Repairing The Breach





There is an ultimate ultimatum that is found in our Creator's bottom line.

He had His servants the prophets speak this ultimatum to the children of Israel whom He was calling to become His eternal family.

It is the same ultimatum that YEHWEH gave to Adam and Eve in the garden.

He said to Adam;

Genesis 2

16 And YEHWEH Elohiym commanded the man, saying, you can freely eat of every tree in the garden...

17 ...but you shall not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil because the day that you eat from it, DYING YOU WILL DIE.

Eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is representative of rebelling against YEHWEH's word.

It is rebelling against His instructions.

It was Adam and Eve's choice to not hearken to His instruction and to decide right from wrong for themselves by listening to the tutelage of the deceiver that got them cast from YEHWEH's garden of life.

And the end result of them choosing to do so was and still is the death penalty.

This is YEHWEH's bottom line.

This is what His word says.

He cuts us off from His favor when we rebel against His instructions in the same manner that He cut off Adam and Eve and cast them away from His garden of life.

But the death penalty has not always been imminent like it is at this time.

Yet the penalty has always been in place ever since He placed man here on the earth.

His word says so.

For the most part, except for examples like His immediately killing Uzza for reaching out to stabilize the Ark of the covenant when the ox stumbled when David was bringing the Ark back, the death penalty has been reserved for after a person has lived out their lives in the flesh.

And the eternal penalty will come for them at the time of the judgment.

Yet it is a reality that His word declares this penalty for the unrepentant person who lives his or her life in rebellion to His word.

Our Messiah said;

Matthew 10:28

Do not fear them that can kill the body but are not able to kill your eternal life: BUT RATHER FEAR HIM WHO IS ABLE TO DESTROY BOTH BODY AND ETERNAL LIFE IN THE LAKE OF FIRE (Gehenna fire).

This is just a reality.

Was our Messiah being unloving for speaking about the gehenna fire in His parables like He did?

If a person has no fear of the consequences for transgressing against the Most High's instructions and you have no fear for transgressing against why He created you, you have risen yourself up above Him.

Like Adam and Eve, you simply know better than He does and you have chosen to tell Him how it is.

And for your choice, at least for the most part, He has simply allowed you to go your own way to do so.

At least this has been the case up until the here and the now.

His word speaks of this time that we are in when He would put an end to man's self-rule under the tutelage of satan.

Some of you have spoken to me how you think that I am unloving to speak of His imminent death penalty the way that I have.

The unloving thing to do would be to not speak about it.

Like I said, was it unloving for Yehshua to speak about the gehenna fire the way that He did in His parables?

Was it unloving for the rest of the prophets to speak about the death penalty for transgressing against the Most High like they did?

No, the unloving thing to do is let people march along on satan's different paths that lead to the lake of fire.

What is unloving is for a parent to not teach their children the pathway to eternal life.

It is not loving them to pat them on the back and to teach them or let them live lies that lead to the death penalty.

It is not love to not try to correct others from their ways if their ways are a path that leads to death.

It is the spirit of murder to do so.

In YEHWEH's song that He gave to Moses, the song that He commanded for us to teach to our children's children to be a witness against us, He said;

Deuteronomy 32

32 Because your vine is of the vine of Sodom and is of the fields of Gomorrah: YOUR GRAPES ARE GRAPES OF GALL, your clusters are bitter:



35 TO ME BELONGS VENGEANCE AND RECOMPENSE; therefore, IN ITS TIME, your foot will fall, the day of your calamity is prepared TO HASTILY COME TO YOU, saith YEHWEH.

36 Because I will judge my people and sigh to myself for my subjects WHEN I SEE THAT YOUR POWER IS GONE AND THERE IS NONE TO YOU SET FREE.

Is YEHWEH being unloving to speak such a thing in such a way?

He Himself says here in verse 34;


He says here in this song that He gave to us to be a witness against us at the time of the end that His wrath will be sent to those of you who have rejected the truth that would have set you free.

And because of this, now you will be recompensed if you do not turn back to it.

