Repairing The Breach





“After 7 days”

Today is the 28th day of the 7th month on our Creator’s restored calendar.

It is october 2nd on satan’s calendar that he brought forth to profane the Most High’s appointed times.

We are now 7 days into the great & the fearful day of YEHWEH Elohiym of Host’s wrath.

And world war III has continued to unfold in an accelerated way during these 7 days.

What has been spoken by the so called leaders of the world at the United Nations during these 7 days...

…along with what has escalated in Syria and the rest of the Middle East during these 7 days shows that the prophesied time of this war is indeed near at hand.

In lieu of Yehshua’s prophecy of this generation not passing and in lieu of the average generation of man being reduced to 70 years at the time of King David, do you think that it was a coincidence that this was the 70th assembly of the United Nations?

Most of you have continued to scoff at and mock the Most High’s 2nd witness against you because He has continued to stay this time of trouble during these 7 days.

Well, I feel like I am in pretty good company because our ancestors scoffed at and mocked the rest of His servants as well, even His only begotten Son.

They did things like they spit on Yehshua and smote Him and said to Him; prophecy to us who smote you.

This is recorded in;

Matthew 26


68 saying, Messiah, prophesy to us, who is it that smote you?

They reviled Him and mocked Him.

They stripped Him of His clothes and put a scarlet robe upon Him and entwined a crown of thorns and put it on His head and they put a reed into His right hand and knelt down before Him and said things like hail, king of the Jews.

When they seized Yehshua the night before, He asked His disciples do you not think that I cannot pray to My Father and He would stand beside me this day with 12 legions of Angels.

Yet when they killed Him His Father did not send a great time of calamity upon them.

This is because the Most High has a perfect time to do everything.

And He has a reason for everything that He does.

Instead of destroying them at that time, YEHWEH sent darkness upon the land during the 3 hours that led to His Son’s death, yet when He did, they did not reverse their decision to kill Him.

This showed how stiff-necked and arrogant and full of pride that they were.

After Yehshua died the Most High caused the earth to shake and the vail of the temple rent.

Yet He did not destroy them.

Instead He used this event to resurrect the 24 elders who sit at His throne at this time.

And He rose up the Romans to destroy the 2nd temple that stood there at that time, but He did not do so until 40 years later.

In a similar manner He has delayed destroying those of you who live in rebellion to Him at this time.

He has done so for a reason and when the dust settles, His righteousness will be exalted in His doing so.

He is in control of every single event and every single nanosecond on earth as well as in the heavens.

This does not mean that He does not give us choices and free-will.

It just means that when He sets out to make a specific outcome come to pass, it will come to pass.

A couple of days before Yehshua was killed He told us;

Matthew 24:37


The volume of as it was in the days of Noah and similitudes of the 10 dates that are recorded in the timeline of the flood that the Most High has woven into His end time timeline has been phenomenal.

One of these similitudes has been that as it was with it just being His servant Noah who walked before His face without blemish, it is only His end time son of man who is walking fully in agreement with His righteousness at this time.

His servant Elijah said I, only I remain a prophet unto YEHWEH.

YEHWEH’s word testifies that He has sent me to you in similitudes of His Elijah prophecies.

Do you think that the inhabitants of the world mocked His servant Noah during the 66 years that he and his family built the ark as they were building it upon dry ground?

Noah no doubt warned them what was heading their way, but did they hearken to his warnings or did they scoff and mock at them?

The answer is they scoffed at them and mocked him.

Yet the rain did come.

And they died in their unbelief.

The rain came 7 days after YEHWEH told His servant to get into the boat.

This is recorded in;

Genesis 7:4

BECAUSE 7 DAYS WILL YET CONTINUE (there will be 7 days more) and I will cause it to rain upon the earth for 40 days and 40 nights AND I WILL BLOT OUT all things that I have made from upon the face of the ground.

The Most High clearly led me to see that there would be a 7 day period after the 1,260 days of His 42 month witness against you.

This has been spoken about for months, maybe even for the past couple of years.

I naturally assumed that these 7 days would be the great and the fearful day of His wrath.

And because they follow His witness against you, they certainly have been the first 7 days of this period.

But He has continued to stay letting loose this time of affliction upon you during these 7 days.

This is His show, not mine.

The Most High has not yet shown you that He has blotted your name from His book of life.

Yet the testimony of His word HAS done so.

He has sent me to you with His judgment that is upon you.

Whether you believe this is true or not will not keep it from being true.

And you are soon going to find this out.

Do the 7 days that preceded Him letting loose the flood waters upon the earth mean that the end of these 7 days (that will end today) will be the end of Him staying His wrath?

I do not know.

What I do know is that the Most High has woven wave after wave of warnings like this into His end time timeline.

If so, these 7 days would certainly parallel the 7 day march around Jericho as well.

The walls did come tumbling down and so will your high and lofty walls, whether it is tomorrow or at some other waypoint that is recorded in the testimony of His word.

Today is not only the last of these 7 days; it is also the 90 day waypoint or the 3rd -30 day waypoint from the 3rd anniversary of my Father’s First Fruit harvest.

This past Feast of First Fruits was the 4th and last such Feast that He wove into the 1,260 days of His witness against you.

YEHWEH opened the ark’s door for His servant Noah and his family to come off of it 330 days after He shut off the waters from coming upon the earth.

Here is another piece of trivia for you.

There were 11 of His 3 harvest Feasts during these past 42 months.

YEHWEH’s servant Moses said;

Deuteronomy 1:2

There ARE 11 DAYS' JOURNEY from Horeb by the way of mount Seir unto Kadesh-barnea.

Do you think that this is a coincidence?

Is it a random thing that this is recorded?

It was at Kadesh that YEHWEH’s servant Moses sent out the 12 spies to spy out the Promised Land.

It was here that 10 of the 12 returned with the good news that it is indeed a land that flows with milk and honey but that there were giants that they could not overcome that lived there.

Our ancestors could have simply obeyed the Most High’s voice and trusted Him to give them the Promised Land into their hands and they could have entered into the land after the 40 days that followed this 11 day journey.

But instead they did not trust and obey His word that He had spoken to them.

These 51 days parallel the 3 groups of 50 and 1 men that were sent to bring back YEHWEH’s servant Elijah.

The volume of 11 parallels that He has woven into His end time timeline and into the Isaiah chapter 55:11 signature ring that He has placed upon my hand has been incredible.

After YEHWEH’s servant Elijah confronted the 850 false prophets of baal and of the groves, the drought that was 3 years long at that time came to an end.

But it did not do so immediately.

You should ask why not?

Why are all of these dynamics recorded in His word?

Is it possible that the Most High is going to manifest His revelations to us (at this time) through similitudes of them like He told us that He was going to do in the day of His appointed time, in the day of the 2nd exodus?

This is recorded in Hosea chapter 12, verses 9 and 10.

The 3 year drought at that time is symbolic of the famine of hearing YEHWEH’s word that is in the land at this time.

Therefore it is symbolic of your baptism waters (that need to be turned into His only begotten Son’s shed blood, the living waters) being dried up at this time.

They are dried up because you have refused to do that which would have caused the Most High to give you His 7 spirits, particularly His 4 spirits of wisdom, council, understanding and knowledge that would have enabled you to hear His word.

Elijah sent the young man that was with him up Mount Carmel 7 times before he reported back to him that he had seen a small cloud.

This is recorded in;

1 Kings 18:44

And it was on THE 7th TIME that he went up and he said, behold, A SMALL CLOUD IS RISING UP FROM THE SEA LIKE A MAN'S PALM.


Is this 7th time a parallel to these 7 days that end today?

I do not know, and it does not matter.

It could be symbolic of 70 times 7 days and it still would not matter.

It would not matter because the testimony of My Father’s word testifies that the 1,260 day of His 42 month witness against you is finished anyway.

Therefore all that remains is for Him to send His time of correction upon you.

What should matter to all of you is NOT WHEN He is going to let this loose, what should matter to you is WHY He is going to do so.

His word tells us why.

It is because you live in rebellion to His word and to His righteousness that His word testifies to.

Rebellion to His word is the same thing (in His eyes) as witchcraft or any other divination is.

His word says so.

I’ll read to you where it does;

1 Samuel 15

22 Does YEHWEH delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices like He does IN OBEYING HIS VOICE? Behold, TO HEARKEN TO YEHWEH AND TO OBEY HIM is better than the sacrifice of the choice of rams.


YEHWEH then raised up His servant David, a man who pursued after having a heart like His heart, to be king.

His word bid for us to all become part of His kingdom of priests unto Him.

But He rejects us from being part of His kingdom when we press against Him and rebel against His word.

I titled this video;


I put the word reign (as in the reign His kingdom of His 144,000 First Fruits under the helm of His only begotten Son) in brackets.

I did so for a reason.

After the rain of YEHWEH’s wrath comes gushing down upon you, the famine of hearing His word is going to come to an end.

And His only begotten Son and His temple of First Fruits are going to establish their 1,000 year reign here on earth.

We will reign here on earth with a rod of iron and YEHWEH’s desire is going to be done here on earth as it is in heaven.

Those of you who turn back to the Most High (that He is going to deliver through this time of affliction) (that is at hand) are going to understand that He sees everything.

You say with your mouths that you know this; however your failure to hearken to Him proves that you obviously do not really believe or understand this.

If you fully grasped this, you would fear Him.

You would fear that His eyes do see your every thought.

Therefore you would fear living in rebellion to His word.

If you truly believed His word, you would know that living in rebellion to it is the same thing as witchcraft in His eyes.

His word tells us to put witches or sorcerers to death.

This is recorded in;

Exodus 22:18


Deuteronomy chapter 18 puts such abominations in the same list with those of you who cause your children to pass through the fire.

Causing them to pass through the fire is the same thing as sending them out of your nests on a different pathway than the Most High’s straight and narrow pathway.

Any other pathway is a pathway that leads to the lake that burns with fire and brimstone.

If you say that you believe His word, it is willful ignorance to deny this because this is what His word testifies to.

Is it hidden that His servant Samuel told Saul that;


Is it hidden that His servant Samuel said;


No, these things are not hidden.

That which is hidden in His word is hidden from you because you have rejected that which is not hidden.

You have done so so that you can feel good about living in rebellion to His word.

You have done so so that you do not have to fear Him.

You have done so so that you do not have to fear Him seeing your every thought and your every action.

Well, I have some bad news for you, fear is soon going to be sent upon your faces.

And you are going to be shown the shame of your nakedness, maybe even tomorrow after these 7 days come to an end?

If not, if the Most High continues to stay His wrath and weave it through other waypoints that He had recorded in His word, then so be it.

Like I said, this is His show.

If He does so, it will be for a reason that He has not yet shown to me.

He has a reason for everything and this is all by His perfect design.

IF YOU THINK that His witness against you (those of you who are of the scattered descendants of Israel) IS NOT over with…

…and if you think that we are at the end of this era of time…

…then where is the one that His word promises us that He is going to send to us to restore all things at this time per His only begotten telling us that He is going to do so at this time?

Where is His end time Elijah that He is going to send to us before the great and the fearful day of His wrath to tell us to mark His Torah with His statutes and His judgments…

…and to tell us to turn back to having hearts like the hearts of the patriarchs or else He is going to smite you with a curse per His Malachi chapter 4 prophecy?

Where are His two witnesses, His two olive trees, His two anointed Sons (the headstone and Zerubbabel) of His Zechariah chapter 4 prophecy?

Where is the Michael that His word tells us that the Most High is going to send to us from Greece, clothed in linen and girded with a golden belt to tell us what is recorded in His scriptures of truth at this time per His Daniel chapter 10 prophecy?

Why can’t you realize that His word tells us that you are not going to seize with this Michael when He sends him to us anyway, even if I am not him?

It is because you are risen up in pride and in arrogance above the testimony of our Maker’s word.

Where is His end time son of man that has brought forth His Ezekiel chapter 24 sign?

After all, this sign is His promise to us that the one who brings this sign to our ears “IS” His end time son of man.

Where is the one who has dug out from our midst per His Ezekiel chapter 12 prophecy who has also fulfilled the rest of His Ezekiel son of man prophecies?

Where is the prophet that His word tells us that He is going to send to us at this time who is like His servant Moses per His Deuteronomy chapter 18 prophecy and who is also according to who He is, who is according to His righteousness per this prophecy and other prophecies?

Where is the youngest of His flock that His servant Jeremiah told us in chapters 49 and 50 that He is going to send to us at this time, another place that His word tells us that this servant will be unto or according to who YEHWEH is?

Where are the two that His word tells us that He is going to send to us to turn the water into blood per the revelations of His only begotten Son, chapter 11?

Mount Carmel means a mountain of fruitful or plentiful fields.

Where is one who the Most High has sent to harvest those who will become the planting in the millennium per His Isaiah chapter 61 prophecy?

Where is the small cloud like the palm of a man’s hand per a similitude of what happened concerning Him sending the rain with His servant Elijah?

Where is the similitude to the 850 prophets of baal and of the groves or the similitudes of other prophecies that pertain to His servant Elijah?

Where is the day of small things that His word tells you to not despise at this time, the day that His word tells us that He is going to put His 7 eyes, His 7 spirits upon Zerubbabel, the one who would flow out from mystery babylon at this time per His Zechariah chapter 4 prophecy?

Where is the one who the Most High has put His word upon His mouth per this prophecy and others?

Where is the small quiet voice of His Elijah prophecy since His word tells us that He is going to send this end time servant to us in similitudes of His prophets and the prophecies that He sent forth through them?

Where is the one who is sent to us at this time in similitudes of other prophecies that are spoken about in other videos?

Where is the day of His restored appointed times when those who will turn back to Him at this time are dwelling in tents per His Hosea chapter 12 prophecy?

Where is the one who He has sent to declare the acceptable day and the year of His vengeance like His word tells us that He is going to send one to declare at this time per His Isaiah chapter 61 prophecy?

Where is His end time Levite that He is going to send to us calling for us to bring in our tithes and our offerings into His storehouse at this time per His Malachi chapter 3 prophecy?

Where is this refiner’s fire and fuller’s soap that He tells us that He is going to send to us who is His messenger of His covenant whom He delights in per His Malachi chapter 3 prophecy?

Where is the Zerubbabel whom He has placed His signature ring upon per His Haggai chapter 2 prophecy?

After all, His word tells us that He is going to shake the heavens and the earth through the signet ring that He has placed upon this Zerubbabel’s hand at this time.

You would think that these would be good things for each of you to be looking for.

But instead of looking for these things, nearly all of you remain with your heads buried in the sand, at best looking at the signs of the times thinking that you are going to be raptured away.

What are you going to do when this time of trouble is unleashed upon you and you are not raptured away?

Say oops?

Somehow I do not think that oops is going to cut it.

I do not know how this is going to unfold in the coming days but I do know that the rain is soon going to be unleashed upon you, even if it is 70 times 7 days from now.

And the reign of YEHWEH Elohiym of Host’s kingdom will be established here on earth when it does.

And I know that the 1,260 days of His 42 month witness against you is finished.

The testimony of His word says so.

From there, this is His show and you are going to be shown this.

Repent, YEHWEH Elohiym’s kingdom is at hand.