Repairing The Breach





You are soon going to find out that the gold and the silver that you covet is not yours.

Haggai 2

6 Because thus saith YEHWEH of hosts; yet once again, in a little while, I will shake the heavens and the earth and the sea and the dry land;

He destroyed those who did not bare His righteousness once before.

At that time, only Noah was found walking with YEHWEH in His righteousness.

And He is going to send His wrath upon the earth once again.

And it is coming upon you soon.

In Haggai's prophecy, YEHWEH says that He is with Yehshua and Zerubbabel and those of you who will stand with them.

If you think that you are standing with Yehshua but you are not standing with His servant Zerubbabel, the one who flowed out from the captivity, you are delusional.

YEHWEH's word declares that they are standing together, one on each side of His golden candlestick, His two anointed Sons.

His word testifies that Yehshua entered into one stone to finish off His Father's temple.

Haggai goes on to record YEHWEH saying;



The air that you breathe is His.

He is going to remove your silver and your gold from you that you have coveted and have even in some cases used to serve your father satan.

He is going to show you that it is all His.

And He is going to remove the air that you breathe from you as well if you do not turn from your rebellion to His righteousness.

The desire of the nations is to have wealth and prestige.

Your desire is gold and silver and the things of this world.

You do not desire our Creator's righteousness or His kingdom.

You have not engaged that which He has given to you to possess in helping Him increase His eternal family.

Instead, you have used your silver and your gold to help satan and his crew keep others in the captivity.

And you have coveted the things of this world.

In the last video I spoke about how Achan brought trouble upon Israel when he rebelled against YEHWEH's instructions.

Achan told Joshua that he took the things that he did because he coveted them.

We are commanded not to covet one another's belongings.

This is the last of the Ten Commandments.

I am going to speak about the 1st of His Ten Commandments in a bit.

John recorded that we are not to love the world or the things of this world.

If we do, he said that YEHWEH's love is not in us.

Everything that YEHWEH had recorded in His word is of significance.

Achan coveted a babylonish garment and because of his covetous heart, he rebelled against YEHWEH's instructions.

He coveted that which those who are in the captivity covet.

He also coveted 200 shekels of silver and a gold tongue that weighed 50 shekels.

His coveting the gold tongue is a subject in and of itself.

He chose to covet these things instead of bringing them into YEHWEH's house like he was bid to do in order to serve YEHWEH in building His eternal family.

Achan's coveting equated to 250 shekels plus one, the babylonish garment.

This is 251.

It was 250 of the heads of Israel that stood with Korah and rose up against Moses and Aaron back then.

This is 251 men.

Noah was allowed to come off the Ark on the 27th day of the 2nd month.

The 27th day of the 2nd month on YEHWEH's restored calendar this year was on May 14th on satan's calendar.

May 14th was 251 days out from January 20th.

Even the timing that YEHWEH led me to our current location is stamped with this 200 plus 50 plus one stamp along with all sorts of other symbolism that He has woven into our current location.

He led my family and I to pitch at a place that is near an 80 ton stone that has the Ten Commandments engraved on it in ancient Hebrew.

This stone is located near the town of Los Lunas, New Mexico.

Los Lunas is translated as a place where the moon dwells or the city of the moon.

The reason why this stone being located near Los Lunas is significant is, in the restoration of all things, our Creator has restored His 30 day months.

Therefore He has restored the correct timing of His Sabbaths along with the correct timing of the rest of His appointed times.

Ever since the days of Hezekiah when YEHWEH altered the rotations of the luminaries, in order to obey His Sabbaths, we have had to estimate when they are.

In order for this estimation to be close, we have had to use the cycle of the moon and look for the first visible crescent or estimate when it is if it was not visible, etc.

Some of you even use the full moon or the dark phase of the moon for your estimations.

It is important to realize that YEHWEH altered the rotations because Hezekiah did not believe YEHWEH's anointed in the first place.

And now He has sent His anointed servant in the image of His word to testify that His 30 day month has been restored.

The commandment stone lies west of Los Lunas.

Los Lunas is located on Interstate 25.

This places the place where the moon dwells and interstate 25 15 miles east of the stone.

Ezekiel 8:16

And He brought me to the inner court of YEHWEH's house between the porch and the altar, and I beheld, at the door of YEHWEH's temple WERE TWENTY-FIVE MEN WITH THEIR BACKS TOWARD YEHWEH'S TEMPLE AND THEY FACED TOWARDS THE EAST AND THEY WORSHIPPED THE SUN TOWARDS THE EAST.

If you think that the place where the moon dwells and Interstate 25 being to the east of an 80 ton stone with the 10 commandments engraved upon it in ancient Hebrew is coincidence, you certainly have a strong desire to not believe that YEHWEH is all powerful.

He is in charge of everything and He orchestrates things like this in order to show that He is all-powerful.

His reference in this verse to worshipping the sun towards the east is a prophecy against the blasphemous "sun" day worship.

Many of you even go to sunrise services on your blasphemous easter bunny celebration that you have substituted for His commanded annual observance of His Passover memorial.

And because of your substitutions like this to His word, the substitution sacrifice that He set up through His only begotten Son (who was made to be in the image of His word) is not being applied on your behalf.

