Repairing The Breach





Those who became our Creator's first fruits reached a point in their lives in the flesh where they totally set themselves apart to our Creator.

They completely set their lives apart from the world to hearken to Him in order to become as He is.

This is the heart that YEHWEH is building His eternal family with.

This is the heart of His 144,000 first fruits that became His temple.

He called many from Israel's descendants to become these 144,000 first fruits.

But only this number totally separated themselves unto Him in order to become of this number.

His word demands that we completely separate ourselves from the world unto Him.

Even the correct timing of His Sabbaths teaches us to separate ourselves unto Him.

The correct timing of His Sabbaths does not fit into satan's calendar.

It does not fit into the world, it does not fit into those who are of this world.

Living His word in our flesh according to His instructions separates us from the world in this manner.

His command for you to flee at this time represents this.

The children of Israel had to physically leave the bondage of Egypt back then.

Abraham had to leave his country and his kin in order to go walk with the Most High.

His word is full of illustrations like this that this is what we must do.

Walking with Him is walking separate from that which is of this world.

Early on in the book of Genesis we read;

Genesis 5:24

And Enoch WALKED WITH ELOHIYM and he no longer existed because Elohiym took him.

Enoch comes from a word that means to narrow.

Enoch chose to be refined by the Most High by walking with Him on His narrow path.

Because of this, YEHWEH even stamped His alteration of the luminaries in the days of Hezekiah to Enoch.

The scriptures record that Enoch lived for 365 years before he reached the point that the Most High removed him from the flesh.

When Hezekiah did not believe YEHWEH's servant Isaiah, YEHWEH altered the rotations of the luminaries in a way that the months were changed from 30 days in length to an average of 29.53059 days.

This changed the years from 360 days in length to an average of 365.242199 days.

Using the prophetic day for a year principle that YEHWEH's word testifies to and knowing that there were always 360 days per year during the days that Enoch walked with YEHWEH, this represents that Enoch actually lived for 365 years, 87 days, 4 hours, 35 minutes and 57.696 seconds if my math is correct.

Some of you have even mocked me or spoken against me for speaking about numbers in the manner that I have.

The numbers that I have spoken about are woven throughout the testimony of YEHWEH's word.

They testify to the magnificent design of His word.

But the testimony of His word that He has sent me to you with is not about the numbers.

The numbers simply add to the testimony of His word that testifies that we must walk with Him in His word in order to have eternal life awarded to us in His family.

We have to separate ourselves unto Him through His word.

The testimony that He has sent me to you with is that you are not doing so.

His word testifies that after His first fruit harvest last year that I, only I am left walking with Him in that which He has restored.

I'll give you another number that testifies to the brilliance of His word and to the here and the now.

Recently I have spoken about how, in His word, the number 23 ties in with those who are priests unto Him.

This year, the year of the great and fearful day of YEHWEH's wrath, is the year 5773.

5773 divided by 23 equals 251.

Korah and the 250 heads of Israel that rose up against Moses and the Most High's anointed High Priest Aaron back then equals 251 men.

This is yet another 251 match in the witness against you that the Most High has sent me to you with.

If you think YEHWEH stamping His judgment to those of you who have hearts like Korah is a coincidence in lieu of the reality that we are here in the flesh in order to become a kingdom of priests unto the Most High, you are a delusional.

I shared with you the other day how the end of His Great and fearful day of His wrath is 251 days out from the anniversary of Noah coming off from the Ark.

Noah was allowed to come off the Ark on the 27th day of the 2nd month.

The 27th day of the 2nd month on YEHWEH's restored calendar this year was on May 14th on satan's calendar.

May 14th was 251 days out from January 20th.

YEHWEH has stamped His judgment to those of you who have hearts like Korah's heart and have stood in opposition to His anointed Sons in several ways like this.

How do you think that it is going to work out for those of you who have risen up against me and against the true image of our Messiah?

The High Priest represented our Messiah.

You have risen up against YEHWEH's two anointed Sons that His word testifies to.

I don't think you that are going to like it much in the coming days.

You have refused to set yourselves apart to walk with our Elohiym on His restored path.

You have refused to return to His Sabbaths.

You have refused to offer up the offering in righteousness that He has bid for you to offer up to Him at this time.

You have chosen to remain amongst the dead.

You have rejected the water of separation that He set up through His Son's shed blood.

You have done so by refusing to set yourselves apart to the Most High to walk with Him as a red heifer that is without blemish before His face.

His word says that those who refuse to be sprinkled with the water of separation on the 3rd day and on the 7th day after you touch the dead are cut off from being His people.

The water of separation is made from the ashes of a red heifer that is without blemish and cedar and scarlet and hyssop and then mixed with water that comes from a flowing water source.

This water is to be sprinkled on those who touch the dead with a hyssop plant by a clean person.

You have refused that which the Most High has revealed and magnified about this water of separation.

Therefore you have refused the substitution sacrifice that He set up through His Son's shed blood.

Not only have you continued to walk with and touch the dead, in your doing so, you have remained dead before the Most High's face.

You have refused to totally set yourselves apart to His restoration of all things.

And now you will soon be recompensed for your failure to do so.

Isaiah 5:16


Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym, I am going to exalt the righteousness of My word in judgment.

I am going to judge you with the restoration of My word that you have failed to completely separate yourselves unto Me through.