The inhabitants of the world have chosen to lift themselves up above our Creator's word.

You have chosen to tell Him how it is.

You have chosen to tell Him what you will obey and what you won't obey.

You have chosen to tell Him how and when you will worship Him, if you will even worship Him at all.

Not only this; you have gone so far as to tell Him who He is.

You have defined His character however you have seen fit to.

You have made Him to be who you want Him to be in your hearts; therefore you have made Him in the image of your own hearts fashioning.

And He has allowed for you to do so.

He has allowed for you to go your own way and live your three score and ten.

And for those of you who are in the English speaking countries who are buried in the lies of christianity, He has called out those who would hearken to Him from your midst to become His temple of first fruits.

His word testifies that those of you in these countries are primarily the descendants of Israel.

During the time that He built His temple, He showed Himself strong to many of you in order to call you out of the lies so that you could become His children.

He provided for you and blessed you through the birthright promises that He passed down through the decedents of Abraham.

This is especially true for those of you from the tribes of Ephraim and Manassas who Jacob, who was given the name Israel, placed his name blessing upon.

YEHWEH blessed you in order to call you to Him.

His Son said;

Matthew 22:14

Because many are called, BUT FEW ARE CHOSEN.

It is recorded that He said this twice but here in Matthew 22 it was right after He gave the parable about being bid to the King's Son's wedding banquet.

He told us elsewhere that we have to lose our lives for His Father's kingdom sake and for His name's sake.

In Matthew 19 it is recorded that He told us everyone that leaves houses or brothers or sisters or wives or children or mother or father for His name's sake will inherit eternal life.

For His name's sake is for His Father's word's sake because He was given the name "His Father's word".

His Father's word is the pathway to eternal life.

In other words, our Messiah was telling us that we need to leave everything and anything that keeps us from walking on the pathway that leads us to receiving the prize of eternal life in His Father's kingdom.

In the parable of the wedding banquet, many were bidden to the King's banquet for His Son, but here is what Yehshua said;

Matt 22:5

5 But they NEGLECTED THE INVITATION, and went their own ways, one to his farm, another to his trade.

In this parable He said that only those who would be given the wedding garments would be given admittance to the banquet.

For the others, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The wedding garments have to be washed in His blood in order to be made white.

But His blood has a price tag.

The price tag is genuine repentance.

The invitation is YEHWEH's call for us to turn to Him.

It is a call to repentance which is turning from our rebellion to His word.

His word testifies that the bridegroom's name is His word.

Like Yehshua said, many are called, few are chosen.

There is a reason why so few are chosen.

The reason why is because only a few came to His Father's invitation to turn from their rebellion to Him.

Few chose to lose their lives for Yehshua's names sake.

Like I said; His name is His Father's word; His Father's word says so.

This means that few chose to lose their lives for His Father's word's sake.

Instead you have lifted yourselves up above His word.

I posted a video the other day explaining how being in His word is more than just reading it.

It is doing it.

And being in His word is more than just doing what you choose to do; it is making every word that He spoke a way of life like His Son who told us to follow Him did.

And it is doing so with the intent of His thoughts becoming our thoughts and His way our way.

It is not picking and choosing what you will hearken to and what you will not hearken to.

I have had people who I know personally tell me that they are obeying Him.

Because I know them personally, I know that some of them are not obeying a single one of His commandments.

They do not even obey His commandment; "Thou shall not kill" because they have sent their children out of their nests on pathways that lead to the lake of fire.

How is this not the spirit of murder?

YEHWEH commanded us;

Deuteronomy 6

4 Hear O Israel: YEHWEH Elohiym is one YEHWEH:

5 And you shall love YEHWEH Elohiym with all of your heart and with all of your life and with all diligence.

6 And these words which I command to you this day shall be in your heart:

7 And you shall "SHARPEN" your children with them, and talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise up.

If you do not want to accept accountability for not teaching your children His pathway, this is your choice.

Prepare to be purged from before His face.

If you think that your not teaching your children to live YEHWEH's word is not murder, then what did Yehshua mean when He said;

John 8

44 You are of your father the devil and you do the desire of your father.

He was A MURDERER from the beginning, HE DID NOT ABIDE IN (HE DID NOT LIVE IN) "THE TRUTH" (and He said that the truth is His Father's word, therefore satan did not live YEHWEH's word, he rebelled against it, and because he taught others to do the same, he was a murderer), BECAUSE THERE IS "NO TRUTH" IN HIM. (in other words, YEHWEH's word was not in Him)

Can you read this verse and say that it says something different?

Folk's you have to flee the lies and start following after our Messiah, walking as He walked.

If you do not, you are about ready to die in your rebellion to the Most High.

Yehshua said;

Matthew 10:38-39

38 And he that does not take up his stake AND FOLLOW AFTER ME IS NOT WORTHY OF ME. (Following after Him is walking as He walked and He was made to be His Father's word in the flesh)


It is time to escape to the mountains.

It is past time.

YEHWEH publically announced the abomination of desolation on July 22nd of 2011.

There have been many who have examined the evidence that Saul of Tarsus is this man and have perceived that he is.

Here are Yehshua's instructions on this matter;

Matthew 24

15 Therefore WHEN YOU PERCEIVE THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION spoken of through Daniel the prophet stand in the holy place, (perceive and discern)

16 At that time, let those which are in Judaea ESCAPE INTO THE MOUNTAINS:

17 Let the one who is on the roof come down AND NOT EVEN TAKE OUT OF HIS HOUSE:

18 NEITHER let the one who is in the field RETURN BACK TO TAKE HIS CLOTHES.

If you perceive that Saul is the abomination, are you not placing yourself above YEHWEH's word if you are not hearkening to His Son's instructions?

His Son spoke that He did not speak anything unless His Father gave it to Him to speak.

Plus, YEHWEH Himself sent me to be a sign to you and He said for you to do as He sent me to do.

There is a reason why YEHWEH spoke that none would seize with Him at the time of the end but the one whom He sent to you.

The reason why was to testify against you to cause a small flock of you step up to the plate to hearken to Him.

Some of you say that this verse just means to flee spiritually.


Did the children of Israel just need to leave Egypt spiritually?

Yehshua does not even use spiritual examples in His instructions.

He uses physical examples and He places an awful a lot of urgency in His instruction to flee.

As for those of you who do not even fear enough to examine the evidence that YEHWEH gave to us in His word that testifies that Saul is the abomination of desolation, you will be of the 96.66667% of the inhabitants of the world who will soon be purged out from before YEHWEH's face in the coming days.

Here is who the 96.6667% that Ezekiel prophesied would be destroyed are;

Matthew 5

19 Whosoever therefore BREAKS ONE OF THE LEAST OF THE COMMANDMENTS AND TEACHES OTHERS TO DO SO WILL BE CALLED (OR NAMED) least by the kingdom of heaven (This is who the 7 billion "named men and women" are who will soon be purged): but whosoever WILL DO THEM AND TEACH OTHERS TO DO THEM, THEY WILL BE CALLED (OR NAMED) great by the kingdom of heaven. (This is who will be delivered into the millennium to become the planting thereof)

If you do not believe this, you are lifted up above YEHWEH's word because this is what His word testifies to.

If you do not believe that He has sent me to you to restore all things, you are lifted up above His word because it is His word that testifies that He has plucked me out of the fire and sent me to you to restore all things.

One person recently accused me of being the one lifted up because of what I have been speaking about being the only one fully seizing with YEHWEH in what He has restored and revealed.

On the contrary, this is just a reality because this is what His word says.

I am not lifted up above His word or above what His word testifies to.

It is because I am not lifted up above His word that I believe what His word says.

Therefore I am obeying it.

It is those of you who are not hearkening to what His word says fully who are lifted up above it.

I spoke about some people that I know personally not obeying one single commandment that He spoke.

When I tell them this, they call me judgmental and arrogant.

I am not judging them; my Father's word is the judge.

I am just telling you and them what His word says.

Does that make be arrogant or judgmental?

Today I used the example of not fleeing to the mountains to make a point.

If you have not fled to the mountains, you are not obeying Him.

And you have lifted yourself up above His word.

And if you do not believe that Saul is the abomination of desolation, you simply do not believe His word and what it testifies to.

I'll give you another example;

Yehshua said;

Matthew 16:4

A WICKED AND ADULTEROUS generation REQUIRES A SIGN; and there will be no such a sign given to it BUT THE SIGN OF JONAH. And He left them and departed.

If you are not hearkening to His restored 30 day month that His sign of Jonah testifies to, the sign that His Son said would be the only sign given to the wicked and adulterous generation that requires a physical sign, then you are not obeying His word.

I say this because it is His word that testifies to the sign of Jonah and it is the 3rd tier of the sign of Jonah that testifies to the restored 30 day month.

The 3rd tier of the sign of Jonah was not sent to be the only sign for the last 153 first fruits.

Granted, YEHWEH started giving this tier of the sign 11 days prior to July 19th.

But prior to July 19th He gave the other signs like the Ezekiel 24 sign and the Ezekiel 12 sign and the turning the water into blood and the other signs that He gave.

These signs are His word because these signs were recorded in His word.

But His word was not good enough to cause you to fully seize with Him in what He revealed and restored.

The wicked and adulterous generation that Yehshua was talking about is those of you whom YEHWEH's word is not good enough for you to use to prove all things.

You had to rely on your own understanding instead and let it trump that which His word testified to.

For anyone to use His word to measure the sign of Jonah and still not believe it and still require a physical sign shows that Yehshua spoke well of you.

The same is true about refusing to escape to the mountains.

Get mad at me all you want, this is what His word testifies to.

At least back in Egypt the children of Israel were willing to flee into the wilderness.

And for those of you who are bothered by me speaking about being the only one seizing with Him.

I am not the one who said this.

YEHWEH Elohiym spoke this.

And His word testifies to what He spoke elsewhere in the Elijah prophecy.

And so does your failure to hearken to every word that He spoke testify that what He spoke is true.

Your problem is not with me, it is with YEHWEH's word.

I am just the messenger.

Shoot me, stone me, tell me that I am a liar, do whatever you want.

I will still be standing with His word.

And when I hear that someone else has fled to the mountains and remain fled and hear that they are obeying what He has revealed and restored, including His restored calendar, then I will know that I am no longer the only one.

And I will rejoice with them in rejoicing in YEHWEH's splendor.

Until I hear of such a person, I will assume that what He spoke remains the case.

And again, I am not the judge on these matters; my Father's word is the judge.

Yehshua said;

John 12

48 He that sets me aside (HE THAT SETS THE IMAGE OF HIS FATHER's WORD ASIDE) and does not seize what I have spoken has one that judges him: THE WORD that I have spoken; THE SAME WILL JUDGE HIM IN THE LAST DAY.

Did He not speak that we must live by His Father's every word?

This is just a reality that you either need to embrace and use to cause you to hearken to His word.

Or dying you will die.

His word is the measuring rod that all will be measured with because the mouth of YEHWEH Elohiym has spoken that it is.

If you want to continue to lift yourself up above His word, where does this leave you before His face?

In lifting yourself up above His word, are you trembling at His word?

Does doing so leave you broken and contrite before His face?

Here is a thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym that spoke yesterday that I will leave you with today;


Or are you lifted up above His word?