Repairing The Breach




I want to begin today with discussing what is a prophet.

Anyone who defines the word of Elohiym is making themselves a prophet; they are either a false prophet or a true prophet.

Our Messiah told us that we are sanctified or made holy with the truth. In His very next sentence He tells us what truth is.

He tells us that truth is His Father’s word.

Somebody who repeats the truth is not claiming to be a prophet but somebody who defines the truth is claiming to be one, whether they call themselves a prophet or not.

They might call themselves a preacher or a pastor or a bible study leader or they might just be an average John or Jane Doe who is telling their colleagues their interpretation of a matter concerning truth.

They might be speaking on a YouTube video just as I am speaking to you today.

I am amazed how many false prophets there are on these YouTube videos and they will be judged for their actions, just as I will be judged if I am speaking on my authority.

I am even more amazed how so many people soak up their teachings instead of listening to or believing the words of their Messiah and the true prophets.

Our Creator tells us how to determine if someone is a false prophet or a false teacher or not.

In Deuteronomy 13 He tells us that if someone prophesies or speaks something and even if that event or their words comes to pass, but they lead you away from Him and toward a false identity of Him, away from His truth, that you must not hearken to that prophet or speaker.

In verse 5 He tells us that these false prophets or false teachers must be put to death.

Does this sound too extreme? Why did He command such starch punishment for anyone who would take you away from His truth?

To understand, you must understand the purpose of His word in relation to the purpose that He created us.

He put us here to learn to become His family. He gave us His word to accomplish this purpose.

If someone is taking you away from His instruction manual He gave us to lead us into His family with, they are killing your eternal life.

This is why these false teachers were commanded to be purged out from amongst us, they teach or speak a pathway to death.

Their intentions might very well be good. No one thinks that their intentions are bad, at least I don’t know of anyone who thinks that their ways are evil.

I am sure that even Osama Bin Laden has good intentions in regards to what he thinks is true.

Is Osama Bin Laden a false prophet? Without a doubt. Does he call himself a prophet? I don’t know.

Just remember, if you say that you believe in Yehshua, He says that all will be judged by the word of Elohiym. This includes all prophets, even those who do not call themselves prophets but speak as one, even those on a YouTube video.

How about a TV reporter like Glenn Beck? Is He a prophet, even though he certainly does not claim to be?

He is defining good vs. evil according to his own understanding and that makes him a prophet so is he either a false prophet or a true one?

Much of what he calls evil is certainly evil but what about what he calls good? Yehshua tells us that not one of us is good except His Father.

He talks about human decency as good and it certainly is good but not in and of itself. The only thing that is good is the character of our Creator, it is what we are created to attain.

Last night he labeled anger as evil. Well, our Creator is sure angry at that which is evil so anger certainly needs to be defined. Yehshua was certainly angry when He turned over the tables in the temple.

Glenn points people to who he thinks the character of Elohiym is and who he thinks His Son is but does he point people to the truth or to the lies of Christianity and Mormonism and the false beliefs within them?

He certainly is well meaning and His intentions are good because he would like to see America restored to a point of what he thinks was a great nation.

But does he want it restored to the way that our Creator designed it to be? Does he even seek to know what our Creator’s design is?

I am using him as an example today because a couple of nights ago he implied strongly that America must look towards him for truth and people will be because he has some things correct about what is happening on a physical plain.

I agree that he is the only source of mainstream news that I know of that is reporting fairly accurate news and some truth about what is going on in the world but he certainly is not the source for truth as he claims and I will explain.

He only has the truth of what is going on in the world on a physical plain.

We must separate out what is false in regards to entering into the Kingdom of heaven.

Go back to what Yehshua said in John 17, your word is truth.

I will give you some examples to show that Glenn indeed sometimes acts as a prophet and a false one.

He frequently says that truth does not have an agenda and this is the furthest thing from the truth that a person could preach.

Truth was given to mankind by our Creator for the purpose of building His family. Its agenda is the reason why we are here.

Glenn scoffs at the notion of stoning of an adulterer yet his Creator commanded it and he commanded it for a reason. Does Glenn know better than Elohiym?

Granted, I think that someone who finds pleasure in executing this command is evil indeed, and evil at the highest level.

Righteous judgment is what it is. The end result justifies the means if it is our Creator’s judgment and not our own, this is why we must make sure that it is Him guiding us and that is a narrow path.

Can you imagine a society where people feared the consequences of committing adultery? Does adultery build families or does it destroy families?

How many people are going to commit adultery if they know that if they get caught, they will be stoned? It all goes back to why He created us.

We are to become holy as He is holy, made in His image.

