Repairing The Breach





I can recall when I was deeply buried in the captivity of the lies of christianity.

I can recall when I would gather with others who would share their testimony of when they were allegedly saved.

They would recount the time when they were heavily involved in drugs or alcohol or in prison or this or that and a feeling overcame them and they gave their hearts to the image of the Messiah that they were told of or taught existed.

Then from that moment on, things changed for them and they gave up their addiction or they made some changes in their lives that are better on a physical plain.

You can find this type of testimony happening in all of man's religions that they got from their father satan.

These seemingly miraculous changes that they realized in their lives on a physical plain gave them a belief to embrace and to hold on to.

The reality is, like I just said, these seemingly miraculous changes happen within all of man's false beliefs.

They happen in Islam, they happen in Hinduism, they happen in Buddhism, etc.

Satan and his crew stage these things in man's hearts in order to lead them into one captivity or another, or to keep them in one of their snares, or to even cause them to jump from one prison house to another.

But the reality is, none of these prison houses are in agreement with the testimony that is recorded in our Creator's word.

Just two verses after Revelation chapter 12 says that satan deceives the entire world in verse 9, the revelations of our Messiah say;

Revelation 12:11

And they conquered him (referring to satan) through the blood of the Lamb and THROUGH THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY and they did not love their lives unto (until) death.

This verse contains three key points;

  • 1) This group met the condition that our Creator placed before us that is required of us in order to have His only begotten Son's shed blood given to us to atone for our transgressions.
  • 2) They did not love the world, nor the things of the world while they were alive in the flesh. They chose to love YEHWEH's righteousness and they chose to live their lives in the flesh in order to become as He is instead of living their lives for the here and the now. They chose to live to one day have eternal life awarded to them in His kingdom.
  • 3) They conquered satan and his crew and the rest of his servants through the word of their testimony.

The testimony that this verse is referring to is not referring to their own word or to their own testimony.

YEHWEH told us that two cannot walk together unless they are agreed.

This means that we have to be in agreement with His word.

The Greek word that is translated as testimony in this verse is a word that means to bear record to or to be a witness in a matter.

Our Messiah was sent to us to bear witness to or to bear testimony to His Father's word.

He said so.

He was made to be in the image of His Father's word.

His Father's word says so.

He lived by His Father's every word and He told us that, in order to enter into His Father's kingdom, we have to walk in the same manner that He walked.

This is what following after Him in His footsteps is.

His Father's word bears witness to or gives the testimony that He was the 1st witness.

This is the same word that bears witness or testifies that YEHWEH has sent me to you as His 2nd witness.

And He sent both of His two witnesses to bear witness to or to bear testimony to His word.

The truth is, all of us are either walking with the Most High in agreement with His word.

Or we are walking on one of satan's many paths that lead to the lake that burns with fire and brimstone.

There is no middle ground.

The prophet Amos recorded YEHWEH asking if two can walk together if they are not agreed.

When He asked this question, He was making the statement that two cannot walk together in harmony unless they are in agreement.

He is not building His eternal house from those who choose to tell Him how it is.

His word tells us how it is.

His word defines His righteous character.

If you are not in agreement with His righteousness, you are not going to be walking with Him for eternity in His family, period.

He is not going to award eternal life to a bunch of rebellious misfits that want to strive and debate with Him for eternity.

He is not going to award eternal life in His family to those who desire to be something other or want something other than His righteousness.

If you think so, once again, you are choosing to tell Him how it is.

If you have chosen to love this world or the things of it, you have not chosen to love His righteousness.

Nor have you chosen to live for eternal life in His kingdom.

Instead, you have chosen to live your three score and ten for the here and the now.

The "they" that this verse is referring to is those whom bore witness to His word in their flesh.

They conquered satan by being in agreement with the testimony of YEHWEH Elohiym's word, not their own word and not satan's word that he spoke through his servants like saul of tarsus.

If you want to believe that your testimony of how you gave your heart to a make believe image of our Messiah is what this is about and you want to refuse to believe that it is actually about being in agreement with the testimony of our Creator's word, then prepare to die in your stubborn rebellious hearts.

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym.