Repairing The Breach





Our Messiah told the religious hypocrites of His day that He was sent in His Father's name.

He pointed out to them that it was because He came in His Father's name that they did not believe Him.

He told them that, instead, they believe others who come in their own name.

He challenged them to search the scriptures that they claimed that they believed because it is these same scriptures that bear witness that His Father sent Him.

Because of this witness, He told them that His witness was greater than John the Baptist's witness.

His witness was His Father's word.

He told them that because of the testimony of His Father's word that bore witness that His Father had sent Him, that He did not bear witness to Himself like they did of themselves.

He said that if He did bear witness to Himself like they did of themselves, then His witness is not true.

Therefore He was telling them that their witness is not true.

The same is true of all of you who speak in your own name and say that YEHWEH has not sent me.

Your witness is not true because you bear witness to yourself and YEHWEH's word is not your witness.

Yehshua told them the work that His Father sent Him to accomplish was His Father's testimony that He sent Him.

He was saying that the work that He was sent to accomplish is recorded in His Father's word that they claimed that they believed.

He told them that they give honor one to another who come in their own names but that they do not give honor to the one whose witness is YEHWEH Elohiym Himself.

This has been repeated again in this day.

You have done the exact same thing with our Creator's 2nd witness that the testimony of His word testifies that He has sent.

When Yehshua told them these things, He went on to say;

John 5

45 Do not think that it is I that accuses you unto the Father: IT IS MOSES IN WHOM YOU TRUST THAT ACCUSES YOU.

46 Because if you believed Moses, then you would believe me because he wrote of me.

47 But if you do not believe his writings, then how will you believe my words?

I have been sent to you with the same witness that our Messiah was sent to our ancestors with.

My witness is our Creator's word that He had recorded through His servants the prophets.

But you do not believe me, just like they did not believe Him.

Therefore His word that you say that you believe is not your measuring rod.

You do not believe His word like you claim that you do.

Therefore you do not believe the true image of His only begotten Son who was made to be in the image of His word.

You have put your trust and your salvation hopes in a make believe image of our Messiah.

Therefore you have put your trust and our salvation hopes in make believe blood.

You have not put your trust and your salvation hopes in His Father's word that our Messiah was manifested to be in the flesh.

When Yehshua said this to them about Moses accusing them, He chose to use the writings of Moses by design.

One of the reasons why He did so was because not only did they not believe that He was sent by His Father, they did not even truly hearken to what Moses recorded.

They were full of hypocrisy.

A couple of chapters later, John recorded our Messiah telling them this.

They were marveling at His understanding of the scriptures when He was teaching in the temple.

And they wanted to know how He could be speaking the things that He spoke having never been taught by their religious system.

John 7

16 Yehshua answered them and said, my doctrine (my instruction) is not my own but it is His that sent me.

17 If any man desires to do the one who sent me's will, then he can understand WHETHER THE INSTRUCTION BE OF ELOHIYM OR WHETHER I SPEAK OF MYSELF.

18 He that speaks that which is from himself (or even from another) seeks his own (or a separate) glory: BUT HE THAT SEEKS THE GLORY OF HIM THAT SENT HIM, IT IS HE THAT IS TRUE AND THERE IS NO UNRIGHTEOUSNESS IN HIM.

19 Did not Moses give you the Torah AND YET NONE OF YOU "DO" (BRING FORTH) THE TORAH?

Then He asked them;

Why do you seek to kill me?

In the testimony that I have been sent to you with, many of you have marveled at the teaching that YEHWEH has sent me with.

Many of you have even added some of it to that which you believe to be true.

Yet in your rebellious hearts, you have the spirit of murder towards me for other things that I have spoken and you have not hearkened to that which has been restored.

Back then, they marveled at some of that which Yehshua taught, yet they still would not hearken to what His Father revealed through Him.

And you have done the same thing with YEHWEH's 2nd witness that our ancestors did to His 1st witness.

Most of you do not obey our Creator's Torah in any manner whatsoever.

Back then at least they obeyed some of it on a physical plain.

But Yehshua was telling them that they perverted it and that they did not live its spiritual intent in their hearts.

They only did that which is in YEHWEH's instructions that they chose to in order to feel good about themselves or to look more righteous to others.

Yehshua told them that they had omitted the weightier matters of His Father's Torah.

He told them that they had omitted His Father's righteous judgments.

He told them that they did not have true saving faith.

He told them that they did not have a brokenness in their hearts for all of the abominations that were done in their midst and even in their own hearts.

I have been sent to tell you the same thing.

