Repairing The Breach





I am going to start this video by pointing out that historical evidence indicates that the Most High's only begotten Son was most likely killed on a pole and not on a cross.

I have even heard that the symbol of the cross was originally a rod piercing through a circle that was symbolism of a male penis entering through a female vagina.

I have been told that our ancestors merely straightened out the circle turning this symbol into what is now known as the cross.

This is highly believable knowing the origin of where much of early christianity's symbolisms came from.

Even your steeples came from the male's reproductive organ reaching up to the heavens.

But for the purpose of this video, I will use the word cross to indicate the pole that He was most likely murdered on.

I will do so because you wear gold crosses around your necks and not gold poles.

The reality is, those of you who are in the blasphemous religion of christianity esteem the vehicle that the Most High's Son was killed with.

You adorn your necks and your houses and your whorehouses and your vehicles and even the grave sites and the places where those in your families were killed with crosses.

You esteem that which our Messiah was killed on with no shame for doing so.

Your doing so is absolutely shameful before the Most High's face.

The reason why YEHWEH allowed for Him to be killed was so that you could return to Him through the substitution sacrifice that He set up through Him.

But you have not esteemed returning to Him.

Instead you high-jacked His Son's shed blood and you esteem your rebellion to Him.

Isaiah recorded that the Most High chose to allow for His Son to suffer because of His desire for you to become His children.

Isaiah 53

9 And He (referring to our Messiah) made His death with the wicked and His grave with the rich although He had done no wrong, neither was there any deceit in His mouth.

10 YEHWEH desired for His life to be afflicted and crushed; HE SAW HIS SEED SET UP AN OFFERING FOR SIN, He will prolong His days AND YEHWEH'S DESIRE WILL PROSPER IN HIS HAND.

It is the Most High's desire to build His eternal family; this is why He put us here in the flesh.

But He is not building His family from those of you who rebel against His righteousness.

He set up the substitution sacrifice through His Son's shed blood to show us the desire that He has in His heart for us to hearken to Him in order to become His eternal seed.

He set it up the way that He did to cause us to love Him with all of our heart and with our entire life and with our entire mind.

His doing so was to show us His desire for us to become His eternal children by showing us His love for those who would hearken to Him in order to become His eternal seed.

Yehshua spoke that repentance is required in order for the baptism waters to be turned into His shed blood.

Repentance is turning from our rebellion to our Creator's word.

It is turning from our rebellion to His righteousness that His word declares.

You should be ashamed of yourselves for trampling His Son's shed blood under your feet by using it to justify your rebellion to our Creator.

If you would just think about it, if His Son was killed by a shotgun or a guillotine, would you adorn your necks and your houses, etc. with golden shotguns or golden guillotines?

Sadly, some of you probably would.

The reason why you esteem the cross so much is because you esteem being forgiven without turning from your rebellion to why His Father allowed for Him to be killed in the first place.

You choose to believe into a fantasy world that allows you to continue to live in rebellion to our Creator.

Therefore you choose to believe into a fantasy world that allows for you to exist in rebellion to why He created you.

Your heart's desire is not to become our Creator's righteousness.

Instead, you want to tell Him that which is right and that which is wrong according to your own rebellious, uncircumcised hearts.

You covet the make believe blood that you have set up through the cross in the manner that you do because you covet doing that which is right in your own eyes.

Deep down in your hearts, you actually despise our Creator's righteousness.

You despise His righteousness that His word testifies to.

Therefore you actually despise the true image of His only begotten Son who was manifested in the flesh in the image of His word.

This is why you covet the make believe blood of your make believe images of His Son.

This is why you esteem the cross the way that you do in your wicked, rebellious, uncircumcised hearts.

If you esteemed our Creator's righteousness instead, then you would be ashamed of yourselves because of your transgressions that caused the Most High to set up the substitution sacrifice through His Son's shed blood.

You would be broken in your hearts for your sinning against the Most High.

And your broken hearts would cause you to turn from your rebellion to the Most High that created the reason for Him to set up the sacrifice through His Son's suffering that day.

You would be ashamed that your transgressing against the Almighty established the reason why He chose to allow His only begotten Son to be murdered on the pole that day.

In your lust to live how you see fit, deciding to live that which is right in your own eyes, you refuse to even see your utter shame for esteeming the vehicle that YEHWEH Elohiym's only begotten Son was killed on.

You truly have no shame.

And now you will be recompensed for your choice to trample His Son's shed blood under your feet.

You will be recomposed for coveting His Son's murder and using it for a license to sin instead of coveting why the Most High set up the substation sacrifice through His shed blood.

And dying you will die if you do not turn from your rebellion to why He gave you life here in the flesh.

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym