Repairing The Breach





Today is the 18th day of the 11th month on our Creator's restored calendar.

It is the anniversary of Noah letting loose the 2nd dove that returned to him with the olive branch.

This day falls on February 4th on the calendar that man uses that they got from their father satan.

Someone sent me a story the other day that reported that the mother whore's leader Benedict the XVI let loose two white doves 8 days ago.

He let these two doves loose as part of an annual event that they call the "caravan of peace"

The reporters reported that the first dove that he let loose flew away disoriented but eventually made it to a nearby ledge.

They reported that the second dove was not so lucky.

Here is a photo of the second dove's release that was posted by the associated press.

This photo was taken by Gregorio Borgia


(AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia)

As you can see, it was viciously attacked by a sea gull.

I want to emphasize that this happened 8 days ago.

This means that this happened 8 days prior to the actual timing of the anniversary of the 2nd dove being released.

8 days is very significant in YEHWEH's timeline.

All males are to be circumcised on the 8th day.

An unclean woman is not clean until the 8th day.

Jeroboam profaned YEHWEH's 7th month feast by switching it to the 8th month.

And the 8th day High Sabbath following the 7 day Feast of Temporary Dwellings is very significant in testifying to YEHWEH's 7,000 year plan that He has in place to build His eternal family.

I mentioned in yesterday's video that in a 3rd tier of the 377 days of the flood account, that within the corresponding time in this 377 day countdown, that the timing of the 1st dove being let loose will fall on the 8th day High Sabbath on the 22nd day of the 7th month this year.

This 8th day High Sabbath that follows the 7 day Feast of Temporary Dwellings will land on October 6th this year on satan's calendar.

What happened during the release of the two doves by Benedict on January 27th was significant for other biblical reasons as well.

Like I said, it happened on what they call the "caravan of peace".

The false shepherds speak of a false or a pseudo-peace.

Benedict and the rest of satan's servants are correct that there is no peace between nations nor between man's religions.

But what they are incorrect about is preaching that there is peace found in their abominable religion.

They preach peace in the make believe blood of their make believe messiah.

This is not true peace because it is not eternal peace.

This false since of peace is prophesied about in the writings of the prophets.

One of the places that it is prophesied of is found in;

Ezekiel 13

10 For this reason, because they (the false shepherds) have led my people astray, SAYING, "PEACE" and there is no peace; and you built up a wall and behold, it was daubed with UNTEMPERED MORTAR:

It was daubed with false salvation doctrines that gave their flocks a false security in their eternal status.

11 Say to them which daub the wall with UNTEMPERED MORTAR, IT WILL FALL: there will be a gushing rain of hailstones AND IT (and YOU who remain in it) WILL FALL; the storms and the winds will break it down.

12 Lo, when your wall has fallen, will it not be said to you, where is the daubing wherewith you have daubed it?

Another place that this is spoken about is in;

Jeremiah 6

13 Because from the least of you even unto the greatest of you EVERY ONE IS GIVEN TO COVETOUSNESS; and from the prophet even unto the priest, EVERY ONE LIVES IN LIES.


15 YOU ARE NOT ASHAMED OF THE ABOMINATIONS that you have committed nor do you blush for your disgrace: THEREFORE YOU WILL FALL AMONG THEM THAT FALL: AT THE TIME THAT I VISIT YOU, you will be cast down, says YEHWEH.

YEHWEH goes on to say through His prophet Jeremiah;

16 Thus says YEHWEH, STAND IN "THE WAY" (stand in His Torah), and see, "AND ASK FOR THE OLD PATH", THIS IS "THE GOOD WAY", and WALK ON IT and you will acquire rest for your souls. But you have said; WE WILL NOT WALK THEREIN.


He has raised up His watchman and sent him to you to tell you to return to the paths of old.

Return to the Torah with the statutes and judgments.

Return to having a heart like Abraham and the rest of the patriarchs had.

Return to living YEHWEH's word that He gave to us to circumcise our hearts to become as He is.

Hearken to the sound of the shofar that began to sound 47 days ago.

I spoke yesterday how 47 days is a dual mirror of the 7 days of Noah loading the Ark and the 40 days and 40 nights of the waters coming on the earth that followed.

Here is another piece of trivia for you;

Today we are 350 days from January 20th.

Noah lived for 350 years after the flood.

A day for a year.

Since today I am speaking about the false peace that is found in man's religions;

Here is what our Messiah says about whether or not He brought peace when His Father sent Him;

Matthew 10

34 Do not think that I have come "TO SEND PEACE" on earth: I DID NOT come to send peace, BUT A SWORD (The sword is His Father's word).

Our Messiah was made to be His Father's word in the flesh.

Our Messiah was given the name "YEHWEH's word"

His word says so.

35 Because I have come TO DIVIDE a man against his father and a daughter against her mother and a daughter in law against her mother in law. (His Father's word divides the light from the dark)

36 And a man's own household (his family) will be His enemy.

37 He that loves father or mother more than me (more than His Father's word) is not worthy of me and he that loves son or daughter more than me (more than His Father's word) is not worthy of me.

The peace that the false shepherds of christianity and the false shepherds in the rest of man's abominable religions offer is based on lies that they got from their father satan.

There is only one pathway to eternal peace and it is YEHWEH's word.

The true Messiah said so.

And this true Messiah is about ready to return with His Father's word coming out of His mouth like a sword to consume all of you who continue to oppose it.

According to how our Creator reckons the days, the pre-dawn hours of this morning just happens to line up being 40 days after this past year's mass of the whore's make believe messiah on December 25th.

This could only line up this way on a restored 30 day month.

Today also lines up being 55 days from the whore's easter bunny celebration that satan mocks YEHWEH's Passover with.

For those of you who do not know about His 55/40 stamp of authenticity, I will point you to listen to the videos that have already been posted on this site.

There is too much information that YEHWEH is giving at this time to afford me the time to keep going back over what He has already given.

I will tell you that it is not a coincidence that the 2nd dove of "so called peace" that the roman king let loose was attacked 8 days ago.

Peace, which is "the pathway to eternal life" will prevail here on earth but it will not come through the blasphemous message of the Roman Empire and their puppet.

Like I said, the true Messiah will bring it, but first He will destroy all that opposes that which produces it which is YEHWEH's word.

It is not only His Father's word that is the only pathway to true peace.

It is His Father's word that will define whose side you are on in the coming days.

Concerning peace, Ezekiel went on to prophesy;

Ezekiel 13

16 The prophets of Israel which prophesy concerning Jerusalem and which see visions "OF PEACE" for her, and there is no peace, saith Adonai YEHWEH.

17 You son of man, set your face against the daughters of your people, WHICH PROPHESY FROM THEIR INTELLECT (from your own thoughts and opinions that you got from your father satan) and prophesy against them,

18 And say, thus saith Adonai YEHWEH; Woe to you WHO SEW SOFT SEATS upon all of the knuckles of your hands and make veils upon the heights of your heads AND LIE IN WAIT for souls AND LIE IN WAIT FOR THE SOULS OF MY PEOPLE TELLING THEM "THAT THEY WILL LIVE" (giving them false salvation hopes).

The soft seats that YEHWEH is referring to are the false salvation hopes that the false shepherds give to their flocks.

The following verses prove this;

19 You defile me among my people for handfuls of barley and for pieces of bread and YOU "SLAY" THE SOULS THAT "SHOULD NOT DIE" AND YOU "GIVE LIFE" TO THE SOULS THAT "SHOULD NOT LIVE" WITH YOUR LYING TO MY PEOPLE that hear your lies.

20 Wherefore thus saith Adonai YEHWEH; Behold, I am against YOUR SOFT CUSHIONS that you spread out "to lie in wait" for souls. I will tear them from your arms and will send away "your" souls, "the souls" that spread out "TO LIE IN WAIT" (to deceive others).

21 I will tear your veils and deliver my people out of your hand, AND THEY WILL NO LONGER BE IN YOUR HAND TO BE SNARED BY YOUR NETS; and you will know that I am YEHWEH.

22 Because your falsehood "HAS GRIEVED THE RIGHTEOUS HEARTS" whom I have not been grieved with; AND YOU "HAVE GIVEN COURAGE" to the hands of the wicked SO THAT "HE WOULD NOT TURN FROM HIS WICKED WAYS" "BY PROMISING HIM LIFE" (giving them false salvation hopes)

23 Therefore you will NO LONGER DISTRIBUTE DIVINATIONS NOR PERCEIVE VANITY: I will deliver my people out of your hand and you will know that I am YEHWEH.

Folks, this is real.

Your rebellion to the Most High's word is about to be recompensed if you do not turn from it.

Pull your heads out of the sand and believe our Messiah instead of believing satan's servants like Saul of tarsus.

Like I said earlier; YEHWEH's word says that the true Messiah was made to be His Father's word in the flesh.

His word says that the true Messiah was given the name "YEHWEH's word"

His word says so.

The true Messiah said;

John 3:18

18 He that believes "INTO" me (THEREFORE HE THAT BELEIVES INTO HIS FATHER'S WORD) is not condemned: but he that does not believe (INTO HIS FATHER'S WORD) IS CONDEMNED ALREADY, because he has not believed "INTO THE NAME" of YEHWEH's only begotten Son.

I keep saying in these videos that this is not complicated because it is not.

It is simply a matter of believing YEHWEH's word that His Son testified to.

It is a matter of believing into the true image of His Son.

His Son did not testify to Saul's writings.

He testified against them.

He said that wolves in sheep's clothing would come to us and deceive many.

He said that because of their teachings that the violations of His Father's Torah would abound and that the love of many for His Father's true image, His righteousness would wax cold.

This is just a reality that YEHWEH's word testifies to.

Many of you speak of how you love our Creator and His Son.

You lie to yourselves.

You love your make believe images of them that you believe into.

If you loved the true image of them, you would love their righteousness that YEHWEH's word testifies to.

Therefore you would love His word and live it.

Yehshua Himself said that if you really loved Him, then you would keep the commandments.

This He did not even speak in a parable.

He said it plainly.

But other things He did speak in parables.

And He did so for a reason and by His Father's design.

If you cannot handle that the true Messiah spoke in parables so that none of us could understand what He spoke unless His Father gave us His 7 spirits, then so be it.

Dying you will soon die in your rebellion.

He spoke in parables because His Father was calling out a certain mindset from our midst to become His temple.

This mindset was a mindset that believed into our Creator's righteousness that His word testifies to.

Yehshua spoke that in order to receive His Father's 7 spirits to guide us; we have to obey His commandments.

If you do not believe this, you simply do not believe the true Messiah's own words.

And He spoke His Father's word.

He became it and told us that we must follow Him in order to have eternal life or eternal peace awarded to us.

There is no other peace.

Why do you think He said things like many are called but only few are chosen?

Why do you think that He spoke about a narrow path that only few find?

Anyway, today is the anniversary of Noah letting loose the 2nd dove.

And this dove did not get attacked by a seagull like the roman king's dove did.

It returned to Noah with an olive branch.

The olive branch is symbolic of the two witnesses who stand before YEHWEH's face between Him and the whole world.

The golden oil from the golden candlestick flows out through them.

His word says so.

The golden oil is YEHWEH's 7 spirits.

The two witnesses bear witness to what is required of you in order for you to receive this oil.

Turn from your rebellion, YEHWEH's kingdom is at hand.

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym of Hosts