He goes on to say;

37 And I will say, where are your elohiyms, where is your rock in whom you have trusted

38 which did eat the fat of your sacrifices and drank the wine of your drink offerings? LET THEM RISE UP AND HELP YOU AND BE YOUR PROTECTION.

Is our Creator being unloving in saying this?

Or is He being just?

Is His vengeance not in His storehouse like He said?

He gave us His word to warn of us of this day.

He gave us this song to warn us.

He said so.

He sent His prophets to us to warn us of His judgment ahead of time.

And now He has sent me to you to tell you that it is now imminent because the time for His cleansing is at hand.

He is pleading with you to turn from your rebellion to Him before He pleads with you on different terms that you are not going to like.

His prophet Ezekiel said;

Ezekiel 18

1 YEHWEH's word came to me, saying,

2 How do you liken this parable unto the land of Israel, saying, YOUR FATHERS HAVE EATEN SOUR GRAPES AND THE CHILDREN'S TEETH ARE SET ON EDGE?

3 As I live, saith YEHWEH Elohiym, Israel will not continue be likened to this parable.

He is saying that a time would come in the future when this parable will no longer be applied to the house of Israel.

He is saying that Israel will no longer be likened to this parable because He is going to purge out those of you who continue to be likened to it.

And He goes on to say why;

4 Behold, all lives are mine; as the life of the father is mine, so are the lives of their children: THE LIFE THAT SINS, IT WILL DIE.


6 AND HAS NOT "EATEN ACCORDING TO THE MOUNTAINS OF MEN", AND HAS NOT LIFTED UP HIS EYES TO THE IDOLS OF THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL and has not defiled his neighbor's wife and has not come near to a menstruating woman,

He is clearly listing His righteous judgments that are recorded in His word in these verses so that we cannot say that He is referring to something different.

He is saying that a day would come in the future when all of you who sin against His word will be cut down.

Dying you will die.

There will no longer be the sour grape to eat because the lies and those of you who feed them to others will be cast down.

In verse 6, He is telling us that if we eat the leavened bread of satan's servants, that which comes from men led by the deceiver and not from YEHWEH Elohiym, that we are not righteous before His face.

Our righteousness must be His righteousness therefore it must be based on His statutes and judgments.

His word says so.

He goes on;

7 And has not oppressed other men, and has returned his pledge to the debtor, and has not stolen spoil, and has given bread to the hungry and has clothed the naked with garments;

8 and has not lent money with interest and has not taken increase with unjust hands and turns "TO DO JUDGMENT AND TRUTH" between other men,


He goes on to explain this in even more detail in the following verses.

The bottom line is, He is saying that the life that transgresses against His word will one day die.

But before you die for eternity, Yehshua said that you will have weeping and gnashing of teeth.

This is what this parable means by your teeth being set on edge.

You will know that you have sinned against the Most High.

According to our Messiah, every idle word that you have spoken will be given over to judgment at the time of the judgment.

Our Creator has sent and is now continuing to send these warnings to you because He is calling a people into repentance in order to deliver you into the millennium.

If you want to continue to drink the wine of fornication, the wine that comes from sour grapes, this is your choice.

Dying you will die.

This is not a new ultimatum.

It is the same ultimatum that has always been in place ever since He put man in the garden.

Your wine that comes from the sour grapes will not intoxicate you enough to numb you from what is being sent upon you to get your attention.

The sour grapes are also mentioned in a prophesy in Isaiah 18 as well as in Jeremiah 31.

In Jeremiah 31, it is spoken about before He speaks about the new covenant where He will write His Torah in our hearts and in our inward parts.

In Isaiah, He says that before the harvest, the sour grape will yield it recompense.

It will be cut down like a twig is cut down with a pruning hook and cast down.

In Jeremiah we read the same thing;

Jeremiah 31

28 And it will be, as I watched over YOU TO PLUCK UP AND TO BREAK DOWN AND TO CAST DOWN AND TO DESTROY AND TO AFFLICT; so will I watch over a people to build and to plant, saith YEHWEH.

