It is with great enthusiasm that I make the announcement that I get to make to you today.

The way that our Elohiym has continued to give meat in due season has been incredible at testifying to His word.

It has been awesome in design in testifying to why He is sending His wrath and to whom He is sending it upon.

Even the timing of Him giving me each continuance of His timeline to you has been spectacular in design.

It was awesome how He revealed the third tier to the sign of Jonah 11 days prior to July 19th in lieu of the Isaiah 55:11 signature ring that He sent me to you with and the significance of the number 11 and 55 in His timeline.

And it was awesome what the different tiers to the sign of Jonah testified to, especially the 3rd tier.

It was awesome how He revealed the 42 days between the last day of Jeroboam's profaned feast and the Mayan abomination that the whole world knows about and how He tied these abominations in with His judgment that is about here.

It is awesome how He gave this 42 day revelation 9 days prior to November 3rd which was the first day of Jeroboam's profaned feast in the 8th month.

And then how He later showed how it tied into the head covering video which was posted 11 days prior to the Japan 9.0 earthquake that caused the Tsunami.

It was way cool how this tsunami and the "January 15th, 2011" video testified that Saul of Tarsus is the abomination of desolation.

One thing that He began to show me within the announcement of these 42 days that we are in is how 40 also ties into this period.

And He is not finished with the symbolism of 40 days in this.

Today we are 40 days out from the filthy abomination of the mass of the make believe messiah of christianity that the world refers to as christmas.

The great mother whore of Babylon set up this abomination and all of her daughters partake in their blasphemous celebration each year with her.

It is so incredibly fitting that our Elohiym has funneled the timing of this abomination in with the timing of His wrath.

There are lots of dynamics in this.

I spoke in another video how 40 days after the last day of Jeroboam's blasphemous feast on November 9th is December 19th.

This is two days before the Mayan date that the world is so attentive to.

This will be the 1st day of the 10th month on our Elohiym's restored calendar.

Israel started their 7 day march around Jericho on the 1st day of the 2nd month back then.

December 19th is 6 days prior to the mother whore's mass for their make believe messiah.

If you count the 19th as day one in the count, December 25th will be day 7.

This is an 8 month prophetic gap from timing of the famous march around Jericho.

YEHWEH has already shown how the 8th month has played into the timing of His wrath with the tie-in to Jeroboam's abomination.

There is also incredible symbolism in this with His command for us to circumcise all of our male children on the 8th day and in how a woman is pronounced clean on the 8th day from her menstruation uncleanliness when the blood departs from her.

So much of the testimony that He sent me to you with concerning His judgment is about having our hearts circumcised and His Son's blood departing from us making us not only unclean before His eyes, but also like dead people walking before His face.

There is much more in this that ties in with other details that have unfolded in the testimony that He has sent me with and in with His timeline.

But today, with great enthusiasm, I just wanted to get this announcement out there 40 days from the great whore and her daughter's abomination.

I still do not know how all of the details in this will unfold.

I just am excited that He has tied the mother whore and her daughter's blaspheme of their mass of their make believe messiah in with His time of humbling.

There might even be a tie-in in this with the 6 day war back in the physical nation of Israel in 1967.

This war was a precursor of these last days with Israel becoming a physical nation again at that time.

In any case, our Creator has funneled a 4 day continuance in His timeline and this 4 day continuance is being given 40 days in advance.

Thus Saith YEHWEH Elohiym.