Repairing The Breach






Today is the 1st day of the 9th month on our Maker’s restored calendar.

We have now reached 40 days into the day of the great and the fearful day of the Most High’s wrath on this 9 month waypoint.

The significance of this 40 day mark landing on this 9 month waypoint (on His restored calendar) in relation to the 9 months that it takes for a woman to bring forth a child is discussed in other recent videos.

This 9 month waypoint parallels the revelations of His only begotten Son that tell us;

Revelation 12

13 And when the dragon saw that he was cast into the earth he persecuted THE WIFE THAT BROUGHT FORTH THE MAN CHILD.

The wife that brought forth the man child is referring to those who became chaste virgins to the Most High.

We became such by being molded and fashioned by Him to a point where we no longer played the whore to Him by loving idolatrous images of who He is.

We let Him teach us to love Him for who He is.

This group is YEHWEH’s chosen whom that He poured out His only begotten Son’s shed blood on our behalf.

The only reason why I include myself in this number is because His word does so.

I am merely in agreement with His word.

His word testifies that He has given me a place to stand amongst those who have stood in agreement with His word and His righteousness that His word testifies to.

He has divorced the rest of Israel because of your fornication to Him.

And He has remained divorced from you because you have continued to play the whore to Him.

YEHWEH’s chaste wives brought forth His only begotten Son.

We brought Him forth through our repentance.

We turned back to hearkening to His Father to become His bride, the bride of His word.

Understanding this begins with simply acknowledging the name that He gave to His only begotten Son.

He gave Yehshua His word to be His name.

This is why Yehshua referred to Himself prophetically as the bridegroom.

Therefore YEHWEH’s word is the bridegroom.

This wife is His 144,000 First Fruits.

This is why there is a differentiation between Him being like a Husband unto our ancestors in Jeremiah chapter 31, verse 32 and His renewed covenant that He has made available to those of you who will turn back to Him in order to be delivered through this time of affliction in order to become the planting in the millennium.

He is going to deliver those of you who will turn back to Him through that which He has restored so that you can become part of the latter harvest into His Kingdom.

And as a result of this renewed covenant He will put His Torah in your hearts and write it upon your inward parts and He will be your Elohiym and you will be His people.

This is what verse 33 of this Jeremiah prophecy tells us.

Why any of you think that you are under a new covenant that differs from this one defies the testimony of YEHWEH’s word.

Yehshua already came like a thief in the night to harvest the bride; He harvested those who had the golden oil (YEHWEH’s 7 spirits) in their lamps.

This is a simple reality that our Maker’s word testifies to.

And you need to gird up your loins and accept this reality.

But there is good news.

YEHWEH’s word tells us that He also has a 2nd anointed Son, His 2nd witness that He has sent to you at this time to restore all things.

He tells us that He has two anointed Sons in Zechariah chapter 4, verse 14.

His 2nd anointed Son is the brand that He has plucked out from the fire and sent to you to be His 2nd witness per Zechariah chapters 3 and 4.

This is the messenger of His covenant of His Malachi chapter 3 prophecy, His messenger that He delights in.

His word tells us that He delights in this servant because he is in agreement with His righteousness.

And He will delight in you as well if you will become one with Him.

14 And to the wife was given TWO WINGSof a great eagle SO THAT SHE COULD FLY INTO THE WILDERNESS, into her place WHERE SHE COULD BE NOURISHED FOR A TIME AND TIMES AND HALF A TIME (1,260 days) from the face of the serpent.

Today we are 40 days past the end of these 1,260 days.

But almost none have stood with His two witnesses and fled into His place of safety.

You should not question that the Most High has continued to hold things back since the end of this period of time.

I say this for a couple of very good reasons.

He often delays pronouncing His judgment upon matters.

The best example of this was when He rose up the romans to destroy the 2nd temple 40 years after our ancestors persuaded them to kill His only begotten Son.

On top this, when He gave His servant Daniel His prophecy that parallels this time, times and a half of time, He went on to speak about a 1,290 day waypoint and a 1,335 day waypoint that would follow this period of time.

We are now 10 days past this 1,290 day waypoint, therefore we only have 35 days to go before the 1,335th day of this prophecy.

These 35 days are a parallel of a tithe of the 350 years that the Most High caused His servant Noah to live after He sent the flood waters gushing upon the earth.

They also parallel the 3 ½ days that His only begotten Son was dead in Jerusalem along with the 3 ½ years of the 1,260 days of His 42 month witness against you.

35 days is 3 ½ 10’s.

They also parallel the 35 times that His word references the 8th day or the 8th month or the 8th year.

The Strong’s concordance says that this word is used 39 times; however 4 of the times are not in the books that His two witnesses have testified to.

There is much significance that His word places upon the 8th day.

The 8th day Sabbath that follows the 7 days of His Feast of Huts was the beginning of this great and the fearful day of His wrath.

The 1,300 days that took us to today’s 40 day waypoint parallel the 13 rods of Israel.

1,335 days is 75 days past the time, times and a half of time.

These 75 days parallel Abram being 75 years old when YEHWEH called him to leave his land and his kindred.

I am by no means saying that this 1,335 day waypoint will be the last terrible day of the great and the fearful day of YEHWEH.

The Most High has revealed to us through the testimony of His word that this will be the day that He begins to cause His word that He has put upon my mouth to no longer be put to silence.

He has not yet shown me what day in this will be the final day of the great devastation of this period of time so I do not yet know when it will be.

But I suspect that this period of time will continue up until at least the wave sheaf is waved before YEHWEH’s face.

This event occurs on the 2nd day of His Feast of Unleavened Bread.

The reason why I say that this is a possibility is because Abraham was 175 years old when YEHWEH let him sleep (with his father’s until his resurrection) and 175 days into this period of time will fall on the day of the wave sheaf on YEHWEH Elohiym’s restored calendar.

But like I said, I do not know for sure when this terrible day will be.

And I am also NOT saying that things are going to continue clicking along as they have been until this 1,335 day waypoint.

It could very well be that this time of trouble will escalate during these 35 days.

And if they do, the false shepherds and the false prophets of Israel will hi-jack them like they have done with all of the other signs of the times that the Most High has sent.

They will try to do so even after the 1,335th day; however things will change after this waypoint, just like they changed in the days of the 1st exodus with His servant Moses when Pharaoh’s magicians and such were no longer able to duplicate what the Most High was doing through the hand of His servant Moses.

The wave sheaf is the beginning of the two part count that takes us to the Most High’s Feast of First Fruits.

On the Feast of First Fruits the Priest waves two loaves of bread before the Most High’s face.

These two loaves are baked with leaven; they represent the two phases of His First Fruit Harvest that took place prior to the end of the 1,260 days of His witness against the scattered descendants of Israel.

And the two loaves of today’s video parallel these two loaves; however, unlike the two wave loaves, one of the loaves that I will discuss today represents a vessel to dishonor.

The title of this video is “The Two Loaves of the Jordan.”

The Most High’s word is incredibly dynamic in paralleling vessels to dishonor to vessels to honor.

A good example of this is the first two kings of Israel, Saul and YEHWEH’s servant David.

I will show you how it does so with our baptism waters and the Most High’s word referring to the land on the banks of the Jordan River as loaves as in loaves of bread.

The other day in “The Descendants of Lot” video I spoke about how Lot’s greed or hunger for that which is of the world caused him to choose the plush, well-watered land that was to the east of the Jordan when YEHWEH’s servant Abram offered him the choice of which way to go when they separated.

Lot’s choice testified against him that his desires were for that which is of the world.

His choice not only represented his hunger, it also represented that he was self-centered; he was focused on the lusts of the eyes and the lusts of the flesh and the pride of life.

He put his hunger for more of that which this world has to offer above having a hunger for that which would have pleased the Most High.

His focus and his hunger were not on pleasing his Maker.

And the Most High’s word testifies to us that he was manifested to us as a vessel to dishonor.

I pointed out in that video that the Hebrew word that is translated as being a plain in reference to the land that is on the east side of the Jordan River is actually a word that means a loaf as in a loaf of bread.

It is also the word that is used to describe a talent or a unit of measurement that defines a certain weight of gold or silver or brass or some other substance of value.

Therefore our ancestors used a unit of weight that was a similitude of a loaf of bread to measure the value of these things probably like a bar of gold that the world esteems of much value at this time.

First, I will establish that this Hebrew word for a loaf of bread or a loaf of a weight measurement is not used to refer to any other piece of ground other than that which is on the banks of the Jordan and often it specifically refers to that which is east of the Jordan.

How this parallel to the Jordan River ties in with the bread of life vs. the bread of men and our Baptism waters needing to be turned in Yehshua’s blood is awesome.

There are a few places in YEHWEH’s word that could appear to use this description for other lands; however a closer study of them reveals that these verses are speaking about the land that is on either side of the banks of the Jordan.

One of them is found in;

2 Samuel 18:23

And he (Ahimaaz) asked (Joab) why is this, let me run? And he said to him, run. Then Ahimaaz ran BY THE PATHWAY OF THE PLAIN (the loaf) and he passed by Cushi.

Ahimaaz wanted to be the messenger that came to YEHWEH’s servant David to give him the news of the battle being finished.

However, he did not want to be the one who told him that his son Absalom was dead.

Knowing what land this loaf is referring to is simply a matter of going back into the previous verses and letting them tell us.

In the previous chapter we are told;

2 Samuel 17

21 And it came to pass after they (those that Absalom sent to find them) were departed that they (Jonathan and Ahimaaz) came up out of the well and they went to announce this to King David and said to David, ARISE AND QUICKLY CROSS OVER THE WATER because Ahithophel has counseled this matter against you.

22 Then David and all the people that were with him rose up AND THEY CROSSED OVER JORDAN and by the morning light THERE DID NOT LACK ONE OF THEM THAT HAD NOT CROSSED OVER JORDAN.

A couple of verses later in verse 24 we are told that Absalom and his army also crossed over the Jordan in pursuit after them.

Therefore both parties of this war were on the east side of the Jordan when Absalom was killed.

Therefore Ahimaaz was running on a pathway that was east of the Jordan, the same land that Lot’s uncircumcised heart chose.

Do you think that it was coincidences that Absalom (a man that rose up against YEHWEH’s anointed) was killed east of the Jordan in the same land that Lot chose when he departed from Abram?

The streams that flow into the Jordan River flow into it from its west bank, they flow west to east.

At least they do now.

This is of huge significance in lieu of the living waters that will flow out from YEHWEH’s temple and pour into the Dead Sea from its west bank, flowing west to east to bring this sea to life.

The reason why the sea is dead by reason of the high salt content that is found in it, this is discussed in other videos.

This high salt content is symbolic of the salt that has poured out from YEHWEH’s table as result of the masses not entering into His salt covenant that He made available to those who would become part of His Kingdom of Priests.

It is symbolic of the salt that His only begotten Son spoke of that is cast away to be trampled by men.

It could very well have been that the streams flowed into it the Jordan from the east bank during the days of Lot and Abram to cause this land to be so lush at that time.

In looking at the map of the area there are mountains to the east of this river and streams often flow out from mountains in order to form rivers.

In any case, YEHWEH’s word tells us that what Lot saw was a more desirable, well-watered land that was east of the Jordan.

Therefore he and Abram were standing near the Jordan at the time of this choice.

Yet even after Lot chose this land, the Most High told His servant Abram that He would give his seed the land that was in all four directions from where they stood that day.

This is recorded in Genesis chapter 13, verses 14 and 15.

However at that time, Abram took his flock and his herd his herdsmen and they journeyed west.

The land west of the Jordan is the land that Abram went into after Lot chose the loaves of the Jordan that were towards the east.

This puts a prophetic association with the loaves east of the Jordan as being vessels to dishonor.

It ties these loaves in with the bread of men.

It is important to note that the Most High later started referring to the land that is west of the Jordan as the land that flows with milk and honey.

This puts a prophetic association with crossing over the Jordan with being a vessel to honor.

The land west of the Jordan being the land that flows with milk and honey refers to our need to cross over the Jordan in order to be allowed into YEHWEH’s kingdom.


Crossing over the Jordan is much more than just being baptized under some water on a physical plain.

We must do that which is required of us to cause the Most High to turn our baptism waters into His only begotten Son’s shed blood.

Being dunked in some water does not atone for our transgressions against the Most High.

Sin carries the death penalty; His word tells us that the life that sins against Him must die.

Therefore blood needs to be shed on our behalf.

This is what the testimony of YEHWEH’s word testifies to.

The substitution sacrifice of His only begotten Son is not free.

It has a condition.

YEHWEH’s word tells us that we must turn back to hearkening to His word in order for Him to make this substitution on our behalf.

His word is the bread of life, the unleavened bread of life.

Then we can journey into the land that flows with milk and honey.

This journey requires us to be molded and fashioned in His image, in the image of His righteousness in order to reach the ultimate Promised Land of His Kingdom.

Doing so results from continuing to walk with Him in His word in agreement with His righteousness that His word, the unleavened bread of life, testifies to.

The land that flows with milk and honey was called this AFTER His servant Abram (who became Abraham) went there with his flock and his herd.

Abram obeyed the Most High’s voice; He obeyed the bread of life.

And the Most High accredited it to him as righteousness for doing so.

He left all for the Most High’s Kingdom’s sake.

In “The Descendants of Lot” video I spoke that a short time after Lot departed from Abram, he left his tent and he moved into the city of Sodom.

Abram remained dwelling in tents.

His doing so flows into the Most High turning your baptism waters into Yehshua’s shed blood and into the here and the now.

His word tells us;

Hosea 12

9 I, YEHWEH Elohiym, brought you out from the land of Egypt.


10 I have spoken through My prophets AND I WILL MULTIPLY MY REVELATIONS THROUGH SIMILITUDES through the hand of My prophets.

In the day of His appointed time is referring to the day of His restored appointed times.

The day of His restored appointed times is the here and the now.

His parallel to the 1st exodus in this verse shows that this is a prophecy that is for the day of the 2nd exodus.

But you have refused to hearken to His word and to flee into His mountains and dwell in tents like He has bid for you to do at this time.

His servant has been dwelling in tents since towards the beginning of the time, times and half of time.

Is this a coincidence?

Doing so and fleeing from even touching the dead, along with turning back to that which He has restored at this time is the place of safety that He has prepared for those who will be delivered through this coming time of affliction.

His invitation for you to flee into this place of safety has continued beyond the time, times and half a time.

Here is a place that refers to the loaves of the Jordan also including some of the land to the west of it.

Deuteronomy 34:3

…and to the south and to the loaves and the valley of Jericho and the city of the palm trees unto Zoar.

This verse is part of the description of the land that YEHWEH showed His servant Moses that He showed to him from the east side of the Jordan before he caused him to sleep with his fathers.

Jericho is on the west side of the Jordan but Zoar was in the east side of it.

Zoar is where Lot wanted to go instead of obeying the Most High’s two messengers and fleeing into His mountains.

Is it a coincidence that the Most High uses this small city in this description?

The reference to the city of the palm trees is reference to Elim that had the 70 palm trees and the 12 wells of water.

This was south of the land of the loaves, it was south of the Dead Sea.

Elim was before they came to Horeb.

There is much symbolism in all of these things, even with things like Jonathan and Ahimaaz hiding in a well that I mentioned earlier.

In the next verse the Most High tells us that He was showing His servant Moses the land that He had sevened to give to His servant Abraham’s descendants.

As I said earlier, this included land on both sides of the Jordan.

And this verse testifies to this as well.

It is not a coincidence that YEHWEH caused His servant Moses to sleep with his fathers on the east side of the Jordan.

Why did He do so?

Because he did not sanctify Him at the waters of Meribah, he did not give Him the glory for bringing forth water from the rock.

Moses certainly was NOT a vessel to dishonor, however the Most High causing him to die on the east side of the Jordan and not allowing him to enter into the Promised Land shows that his failure to give the Most High glory in that one incident did not please Him.

The point of this video is there is huge significance in our need to cross over the Jordan.

And this means more than just doing so physically.

His servant Moses was not allowed to cross over the Jordan on a physical plain, however the testimony of YEHWEH’s word has testified that he is now in His Kingdom.

He is one of the 24 elders who sit at His throne.

This shows that this is not about only crossing over the Jordan River on a physical plain.

His servant Moses had already crossed over the water.

He did so by passing under the waters of the Red Sea.

The baptism process had not been instituted yet.

Coming out of Egypt and passing through the Red Sea was symbolic of being baptized at that time.

Yet our ancestors who died in the wilderness east of the Jordan did not meet the requirement to turn this water into Yehshua’s shed blood that would be poured out later.

This is even though His servant Moses sprinkled physical blood upon them after they crossed through the Red Sea.

Therefore this is about much more than that which is of the physical plain.

His servant Moses met the Most High’s requirement to turn the waters that he passed through into His son’s shed blood.

Even though Moses did not cross over the Jordan on a physical plain, he did cross over it on a spiritual plain.

YEHWEH poured out His only begotten Son’s shed blood upon the land west of the Jordan.

Therefore when we cross over the Jordan, or when we are baptized, we must do that which will cause the Most High to purchase us with His Son’s shed blood.

Concerning His messenger that He has sent to you at this time, His word tells us;

Isaiah 7:20

IN THAT DAY (in the day that YEHWEH sends two Kings to vex the likes of Ahaz, those who seize rebellion to the Most High) ADONAI WILL SHAVE WITH A RAZOR THE HAIR OF THE HEAD AND ALSO THE BEARD OF ONE THAT IS PURCHASED FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RIVER (the Hebrew word that is used here testifies that the Most High is referring to the Jordan river, just like the Hebrew word for loaves testifies to the land that is on its banks) AND HIS FEET (HIS JOURNEY) WILL CONSUME THE KING OF ASSYRIA.

How the Most High’s word testifies that this verse is referring to His end time messenger of His covenant is discussed in other videos.

The reference to shaving his head and beard testifies that this is referring to the one that He fulfilled His Ezekiel chapter 5 son of man prophecy through.

The loaves west of the Jordan are symbolic of YEHWEH’s word, His unleavened bread of life.

We must be purchased from the other side of the Jordan in order to be atoned for.

The Most High purchases us with His only begotten Son’s shed blood.

Therefore we must not only be baptized under water, we must do that which is required of us to cause the Most High to turn this water into His only begotten Son’s shed blood.

And in order for this to happen on our behalf, we must drink of His blood and eat of His flesh, the unleavened bread of life, His Father’s word.

This is expanded upon in several of the videos that are on this site.

Keeping it simple though: in order for this to happen on your behalf, you must turn back to that which the Most High has restored at this time and hunger and thirst for His Kingdom and for His righteousness.

Or else, dying you will die having not crossed over the Jordan.

Dying you will die with your bellies full of the leavened bread of men.

Thus saith YEHWEH’s word that is upon His servant Zerubbabel.