29 IN THOSE DAYS THEY WILL NO LONGER SAY, our fathers have eaten the sour grape and the children's teeth are set on edge.

30 BUT EVERY ONE WILL DIE FOR HIS OWN INIQUITY: (dying they will die) and every man that eats the sour grape, HIS TEETH WILL BE SET ON EDGE.

There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

These are the words of the Most High.

These are the words that He gave to His prophets to speak.

Our Messiah said;

Matthew 23:37

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, YOU KILL THE PROPHETS AND STONE THEM WHICH ARE SENT TO YOU, how often I would have gathered your children as a hen gathers her brood under her wings BUT YOU WOULD NOT HEARKEN!

What part of this about YEHWEH's coming judgment do you not understand?

His word has spoken it and He has spoken why He is sending it.

His word says that it is because you have not hearkened to His Torah.

His word says that it is because you have profaned His Sabbaths and you put no difference between the clean and the unclean.

The reason why our ancestors stoned and killed His prophets is because they did not like the warnings that He sent through them.

They killed our Messiah because they did not like Him calling them the snakes and the vipers and the liars and the hypocrites that they were.

For the same reason, nearly all of you have not liked what YEHWEH has sent me to speak to you.

Yet what I have spoken is the same words that His Son and the rest of His prophets spoke.

Why do you think that He gave it to Ezekiel to record that 96.66667% of you are going to die?

Why did His Son say that many are called but few are chosen?

Why did His Son say that if you want to have eternal life that you have to keep the commandments?

Why did He say that we must walk as He walked in order to have eternal life awarded to us?

And He lived by His Father's every word so walking as He walked is doing the same as He did.

Why do you think that you are immune from having to obey our Creator but Adam and Eve were not?

Why do you think that you are immune from the death penalty for rebelling against His word even though His word says that He is going to sentence you to it because of your rebellion to His word?

I will tell you why.

It is because you have lifted yourself up above the Most High's word.

Therefore you have made yourself to be as He is to define right from wrong for yourselves.

You have chosen to feed off of and to believe the mountains of men that were led by satan instead of feeding off of and believing the unleavened bread of life that His Son became in the flesh.

The problem for you in your choice to do so is; this is not your show.

You are not the Creator.

Nor was your boy Saul of Tarsus, nor are the rest of satan's servants whom you have chosen to follow.

You can tell me how mean that I am being and how unloving that I am and how uncompassionate that I am for saying this all that you want to.

Your doing so actually proves that YEHWEH's word has no place in your hearts.

The reality is that I am crying out to you out of love for you to turn from your rebellion and to live.

I am pleading with you to turn to that which will give you eternal life in the Most High's family.

His word says woe to the false shepherds who give you soft cushions to set on and promise you life by giving you false salvation doctrines.

Most of you write me and tell me woe to me.

It just so happens that I am standing with YEHWEH's word in what I have spoken.

Whose word are you standing with in telling me woe to me?

I can tell you whose word you are standing with.

It is your father satan's word who led his false shepherds to sew the soft cushions for you to set on, the cushions that you love to set on so much.

He was a liar from the beginning because the truth is not in him.

Nor is it in his servants, nor those of you who follow them.

Was our Messiah being unloving when He told the religious of the day that they were of their father the devil for the same reasons?

The name of the video is called the ultimate ultimatum.

The ultimate ultimatum that YEHWEH has sent me to give to you is the same ultimate ultimatum that He has given to you through the rest of His servants the prophets, including His first born Son.

It is that the life that transgresses against Him will die.

It is just that now this sentence is upon you in a more imminent way because the time for your rebellion to Him to no longer be allowed is at hand.

His Son will soon be here to rule with a rod of iron.

This is just a reality of the time that we live in.

And what an awesome time this will be with YEHWEH's will being a way of life here on earth as it is in heaven and those who oppose His will being purged out.

It will be awesome indeed.

In any case, the ultimate ultimatum is in front of you.

Choose life and live.

Otherwise, dying you will die.

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym