42 MONTHS = 1,260 DAYS

"Here a little, there a little"

Yesterday was the 28th day of the 2nd month on our Creator's restored calendar.

It was the anniversary of the day that followed Him opening the Ark's door for His servant Noah and his family to come off of it.

Have you ever wondered what the experience would have been like to have been confined on the Ark for those 370 days?

Have you ever wondered why the Most High orchestrated it this way?

He obviously did so for a reason.

One of the reasons why He did so was to set up the timing of His end time timeline when He is once again going to send His time of correction upon the inhabitants of the world.

His only begotten Son testified to this when He told us that it will be as it was in the days of Noah at the end of this era of time.

Noah had to live for 350 more years after YEHWEH closed the Ark's door behind him and his family.

Can you imagine what those 350 years would have been like for him to see his sons and their families go astray from the Most High even after all that they had been through in building the Ark for 66 years and then being confined on it for 370 days?

It was 10 generations and over 290 years after the flood before Abraham was born and YEHWEH's word records that another man desired to walk with Him on His terms.

Oh how Noah must have delighted in his great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, grandson Abram delighting in him telling him about the Most High.

The symbolism that YEHWEH wove into the different waypoints that His word gives to us that are within the 370 days that Noah and his family were on the Ark and the 7 days prior to Him closing the door is incredible.

One of these details that He has led me to speak about recently is there are 30 days between the anniversary of Him opening the Ark's door and the anniversary of Him shutting off the waters from coming upon the earth 330 days earlier.

He led me to speak that this period of time is a parallel of the following two prophecies;

Hosea 5:7


Zechariah 11:8

I will also cut off THREE SHEPHERDS IN ONE MONTH; I loathe their lives and their lives will be reaped.

He has sent me with several warnings such as this that have not been hearkened to.

He has led me to speak that He has funneled His time of correction into these 30 days.

He has funneled it into this period of time through the testimony of His word just like He has done so into other dates that have preceded it.

However yesterday He showed me that the great and the fearful day of His wrath will not be in these 30 days, just like it has not been in the other warnings that He has sent me with.

This is simply another incredible tier of the detail that the Most High has woven into the magnificent design of His word.

And He has sent this detail to serve as yet another warning that the time is at hand for His wrath.

This certainly does not mean that there will not be great calamity unleashed during these 30 days because there very well could be.

What He has revealed to us through the testimony of His word is that His word is extremely dynamic in having different tiers of His judgment woven into it.

And this 30 day stamp is yet another emphasis on His 30 day months that He has restored at this time.

And so is the 30 days that will follow them.

The 2nd 30 days after Him opening the Ark's door flows into His restored Feast of First Fruits.

I spoke recently that He has shown that this year's Feast of First Fruits will be 370 days after He brought my family and I to pitch camp at a place that the testimony of His word likens to the Kidron Brook.

The incredible detail of His word assures us that these parallels are not coincidences.

This feast is on the 28th day of the 4th month.

The instructions for the count to this feast are given to us in Leviticus 23.

Leviticus 23

15 And you shall count unto you FROM THE MORROW AFTER THE SABBATH, from the day that you brought the sheaf of the wave offering SEVEN SABBATHS SHALL BE COMPLETE:

In order to do this, we first have to know the correct timing of His Sabbaths and when the correct timing of the wave sheaf offering is.

After we make this count, He then tells us;

16 Until the morrow AFTER THE SEVENTH SABBATH YOU SHALL NUMBER FIFTY DAYS; and you shall offer a fresh meat offering unto YEHWEH.

Most of you pervert these instructions by combining them into one count.

And you try to make them fit into when you think His Sabbaths are.

These instructions flow into the timing of when our ancestors came to Sinai the night of the 15th day of the 3rd month and the timing that YEHWEH's servant Moses brought down the stone tablets in a magnificent way.

This is discussed in more detail in a two part video called "The Feast of First Fruits"

I want correct an error that I made in a recent video called; "The pathway of the 3rd day"

In this video I said;

"They were there in the wilderness of Sinai for 365 days total.

This was prior to Him altering the rotations of the luminaries during the days of Hezekiah so this was one year plus 5 days."

The first 30 of these 365 days they had not yet came to Sinai, they were in the wilderness of Seen.

So I should have said;

"They were there in the wilderness of Sinai for 335 days total.

This was prior to Him altering the rotations of the luminaries during the days of Hezekiah so this was 330 days plus 5 days."

The same emphasis on the 5 days applies; I just wanted to point out my error.

The title of this video is 42 months equals 1,260 days, and it is sub-titled here a little, there a little.

Our Creator has revealed His end time timeline to us in a precept upon, measuring line upon measuring line, here a little that a little way just like His word is given to us in this manner.

The way that He has done so has been brilliant in design.

And He is continuing to do so at this time.

His doing so in this manner has caused nearly all of you to continue to walk stumbling backwards in brokenness and snared in the captivity just like His word tells us it would do.

This is because you do not really believe His word.

If you did, you would know that He has sent me to you to restore all things, including His 30 day months and the correct timing of His Sabbaths and the rest of His appointed times.

Yesterday on the day that followed the anniversary of Him opening the Arks door (which was two-30 day periods of time before His Feast of First Fruits) He gave me more understanding of His timeline that I will share with you today.

In the Revelation 11 we are told;

Revelation 11

2 And CAST OUT (expel) the court that is outside OF THE TEMPLE and do not measure them because I will give the heathens the holy city and it will be tread upon 40 AND 2 MONTHS.

3 And I will give my two witnesses my prophecy for A THOUSAND-TWO HUNDRED AND THREESCORE DAYS (1,260 days) clothed in sackcloth (clothed in brokenness).

In the early stages of Him sending me to you, He led me to see a tier of this prophecy but He did not show me all of it.

He showed me different parallels of this like the different 1,260 year periods of time that testified to when His first fruit harvest would be and the significance of 40 and 2 months that He has woven into the era of time that is coming to an end.

Then He showed me after His First Fruit harvest that was on July 19th, 2012 on satan's calendar and after His weaving His judgment into Jeroboam's profaned timing of His Feast (which was symbolic of His judgment on all of you who profane the timing of His appointed times) that this prophecy is also a prophecy for a literal 1,260 day period of time.

The way that He tied a tier of this 1,260 day period of time into the time from when He showed me that saul of tarsus is the abomination of desolation in August of 2010 to end of the 7 prophetic days of His wrath that ended on January 20th of this year on satan's calendar was incredible in design.

The testimony of His word wove His judgment into different dates that are recorded in His word during this period of time in an awesome way.

But His wrath was not in the mighty wind and His wrath was not in the great shaking and His wrath was not in refiner's fire, just like He showed His servant Elijah that it would not be.

He restored His 30 day months prior to His Feast of First Fruits in 2012.

He did so in a magnificent way through the testimony of His word and through His 3 tiers of His sign of Jonah and through the timing of the scattering of the last 1/3 my hair per His Ezekiel chapter 5 prophecy.

He led me to scatter it 7 days prior to this Feast.

Then He showed us how the timing of my doing so was 3-30 day periods after the last day of His 7 day Feast of that which is unleavened...

...and how this day was also 3-30 day periods prior to the last day of His 7 day Feast of Temporary Dwellings.

He tied this in with other prophecies like His temple measurements and His golden candlestick with the 3 on this side and 3 on the other side that His 7 spirits flow out through.

He has also shown us that since 42 x's 30 days equals 1,260 days, that the 42 months of this prophecy being 1,260 days is proof that He was going to restore His 30 day months through His two witnesses at the time of the end.

But what He has not let me see until yesterday is that the 1,260 days of this prophecy needs to also be 42-30 day months.

The 1,260 days from when He showed me that saul is the abomination (and He led me to dig out from Babylon that fulfilled His Ezekiel chapter 12 prophecy) and January 20th of this year was a remarkable tier of this prophecy.

However it did not contain 42-30 day months.

Some of the months that were in the 1st part of it only had 29 days in them because He had not yet restored His 30 day months.

He did not let me see this for a reason.

This is His show, not mine.

His word tells us that He was going to send His servant to us in this manner.

His word tells us that I would have to have my food baked with cow's dung.

His word tells us that His servant Elijah had to flee for two periods of time.

His word testifies that the one who would be sent to restore all things would be sent in a similitude of the prophecies that pertain to His servant Elijah.

Part of the reason why He did not reveal His whole timeline up front is because He placed a sense of urgency in front of me for me to cry out during this time for you to have urgency in returning to Him and to flee from the captivity.

If He had shown me His complete timeline, the urgency would not have been there.

This is why He kept adding to His timeline here a little, there a little.

According to His word, another part of His doing so in this manner is so that those of you who do not believe His word could continue to walk stumbling backwards in brokenness and snared in the captivity.

You can scoff and mock and say that I keep changing the dates all that you want to.

Your doing so does not change the fact that His word testifies that He has sent me.

According to the visible crescent at the location where the Most High had placed His name prior to the scattering of my hair, the 3 months that preceded this day each had 30 days in them.

And according to the testimony of His word, all of the months that followed have had 30 days in them.

The last day of the Feast of that which was unleavened that year was on April 13th on satan's calendar,

1,260 days later will be on September 25th, 2015 on satan's calendar.

This is the 21st day of the 7th month which is the last day of the Feast of Temporary Dwellings.

In lieu of what this feast testifies to, it is awesome that He has funneled His wrath into this day.

It is fascinating that He revealed this to me on the day that followed the anniversary Him opening the Ark's door.

In lieu of Him hammering the importance of the 3rd day in recent videos, it is interesting that the 4th of the four blood moons is 3 days after this date.

I am quite confident that He will uncover my arm long before then in the days ahead of us.

Until He does, I will continue to do that which His word tells us to do which is;

Hosea 12:6


And this prophecy is specifically for the time of the 2nd exodus.

Habakkuk 2


4 Behold, the life THAT IS SWELLED UP (before the Most High's face) IS NOT RIGHT, BUT THE RIGHTEOUS WILL LIVE BY FAITH (they believe Him and trust Him).

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym