Our Creator's word tells us that He is going to send His wrath upon the scattered descendants of Israel suddenly at the time of the end.

He did so in several places in His word.

One of the places that He did so is in the song that He gave to us through His servant Moses.

In this song we are told;

Deuteronomy 32:35


He told us that He gave this song to us to be a witness against the scattered descendants of Israel in the latter days.

He told us the same thing about His Torah and the stone tablets that are inside of the Ark of His testimony.

Today is the 17th day of the 2nd month on our Creator's restored calendar.

It was towards the end of this day 4,118 years ago that He closed the Ark's door behind His servant Noah and He let loose the waters from the fountains of the earth and sent the rain gushing down from heaven.

The 3 tiers of His sign of Jonah and His Passover instructions that are recorded in His word testify that He did so at about 3 A.M. according to the way that satan taught man to reckon the hours of the day.

The Most High reckons the days from the rising of the sun to the rising of the sun the next day so this would have been the 9th hour of the night that follows the daytime portion of the 17th day.

In Matthew 27:46 we are told that His only begotten Son was killed at the 9th hour.

This was at the 9th hour of the 14th day of the 1st month at the corresponding time that we are told to kill the Passover lambs or goats.

This would have been the 3rd hour after the midpoint of the day.

He resurrected His only begotten Son 3 ½ days after this towards the end of the 17th day of the 1st month at the same time that He closed the Ark's door towards the end of the 17th day of the 2nd month 30 days later.

In lieu of the Most High restoring His 30 day months, it is awesome that these two events happened 30 days apart.

The 17th day of the 1st month is the 3rd day of our Creator's commanded observance of His 7 day feast of that which is unleavened.

Today is the 3rd day of the 7 days of His backup opportunity to observe this feast that He makes available to those who were unable to observe it in the 1st month.

It is important to understand that His word does not give us another opportunity to observe this feast in the 3rd month or in any other month.

Nor does it make available any other backup opportunity for any other of His appointed times.

This testifies to the importance of this time.

The name that He gave to this feast is awesome in design.

Not only does it testify to us leaving the captivity and the need for us to put away all that is risen up in pride and arrogance before the Most High's face, it also testifies that the descendants of Israel had to leave Egypt in haste or suddenly.

We are told this in;

Exodus 12:34

And the people took up their dough from their kneading bowls BEFORE IT WAS LEAVENED and they bound up their clothes upon their shoulders.

A few verses later we are told;

Exodus 12:39

And they baked unleavened cakes from the dough that they brought out of Egypt because it (the dough) WAS NOT LEAVENED BECAUSE THEY WERE EXPELLED (CAST) OUT OF EGYPT and THEY WERE NOT ABLE TO DELAY SO THEY HAD NOT PREPARED FOOD (PROVISIONS) FOR THEMSELVES.

Why were they not prepared to leave?

They had plenty of time to do so.

They knew that the Most High was sending wave after wave of affliction upon Pharaoh and his people to cause him to let them go.

Didn't they believe YEHWEH's word that He spoke to them through His servant Moses?

He told them that He was going to set them free.

The answer is, they obviously did not believe Him.

The Most High has sent me to you (with His word testifying that He has sent me to you) to tell you to come out of the captivity and to put away your pride and your arrogance before His face and to flee to the hills and to the mountains before His wrath suddenly overtakes you.

Have you believed His word that He has sent me to speak to you?

The answer is obviously not.

If you had, you would have fled and you would have remained fled.

You would have laid siege to that which He has restored and you would not have turned to the left or to the right of any of it.

YEHWEH told our ancestors to go and conquer and slay those who were in the land that He purposed to give to them.

Then He said;

Deuteronomy 7

3 Do not marry with them and do not give your daughters to their sons neither let your sons take their daughters.

4 Because they will remove your children from following Me and they will serve other elohiyms and YEHWEH's anger will be kindled against them AND I WILL SUDDENLY DESTROY THEM.

How this command ties into what He has spoken to you through His servant recently about putting away your strange spouses is awesome.

I'll share with you something that I noticed in looking up this verse.

The Strong's number for the word suddenly in this verse is #4118.

He is in control of everything so it is not a coincidence that He led me to start this video off by pointing out that today is the 4,118th anniversary of Him closing the Ark's door.

I did not just come up with this number.

He affirmed the year of the flood 3 years ago in 2011 in these videos.

He led me to put the reference to 4,118 years ago in my notes before He led me to speak about this verse and to look up this word to find out that it was Strong's # 4118.

The Most High used this same word when He finished giving our ancestors the curses that would befall them if they turned away from obeying Him.

He did so in;

Deuteronomy 28:20

YEHWEH will send upon you a curse and a tumult and a rebuke in all that you put your hand to do until you are desolated AND UNTIL YOU SUDDENLY PERISH FOR THE WICKEDNESS OF YOUR DOINGS BEFORE HIS FACE WHEREBY YOU HAVE FORSAKEN HIM.

This word is used a 3rd time to describe the time of sudden destruction that will be at the time of the end in;

Zephaniah 1

14 The great day of YEHWEH is near; it is near AND IT WILL BE EXCEEDINGLY SUDDEN: the voice of the mighty man will cry in bitterness in the day of YEHWEH.

15 This day is a day of wrath, a day of trouble and affliction, a day of devastation and desolation, a day of darkness and misfortune, a day of thunder clouds and gloom.

He also describes this sudden destruction in several other prophecies with a different Hebrew word that also means suddenly or in an instant.

It is Strong's # 6597.

Here are some of the verses that He does so for you to look up;

Isaiah 29:5, 30:13, 47:11

Jeremiah 4:20, 6:26, 15:8, 18:22, 51:8

The Most High also speaks of this time of sudden destruction being in the manner of in one day and in one hour in several other prophecies.

But He is not going to make a full end of the inhabitants of the world like He did 4,118 years ago when He suddenly lets loose His wrath.

He is going to deliver 3.3333 % of you into a new era of time where satan and his cronies will be bound for a thousand years.

He is going to deliver this small percentage of you for His great name's sake.

His word says so.

The question is, how much affliction is He going to have to send upon those of you who will be of this number to cause you to hearken to Him?

Well, we will soon find out because it is about to suddenly come upon you.

When it does, you are going to have to call upon Him for who He is and not upon the make believe elohiym's that your rebellious hearts have earnestly desired.