With Los Lunas also being to the east of the commandment rock and with it being the city where the moon dwells, YEHWEH is connecting those of you who continue to reject His restoration of His 30 day month and continue to use the cycle of the moon to determine when His Sabbaths are to those of you who worship the image of the Sun with Sunday worship.

In your doing so, you are telling the Most High when you will worship Him.

Therefore the image of Him that you are worshipping is an image of Him that allows for you to tell Him how it is.

I've got news for you; His word that He has spoken through His servants the prophets tells us how it is.

Any image of Him that allows for us to tell Him how it is is a make believe image of Him.

Such an image does not exist.

Again, He altered the rotations because Hezekiah did not believe Isaiah and he needed a physical sign.

YEHWEH's word that He spoke through His prophet Isaiah was not good enough for Hezekiah.

The writings of Isaiah and the rest of His prophets are what testify that the Most High has sent me to you to restore all things.

And all things include His 30 day month that was altered during the days of Hezekiah.

There is a reason why He has not returned the rotations of the moon to their original 30 day cycle yet.

Our Messiah said that there will be no sign given to the wicked and adulterous generation that the children of Nineveh will rise up to judge except for the sign of Jonas.

YEHWEH's word has testified to the three tiers of this sign in a magnificent way.

And the 3rd tier of the sign of Jonas has testified to the restoration of the 30 day month.

It has done so in a magnificent way.

If you think that is is a coincidence that the place where the moon dwells that is located on interstate 25 and both of them are east of the commandment stone, you are delusional.

Those who dwell in the inner court of His temple were built through His commandments.

He said that the Ark of the Covenant that has the 10 commandments in its side would be a witness against the children of Israel in the last days.

There is also much more symbolism woven into where the Most High has led me to pitch camp.

200 days out from January 20th, He brought me to a place that He has likened to the Kidron Brook.

It was at the Kidron Brook that a couple of righteous kings burned the idols.

It was at the Kidron Brook where Zadok stood with YEHWEH's anointed and carried the Ark of YEHWEH's covenant across the brook.

It was the Kidron Brook that our Messiah crossed over the night before He was killed.

It was the Kidron Brook that Shemei (who was Saul's kin) crossed over when he left Jerusalem that initiated him being killed by Solomon.

Shemei crossed over the brook three years after David died.

If you think this three year period is a coincidence, you are delusional.

He was killed for casting dust and stones at and cursing YEHWEH's anointed.

South of the commandment stone is a mountain with two large peaks and from a particular vantage point, it has 7 peaks.

Both Jerusalem and Rome have seven hills.

The commandment stone was vandalized in April of 2006.

The first line of the stone was completely destroyed.

The first line contains the commandment;

Exodus 20:3


It was also in April of 2006 that YEHWEH began to pluck me out from the fire.

He called me to leave my job and my house and to go serve His true image.

This was 7 years ago.

Of course at that time I had no idea of what serving Him in truth was about because He was plucking me out from the fire.

And since then He has revealed His truth to me in a step by step fashion in order to set up His witness against man in a spectacular way that has testified to His word.

He had to orchestrate it the way that He has in order to testify to His word in the manner that the testimony that He has sent me to you with has.

It is of huge significance that the first line of this stone was defiled at this time.

It was at this time that YEHWEH was showing me that the inhabitants of the earth, including myself, had defiled His 1st commandment, along with the rest of His commandments.

The inhabitants of the world serve and worship other images of Him that are not Him.

I did not even know anything about this stone until a few months ago.

There is much more symbolism that ties in His word to where He has me led me to pitch camp at this time.

But it is not the purpose of this video.

I just wanted to share with you how YEHWEH has tied in this commandment stone with those of you who are rejecting the restoration of all things, including the restoration of His 30 day month.

This video is about the continuation of the subject of standing with His anointed in His restoration of all things.

It is about your being like Achan and coveting the gold and the silver that YEHWEH has allowed for you to possess along with the things of this world instead of helping YEHWEH build His eternal family.

Zadok stood with YEHWEH's anointed.

Zadok carried the Ark of YEHWEH's covenant across the Kidron Brook.

This ark has YEHWEH's Ten Commandments in its side.

And YEHWEH's word says that only those who of are children of Zadok will approach His inner sanctuary.

This video is about letting go of the gold and the silver and your filthy garments that you have been clothed with in Babylon.

It is about putting the gold and the silver that YEHWEH has allowed you to possess to work and crying out to warn others with me.

Like I started this video with, your gold and your silver is all His anyway.

It is about fleeing to the mountains now that the abomination of desolation has been revealed.

It is about fleeing Babylon.

It is about not even returning back to your house to get your filthy babylonish garments and the rest of that which you have coveted.

It is about baring the Ark of YEHWEH's covenant.

It is about carrying His Ark across the Kidron Brook and standing with His anointed like Zadok stood with David back then.

It is about bringing your gold and your silver to serve His house and not continuing to serve yourselves or satan with it.

It is about not casting dust and stones and cursing the Most High's anointed like Saul's kin did back then.

If you want to continue to be like Saul's children or Korah's children or Achan's children instead of turning to be like Zadok's children, then you are soon going to find out that you are actually of your father satan.

And you are not going to approach YEHWEH's table because only the children of Zadok will approach His table.

His word says so.

Your gold and your silver are going to be removed from you anyway.

He is going to fill His house glory by removing it from you with or without your approval.

YEHWEH's word says so.