390 PLUS 40

Today I will share with you yet another match in the scriptures that testifies to the coming 7 day march that begins in just a couple of days.

Therefore it is another match that testifies to the judgment of the great whore and her daughters on December 25th.

Ezekiel 4:4-7

4 Lie upon your left side and put the iniquity of the house of Israel upon it. YOU SHALL LIFT UP THEIR INIQUITY for the number of the days that you lie upon it.

5 For I have given to you the years of their iniquity according to the number of the days; THREE HUNDRED AND NINETY DAYS that you shall lift up the iniquity of the house of Israel.

6 And when you have finished them, lie again on your right side and you shall lift up the iniquity of the house of Judah for FORTY DAYS: I have given to you each day for a year.

7 Thus you shall MAKE READY FOR (prepare for) the siege of Jerusalem before your face and YOUR ARM WILL BE UNCOVERED, thus you shall prophesy against them.

It is looking like now you are finally going to know that He has sent me to you.

And most of you are not going to like it.

In prophecy, there are always 30 days in a month.

Therefore, from the last day of any particular day of the year until the same day the following year would be 360 prophetic days.

360 plus 30 equals 390.

The three on this side and three on the other side prophecy that I was sent with took us to the last day of the Feast of Temporary Dwellings this year.

This last day was 3- 30 day periods from when I was told to scatter the last third of my hair on July 12th.

This day landed on October 10th.

The next day was the 8th day high Sabbath that follows this 7 day Feast.

30 days later was November 9th.

This made for the 8th day High Sabbath last year to be 390 prophetic days prior to November 9thof this year.

On this High Sabbath YEHWEH led me to post a video called; "Pray That Your Flight Be Not In the Winter"

I went back and listened to this video today and was amazed at the prophetic significance that was in it that applies to the here and the now.

My being spit out of the belly of the plane back in the U.S. 30 days prior to July 19th and then the 84 days that followed it contained symbolism for who Jerusalem is referring to in the end time prophecies.

The 84 days was a prophetic outcome of Yehshua's prayer and His prophecy "Father, if there be any other way".

This 84 days between the Feast of First fruits on July 19th and the last day of the Feast of Temporary dwellings was symbolic of me lying dead in the streets of Jerusalem for 84 hours (3 ½ days).

And this set up the testimony that the United States is in fact the heart of Israel which makes it symbolic of being Jerusalem in the end time prophecies.

There were other factors in this that testified to this as well.

In the "Pray That Your Flight Be Not in the Winter" video that was posted 390 prophetic days before November 9th, I expanded on the symbolism that is associated with the 8th day High Sabbath.

So much of this symbolism plays into the here and the now in a huge way.

The 8th day ultimately points to the Great White Throne of Judgment.

But YEHWEH has also clearly shown that it points to His judgment at this time.

He did so by tying in the timing of Jeroboam's profaned feast in the 8th month into His timeline.

In the video I said that this would be the last such 8th day High Sabbath before Yehshua's return.

At that time I was in error in thinking how and when the wrath would be poured out.

But I was not wrong in saying that it was the last such High Sabbath before His return on July 19th.

July 19th did in fact represent His return for the First Fruit harvest.

He did return as a thief in the night for this harvest like He prophesied that He would.

Since then we have had another 8th day High Sabbath.

This landed on October 11th on YEHWEH's restored calendar.

This set up Him stamping His judgment on Israel for profaning His feasts along with profaning the rest of His appointed times.

He did so with the 2nd tier to the 30 day Hosea and Zechariah prophesies where He said that He will bring down the false shepherds and the scattered flocks of Israel in one month.

30 days after the 8th day High Day was November 9th.

And this was the anniversary of the 8th day Sabbath of Jeroboam's profaned feast of the 8th month.

Jeroboam was given the 10 tribes of Israel to rule over and to guard and to hold fast to YEHWEH's statutes and judgments.

YEHWEH used His 8th day association in this to stamp it as His judgment since the 8th day points to the Great White Throne of Judgment.

November 9th capped off the 390 day prophecy of me laying on my left side to prophecy against Israel.

Then verse 6 tells me that after I did this, He tells me to lie on my right side and to lift up the iniquity of the house of Judah for FORTY DAYS.