Yes, even adultery is a pardonable sin and we need to forgive but there is a condition of forgiveness that Yehshua taught well, genuine repentance. David was forgiven for adultery but with serious consequences but look at David’s heart for the truth.

The woman who was brought before Yehshua in John 8 was broken and she was forgiven and instructed to go and sin no more. It is a heart condition that drives forgiveness.

I certainly know that I should have been stoned because He told me plainly that even lusting after another woman is adultery.

I certainly was broken about these thoughts and fought to overcome them and fought to be forgiven. I fought for His righteousness.

Was I forgiven so that I could keep lusting after other women or was I forgiven because I wanted to change?

Why is lusting after a woman so evil? Can you imagine what damage it would do to my wife’s heart if she thought that I was desiring another woman? Would that build happiness and family or destroy it?

Point is, our Creator commanded the death penalty for certain crimes to teach us lessons. The lessons are to teach us His perfect and just character and to teach us to fear using our own judgment.

If someone teaches differently, they are simply false.

This is not about Glenn Beck or me or anyone else; it is about what is true. I am using him for an example because he is speaking things as truth in relation to the crumbling of the world around us.

So is the false prophet but that is another subject and Glen certainly is not the false prophet. I want to add that both have the best of intentions in their minds, they just leave out the whole truth because they do not know it.

Glenn said a couple of days ago; “I made it very clear that God does not punish people through earthquakes.”

Well, this is just not true. Elohiym said that He is going to rise up other nations to bring down the scattered tribes of Israel, which includes the U.S., but, He also said that
He is going to make sure that all who live through the coming destruction will know that it was not by any people’s hand that they fell.

He is going to use natural disaster after natural disaster and plague after plague. This too is for the purpose of bringing people to a point of humility to want His ways.
He is not to blame, we are. It is our stubbornness that is making the destruction necessary.

Glenn said last night that we need to prepare. He is 100% correct but his truth will not get you through the coming days.

Preparation for what is coming on a physical plain will not get you through the coming days and into the millennium.

His list of preparedness included five points;

1- Food storage. Is this a good idea? Absolutely. But a five thousand year supply of food will not see you through the coming destruction. Only knowing and living the real truth will.

2- Know the truth. He is 100% accurate prophetically. The problem is, he does not know the truth either.
YEHWEH says that His people are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge.

All of us are false if our truth does not agree with our Creator.

I know that he is talking about a different kind of truth. He is talking about the truth of what is going on in man’s schemes and who the players are, etc. but the fact remains, his teachings can take your focus off of where they need to be.

The truth of what is going on in the world will not matter because all will be set straight by Elohiym anyway.

We need to be focused on what is the truth that will set us free and give us life.

Glenn is correct that we cannot do anything about the world’s turmoil, it is set.

3- Be trustworthy. Again, very accurate but trust worthy to whom? To one another? To self? Yes we do, but is this the complete picture?

No, you need to become trustworthy to your maker. This is the only character that He wants in His family. Only the one who is also faithful to Him and to His word will be in His family.

4- Be connected. Well, this one is tough. I have not found anyone yet truly wanting to live by every word to stay connected with. I have found some who want part of the truth but not all of it.

But I do know that when the destruction intensifies and we are hurled into the financial meltdown and the plagues and pestilences hit the soils of the scattered nations of Israel, that people will begin to repent and turn to the true good news.

And yes, we will need to band together and be the family that we were supposed to be when and if it is possible to.

Until then, it certainly is a matter of sounding the warning sirens to those you know if you are beginning to see what is happening, and I am not just talking about what is happening on a physical plain.

5- Be visible. Glenn has outlined a plan to do good on April 21st by giving a bag of food to those looking for government help on this day.

Is it good to do well like this? Absolutely, we need to let our light shine every day and help those who are in need but not to be seen of ourselves.

I want to make a point, I am quite positive that Glenn does not know that April 21st falls within the commanded Feast week of Unleavened Bread. Not that matters because he is not asking you to do something that would be wrong to do within that feast week.

It is just that by not knowing that this day falls within this Feast shows that he has no clue what the commandments of His Creator are.

We need to be visible as a way of life, not just to be visible but I am sure that Glenn would agree with this statement because he does mean well.

It is just that if our motives are to be good to feel good about self instead of it being a way of life, we are off the mark.

Again, the only truth that you need is His truth. It will set you free.

How about somebody like Billy Graham? He taught to come just as you are, without one plea and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Is this the whole truth that gets people saved?

There are billions who think they are saved today because they believe these types of false teachings that come from the teachings of liars like Saul of Tarsus instead of believing the words of their Creator and His Son and the prophets.

How about your good ole boy southern Baptist hell fire and brimstone preacher just calling you up front and saying that you give your heart to Jesus and you get dunked and you are saved? They are false prophets teaching a perverted word of Elohiym.

They do not point you to the only thing that can cleanse you, believing and living His word.

They pick and choose which of His words that you need to obey and use their own ideas of their own righteousness as to how they are to be observed.

You say wait a minute, the blood of Yehshua is what cleanses us.

Well, this is true, but it takes true repentance for His blood to be applied to you and living the word in spirit and truth verifies your repentance.

He was the word of Elohiym made flesh. We are told that He was given a name and it is the word of Elohiym. We are to follow Him and let the word become our character as well.

Did He teach that we need to live by His Father’s every word?

Absolutely, He taught that whoever lives by the law and teaches others to live by every crossing of a “t” and dotting of an “I” within it will be named great in the Kingdom.

He said that if you live apart from His Father’s law, that He will say on that day, depart from me, I never knew you.

Some want to say He was just talking about the Ten Commandments.

Well, good luck using that for an excuse on Judgment day, especially when you cannot even keep His Sabbaths the way that they are commanded and they certainly are one of the ten.

His laws and His statutes are beautiful and they bring us into a true relationship with Him and His Son and they teach us His righteousness so that we can learn to be in agreement with them.

I am telling you this on His behalf and in His authority.

And yes, telling you this makes me a prophet because I am telling you what His word says.

Therefore, I am either a true prophet because I am pointing you toward Him and His Kingdom and how to get there, which is by living His word, or I am self-proclaiming and am a false prophet leading you away from His truth.

Let His word define whether I speak his truth or not. And I am not talking about the words of the self-proclaiming apostle Paul who came in his own name who definitely had a different gospel.

I come not in my own name but in the name of the one who sent me, just as Yehshua did not come in His own name.

YEHWEH’s word represents His name because it represents His character.

We either are in agreement with all of it or none of it. There is no middle ground.

Yes, Billy Graham can be forgiven. And yes, Glen Beck can be forgiven but they will need to repent, just as you will have to do.

What opposes our Creator is not going to be allowed in His family, plain and simple.

If that is not palatable to you, well you just know better than your Creator and you are more righteous than He is.

I hope that you can be humbled into repentance.

Repentance is changing from our ways to His ways. If you think that you do not need to live by His instructions, you have chosen to reject Him.

If so, you simply choose to die. But He wants for you to choose to live and personally, I want you to choose to live as well.

Sadly, most of you in your stubborn pride will not be able acknowledge that your beliefs are wrong. You will rely on your own power to come through this.

As I said, it will not matter how much food and water you have stored up or what kind of radiation protection you have if you do not want to turn from your ways and turn to His ways.

I mentioned the upcoming Feast of Unleavened Bread is approaching next month. I suggest that you learn what this is and observe it, as well as the preceding day which is Yehweh’s Passover.

I suggest that you learn what His Sabbaths are about and when they are. And no, they are not on Saturday nor Sunday, they are determined by His New Moons, just as all of His calendar is and all of His appointed times are.

One way or another, you will know that your Creator gave man a period of 6,000 years to go his own way as He called out a certain mindset and fashioned them in His image. It might be when you are resurrected but you will know it one way or another.

I suggest that you accept it now and repent so that you can live.

His word has accomplished the first phase of the building of His family and His word is moving to the next phase of the construction.

In the coming weeks and months what opposes His word will be purged out.

Actually, Glenn Beck spoke another truth a couple of weeks ago, He said that when the dust settles, that only one thing will be left standing and it is the truth.

He is correct, the word of Elohiym will endure forever and it is truth.

It might sound like I am picking on Glenn but I am just using Him as an example because, even though he certainly does not claim to be a prophet yet, sometimes he speaks on a prophets authority by pointing people to a false god.

As the financial meltdown and the destruction intensify, his audience will increase as will the audiences of all false prophets.

No matter how good their intentions are, if anyone speaks to take you away from the real truth, that we were created to be made in the image of our Creator in order to become His children, they are false.

If they take you away from the word that He gave us to pattern us in His image, they are false.

I suggest you learn what truth is so you will know what is false.

What is false has been a way of life for man in his nearly 6,000 years of self-rule. That is about ready to change.

Another truth that Glenn has spoken of is you are going to have to decide whose side you are on. I agree. I suggest to you that you are on the side of the word of Elohiym, the only truth that matters.

Yehshua became the word of Elohiym, just as you and I must desire and fight to become with all of our being.

The only ticket into the Kingdom is following the lamb and the lamb lived and was in complete agreement with His Father’s word.

Following Him needs to be a way of life and a hunger and desire that defines our character.

If you follow the false messiah of today’s religions, you will learn what weeping and gnashing of teeth is about but I hope that you choose life.