It is incredible how our Creator has funneled the prophecies that He had recorded in His word into the timeline leading to His judgment the way that He has.

It is amazing how His doing so has testified to His word each step of the way.

And it has testified to why He is sending His wrath, especially with the recent tie-ins to Jeroboam profaning His feast in the 8th month at Bethel and the Mayan divination and the 42 days between them.

It is amazing how the world will speak about satan's deceptions like his Mayan snare and even give heed to his snares but reject what YEHWEH's word testifies to altogether.

His most recent refinement in His timeline in conjunction with Elisha calling down the two bears to tear up the 42 children is awesome in design the way that the 42 ties in with the two witnesses the way that it does.

It is awesome how He has tied this prophecy in with His judgment in with Jeroboam's feast abomination and in with satan's Mayan abomination that the whole world knows about.

The whole world knows about the Mayan date but they could careless that their Creator has risen up His watchman to tell them to turn from their rebellion to Him.

He led me to speak that the two bears that Elisha called down are symbolic of the two witnesses way back on February 28th of 2011.

He did this in the video that He told me to bring forth the command for each of you to cover your heads.

11 days later was March 11th.

March 11th was the day of the Japan Tsunami that resulted from the 9.0 earthquake off the coast of "A Thousand Generations" Japan.

In this head coverings video I read;

2 Kings 2:23-24

23 And Elisha went up from there to Bethel: and as he was going up by the way, there came forth young children out of the city, and they mocked him and said to him, Go up, you bald head; go up, you bald head.

24 And he turned back and looked on them and cursed them in YEHWEH's name. And there came forth TWO BEARS OUT OF THE WOODS AND RENT IN PIECES FORTY-TWO OF THE CHILDREN.

After I read these verses, I said, quote;

"This is also a prophesy pointing to the destruction of many in the following days at the beckoning of the two witnesses."

"The 42 children are symbolic of the 42 months of the holy city being trodden underfoot and the plagues that will be called for by these two witnesses as a result of all of the abominations."

"The 42 months is symbolic of a period of time as well and not actually 42 months but that is a different subject."

End quote.

He also led me to speak that Elisha's two bears are symbolic of the two witnesses in the two part- "two witnesses" video and in other videos as well.

In lieu of the Isaiah 55:11 signature ring that I was sent with, do you think that it is possible that it is a coincidence that the video commanding you to cover your heads was posted 11 days before the Japan Tsunami?

I ask you this in lieu of other shoe in the Isaiah 55:11 signet with the Japan Tsunami being 55 days after January 15th and in lieu of the prophecy that was given for "A Thousand Generations Japan" in the January 15th video.

Is it possible that this was a coincidence in lieu of YEHWEH leading me to quote the verses about the two bears in the head coverings video, then leading me to go on to say that the 42 months is symbolic of a period of time that is not actually 42 months, but of another period of time?

There have been other tiers to the 40 and 2 month prophecy as well that I have spoken about in other videos.

But they are passed and the 42 day period that we are in now is what matters right now because it is at hand.

It is still the case that the prophecy that I have been sent with is not about the dates.

I have spoken this from the beginning.

It is about why our Creator is sending His wrath and what the dates testify to.

The dates that have been associated with how His timeline has been unfolding have been incredible in what they have testified to.

They have not been about this or that happening on a physical plain like so many of you have wanted to make them about.

How this has unfolded has continued to testify to His word, and it has also continued to testify against you who have not hearkened to His word or to that which He has revealed and restored.

Is it possible that how you have not hearkened to all of that which He revealed and restored, that this has authenticated what He spoke in Daniel 10:21?

I'll read it;

Daniel 10:21

21 But I will declare to you that which is recorded in the scripture of truth AND THERE ARE NONE THAT SEIZE ME IN THESE THINGS BUT MICHAEL my steward.

Is it possible that this verse is true and that none of you have fully seized in what He has revealed and restored that is recorded in His word?

Let me ask you some questions to hopefully cause you to consider that just maybe you are not fully seizing with Him in what He has revealed.

I am not picking on any of you, I am just asking you to consider if you are one of multitude that His word says is everyone but one named Michael.

Are you following through with the red heifer statute and the water of separation instructions that He revealed to us if you touch someone who is dead before His face?

If you are obeying the water of separation statute, this would mean that you keep or you have a hyssop plant at your disposal.

Is this the case?

Have you seized with Him in His revelation that if someone is not walking in the same footsteps that His Son walked on, which was obeying His Torah, that they are like dead people before His face.

And even touching them makes us unclean for 7 days and we have to be sprinkled by a clean person on the 3rd and the 7th days.

Have you fled and do you remain fled to the mountains per His Son's instructions to do so?

Do you sit where others who are unclean have sat and pronounce yourselves unclean if you do?

Are you obeying the rest of His clean and unclean statutes?

I reason why I am asking you these questions is to challenge you to consider that you are not fully seizing with our Elohiym like His word says you are not.

I keep saying that in these videos that this is about truth and standing with it so I ask you to consider if you are really fully seizing with Him in these things, because if you are not, are you really standing with Him?

Are you standing with His word and what it testifies to?

And if you are doing so on a physical plain, are you also doing so in your heart as to cause doing them to circumcise your heart?

Or is doing them a burden to you in your heart?

I am challenging each of you to use this verse to cause you to examine who you are standing with.

If you are picking and choosing what you will hearken to or not hearken to, you are standing with yourself because you are standing with your own ideas of right verses wrong.

You are not fully seizing with Him, His word says so.

If you believe His word, then you believe this verse.

It means what it says and it says what it means.

Has the way that YEHWEH's timeline has unfolded caused you to doubt what He has spoken through His servant?

Has it caused you to be or to remain part of the number that includes all others who have not fully seized Him in these things like this verse says?

I am not asking you these things to lift myself up above any of you in any way.

On the contrary, I would be of this number myself if our Creator had not plucked me out of the fire and given me a change of raiment.

I am merely asking you to measure yourself against His word that all things must be measured with.

His Son testified that all will be measured in the last days with His Father's word.

And I have been sent to you to bear witness to the same thing.

This is not about me or comparing yourself to me.

But it is a matter of doing as I have done as an example to you because He commanded you to do so.

His word says so.

He tells you to do as He sent me to do in both the Ezekiel 12 and the Ezekiel 24 signs.

He said that I was to be a sign to you to do as He sent me to do as an example to you.

Have you done so? Are you doing so?

Like I said, this is not about picking on any one of you in particular; it is about what our Creator's word testifies to and doing it.

It is about using His word to measure if you truly are hearkening to all that He has revealed and restored and doing so with the intent to become as He is in order to be delivered into the millennium.

Jeremiah 6:17-19

17 I have raised a watchman unto you to tell you to give heed to the sound of the trumpet. But you have said; WE WILL NOT GIVE HEED.

Are you giving heed to all of it?

Will it take the calamity to cause you to do so?

18 Therefore hear you nations, and know, O congregation of Israel who is among you.

19 Hear, O earth: behold, I WILL BRING CALAMITY UPON THIS PEOPLE because of the fruit of their imaginations. THEY HAVE NOT HEARKENED TO MY WORD, NOR TO MY TORAH, BUT REJECTED (or despised) IT.

I know that some of you have altogether rejected that He has sent me to you.

Maybe it was July 19th not unfolding in the same manner that I thought it would that caused this.

Or maybe you had it is your hearts that there had to be fireworks on November 9th.

The reality is, YEHWEH led me to speak the continuance of His timeline 11 days prior to July 19th.

And He led me to speak this 42 day continuance 9 days prior to Jeroboam's profaned feast that ended on November 9th.

This cannot be denied because YouTube posts the dates that the videos were posted that reveal these continuances.

The bottom line is you have to reject my Father's word to reject that He has sent me to you.

You have to call His word a lie; therefore you call Him a liar.

I keep saying that this is not about me because it is not.

If you want to make it about me in order to justify yourself in continuing in your rebellion, this is certainly your choice to do so.

It is about what He sent me to bear witness to and to restore and it is about turning from your rebellion to Him in order to become the planting in the millennium.

Recently I have even had some of you who say that you believe that He has sent me tell me how this is or how that is.

Out of love, I caution you to consider this.

How do you think that this stacks up before YEHWEH's eyes when His word calls me His anointed son that He is well-pleased with?

One of you who even says that you believe that He has sent me went so far as rebuking me by quoting to me no man knows the day or the hour.

My Father's word plainly testifies that He would send one with the Ezekiel 24 sign to declare the day and they year of His vengeance.

And He has continued to do so through a timeline that testifies to His word.

You have to reject what His word says in order to believe that no man will know the day or the hour.

His Son even went on to say that the wise will know because meat would be given in due season in the same verses.

And meat has continued to be given to the wise and faithful servant.

It continues to be given to those who are holding fast and it is being given in due season through a brilliantly designed timeline.

We must not rely on our own understanding and we must not turn to the right or to the left of what His word testifies to.

It is incredible how His timeline has testified to so much of His word and this is to be rejoiced over, not despised or mocked or used for a reason to not hearken to Him.

His timeline shows that His wrath is unfolding through the rejection of what His word has testified to.

I still do not know all of the details to how the coming days will unfold.

I just know that the world will know that He has sent me because His word says so.

I mentioned last week that the 42 days could be divided into 3- 7 day periods on this side of an event and 3- 7 day periods on the other.

I said this because His word testifies to this as a very real possibility.

But I do not know for sure because He has not given it yet.

The reason why most of you proclaim that I am false is because His timeline has not unfolded in a way that you can see with your eyes.

The reason why you need to see fireworks with your eyes is because His word is not good enough proof for you.

And this is a witness against you.

It testifies that His word is not your measuring rod and deep down inside, it really has no place in your heart.

Folk's, if you have not marveled in awe at how this has unfolded to date, you have not marveled at His word or at His long suffering or at the detail that is found in His word that testifies to what He sent it to accomplish.

And you have not marveled at the continued mercy that He has shown on those who refuse to hearken to Him.

In lieu of this, you have not marveled at what He has been showing us through His timeline in the way that it has unfolded.

And this is shameful of you because it has been totally awesome how He has orchestrated His timeline.

He lead me to speak all the way through this that the good news of His kingdom would not go out to the world without it going out on the wings of great affliction.

This is sad.

But the reality is, Daniel 10:21 testifies against all of the inhabitants of the world that none would seize with Him but the one whom He was to pluck out of the fire.

This means that it testifies against each of your hearts to some degree.

This is not me making this accusation; it is what His word says.

Instead of being angry with me for speaking what His word says, why not let it cause you to examine your heart and let it cause you to be broken and contrite before His face so that He will heal you and deliver you.

His promise to heal us and to give us His 7 spirits to guide and direct us is real, but it is conditional.

It is conditional on seizing with Him and not telling Him how it is.

He is telling us how it is and He is doing so through His servant whom His word testifies to.

And Him doing so how He is doing so is what it is.