Repairing The Breach



On the first of January this year I posted a video entitled satan’s final smoke screens are set up.

In that video, I discussed how satan and the other fallen angels have been very busy setting up all sorts of counterfeit truths and counterfeit prophets to keep people deceived.

I referred to these counterfeits as smokescreens because their design is to cover up the truth that would set people free.

Satan also has his own satanic organizations set up to keep people distracted from what is really happening.

In order to understand why he and his cronies have been allowed to establish these distractions and why they were even placed here in the first place and given the ability to deceive us, you have to understand why we were given life and placed here on earth.

Our Creator is building a family and He is building a family from those who would want and fight for a certain kind of character, His character.

In order to accomplish this, He had to create us with free will because in order for His character to be achieved in us, it had to be a choice and a hunger on our part.

In order for His perfection to be reproduced, He had to give us choices and He had to give us an enemy to overcome if we chose to go our own way.

As long as we walked with Him on His path, learning His character and learning to be in agreement with Him, He offers us protection from the deceptive powers of this enemy.

However, if we leave His path, He allows us to be sifted by them.

The only thing that can set us free is the truth and the truth is our Creator’s character which is His very nature.

We have to return to His path that teaches us His nature in order to be set free.

This is the message that He sent His Son to bring.

Yehshua our Messiah said that He is the way and the truth and the life.

The Greek word that describes Him in the writings of the eye witnesses to His first coming is the word logos used in context of Him being the logos of His Father.

This logos is His very thought process or His character.

Yehshua became His character and He was given the same for a name, the logos of Elohiym.

He told us that this logos was the truth that would set us free.

If you understand this, then you can understand why satan purposed to pervert the truth in order to keep his subjects in captivity.

He has set up false prophets and all sorts of false religions to accomplish this but what about for those who are not all that religious, those who are more scientific or into manmade made factors?

He has many smoke screens for these as well.

If he could surround the truth with distractions as well as counterfeit truths, he could keep people looking to whatever entertained them or kept them occupied.

One of the biggest of these distracting people today is the new world order.

He has established a desire for a new world order in the hearts of many of his subjects, one of these groups is referred to by many as the illuminati.

There are all sorts of conspiracies floating around about this group and their history and who is involved in it and such.

The important thing to understand is, even if these conspiracy theories hold truth in them, they are not going to matter because where we are in time.

They might have the intentions of a New World order but their intentions will be quashed by Yehshua when he returns.

Satan knows this, but he has set them up as distractions that keep people from looking for the truth that would set them free.

If people are focused on all of these other explanations for why things are happening, they become content in their studies and their beliefs that they have figured something out and they are content that they understand things on a physical plain.

This is the same tactic that satan uses with things like aliens and ufos and anything else that keeps people content and distracted with what they believe is true.

The problem with these distractions is they are not going to add one second to your life.

My Father has sent me to cry aloud for you to turn from all of these distractions and turn to that which will set you free.

Stop wasting your time studying and following all of these smoke screens and all of these false hopes.

He is restoring His truth that man has set aside and He is calling you to return to Him and He will give you life.

He will deliver you through the coming destruction, you will not have to worry about population reduction or any of the illuminati’s plans.

The world is getting ready to be hurled into an incredibly violent time and there is only one way to live through it.

It will not matter what Obama and the Bushes or the free masons or any satanic group has planned.

The lies that satan has established in the false religion of Christianity are satan’s schemes as well leading billions to the lake of fire by pointing them to a different logos.

Turn to path and let it teach you His logos and let it be your treasure.

You do not have time left to keep drinking in satan’s poisons as your passion.

The choice is yours but if you want to keep watching his show, the ship will sail without you.

YEHWEH Elohiym is telling you; I set before you life and death, choose life so that you and your seed may live.