Repairing The Breach



Today is the 21st day of the first month in our Creator’s calendar. It is the 25th day of April in satan’s calendar.

It is the last day of the commanded Feast of Unleavened Bread that was given to us as a statute forever.

We are commanded this day to have a Holy Assembly where His people are called together and His word is read.

It is a non-work day where no work of any kind is allowed except that which each shall do for food to eat.

It is the last day of seven where we are commanded to eat unleavened bread each day and eat nothing with leavening in it nor even have leavening in our gates.

Most of Christianity could care less about this Appointed Time or any of His Appointed Times.

In this year, 2011, this day falls on the Monday after the pagan festival of Easter that most of Christianity has embraced instead.

Christianity has made a mockery out of their use of their Messiah’s name.

There are small groups who do attempt to keep a form of His holy days that are also known as His Appointed Times.

But look at the hypocrisy in them as well. The biggest example of their hypocrisy is the weekly Sabbath.

Most of these groups keep a form of His Sabbath on the fixed day of Saturday in the pagan Roman calendar.

These groups know that His Appointed times are determined by the New Moon each month and they know that the weekly Sabbaths are also His Appointed Times, so why the discrepancy?

Shouldn’t the weekly Sabbaths therefore be determined by the New Moons as well?

They certainly were during the days when our Messiah came the first time.

Jewish historical records even admit that they fixed the day on Saturday on the pagan Calendar in the 4th century A.D. and they admit that before this the weekly Sabbath’s were reckoned by the New Moon.

History says that there was no doubt of this, yet it would not be convenient in today’s world to have a Sabbath floating through the pagan weekly cycle so they choose to care less about what their Creator proscribed.

His word tells us that He gave us the moon to determine when His Appointed Times are to be but man could care less.
Therefore, they could care less about His Appointed Times.

They would rather tell Him how it is and when they will meet before Him and how they will meet before Him.

Do you really think that He wants such hearts as these in His family for eternity?

How about His New Moon festival days that are also commanded worship days? Do you see them observed by these Saturday groups? No

Why not? It is because they do not really care and they really do not fear being in disagreement with their Creator. They like their counterfeit religions worshipping Him on their own terms.

His word was given to us with a purpose and that purpose was to mold us in His image but Christianity could care less and they would rather make their own worship practices by whoring with the false gods of the world.

They would rather choose to make Him in their image.

Easter and the mass of Christ or christmas are two prime examples of this.

He has raised me up out of the captivity of Christianity to call you to repentance.

He has given me the name Zerubbabel and has sent me to bring forth the measuring rod and to announce the soon coming return of His Son.

He is crying out to you to turn to His truth. He sent His Son to the tribes of Israel the first time and He sent John the Baptist in the spirit of Elijah to tell Israel to make straight their paths and to prepare the way for His coming.

He is now sending Zerubbabel in the spirit of Elijah with the same message as well as telling you to turn to His path.

Turn to the path that all of the true saints walked on that led them to being sealed into His eternal family.

His path is true and it is solid ground.

His Son brought a covenant to all of the tribes of Israel, not just to Judah. His message went out for seven years just as prophesied would happen but the scattered tribes perverted it and formed the religion of Christianity from it.

In doing so, they chose to remain in captivity instead of embracing the truth that would have set them free.

They have thus chosen to trample underfoot the blood of their Messiah.

The two tribes that were left that made up Judah rejected their Messiah and they too were cut off and the desolation of His word by Israel was made complete in the 4th century when they dismantled His calendar.

However, His word would endure forever. He continued to call out His first fruits from this captivity with His word and He finished building His Temple with it through the power of His spirit.

Yehshua, our Messiah said that He did not come to get rid of one punctuation mark within the law but Christianity could care less that He said this.

He said that those who would be weeping a gnashing their teeth at the end would be a group who professed His name and did many wonderful works in His name but lived a life apart from the law.

Christianity could care less about His warning.

I’ll give you four of His quotes concerning workers of lawlessness;

Matt 7:23

23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, you that commit LAWLESSNESS.

Matt 13:41

41 The Son of man shall send forth His angels, and they shall gather out of His kingdom all things that cause people to sin, and them which do LAWLESSNESS;

Matt 23:28

28 Even so you also outwardly appear righteous to men, but within you are full of hypocrisy and LAWLESSNESS.

Matt 24:11-13

11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

12 And because LAWLESSNESS shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

This is your Messiah speaking, do you care?

Maybe you think He was not serious?

He called those who His father’s word had no place in them children of Satan, yet Christianity could care less that He said this because they would rather embrace the lies of Saul of Tarsus so that they can have their lives the way they want.

Think of the hypocrisy of Christianity, they put the words of this liar in the same book as their Messiahs words even though they contradict each other and then they build their religion around Saul’s words instead.


What do you think Yehshua is telling us to endure in in order to be saved?

That which was given to us to make us in His Father’s image or the teachings of Saul that you from His Father’s perfect instructions?