After November 9th, He started funneling His judgment into the 7 day period that begins 40 days after it.

Notice that verse 7 says;

Thus you shall MAKE READY FOR (prepare for) THE SIEGE OF JERUSALEM before your face and YOUR ARM WILL BE UNCOVERED.

Yes, I am indeed sure that this perfect match is yet just another coincidence that is found in YEHWEH's word.

I say this to you sarcastically because almost none of you have hearkened to what He has restored in spite of all of the perfect matches in the prophecy that He has sent me to you with that are recorded in His word.

Therefore you must be writing them off as coincidences.

It is amazing how stiff-necked your hearts are.

As far as things not unfolding like I thought they would, if you would just think about it, it had to be this way.

If YEHWEH had revealed everything in His timeline to me in the beginning, it could not have unfolded per His perfect design like it has.

For instance, if He had showed me this 390 day period and this 40 day period prior to July 19th or even prior to November 9th, it would have fouled up the perfect testimony to His word that He sent me to you with.

The way that He has revealed it has been brilliant in design at testifying to His word and at testifying against your rebellion to His word.

There is no way that any of you could not be in awe of how this has unfolded if you are in awe of His word.

I keep saying that this is about His word and standing with it and standing with that which it testifies to.

His word has been the proof all along of the testimony that He has sent me to you with.

This 390/40 day prophecy testifies to the coming 7 day march, just like the back to back 40 day prophecies that started on the Day of Atonement and end on December 19th, with November 9th in the middle testify to it.

These two 40 day periods testify to it in lieu of Moses's back to back 40 days on mount Horeb tied in with Elijah's 40 days on the mount.

And His wrath being held back through the events thus far in the prophecy that He sent me to you with is testified to through the small quiet voice prophecy that was given to Elijah at the end of the 40 days on the mount.

This prophecy tells us that His wrath was not to be in the mighty wind, nor in the earthquake, nor in the refiner's fire.

But He could not have revealed this ahead of time and still had this unfold brilliantly like it has.

The 390 plus 40 in this prophecy is significant to the here and the now as well.

The total is 430 days which YEHWEH told Ezekiel to record is symbolic of 430 years.

He says that each day is to be for a year.

The Exodus out of Egypt was in the year 2448.

YEHWEH made the covenant with Abraham in the year 2018.

This is 430 years apart.

The significance of this should be a no brainer to you.

Especially in lieu of all of the videos that explain that He has sent to you telling you to turn to having a hearts like Abraham's.

And in lieu of Him sending me to you to tell you that you have to enter into the terms of the renewed covenant in order for Him to deliver you out of the bondage.

Plus, both His Son and I have been sent to tell you that you have to flee to the Mountains to be part of a second Exodus.

Plus in this 40 day prophecy, you have the symbolism of 40 years in the desert that Israel was sentenced to for their rebellion after the first Exodus out of Egypt.

And like I have been saying, at least they were willing to trust and obey and to flee physically at that time.

Yehshua said;

Matthew 24


21 Because then will be great tribulation such as has not been since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever will be.

In the "Pray That Your Flight Be Not in the Winter" video, I spoke that He was referring to a particular Sabbath day.

I said that He was referring to the 8th day High Sabbath that is in the fall before the winter arrives.

He put much urgency on fleeing physically in the preceding verses.

He said;

16 At that time, let those which are in Judaea ESCAPE INTO THE MOUNTAINS:

17 Let the one who is on the roof come down AND NOT EVEN TAKE OUT OF HIS HOUSE:

18 NEITHER let the one who is in the field RETURN BACK TO TAKE HIS CLOTHES.

Winter is already upon us and the 8th day High Sabbath this year has passed.

Jeroboam's leading Israel to rebel against YEHWEH's word with his 8th month feast abomination has been stamped to His coming judgment.

And He has stamped the great whore and her daughter's blasphemous christmas abomination and their easter bunny abomination along with all other pagan abominations like the Mayan nonsense into His judgment as well.

We are now less than a couple of days before the shofar will sound for 7 days.

The following day after the 7th day is another Sabbath that you are going to want to be fled to the mountains before it comes.

Turn from your rebellion and flee to the mountains and flee from the lies.

His kingdom is at hand because the 430 days of Ezekiel's prophecy is about up.

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym