Repairing The Breach



Today is the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread on our Creator's restored calendar.

A more accurate way to translate this feast would be The Feast of That Which Is Unleavened.

There are other places in the Most High's word that specifically refer to the word that is translated as unleavened bread as just that which is unleavened.

Elsewhere this word is attached to describe bread or cakes or wafers or even flour in general.

In any case it refers to that which is risen up.

Tonight is the night that He commands us to be a night that is to be much observed.

Tonight is the anniversary of the 1st exodus out of Egypt.

YEHWEH Elohiym has funneled the time of the 2nd exodus out from the captivity of mystery Babylon into this time.

But who are there of you that are among the scattered descendants of Israel that will flee without His wrath being let loose upon you to motivate you to do so?

Who has fled to that which He has restored through the one that He has sent to restore all things?

Who is standing with His anointed Son that He has sent to restore all things?

Last night was the Most High's commanded observance of His Passover Memorial on His restored calendar.

Were there any of you outside of YEHWEH's camp that observed this memorial according to all of its statutes like we are commanded to?

If there were, I do not know of any.

His instructions for the Feast of That Which is Unleavened tell us that anyone who eats that which is leavened during these 7 days will be cut off from being His people.

This is recorded in Exodus 12, verses 15 and 19.

He goes on to tell us;

Exodus 13:7


In lieu of the timing of this feast in regards to the 1st exodus, these instructions have huge significance.

How these instructions parallel Yehshua's instructions for us to flee to the hills and the mountains at the time of the 2nd exodus is incredible.

YEHWEH's instructions for the Passover Memorial the night before the 1st day of this feast also tell us to eat His Passover memorial without leavening.

The Passover Memorial and the Feast of That Which Is Unleavened COMMEMORATE LEAVING THE CAPTIVITY.

They commemorate leaving the leavening that is found in the captivity.

They commemorate leaving that which is of the world and setting ourselves and our families apart from the world to become our Creator's eternal children.

The leavening of the captivity represents that which is lifted up in pride and in arrogance above the Most High.

When we are lifted up before His face and do not obey His voice, He sends us into the captivity.

The fruit of our pride and arrogance is rebellion to His word.

His word testifies that the captivity is;

He gives us over to believe into lies that will not give us eternal life in His family.

He does so when we are lifted up above His word that He gave to us through His servants the prophets.

If you have not fled from the world, you are still looking upon the leavening.

You are still seeing it with your eyes.

This is a statute that He has funneled into the here and the now.

Simply putting food products that contain leavening out of your gates for this week is not fully obeying this instruction.

The testimony of the Most High's word funneled the 2nd exodus into this period of time in a remarkable way.

The way that He has orchestrated this into the here and the now and what this feast commemorates is phenomenal.

The anniversary of Yehshua's resurrection is on the 3rd day of this 7 day feast.

It is at the end of the 17th day of this 1st month.

On the 17th day of the 1st month we will be exactly 40 days from when YEHWEH opened the Ark's door for Noah and his family to come off of the Ark.

You should marvel at all of the intricate detail like this that the Most High has woven into His word and into His end time timeline.

You should marvel at how He has tied in all of the parallels that He has into the 3rd day and the 7th day and the sprinkling with His water of separation on the 3rd day on the 7th day for those who have touched the dead.

Like I said, the anniversary of Yehshua's resurrection is at the end of the 3rd day of this 7 day feast.

And the 3rd day of this feast is 7 days from when YEHWEH's messenger broke through the kingdom of Persia to come to Daniel to reveal to him the end time vision that he had been shown.

And this vision is specifically for YEHWEH's restoration of all things and for His consuming those of you who are standing with the prince of Persia.

The 17th day of this month is also 30 days from when YEHWEH closed the Ark's door behind Noah and those who were with him that were delivered through the flood that He sent upon the world at that time.

This was on the 17th day of the 2nd month which will be on April 29th on satan's calendar.

This day will be 23 days after the anniversary of YEHWEH's messenger breaking through the kingdom of Persia to come to Daniel.

This will be 10 days prior to the anniversary of YEHWEH opening the Ark's door.

For those of you who do not know the significance of these numbers that are found the Most High's word, they are discussed in other videos.

Some of you have not fled because you do not believe His word.

Some of you have not fled because you do not fully trust in His provision.

Some of you have not fled because you fear doing so more than you fear the Most High.

Some of you have not fled because you love the leavening of the captivity more than the Most High's unleavened pathway.

Whatever the reason, they are all rebellion to His word.

If you have not fled per His instructions for you to do so, you are about to receive another type of motivation from Him for you to do so.

And you are not going to like it.

Yehshua told us to pray that our flight be not in the winter or on the Sabbath day.

This is a parable that you should have already been fled before YEHWEH sends His time of correction upon you.

You should have already hearkened to the Most High's warnings that He sent out during His 3 ½ year testimony of His word.

He has woven several tiers of this parable into His end time timeline in order to illustrate this.

Today is not only the 1st day of the Feast of That Which is Unleavened.

It is also the Sabbath day.

You should have hearkened to His warnings and already have fled per His instructions for you to do so before now.

You should have observed His Passover Memorial last night per His instructions for you to do so.

If you had fled the dead like He told you to do, they would not be before your face for you to look upon them for these 7 days that we are in.

His word gives you a backup opportunity to observe this most important memorial in the 2nd month.

In your preparations for the observance of this memorial, you will need to set aside a male lamb or goat that is without blemish and per the rest of His instructions on the 10th day of the month.

The 10th day will be on April 22nd on satan's calendar.

You will need to stop touching the dead at least 7 days prior to the 14th day of the 2nd month.

You will need to do so so that you will be clean to observe this memorial on the 14th day of the month.

And you will need to get sprinkled with the water of separation on the 3rd day and on the 7th day per His instructions so that you are clean to observe it.

You need get positioned in the hills and the mountains so that you do not even look upon that which is leavened with your eyes.

He has sent plenty of warnings for you to flee.

This is a matter of believing the testimony of His word and trusting and obeying Him accordingly and putting your fate in His almighty hands.