Repairing The Breach



I announced yesterday on the First day of Unleavened Bread that the first trumpet of the apocalypse would begin to sound on the 22nd day of April Jerusalem time, early in the morning before the day breaks.

This would be between 8 P.M. and Midnight on the 21st of April N.Y. time.

I actually initially announced the dates in error because I did not count 3.5 days correctly. I awoke that morning excited about this revelation and did not take my time in counting 3.5 days past the 18th in converting man’s calendar from our creator’s calendar.

This was sloppy, in my zeal I wanted to get the information out there but it was just an error in counting and not a change in timing. I was off a day in my count.

Yehshua was killed in the afternoon on the 14th day of the first month as our Passover lamb.

This day in our current year was April 18th in man’s calendar. Corresponding to this timing, the first Angel prepared to sound but there was a period of silence in heaven before He was allowed to sound the trumpet.

This space of time that is recorded in Revelations 8 as about a half an hour is a half of a week or 3 ½ days.

This is representative of the 3 ½ days that Yehshua was dead. He was in the tomb for 3 days and 3 nights but there was a period of a half a day that it took to prepare Him for burial and to bury Him.

He was buried the night of the Passover before the next day began.

The next day was the first day of unleavened bread.

Satan has deceived many into believing that each day begins at sundown the night before therefore many have the timing of these events perverted.

This will all be proven by the first trumpet beginning to sound at the time of Yehshua’s resurrection to show when He was resurrected.

There are over 2 billion people alive in the world today that think there is going to be some sort of a rapture of those who profess the name of Yehshua or Jesus Christ with their mouths.

This belief comes from the lies of deceived men.

Many of these believe that they are going to get whisked away before the first trumpet sounds.

They are going to find out that they have believed in lies.

Another group within this number believes that they are going to get whisked away midway through a 7 year tribulation and the rest of them believe they will get taken away at the end of the tribulation.

Actually, this last group is closer to being correct because the remainder of the First Fruits that are either alive or a sleep will be caught up to meet Yehshua as He returns to put an end to man’s blasphemies.

This is the 144,000 according to the Apostle John’s record.

The number of those still alive of this number will only be 153 on that day when Yehshua returns.

The people who think they are going to get taken away apart from having lived to be made in His image through His word are going to have some lessons to learn in the coming days and months.

The coming tribulation must happen in order to begin to call a second harvest into His family. It is man’s defiance to the truth that is the cause of the coming destruction.

Those who choose to repent and turn to their Creator’s blueprint to be fashioned in His image will be delivered through this time into a new era of time.

The trumpets are in place to accomplish this purpose.

The second trumpet will begin to sound 11 days after the Passover.

This day is the 25th day of the first month which converts to the 29th day of April. These dates are given in Jerusalem time so the events could begin the day before on your calendar if you are in an earlier time zone.

The third trumpet will begin to blow on 6th day of the second month which will be on the 10th day of May Jerusalem time.

The fourth trumpet will begin to blow on the 17th day of the second month which is also corresponds to the time that the flood began in the days of Noah.

I understand that a false teacher out there named Harold Camping believes this is the day of his made up rapture.

His followers will find out this day that their pagan doctrine of Sunday worship is false and their beliefs are false as are the beliefs of the rest of Christianity who rejects the laws and the statutes of their Creator.

This date is the 21st day of May in man’s calendar according to Jerusalem time.

The fifth trumpet will begin to blow 11 days later on the 28th day of the second month which is on the 1st day of June.

It will blow for 150 days, but the first 4 will continue to blow until the blowing of the 7th trumpet July 18th, 2012 when Yehshua returns.

The sixth trumpet will begin to blow on the 12th of June and it will blow for 402 days leading up to July 18th as well.

Even with these dates being given, most of you will scoff at what I am telling you and all that I am telling you besides these dates is you must turn to the YEHWEH’s word and let it transform you in His image.

This is the purpose that He created us.

Even with people dying all around you, your stubborn pride and your desire to hold onto your self-will will keep you from turning to the truth, however there will also be a people who will yield to the word of YEHWEH Elohiym and these people will live into a new era of time that is going to be incredible beyond our imagination.

It will be an era of time when the world is made in their Creator’s image by living His word.

Relationships will be true and genuine and people will live to serve one another instead of living for what they can get out of it.

The coming days will prove that I have spoken the truth to you.

If I have spoken presumptuously, this will be proven as well and I will throw myself before His mercy seat and I will continue to fight to live by His every word.

I am speaking of these dates to you this day because I believe with all of my being that they have been given to me to give to you through the power of His spirit.

I believe that they are being given so that you will know who His chosen servant is and who He has given his truth to because the coming destruction will cause many false teachers to rise up, including the false prophet.

We certainly do not have long to wait. In either case, I will continue to live by His every word because I know that it is the unleavened bread of life.

His word is that which our Messiah became and lived, I suggest that you repent from not living it and turn to it to let it transform your mind so that you can one day be in His family forever.

You will soon find out that holding onto some rapture theory for confessing His name with your mouth will not deliver you.

You are going to have to start obeying your Creator and His Son if you want to live and you are going to have to leave the false teachings of liars like Saul of Tarsus and others who do not teach you to live by every word of your Creator.

I have spoken and I am speaking in His name on His authority.

Who will you listen to in the coming days? The choice is going to be yours.