekiel chapter 24 son of man prophecy that is for the scum of Israel being seethed in a boiling pot.

This boiling pot prophecy goes on to give us the Most High’s promise that He has sent me and that I am His end time son of man.

“The bowls before the faces of His Altar” refer to the olive oil lamps that keep His Altar illuminated at nights.

These lamps are in the form of jars or bowls that keep the wind from blowing them out.

“All that will come to sacrifice” here is referring to all of you that will come to offer up the heads of your separation to Him upon His Altar.

“You will take them to seethe in them” refers to you being part of this as a vessel to honor in standing with His servant verses being seethed in them.

“The Canaanite no longer continuing in YEHWEH’s house” ties this prophecy in with His Isaiah chapter 19 prophecy that is for His Altar and His pillar being reared up in the midst of Egypt at this time.

This prophecy tells us that this Altar and this pillar are YEHWEH’s sign and His witness.

It tells us that you speak the language of Canaan.

How many incredible details like this does the Most High need to send me with before you will listen, listen to the word of His mouth?

Why do you need to be brought low to cause you to listen Him?

Humble yourselves and come down off of your high horses.

And come under the shade that the Most High has set up in your midst.

Or else prepare to become acquainted with your Maker’s hot indignation…

…prepare to be seethed in His wine press!

Thus saith the word of His mouth that is upon His servant Zerubbabel.