Back to chapter 5, He said;

45 Do not think that it is I that accuses you to the Father: IT IS MOSES IN WHOM YOU TRUST THAT ACCUSES YOU.

The second reason why Yehshua used the writings of Moses in this parable is because the writings of Moses testify against Saul of Tarsus whom most of you follow instead of following the Most High's only begotten Son.

Moses recorded YEHWEH telling us that if any man tries to lead us to another path other than the instructions that He gave through His servant Moses, that we are to stone that wicked servant.

Saul came bearing witness to a different path.

Saul came in his own name and you have followed him and you have not hearkened to our Messiah who came in His Father's name.

Yehshua told Pilate that the reason why He was sent into the world was to bear witness to His Father's word.

The writings of Moses that they claimed to put their trust in are His Father's word.

He told His disciples that all will be judged by His Father's word in the last days.

The writings of Moses accuse you for your vain, meaningless worship to the Most High.

Like our ancestors, some of you attempt to obey some of His Torah.

But you do so how you see fit to do so.

You pick and choose what you will hearken to and how you will hearken to it.

But even if you are obeying some of YEHWEH's Torah on a physical plain like the religious of the day were doing back then, the writings of Moses will accuse you if you are not hearkening to all of His word in both spirit and in truth.

They will accuse you if you are following saul's writings whom they condemn as being a false servant who needed to be stoned.

Living YEHWEH's word must be our complete life in order for it to circumcise our hearts.

We must diligently live that which His word testifies to and do so with all of our existence.

If you are rejecting what His word that He spoke through the writings of His prophets testifies to, these writings are going to accuse you before YEHWEH's face.

If you are rejecting the testimony of His word that I have been sent to you with, YEHWEH's word condemns you.

It is His word that bears witness that He has sent me to you.

Therefore you are rejecting the Most High Himself.

If you are rejecting the restoration of all things, including the restoration of the writings of the Torah that were given through His servant Moses, YEHWEH's word condemns you.

If you are refusing to return to His restored Sabbaths and to the restored timing of the rest of His appointed times that He gave through His servant Moses, His word condemns you.

Isaiah recorded that the repairer of the breach, the restorer of the paths of old would be sent to restore the correct timing of the Sabbaths.

If you are observing our Creator's Sabbath on a day that you think that it is and not on His restored day that His word has testified to, you are not observing His appointed time.

It does not matter if you think that you are or not.

YEHWEH's word has testified to this restoration in a magnificent way.

His word must be our measuring rod.

Our Messiah said;

John 3

18 He that believes "INTO" ME (AND HE WAS MADE TO BE IN THE IMAGE OF HIS FATHER"S WORD, THEREFORE HE THAT BELEIVES INTO THE IMAGE OF HIS FATHER"S WORD) is not condemned: but he that does not believe (INTO THE IMAGE OF HIS FATHER'S WORD) IS CONDEMNED ALREADY, because he has not believed "INTO THE NAME" of YEHWEH's only begotten Son.

Revelation chapter 19 tells us that "the name" that He was given is YEHWEH's word.

If you do not believe into the name of His Father's word, you will be condemned; YEHWEH's only begotten Son said so.

Yehshua went on to expand on this;

19 THIS IS THE CONDEMNATION; that light (HIS FATHER's WORD) is come into the world and men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil.

20 Because everyone that does evil HATES THE LIGHT, NEITHER COMES TO THE LIGHT, lest his deeds would be reproved (rebuked).

21 But he that LIVES THE TRUTH (Lives His Father's Word) comes to the light so that his deeds will be made manifest THAT THEY ARE WORKED IN ELOHIYM.

There is a reason why Yehshua said that there will be no other sign given but the sign of Jonas to the wicked and adulterous generation that requires a physical.

There is a reason why the only proof that YEHWEH has given to us that He has restored His 30 day month is His word.

If His word is not good enough proof for you, prepare to be humbled or purged from before His face if you will not be humbled.

Moses's writings are YEHWEH's word; therefore Yehshua was telling them that His Father's word will accuse you.

The writings of His other prophets are His word as well.

Yehshua testified to them.

His word condemns you if you are not walking in agreement with His word in both spirit and in truth.

His word condemns you if you are following the blasphemous teachings of saul of tarsus.

Saul's teachings are an abomination, they desolated YEHWEH's word.

It is by YEHWEH's word that He spoke everything, including you, along with the air that you breathe into existence.

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym; it is going to be by the power and the fury of my word that my hot indignation will consume you if you do not turn from your rebellion to my word and turn to that which my word has testified to.