Repairing The Breach





Today is the 8th day of the 2nd month on our Maker’s restored calendar.

It is the 1st Sabbath of this month.

It is the 27th Sabbath into the 440 days of the great and the fearful day of His wrath.

It is april 9th on His servant satan’s calendar.

The 27th Sabbath of this period of time falling in the 2nd month parallels His opening of the Ark’s door on the 27th day of the 2nd month.

Two days from today will be the 10th day of the 2nd month.

This is the day that the Most High bids for us to set aside the Passover lambs or goats in order to obey His instructions to observe His Passover Memorial in the 2nd month if we were unable to do so in the 1st month.

The 10th day of the 2nd month is also the day that He told His servant Noah to start loading the Ark.

It is truly amazing how you have ignored and/or rejected all of the warnings that He has sent me with.

In lieu of most of the scattered descendants of Israel claiming that you do believe His word it is truly amazing how you have refused to believe that which testimony of His word testifies to.

It would be impossible for me to believe that you could be this stiff-necked if my Father’s word did not tell us that this was going to be the case when He sent His end time messenger of His covenant to us.

From time to time people have written me murmuring against all of the numbers and the dates that I speak of in these videos.

I have always said that it is not about these numbers or these dates but that it is about what they testify to.

The reason why the Most High has woven these things (that He had recorded in the testimony of His word) into His end time timeline (and into His witness against those of you who are of the scattered descendants of Israel) the way that He has is because He has done so as part of His testimony that you are without excuse.

You are without excuse because you can go back through the manner that He has sent the testimony that eHe has HHHHHHHe has sent me with and you can see that it is mathematically impossible for all of this to have come together and lined up the way that it has except for through the hand of a supernatural Elohiym.

I say impossible because of how all of this has overlapped satan’s calendar with both the Most High’s restored calendar and His non-restored calendar.

The same is true with how He has fulfilled all of the prophecies (that He has fulfilled through me) that testify that He has sent me to you.

He has made knowing that He has sent me a simple matter of believing His word.

However He has also set it up so that you can be amazed by how it all lines up with the dates and the numbers that He had recorded in the testimony of His word.

However the testimony of His word is not good enough proof for you so now He is going to cause you to know that He has sent me in a way that will certainly get your attention.

And you are not going to like it.

He has shown us through the testimony of His word that the place that He has placed His name and set up His Altar at this time is the holiest place on the planet.

He calls it the holy, holy or the most holy.

However in spite of this, nearly all of you refuse to even sustain the place that He has placed His name and set up His Altar.

This is truly amazing.

Concerning this place His word tells us;

Ezekiel 43


11 AND IF THEY ARE ASHAMED OF ALL THAT THEY HAVE DONE, CAUSE THEM TO KNOW THE ROCK DESIGN OF MY HOUSE AND THE ARRANGEMENT OF IT AND WHAT GOES OUT OF IT AND WHAT COMES INTO IT AND ALL OF THE ROCK DESIGN OF IT AND ALL MY STATUTES OF IT (still referring to the rock design of His house which is specifically referring to the rock design of His altar that is before the faces of His house that the following verses go on to describe) AND ALL THE ROCK DESIGNS OF IT AND ALL OF THE TORAHS OF IT (all of the directions of east pathway of His house) AND WRITE THEM IN THEIR DUAL EYES SO THAT THEY CAN HEDGE ABOUT ALL OF THE ROCK DESIGN OF IT AND ALL OF THE STATUTES OF IT AND DO THEM.

I can assure you that it is not a coincidence that His Torah is now being written upon the whitewashed rock design of His Altar.

What goes out of His Altar that He has established in the midst of Egypt at this time is His 4 spirits of wisdom, understanding, counsel and knowledge.

And soon the living waters are also going to flow out from this Altar just like they are going to flow out from under the dual doors of His house in the millennium.

Only the children of Zadok coming into His house to serve Him (in His end time son of man prophecy) is a prophetic reference to those of you who will stand with His anointed at this time and go to His Altar to offer up the heads of your separation to the Most High upon it.


And then He goes on in the following verses to describe the rock design of His Altar.

The double use of the word holy or set apart in this verse is the same double use of this word that YEHWEH uses to describe the inner sanctuary that is behind the vail of His House.

This inner sanctuary is the dwelling place of the Ark of His witness.

The King James translators (and others) translated this double use of this word as the Most Holy place.

I can assure you that this place is not where the dome of the rock sets at this time.

This dome still setting there is a witness against those who call themselves the rod of Judah at this time and it is a witness against that land.

The rock design of His Altar that measures off the borders of the head of His holy or His set apart mountain is incredible.

This design has been described in other recent videos and I will add to its description in future videos.

He has made whitewashing these 46 rocks and writing His Torah upon them a more time consuming undertaking than I thought it would be so this task is not yet finished.

Could it be that it will be finished on the 17th day of this month?

The 17th day of the 2nd month is the day that He sent the flood waters gushing upon the inhabitants of the world.

Could this be the day that He shuts off your waters from coming upon you?

I do not know, however it very well could be.

If so, will you then obey His voice and set yourselves apart to Him?

If not, will you at least obey His voice and sustain the Most Holy or the Most Set Apart place on the planet earth?

The Most High bid for our ancestors to offer up to Him for the construction of His dwelling place after they left Egypt.

And they obeyed His voice at that time.

They brought Him so much that His servant Moses had to tell them to stop offering up to Him.

This is recorded in Exodus 36, verse 5.

But you have refused to leave Egypt at this time.

And you have refused to obey His voice and bring your tithes and your offerings into the depository of His house at this time.

In 2nd chronicles chapters 30 and 31 we are told that in the days of Hezekiah that our ancestors offered up abundant heaps of tithes and offerings to the Most High.

They did so at the time of the backup Passover and back up Feast of Unleavened Bread.

It just so happens that those who are dwelling beside the borders of the holy, holy are going to be keeping the backup Passover and this Feast this year in the 2nd month.

We kept them in the 1st month however we erred in doing so.

After the Feast was over my wife went to fill up our salt shaker and when she did she read the label of the sea salt that we were using during this year’s Feast of the 1st month and she saw that there was baking soda in it.

Baking soda is leavening.

She and our daughter were very diligent in getting rid of all of the leavening in His camp for this Feast however the Most High hid this from them.

He did so in order to cause us to have to take advantage of His backup opportunity to obey Him in this matter in the 2nd month.

The reason why we need to also redo the Passover is because His Passover instructions tell us to eat the Passover with unleavened bread and they had used this salt in making the unleavened bread for that night so the bread that we ate that night was not all of the way unleavened like we thought that it was.

Therefore we did not obey His voice according to all of His instructions that He gave to us for this night and for the 7 days of the Feast that follows it.

Praise YEHWEH for giving us another opportunity to do His Passover instructions and His Feast instructions right before His faces!

Right after our ancestors brought the heaps into YEHWEH’s house we are told that Hezekiah had the fountains of the waters and the brook that ran in the midst of the land stopped up so that the kings of Assyria would not come and find them flowing abundantly.

In lieu of what I have spoken about the coming drought and in lieu of YEHWEH’s Isaiah chapter 7 prophecy that is for His two witnesses vexing the Assyrians do you think that this is a coincidence?

Is it also a coincidence that Hezekiah broke down all of the high places at this time and that there only remained one Altar that was left, the Altar that was in front of YEHWEH’s house and the holy, holy?

2nd Chronicles chapter 30 verse 10 tells us that after Hezekiah sent letters to the rods of Israel (to tell them to come to YEHWEH’s house to keep the Passover and the Feast of the 2nd month) that the rods of Israel from Ephraim and Manasseh unto Zebulun laughed at and mocked him for his invitation.

However some of them did humble themselves and they came to His house and they came giving to Him very abundantly.

Contrast this with those of you who refuse to do these things at this time.

Those who came did not come in time to be cleansed for the Passover, however Hezekiah beseeched YEHWEH on their behalf and verse 20 tells us that YEHWEH healed the people so that they could keep the Passover and the 7 days of the Feast.

