There is a reason why our Elohiym's timeline leading up to the day of His wrath has played out thus far the way that it has.

Much of the reason has been about testifying to His word and to why He is sending the coming time of affliction upon mankind who has rejected His word.

And it has also shown His longsuffering and His mercy towards man-kind.

His word is perfect in design in accomplishing that which He sends it to accomplish.

And His family will be increased through how the events that have led up to the here and the now have unfolded.

He has led me to speak how this is a showdown between His word or His truth and all that opposes it or all who refuse to stand with it.

He has systematically restored and revealed His truth by His design and He has done it the way that He has in order to accomplish a specific result.

It is a certain mindset that will turn to that which He has revealed and restored when they hear the good news of His Kingdom in the coming days.

Most of you will scoff and mock or continue to hold fast to your rebellion to Him.

He led me to keep the videos where I spoke about July 19th also being His day of wrath posted because in them is part of the testimony of how this has unfolded.

And in them is much of the testimony against man for their rebellion to Him.

If a person hears His voice, they will go through what He has restored systematically and they will see that this has unfolded in a step by step fashion by our Creator's perfect design.

Even the continuance of His timeline was given 11 days prior to July 19th, just like He has done and continues to do at this time throughout the prophecy that He has sent me with.

It is brilliant in design and with each further revelation; He adds more proof to His word, along with the testimony of why He created us and why He is sending His wrath.

Speaking of His end time servant Zerubbabel, there is a reason why He said;

Zechariah 4:6

6 Then the angel answered and spoke to me, saying, this is YEHWEH's WORD THAT IS UPON ZERUBBABEL, saying; NOT BY MIGHT, NOR BY POWER, BUT BY MY SPIRIT SAYS YEHWEH OF HOSTS.

He has revealed His secrets through His 7 spirits in a very systematic process.

This process has proven to be a witness against all who say they have His spirit apart from meeting the condition that His Son testified to that is necessary in order for Him to send us His spirit.

Even the following verse is found in the testimony that He has sent me with;

7 Who are you great mountain?

Before Zerubbabel's face you will become a plain: AND HE WILL BRING FORTH THE HEADSTONE SHOUTING FAVOR, FAVOR TO HIM.

In lieu of this verse and in lieu of everything else that He has sent me to speak that is a perfect match to His word and to the prophecies found in it, do you think that it is possible that it is a coincidence that last week He led me to post a video called favor for favor?

Are the videos like the "7 Steps to Being Born Again" video coincidences in lieu of the 7 steps found in the temple measurements that were given to Ezekiel to record?

Could the 3- 30 day periods on this side of the scattering of a third of my hair and the 3 -30 day periods on the other side matching up to the last day of the spring harvest feast and the last day of the fall harvest feast be a coincidence in lieu of the temple measurements including 3 rows of 30 chambers?

Could the three tiers of the sign of Jonah and the three tiers to the other prophecies have unfolded in the prophecy that He has sent me with be a coincidence in lieu of the three stories in the temple and the three stories of the Ark that Noah built?

There sure have been an awful allot of coincidences in the last 440 plus videos, that for sure.

It sure was another pretty big coincidence that was given in the "Elijah was sent to the Jordan" video that was posted a couple of days ago about Elijah being taken from the banks of the Jordan.

It must be a coincidence that both John the Baptist and I were sent in the spirit of Elijah with our prophecies beginning at the banks of the Jordan.

John's prophecy began there with him saying to;

John 1:23

23 I am the voice crying in the wilderness; STRAIGHTEN YOUR PATHWAY TO YEHWEH as the prophet Isaiah spoke.

...and to be baptized.

And I was sent to you telling you that the water needs to be turned into Yehshua's blood and how this is accomplished.

And the 1st witness Yehshua's parables back up the prophecy I was sent with.

But instead of believing what my Father's word testifies to, most of you have choosen to not believe what His word testifies to.

You require signs in the heavens to see with your eyes because His word is not good enough proof for you.

You want to see His might and the power of His armies to cause you to believe.

But His word says;

Zechariah 4:6

6 Then the angel answered and spoke to me, saying, this is YEHWEH's WORD THAT IS UPON ZERUBBABEL, saying; NOT BY MIGHT, NOR BY POWER, BUT BY MY SPIRIT SAYS YEHWEH OF HOSTS.

Will you believe when you see His signs in the heavens because they are certainly coming?

Will you believe Him when His might and His power is upon you?

Or will you blaspheme Him?

Many of you will think that His Son returning is aliens or the anti-messiah or something like this?

Some of you do not want to believe what I have spoken because July 19th did not happen in the same way that I spoke it would.

July 19th did happen, His word testifies to it; it represented YEHWEH's first fruit harvest.

It did not happen like I thought it would but even this was prophesied to happen.

And like I have said before, my error does not void that which His word testifies to.

Years before Elijah was taken up in the whirlwind to meet the chariot, while he was still fled and living in a cave, we read;

1 Kings 19:10-12

10 And Elijah said I have been very zealous for YEHWEH Elohiym of hosts: for the children of Israel have forsaken your covenant, they have thrown down your altar and slain your prophets with the sword; and only I am left and they seek my life to take it away.

11 And YEHWEH said, go and stand in the mountain before my face. And, behold, YEHWEH passed over, and a great and mighty wind (spirit) rent the mountain and broke the rocks before YEHWEH's face; BUT YEHWEH WAS NOT IN THE WIND: and after the wind an earthquake (a shaking); BUT YEHWEH WAS NOT IN THE EARTHQUAKE:

12 And after the earthquake a fire; BUT YEHWEH WAS NOT IN THE FIRE: and after the fire A SMALL QUIET VOICE.

Looking back at the last few years, I marvel at how He has spoken to me and through me through the prophecy that He has sent me with.

His word tells us point blank not to despise the day of small things when He sent Zerubbabel but to rejoice when you see the measuring rod in his hand.

The resume for His end time servant that is found in His prophecies clearly tie the Michael who was to be sent to restore all things together with His end time messenger of the covenant that the other prophets prophesied would be sent.

Both our Messiah and Malachi clearly tied this servant in with the one who would be sent in the spirit of Elijah to restore all things.

And doing so tied this servant in with Elijah's prophecies and the work that he was sent with.

After the small and quiet voice prophecy, YEHWEH tells Elijah to go anoint Hazael king of Syria and Yehu king of Israel and Elisha to be the prophet under him or in his stead.

The fulfillment of Hazael and Yehu becoming king and Elisha being prophet in his stead all three happened after he was removed but this is not the purpose of this video.

Today I just want to touch on some partial symbolism found in this prophecy.

Hazael means Elohiym sees or Elohiym perceives.

He sees and perceives all things.

In lieu of this prophecy, don't think that what is going on in Syria right now is a coincidence.

Yehu means the mighty YEHWEH.

This prophecy goes on to say that Yehu will slay those who escape the sword of Hazael.

And that Elisha will slay those who escape the sword of Yehu.

These things are a prophecy that would later unfold, but they are also a foreshadow of events to come that are here now.

Elisha is the son of Shaphat.

Shaphat comes from the word "the judge"

There are other symbolisms in this prophecy, like Elisha was plowing with 12 oxen.

Yehshua planted the good seed with His twelve disciples; of course one of them betrayed Him to fulfill Zechariah's prophecy about the staff that is called the beauty being cut under and the 30 pieces of silver that He was betrayed for.

It is amazing how the details to the events that are associated with the first witness and the details that are associated with the second witness along with the here and the now and how this is unfolding are woven into YEHWEH's word like they are.

After Elijah anoints Elisha, the book of 1 Kings switches gears and gives the record of the events that are associated with Syria's king Benhadad and Israel's King Ahab.

Then in chapter 21 it briefly gets back to Elijah being sent back on the scene with the event of Ahab and his wife Jezebel when she falsely had Naboth accused in order to get his vineyard for her husband.

After Elijah prophecies against Ahab for the second time, there is a second 3 year gap in time associated with the prophesies that are recorded concerning Elijah.

He enters back on the scene after Ahab is dead prophesying against Ahaziah, king of Samaria for inquiring of the false Elohiym of Ekron for healing.

This is where Ahaziah sent the 3 different sets of 50 troops and their captains totally 153 men to get Elijah.

I mentioned the other day how there is yet another 153 day match in this.

153 days from July 19th is 40 days after November 9th.

YEHWEH's messenger told Elijah to go with the 3rd group of 50 with their captain when they humbly asked him to instead of trying to take him by force.

We'll have to see how this event plays into this.

November 9th is 11 days after the 3rd period of 51 days began following the feast of First Fruits on July 19th.

It was some unrecorded time period after Elijah went to Ahaziah with this 3rd group and told him that dying he will die that it was time for him to be taken up to the chariot by the whirlwind at the Jordan River.

YEWHEH sent me to you to the Jordan River to tell you how to be delivered and live.

He sent me to you to Jericho to expand on how we are brought into His family by having our hearts circumcised by walking with Him in His word to become as He is.

He gave me to speak to you how the walls of darkness in our hearts come tumbling down.

Now He has sent me to you at Bethel to sum it all up.

And now dying you will soon die if you do not lay siege to His offer to return to Him through the renewed covenant that He has placed before you.

You need to turn from your rebellion to Him in order for Him to turn the water that you need to be baptized under into His Son's blood to atone for your rebellion to Him.

Thus far He has not sent me by His might, nor by His power, but with His 7 spirits that you need to turn from your rebellion to Him in order to receive.

He has sent me with a small quiet voice, the same small, quiet voice that He has spoken to me with.

He has sent me pleading with you to turn from your rebellion to Him.

Despise not the day of small things.

But rather rejoice that He has sent His measuring rod in the hand of His servant and cry aloud and offer up to Him the offering in righteousness that He has called for you to offer up to Him.

Repent, YEHWEH's kingdom is at hand.

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym of Hosts