Nearly 2,000 years ago our Creator sent a Messiah to tell us that if we want to enter into His kingdom that we have to follow in this Messiah's footsteps.

This Messiah was His only begotten Son.

He set up an atoning sacrifice though His Son so that the descendants of Israel could return to Him and enter into a renewed covenant with Him to become His set apart people.

Shortly after our Elohiym set up this substitution sacrifice satan was allowed to set up the abomination of desolation Saul of Tarsus and the religion of christianity.

Saul said to follow in his footsteps and those of you in christianity do follow him instead of following in the footsteps of the Messiah that was sent to us.

The mother whore of Babylon put Saul's teachings alongside our Elohiym's word that He gave to us to set us apart to become as He is.

This was all allowed to happen and even purposed to happen by our Elohiym's design in order to finish building the first fruits of His family.

It was even prophesied to happen.

Our Creator put satan and the demons here for a purpose.

They were placed here to represent and to promote that which opposes our Elohiym's righteousness and His righteous judgments.

They are here to do this as part of the molding and fashioning of those who have enrolled into YEHWEH Elohiym's school to become as He is.

He placed them here in order to test us and to prove us whether we will love His true character or whether we will love and desire a different image of Him.

The bottom line is desiring or being in love with a different image of Him is committing whoredom to Him.

It is being adulterous to Him.

His word testifies to this.

His 3rd commandment says;

Ex 20:7


A name is that which identifies the image or the character of that which bears that name.

YEHWEH's name represents His righteousness because it identifies the one who bears His righteousness.

We are commanded to bear His name which means that we are commanded to bear or to represent His righteousness.

And this commandment says that we are to NOT do so falsely or in a way that desolates it.

The religion of christianity desolates His name in an extremely magnified way above all other false religions.

All of satan's other false religions desolate our Elohiym's righteous character as well but christianity goes even further in desolating His character.

You trample His Son's shed blood underfoot in order to justify your rebellion to His righteousness.

You use the atoning sacrifice that He set up for us through His Son to be able to use to return to Him through His Torah as a license to transgress against it.

He sent His Son to bear witness to His word and His pathway or His Torah is in His word because it is His word.

He made His Son to be His word in the flesh.

This means that His Son was also made to be His Torah in the flesh.

Yehshua walked in His Father's word.

His word is His pathway to His righteousness.

He sent it to perfect those who would choose to walk in it and we were put here to be perfected in His image.

The whorehouses of christianity and their false shepherds teach their flocks a different pathway.

The good news is they will all soon be destroyed along with all of you who choose to remain in them or in their abominable doctrines like their saved by grace apart from turning from your rebellion to our Elohiym's word doctrine.

The renewed covenant that you can use Yehshua's blood to enter into requires that you turn from your rebellion to His Father's word.

This is what repentance is.

The renewed covenant is a contract with YEHWEH Elohiym where He will write His Torah with His statutes and judgments in your hearts and in your inward parts.

It is a contract where He will turn the water that you will need to be baptized under into His Son's blood to atone for your rebellion.

But you have to sign the contract.

Signing the contract is repenting or turning from your rebellion to His word.

You are going to have to stop bearing His name falsely and stop desolating it like the abomination of desolation did and taught you to do through his false doctrines.

Exodus 23:13

13 And in all things that I have said to you BE CIRCUMSPECT: AND MAKE NO REMEMBRANCE OF THE NAME OF OTHER ELOHIYMS (make no remembrance of other images of Him or other identifications of His true character), NEITHER LET THEM (these names of other images of Him) BE HEARD OUT OF YOUR MOUTH.

Do you think YEHWEH Elohiym changed?

Do you think that He stopped hating homosexuality or adultery or lying or things like this?

No, He put these things here for us to learn to loathe them and to love His righteousness.

His putting the evil here is part of the testing and proving ground that He set up to build His family.

During this first nearly 6,000 years it has been His purpose to build the 144,000 or the first fruits into His family.

This is His temple.

But now His temple is complete and He is planting the seed in the millennium for the latter harvest into His family.

If you want to be of this seed you are going to have to turn from your rebellion to Him.

This is why the abomination of desolation has now been declared and why that which was hidden for the building of His temple is now being revealed.

He has sent me to restore all things so that you can lay siege to them in order to become part of this planting.

Serving and worshipping YEHWEH Elohiym's true identity is serious business.

You cannot be found in His favor by serving and worshipping a false image of Him.

It is serious business because it is the reason why He gave us life and put us here in the flesh.

True worship is living His word with the purpose of living it to be molded and fashioned by it to become as He is.

He put us here in the flesh for us to choose to become as He is.

Becoming as He is is being made in His righteous image or in His righteous character.

Here is a summary of the last 3,324 years of Israel's rebellion to Him that leads up to the here and the now;

Ezekiel 20:10-44

10 I brought them (the children in the 1st Exodus) forth out of the land of Egypt and into the wilderness.

11 And I gave to them to know my statutes and my judgments that man should do in order to save his life.

12 I also gave them my Sabbaths TO BE A SIGN between me and them in order that they would know that I am YEHWEH that purifies them.

13 But the house of Israel rebelled against me in the wilderness: they did not walk in my statutes and they despised my judgments THAT MAN SHOULD DO IN ORDER TO SAVE HIS LIFE AND THEY GREATLY PROFANED MY SABBATHS. Then I said I would pour out my fury upon them in the wilderness to make riddance of them.

14 But on account of MY NAME so that it would not be profaned in the sight of the other nations, in whose sight I brought them out

15 I also lifted up my hand to them in the wilderness except that I would not bring them into the land which I was going to give to them, the land that flows with milk and honey which is the splendor of all lands


17 Nevertheless my eye spared from destroying them, neither did I make a total destruction of them in the wilderness.

18 I said to their children in the wilderness; do not walk in the statutes of your fathers, neither hedge about their judgments, nor defile yourselves with their idolatries:


20 And make pure (Holy) my Sabbaths and THEY WILL BE A SIGN between me and you SO THAT YOU WILL KNOW YEHWEH ELOHIYM.

21 But the children rebelled against me and they did not walk in my statutes neither did they hedge about my judgments THAT MAN SHOULD DO IN ORDER TO SAVE HIS LIFE and they profaned my Sabbaths. Then I said I would pour out my fury and my anger upon them to make riddance of them in the wilderness.

He is referring to a second wilderness that He sent them into when He later scattered them to the four corners of the earth.

Today the descendants of Israel are primarily gathered in the English speaking countries that are buried in the lies of Christianity.

A prophecy given through Moses in Deuteronomy 30 proves this.

The following verses explain this further.

He also explains in verse 25 that He gave your fathers over to worship lies that would not save them when He scattered them and why He scattered them in verse 24.

22 Nevertheless I did turn back my hand on account of my name, that it would not be profaned in the sight of the other nations in whose sight I brought them forth.

23 I also lifted up my hand to them that I scattered in the wilderness among the other nations when I dispersed them throughout the lands;


25 Also I gave them over to statutes and judgments that were not good and THAT WOULD NOT SAVE THEIR LIVES;

He sent them into the captivity to satan's lies.

Like I said earlier, He placed satan here to set up Saul of Tarsus and his abomination to His word through the whore of Babylon.

But He also made an escape plan available for those who would turn from their rebellion to Him and would hearken to His word and desire His righteousness.

This escape plan includes the substitution sacrifice that He set up through His Son.

But almost none of you or your fathers would turn from your rebellion to Him for these nearly 2,000 years since He sent His Son and set Him up to be the atonement.

26 And they were defiled in their offerings and they passed over all that opened the womb.

On account of this I laid them waste so that they will know that I am YEHWEH.

It was by His design that He sent Israel into captivity to the lies but it was because of your rebellion to Him that He did so.

And it was done as part of the test that those who became of the first fruits after this had to overcome.

The reality is you and your fathers did not walk according to His pathway, nor did you teach it to your children.

Only the small flock who have come to His call have hearkened to Him in spirit and in truth.

Now He is getting ready to show the rest of you the shame of your nakedness.

He is getting ready to show you the shame of your nakedness so that you will know that He is YEHWEH and to humble 3.3333% of you into repentance in order to become the planting in the millennium.

His righteousness will be exalted in judgment.

Those of you who lay siege to His righteousness will be delivered through the coming affliction if you turn from bearing His name falsely and in a desolating way and turn to bearing it in truth.

He goes on to say that even though He has done all of these things most of you continue in your blasphemes to Him.

27 After this, son of man, speak to the house of Israel, and say to them, thus saith Adonai YEHWEH; YET YOU CONTINUE IN THIS BLASPHEME TO ME AS YOU FATHERS DID in that they transgressed against me in their sins

28 when I lifted up my hand and brought them to the land that I gave to them. But there they saw every high hill and all the thick trees and there they offered their offerings and they gave their offerings there for their sorrow: they made sweet savors there and poured out drink offerings there.

29 Then I said to them, what is the high place whereunto you go? And the name thereof is called Bamah to this day.

Even after all of the blessings that He gave to you and to your fathers you continued to play the harlot to Him by worshipping vain images of Him and profaning His name.

30 Therefore say to the house of Israel, thus saith Adonai YEHWEH; ARE YOU NOT DEFILED IN SAME MANNER AS YOUR FATHERS?


31 When you lift up your offerings, YOU PASS YOUR CHILDREN THROUGH THE FIRE; you defile yourselves with all of your idolatry, even until this day: WILL I BE SOUGHT AFTER BY YOU, O house of Israel?

As I live, saith Adonai YEHWEH, I will not be sought after by you.


You will say, we will be as the gentiles, as the families of the other countries and you will serve wood and stone.

You say that you have His spirit but it is not so.

Your life here in the flesh is of the world and not of His spirit.

You live for the here and the now and not to become as He is.

You worship Him in vain with your whoredom to your false images of Him.

You have rejected living His word that would have caused Him to give you His 7 spirits to guide you into His righteous image on a spiritual plain.

You have refused to be set apart to Him to become as He is.

Therefore, here is what He says to you.

33 As I live, saith Adonai YEHWEH, surely with a mighty hand and with a stretched out arm and with my hot indignation poured out I will reign upon you:

34 And I will bring from you a people and I will gather you out from the countries wherein you are scattered with a mighty hand and with a stretched out arm and with hot indignation poured out.

35 And I will come to a people in the wilderness and there I WILL JUDGE AMONGST YOU FACE TO FACE

36 like I judged amongst your fathers in the wilderness of the land of Egypt, SO WILL I JUDGE AMONGST YOU, saith Adonai YEHWEH.

They were not allowed to enter into the Promised Land.

What is He going to judge you with?

His Son told us; with His word.

He said that all will be judged by His Father's word in the last days.

But most of you would rather believe into Saul's lies instead of believing into the writings of the prophets that our Messiah testified to so that you can give yourselves immunity from this judgment.

Your immunity that you have secured your hearts with is make believe just like the blood from your make believe image of the messiah that you say nailed his father' torah to the cross that you have put your hopes in is make believe blood.

Here is what He is getting ready to purpose through the coming affliction;

37 And I will PASS YOU UNDER THE ROD and I will bring you into the bond of the covenant:

Leviticus 27:32 shows that the same words used in this phrase "pass you under the rod" means a tenth or 10%.

According to other prophecies found in Ezekiel, this is the 10% of the final third that He will soon gather and deliver into the millennium.

This will be the remnant that He will return to Israel in the bond of the renewed covenant through His son's blood.

38 I will purge from among you the rebels that have rebelled against me in the land where you have sojourned, AND I WILL NOT BRING THEM TO COME INTO THE LAND OF ISRAEL; and you will know that I am YEHWEH.

39 You, house of Israel, everyone that walks following after and serving his idolatry, saith Adonai YEHWEH, unless you will hearken to me and no longer profane my pure name with your bribes and with your idolatry.

He is saying that unless you turn from your rebellion to His righteousness you will not be delivered.

Your bribes are your offering up to Him your false worship and your flatteries to Him and your tithes to the false shepherds that work for satan and things like this.

40 Because in mine holy (Pure) mountain, in the high mountain of Israel, saith Adonai YEHWEH, there will be all of the house of Israel THAT SERVES ME (in spirit and in truth) in all of the land, and there I will take pleasure in them, and there will I seek your offerings and the first fruits that you lift up WITH ALL THAT IS PURE.

41 I will take pleasure in your sweet savors when I bring you out from the people and gather you out of the countries wherein you have been scattered; AND I WILL SET YOU APART before the eyes of the other nations.

42 And you will know that I am YEHWEH when I bring you into the land of Israel, into the country that I lifted up my hand to give to your fathers.

43 And there you will remember your ways and all of your doings, wherein you had been defiled; AND YOU WILL LOATHE ALL THE EVILS THAT YOU DID BEFORE MY FACE.

44 And you will know that I am YEHWEH, AND THAT I HAVE DONE THIS ON ACCOUNT OF MY NAME and not on account of the house of Israel's wicked course (pathway) and your corrupt work, saith Adonai YEHWEH.

This Saturday, September 29th on satan's calendar, is the 10th day of the 7th month on our Elohiym's restored calendar.

It is His commanded Day of Atonement.

We are commanded to begin our affliction the night before at sundown.

From the end of this day to November 9th is 40 days.

He uses the number 40 to pronounce judgment so I would take this warning seriously and humble yourselves before Him and return to Him before He humbles you.

His word testifies to why He is going to send a double portion of His wrath upon the scattered nations of Israel in the last days.

Even these verses here in Ezekiel testify to why.

I'll read verse 24 again;


Included in His statutes and judgments is putting a difference between the clean and the unclean.

The Torah says that touching the dead makes us unclean.

YEHWEH's Son testified that all who are not walking on the same pathway that He walked on are like dead people before His and His Father's face.

This means that all of you who are not walking in His Father's Torah are like dead people and since you obviously touch yourselves, you are touching the dead and you are unclean before His face.

He is suggesting that you lay siege to what has been revealed about becoming the red heifer so that the water of separation can be turned into Yehshua's blood so that your rebellion can be atoned for.

Our Creator's High Days like the coming Feast and this Day of Atonement are commanded days to be set apart so He is suggesting that you set them apart and cry out to Him that you will turn from your rebellion to Him.

You might want to use this Day of Atonement to humble yourself before Him for trampling His Son's shed blood under your feet like you have.

The 7 day Feast of Temporary Dwellings begins On October 4th and ends on the 10th.

The world is about to find out how temporary they really are.

The 8th day High Day falls on October 11th and this is day one of the 30 days that He will use to bring down the false shepherds and destroy their whorehouses.

He is suggesting that you flee from these whorehouses or be consumed with them.

Allot of you do not believe that we are where we are at in time in regards to the day of His vengeance and November 9th.

If you would just think about it, it is not about the date of His vengeance anyway.

His word is clear as to why He is going to send His wrath.

You should have never been rebelling against His word and following a wolf like Saul of Tarsus in the first place.

His Son said to follow after Him and I do not think that any of you would deny that He lived by His Father's Torah.

You should be walking in His Torah that His Son testified to and even magnified anyway.

So in lieu of this, why would a date of His wrath be needed just to get you to turn from your rebellion?

Why does He need to heap calamity upon you just to get a small number of you to obey Him with the intent to become as He is?

I will tell you why, it is because you do not love His true image.

You love whoring with your make believe images of Him and His Son that you use to justify your rebellion to them.

You love your whorehouses.

And for many of you the best whorehouse in the land is simply in your rebellious, uncircumcised hearts.

I posted a video on this subject a while back.

The good news is your rebellion and your whoredom is about to get squashed.

Trampling His Son's shed blood underfoot by using it for authority to continue in your harlotry will no longer be allowed.

When the dust settles, the whole world will be full of the knowledge of YEHWEH Elohiym and His righteousness and truth, including His righteous judgments, will be a way of life.

Your whorehouses will be no more and you will be no more with them if you continue in them.

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym