Repairing The Breach





In order to be an effective deceiver, it has helped satan's efforts that he is like a good poker player.

He has set up a network of bluffs and distractions that he has in place to deceive the masses and to keep you deceived.

It is a simple reality that satan has deceived the world.

Our Creator's word says so;

Revelation 12:9

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent called the devil and satan WHICH DECEIVES ALL OF THE WORLD: he was cast out into the earth and the angels that followed his rebellion were cast out with him.

They were cast here to the earth and given the ability to deceive the world.

The only way that we are immune from their deceptions is if we are found under our Creator's protective wings.

And the only way that He places His protective covering upon us is if we are living our lives in the flesh trusting and obeying Him.

We have to be living to be found in His favor in order to receive His protection from the enemy's deceptions.

The articulate design that is found in how satan and his crew have their end time snares set up and in place is incredible.

His deceptions go back to having his servants mistranslate the scriptures and set up their false interpretations of end time prophecies.

In setting up his final hand to keep you and the masses deceived, he has all sorts of misdirection and rabbit trails in place.

One of his end time rabbit trails that he has set up is he has set up a supposed peace treaty that is being orchestrated through those whom he rules over.

His servant Obama is currently pitching this peace plan to the physical nation of Israel.

This whole deception is rooted in satan deceiving the masses to cause them to believe that some anti-messiah is going to set up a 7 year peace deal at the time of the end.

This show will long be over with before 7 years from now is up.

Yesterday we were just 330 days from the end of the 1,260 day witness that I have been sent to you with.

The third temple is already built and the spirit of the anti-messiah has been here for a long time.

It has been here ever since the first witness was sent to our ancestors nearly 2,000 years ago.

The anti-messiah is each of you if you are against why the true Messiah shed His blood.

He shed His blood so that we could be atoned for if we repent by turning to living in His Father's word in order to be found in His favor.

His blood is only applied on our behalf if we turn to living His Father's word to become as He is.

Repentance is turning from our rebellion to His word and it is the price tag for our Messiah's atoning sacrifice.

As part of satan's end time theater to keep people's focus elsewhere, he has Obama brokering a peace deal between Israel and Palestine.

As with all of his rabbit trails and bluffs, he has gone to great efforts set up this distraction.

He has Obama going to Jerusalem before the Passover to bring this peace deal to them.

He has even lead different medias and others to refer to Obama as the messiah.

Satan's setting this up the way that he has is just one of his many carefully orchestrated distractions that he has in place.

The truth is, unless you turn from your rebellion to YEHWEH's word, you are getting ready to be purged from before His face.

The truth has nothing to do with satan's many cleverly set up distractions like Obama's peace deal.

Living the truth will set you free from satan's snares.

The truth is YEHWEH Elohiym's word.

The truth says that YEHWEH cast satan and his crew of rebellious misfits to the earth in order to deceive us and to keep us in the captivity.

He did so so that the only way that we could be awarded eternal life was to overcome them by living His word.

Those who have done so have become His temple.

If you are waiting and watching for a 3rd temple to be built and for some anti-messiah to emerge on the scene to declare that he is the Most High, the truth is going to escape from you.

Therefore eternal life will escape from you.

The whole belief that this is going to happen comes from satan's servants mistranslating the scriptures and from the writings of the abomination of desolation Saul of Tarsus.

Like I said, the 3rd temple is already built.

If you want to become part of a latter harvest into YEHWEH's family, you are going to have to turn from your rebellion to that which He gave to us to teach us His righteousness.

Daniel chapter 9, verses 24 through 27 is a 490 year prophecy that testifies to Yehshua being the true Messiah.

It does not say anything about an anti-messiah.

This is discussed in "The 7 Year Tribulation" video.

If I were you, instead of spending your time watching for Obama to bring forth a 7 year peace plan before the Passover this year, I would be spending your time preparing to obey YEHWEH's Passover instructions that He commanded us to observe each year.

I would be preparing to obtain a male lamb or goat of the first year that is without blemish on the 10th day of the 1st month on His restored calendar.

The timing of this year's Passover is not according to what those calling themselves Jews say that it is.

The 14th day of the 1st month on YEHWEH's restored calendar will fall on April 1st on man's calendar that they got from their father satan.

If you remain lifted up above YEHWEH's word and what it testifies to and you refuse to receive that satan has deceived you, you will remain in his snare and you will soon die in it.

Repent of your rebellion to our Creator's word, His kingdom is at hand.

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym