Today I am going to share with you yet another 188 day discovery.

This one is way, way cool because it ties the 188 day earthquake cycle in with our Creator's Appointed Times that nearly all of the scattered children of Israel have either profaned or in most case, rejected altogether.

And this revelation is yet another piece of evidence that testifies to the restored 30 day month.

I do not think there are any of you who would deny that in the prophecies that are recorded in YEHWEH's word, the months are always 30 days in length.

And they were always 30 days in length prior to King Hezekiah not believing Isaiah and requiring a physical sign.

In lieu of this, there would have always been 188 days between the Passover and the 8th day that follows the Feast of Temporary Dwellings.

Here is something that is really cool concerning the here and the now.

According to the dates that I have been sent to give to you for this year's appointed times that are recorded in Leviticus 23, there were 188 days between this year's Passover and this year's 8th day High Sabbath.

Could I have made this amazing discovery up?

Could it be another coincidence?

I did not even know about this 188 day match until yesterday when YEHWEH put it my mind to plug the dates into the calculator.

The Passover was on April 6th of this year and the 8th day was on October 11th, 188 days later.

I should have known that the number 188 was hidden in the scriptures somewhere in lieu of the significance of the names of the locations where the 188 day pattern earthquakes occurred.

For those of you who have not listened to earlier videos about the 188 days or do not know about the 188 day earthquake cycle, I'll give you a quick review.

Our Elohiym used a pattern of 188 days between some very large and damaging earthquakes to testify to some things in the prophecy that He sent me with.

One of these earthquakes was part of a prophecy that He sent to stamp that Saul of Tarsus is indeed the abomination of desolation.

The first date that He led me to give in His timeline was January 15th of last year.

This date was given in the video called "January 15th, 2011".

This day was the 10th day of the 10th month on our Elohiym's calendar.

This was the anniversary of the corresponding timing of Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon coming against Jerusalem.

In that video I discussed Deuteronomy 7:9-10 that says;

Deuteronomy 7:9-10

9 Know therefore that YEHWEH Elohiym, He is Elohiym, the faithful Elohiym who keeps His covenant and mercy with them that LOVE HIM AND KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS TO A THOUSAND GENERATIONS;

10 And He will recompense them that hate Him to their face, to destroy them: HE WILL NOT REFRAIN (from recompensing) those that hate Him; HE WILL RECOMPENSE THEM TO THEIR FACE.

Then exactly 55 day after January 15th to the day there was the 9.0 Japan quake that occurred off of the coast of Sendai Japan that caused the tsunami.

Sendai means "a thousand generations".

This was one of the earthquakes in the 188 day pattern.

The number 55 was our Creator's signature in this.

The number 55 is part of the signature ring that the prophet Haggai prophesied the end time messenger of the covenant that would be given the name Zerubbabel would be sent with.

A key part of this signet ring is the Isaiah 55:11 signature.

The numbers 55 and 11 are woven throughout the prophecy that I was sent to you with.

188 days after January 15th was July 22nd.

This was the day that YEHWEH told me to announce that Saul of Tarsus is the abomination of desolation in "The Abomination of Desolation" video.

At that time, I did not even know about a 188 day earthquake cycle, nor did I know that the signature ring that I was given had authenticated the Japan quake and tsunami at that time.

It is incredible how there are so many 40 day and 55 day and 11 day matches woven through this along with the 188 day cycle.

40 days after the Japan quake was the day of the wave sheaf.

55 days later was the 1st day of the 2nd month that set up the correct timing of the pack up Passover of the 2nd month that set up much of the 2nd tier to the sign of Jonah and then 188 days after this day was November 9th.

I'll touch on November 9th in a minute.

Here is a list of these 5 quakes with the names of where they occurred.

8.8- Concepcion ("Immaculate Conception") Chile, February 27th, 2010

7.0- "Christchurch" New Zealand, September 4th, 2010

9.0- Sendai ("A Thousand Generations") Japan, March 11th, 2011.

7.3- Off the Coast of the Lau Islands, September 15th, 2011.

The Lau Islands are a chain of about 100 Islands that cover an area of "188 square miles" of land mass.

This earthquake was 55 days after the July 22nd announcement of Saul being the abomination of desolation.

Plus there was the 55 day stamp with this September quake occurring 55 days before November 9th of 2011.

November 9th of last year was the 1st day of the 5 months of torment prophecy.

He even sent the comet named YU 55 whizzing by the earth on this day as part of the warning signs in the heavens in conjunction with this prophecy.

The 5th quake was a;

7.4- 84 miles from Huajuapan de Leon ("A Place of Brave People") Mexico, March 20th, 2012

The reference to 84 should not need any explanation for those of you who have watched these videos with how 84 ties into this.

How the number 84 is woven into the sign of Jonah with the timing of Yehshua's murder, burial and resurrection is incredible.

This quake happening this distance from "a place of the brave people" had huge significance in lieu of what I was talking about at that time in the videos.

I was speaking about Abraham leaving his kindred when told to and trusting and obeying our Elohiym.

CNN said that there were over 800 homes destroyed in one town alone in this quake.

Yet there was not a single life lost.

How is that possible?

I saw one picture where a bridge had collapsed on a semi-truck and it looked like there was no way the driver could have lived.

The deliverance of the people in this quake was symbolic of the deliverance that will be given to you if you are brave enough to trust and obey Him and flee like He has commanded you to.

An earthquake that did this much damage over an area of a couple hundred miles without the loss of a single life is symbolic of the brave people who will be delivered through the coming time of tribulation.

It takes courage to trust and obey our Elohiym.

Abraham exhibited this courage when he left his people to obey YEHWEH and to pursue after Him.

There are so many awesome dynamics in this 188 day cycle that tie into YEHWEH's timeline.

I am just touching on a few of them today.

There was a 6th quake in the cycle but I do not see any significance of it other than some personal significance to me and it keeping the cycle alive to point the date of what would be a 7th quake.

This 6th quake happened on September 24th, 2012.

It was only a 6.3 and there was no damage that I know of.

The reason why it has personal significance to me is because of what Psalms 63 means to me with how my Father used it to call me out of the captivity.

September 24th plus 188 days is March 31st, 2013.

If man's calendar was to go on, this day would be the whore's blasphemous easter celebration.

I am not saying that YEHWEH's wrath will be stayed until then.

I believe that He is just showing this match to tie in the easter blaspheme to His judgment.

Right now His stamp is on December 25th.

But this is His show, if He continues His timeline to include the easter bunny in His wrath, then so be it.

There is another cool match in this though.

The following day after March 31st on satan's calendar would be the 14th day of the 1st month on YEHWEH's restored calendar.

The 14th day of the 1st month is the Passover.

But right now I am still confident that these matches beyond December 25th that tie in easter are just Him showing the perfection of His timeline testifying to the easter abomination as well.

There are other dynamics in this like how the 188 days are counted since these quakes occurred around the globe in different time zones.

In an earlier video I spoke about how if you look at the 188 day pattern from a zero hour position, how all of the earthquakes occurred within a 24 hour period of time from the 188 day cycle.

In that example, I used the Thousand Generations Japan earthquake for the zero hour position.

But from a standpoint of using universal time, the 3 gaps between the 1st four quakes were on average about 12.67 hours longer than 188 days.

This is fascinating when you see how this fits into the timing of YEHWEH's appointed times.

If instead of counting from the Passover, you count the 1st Day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread as day one of the count and the 8th day High Sabbath as the last day in the count, you end up with 188 days.

The approximate 12.67 hours would reflect the 12.67 hours prior to the first Day of Unleavened Bread which is the timing of the Passover.

This is fascinating.

I have spoken in other videos on how the criteria that you use for the count determines what point you need to count from.

What is really fascinating in this is with the 5th quake, the gap in time was shortened to bring the average back to 188 days.

The reason for this is because of what the number 188 testifies to.

I left all of my notes back in Greece so I cannot remember all of the things that the 188 year cycles testify to.

I remember one of them was the correct year of Yehshua's birth which was the year 3760.

3760 is 20- 188 year cycles.

There were several matches like this.

I think it is awesome how He lengthened the gap between the first few quakes to represent the timing of the Passover the way that He did.

And you should marvel at this as well.

And then how He brought it back to the 188 day pattern to tie in the Easter abomination the way that He did.

There are 1,128 days between the first quake at Immaculate Conception Chile on February 27th of 2010 and what would be the whore's blasphemous tradition of Easter next year on March 31st.

This is 6- 188 day periods of time between these 7 dates.

The 6,000 years of man's self-rule under the helm of satan and his crew is about up.

There are some reasons why I still think that His wrath will be capped off with December 25th.

There are the 7 days that start on December 19th that lead up to the 25th and He has shown this to be reflective of the time of the 7 day march around Jericho.

The day after the Feast of First Fruits that landed on July 19th was the Sabbath.

Likewise, so is the day after the December the 25th the Sabbath.

And of course the Sabbath is symbolic of rest.

And there is not a 7 day period before the easter abomination because any 7 day march needs to start on a New Moon day in order to not have to march on the Sabbath.

There is also Yehshua's parable telling us to pray that our flight not be in the winter or on the Sabbath day.

In this parable, He was referring to fleeing before the winter so that you are already fled.

There is also another 84 hour period of time that fits between the Mayan abomination and the whore's mass of their make believe Messiah.

There is also the fact that next March 19th begins the year 5773 and everything that He has shown to date has testified to His wrath being sent in the year 5772.

But the main reason why I believe there will not be a continuance past December 25th is because He stamped December 25th 40 days out from it.

And He uses 40 in both sentencing judgment and throughout His word in prophecies.

Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that the restored timing of the Passover is the day after the 7th 188 day date comes to pass.

But this certainly does not mean that His wrath will be stayed until then.

This is His show though and He will tell us ahead of time if it will be.

But if I were you, I would be turning from your rebellion to Him now if you have not already done so and I would be fleeing now if you have not done so.

The armies are already gathered and are still gathering over there outside of Israel like He prophesied they would be gathered there for battle.

The whole thing over there is a powder keg that is just waiting for our Elohiym to throw in the match.

It is already chaos in the physical land of Israel with their war with Hamas and it is not going to be long before the whole world is engulfed in the war.

But this should be the least of any of your fears.

You should not fear man who can only take away your life in the flesh.

You should fear YEHWEH Elohiym who can take away both your life in the flesh and your eternal life.

You should fear losing out on Him delivering you through the coming time of tribulation.

Thus Saith YEHWEH Elohiym.