I see a warning in this verse that false prophets will arise and bring lawlessness and it will abound.

Oh, but you say what about John 3:16? Did not He say that whosoever believes into Him have eternal life?

Yes, it is true but why not keep reading and see what believing into Him means?

Just two verses later in verse 18 He says that if you believe into Him you are not condemned but if you do not believe into Him you are condemned.

Christianity obviously could care less what scripture explains believing into Him means. Instead they mistranslate this to believe on Him or in Him.

Even the Demons believe in Him.

This verse says that if you do not believe into Him you are condemned already and the next verse explains what the condemnation is, that people would love the darkness rather than the light.

His word is the light and you have not loved it. His commandments are pure and right but you have done away with them.

Yes, you love verses like John 3:16 by themselves or the writings of Saul but you obviously do not love verses like His commanded Appointed Times or anything else that would perfect you and make you holy.

Verse 20 goes on to say that everyone that practices evil hates the light.

Guess what Christianity, easter, the mass of Christ, Sunday worship, Saturday worship, these are evil.

Yehshua says that you hate the light.

Lying is evil, committing adultery is evil. Committing adultery with your Creator by whoring with the likenesses of other gods is extremely evil.

Verse 21 says but he that does or practices the truth comes to the light.

What is truth?

John 17:17


But most of you could care less what His word says because you love your darkness instead.

No, you would rather just pluck out John 3:16 by itself and say that if you profess the name of Jesus it applies to you.
You lie to yourself and you have remained in captivity for doing so.

You say that you love Jesus. You lie to yourself because you could care less that He said that if you loved Him, you would keep the commandments as He kept them.

It is time to repent, stop lying to yourself, stop living in hypocrisy.

The first trumpet began to sound a few days ago at the corresponding time of Yehshua’s resurrection and no, it was not on easter Sunday.

At that time, His seven spirits began to go out to the children of Israel that are in captivity to Christianity in a mighty way.

If you will repent and turn to Him in truth you can receive them and they will lead you into the light.

This began a 40 day period of judgment that will end on June 1st when the 5th trumpet will begins to sound and He will rise up 3 nations against you.

This will include the nation of Islam and I believe China and Russia.

The first 4 trumpets will begin to blow as well during these 40 days at their Appointed Times but the major effects will be held back to offer you this chance of repentance.

Most of you will simply scoff at this and continue to live your lies and you will die in your sin.

But my Father is offering you a chance to turn to Him for an Exodus out of the captivity.

He will turn the water that you need to be baptized in, into the blood of His son.

He is offering this covenant on the same condition that John the Baptist brought and that is if you will genuinely repent which is turning from your ways to His narrow path.

This is your part of signing the covenant.

If it is a real signature, you will be forgiven and He will write His laws in your hearts and begin a process of making you in His image but you have to want it.

You have to want what He is offering you and fight for it.

Satan has many counterfeits to the truth set up as smoke screens as well. If anything takes you away from living by His every word, flee from it.

Part of repentance is turning from that which is false.

There is a false prophet out there named Ron Weinland who comes with a very similar message and has prophesied the coming destruction.

But even with a superficial examination of His teachings, you will be able to see that he himself picks and chooses which of the statutes and ordinances to keep.

He comes with a Saturday Sabbath. Sadly many will follow him to the lake of fire because that message is just more palatable to them.

My Father has sent me to proclaim that we are in a 7th year Sabbath this year but most of you could care less about this as well.

You scoff at the notion of such a commandment.

Well, that is your choice; you simply scoff at your Creator’s instructions.

The mark of the beast is disobedience to His word, but you could care less about this as well.

You would rather say it is a symbol of Islam or a very-chip so that you do not have to admit that you have been deceived, even though your bible says that satan would deceive the whole world.

Our creator gave us His calendar so that our lives would revolve around Him and His appointed times but you could care less.

His calendar teaches us that we must depend on Him and it teaches us that He is our source but you could care less.

He commanded us to wear beards and boarders of Cerulean blue and tassels to be a constant reminder that we represent His name but you could care less about that as well.

He commanded us to purge out that which opposes true relationships and destroys relationships because He is all about relationships but you could care less about this commandment and you have replaced it with the attitude, oh well, we all sin and you turn your head the other way and let sin continue among you.

I speak my Father’s words but you will seek to kill me to shut me up just as your ancestors sought to kill my Brother Yehshua and the rest of my Father’s servants.

Why? Because you want to continue to live your lies.

You like your life telling my Father how it is and you have rejected His offer to be made in His image through His word and through His spirit.

Tomorrow is His weekly Sabbath but most of you could care less.

I am crying out to you to turn to the path of old, the same path that all of His first fruits chose to walk on that led them to be part of His Kingdom.

Let Him turn the water into your Messiah’s blood and be baptized in that which will make your clothes white as snow and begin a process of being made ready for His kingdom through His word.

Let His word make you holy as He is holy. IT THE REASON THAT HE GAVE IT TO US.