And then they kept the Feast for 7 additional days for a total of 14 days (15 days in total counting the day of the Passover).

The way that all of these details fit into the here and the now is incredible.

The additional 7 days took them to the 28th day of the 2nd month.

It was at the end of the 27th day of this month before the dawning of the 28th day that YEHWEH opened the Ark’s door.

The Ark became holiest place on the planet earth at the time of the flood.

It is indeed as it was in the days of Noah except for in regards to the number of people who have come to the holy, holy is even worse.

At that time there were 7 others that stood with His servant Noah, there was his wife and his 3 sons and their 3 wives.

This was only 8 people.

However now there still remains only my wife and daughter and one other that are standing with YEHWEH’s servant at this time.

This is only 4 people that are standing with the holiest place on the planet.

This is indeed incredible.

The one other is one of the 5 others of His Ezekiel chapter 9 prophecy.

4 of these 5 did not stand with His anointed.

If the other 4 had stood with His anointed there would be 8 here as it was in the days of Noah.

And even this being the case is recorded in the testimony of our Maker’s word.

Daniel chapter 12 testifies that there was only going to be one other and that this one other would be standing on the other side of the river.

This is symbolic of him not yet being sealed into our Maker’s family.

However he is on the pathway of being sealed.

Folks, the Most High has made this so simple.

All you need to do is believe His word and hearken to it.

Scoffing and mocking the testimony of His word is not going to cut it for you in the days that are ahead.

His word tells us that there is going to be no cure for you if you continue to do so.

This is recorded in;

2 Chronicles 36

14 And all of the heads and the priests and the people INCREASED IN LIES AND IN TRANSGRESSING IN ALL OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE HEATHEN AND THEY DEFILED YEHWEH’S HOUSE THAT HE CONSECRATED IN JERUSALEM (at this time Jerusalem is referring prophetically to what has become the chief seat of the scattered descendants of Israel, it certainly is NOT referring to where the dome of the rock sits at this time).

15 And YEHWEH Elohiym of our fathers SENT TO YOU THE HAND OF HIS MESSENGERS RISING THEM UP EARLY HE SENT THEM because He had compassion upon His people and upon His dwelling place:

Rising us up early is a reference to Him sending us before He sent His wrath each time.


Keep scoffing and mocking and keep rebelling against the word of His mouth and see where doing so gets you in the coming days.

The 1st day of the 3rd month is the last day of the first 220 days of these 440 days.

The Most High marked His servant Noah on the 17th day of the 7th month and then there were 220 more days that were left to go in His account of the flood.

I’ll expand on this daypoint in a future video as we approach this day.

I have already spoken about how there are 7 months and 10 days that are on each side of this midway daypoint of these 440 days in other videos.

These two opposing 7 month periods parallel the 7 years of plenty and the 7 years of drought at the time our ancestors were brought into Egypt.

And now the Most High has set up His Altar in the midst of Egypt at this time and He calls it the holiest place on the planet.

Joseph was 110 years was when he died.

YEHWEH marked His servant Noah 110 days after He shut off the waters.

110 days prior to this 220 day waypoint was the 11th day of the 11th month.

This was the day that His servant Noah let loose the 1st of the 3 doves and the raven.

The testimony of His word tells us that the abundant tithes and offerings that our ancestors began to bring to His house (the holy, holy) in the 2nd month at the time of the backup Passover had become great heaps by the 3rd month.

Is there going to be great heaps of tithes and offerings that are brought to His holy, holy at this time?

Or is there going to be heaps of your dead carcasses in the rest of the land of Egypt that will be the result of your failure to do so?

We will soon find out.

One thing is for sure, so far nearly all (and I mean nearly all) of you have failed to offer up anything whatsoever to the Most High.

His word says that you are stealing from Him in your failure to do so.

And His word tells us that you are getting ready to be a recipient of a bitter curse because of your stealing from Him.

Thus saith the testimony of the Most High’s word that He has put upon the youngest of His flock, the one that dwells beside the holiest place that is on the planet earth at this time.