Repairing The Breach





I spoke in the early videos how the whore's trinity doctrine is such a blasphemous doctrine and why it is so.

Today I will share with you a parable that our Messiah gave that testifies against this doctrine.

This parable is recorded in;

Matthew 13:33

Another parable that He spoke to them was; the kingdom of heaven is like unto A WOMAN WHICH TOOK AND "CONCEALED" "THREE MEASURES OF LEAVEN" IN THE (WHEAT) FLOUR UNTIL ALL OF IT WAS LEAVENED.

In order to understand this parable, you have to understand why we are commanded to observe the Feast of Unleavened Bread each year.

You have to understand what this feast was ordained to teach us.

This feast is in just a couple of weeks now and most of you do not even know anything about it, less more observe it like we are commanded to each year.

It begins on April 2nd this year on satan's calendar.

This will be the 15th day of the 1st month on YEHWEH's restored calendar.

Also, you need to understand Yehshua's reference to the woman who concealed the leaven, as well as whom the wheat flour is referring to.

First I will start with the feast.

During this feast we are to get rid of all of the leavening within our gates for 7 days and we are to not eat anything with leavening in it during this time.

Plus, we are to eat unleavened bread on each of these 7 days.

That which is leavened is symbolic of anything that causes us to raise ourselves up above the Most High or above His word.

That which is leavened or causes us to become leavened is a reference to the bread of men.

The unleavened bread of life is YEHWEH's word.

It is the truth that delivers us into His family.

Our Messiah was made to be His word in the flesh; therefore He is referenced to as being the unleavened bread of life in the scriptures.

This is why He said that those who eat of His flesh and drink of His blood will enter into eternal life.

The reference to eating of His flesh is symbolic of feeding off of the unleavened bread of life which is YEHWEH's word.

The reference to the woman is a reference to the mother whore and her daughters who hid the leavening in with the wheat.

And the reference to the wheat flour is symbolic of those whom YEHWEH was building His temple from.

This parable shows that there was going to reach a point when all who were left of that which was supposed to be the wheat for the harvest became leavened by the leavening of the whore.

The three measures of leavening is symbolic of the whore's trinity doctrine, their 3 in 1 doctrine.

However, this is just part of the whore's leavening.

Not all of the wheat was leavened by this particular doctrine.

Some of the scattered nations of Israel came to a point where they saw through this blasphemous doctrine as YEHWEH called them into the truth.

But they let satan's other snares entrap them and keep them from continuing to come to His call.

This is why Yehshua said that many are called but only few are chosen.

They stopped coming to His Father's call, therefore they were not chosen.

It is just that the trinity doctrine is the example that Yehshua used to give a prophecy in this particular parable.

He was not only giving a parable, He was also giving a prophecy for the trinity doctrine that satan and his servants would establish after He was killed to continue to leaven the scattered nations of Israel with.

The way that the kingdom of heaven is like unto this parable is twofold.

One; YEHWEH concealed His truth which is His unleavened bread in His word to teach those who would hearken to His word to become unleavened.

And two; YEHWEH called out and finished His temple from the woman's midst before the whole loaf became totally leavened.

The two wave loaves that were made with fine flour for the Feast of First Fruits were baked with leaven.

This is recorded in Leviticus 23:17.

But they had to get rid of the leavening that was in them in order to become the first fruits.

The Feast of Unleavened Bread along with the rest of YEHWEH's word testifies to this.

If you do not believe that this is what this parable says, then you simply do not understand that you are of the multitude that is spoken about in the very next two verses that say;

Matthew 13

34 Yehshua spoke all of these things to the multitude in parables and He did not speak to them without using parables

35 so that it would be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying, I WILL OPEN HIS MOUTH IN PARABLES HE WILL UTTER THAT WHICH HAS BEEN "HIDDEN" FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD.

He spoke that which was hidden, but He spoke it in such a way that kept it hidden except for to those whom His Father let see it.

Let me ask you a few questions.

If things did not need to be restored at the time of the end, then why did Yehshua prophecy that His Father would send one in the spirit of Elijah to restore all things?

And why did His Father tell you that He would show you that which is recorded in His scriptures of truth at the time of the end through one man if you did not need to be shown it?

And if it was time for that which was hidden to be revealed during the days of our Messiah, then why did Yehshua speak to them in parables?

Why didn't He just tell them the hidden secrets instead of speaking to them in parables?

And if what I am speaking to you in these videos is not from the Most High, then how am I able to speak about things that have never been spoken about by anyone else?

I will tell you why.

It is because these things were hidden from the world why YEHWEH called out and sealed His First Fruits.

The first fruits had to conquer and overcome the lies without the knowledge of these secrets being readily available to them.

The had to hunger and thirst for YEHWEH's righteousness and for His kingdom through all of satan's swill.

And as they did, YEHWEH gave them understanding as long as they kept coming to His call.

But this is no longer how it is now that the first fruit harvest is complete.

Satan and his crew of rebellious misfits will soon be bound.

And YEHWEH has been revealing His hidden secrets to the world through His end time messenger of the covenant at this time like He said that He would.

He has been doing so in order to call a people to turn from your rebellion to Him in order to become the planting in the millennium where you can become part of His latter harvest into His family.

But the world is fast asleep and the good news of His coming kingdom is not going out to the world.

Nearly all of you who have heard have refused to offer up the offering in righteousness that He has called for you to offer up to Him at this time.

If you had offered it up to Him, the good news would have gone out.

And He even prophesied that it would not go out until it goes out on the wings of the coming calamity because of your stiff-necked, rebellious, uncircumcised hearts.

It is sad that you will not listen to your Creator without Him humbling you.

And what is even sadder is that most of you still will not be humbled even when His indignation is unleashed upon you.

Instead, His word says that you will blaspheme Him.

What is keeping you from seeing this is your pride.

You are lifted up above that which His word says.

You are full of the whore's leavening.

He is pleading with you to come out of mystery Babylon so that you will not become partakers with her in her destruction.

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym