It is amazing how some of my most vicious accusers are from those of you who did turn from your rebellion to our Creator for a short season.

At least you turned from your rebellion on a physical plain for a season.

But how this is unfolding has proven that your hearts were not really sold out for our Elohiym's righteousness, nor for what He has restored.

If you were, you would have continued in what has been revealed and restored because you would have been delighting in it.

But because you were not delighting in it, you were eager in your hearts to go back to your old beliefs or back to some watered down form of the Torah instead of continuing in how it has been magnified and made glorious.

In order for you to say that what was restored was not from our Creator, you have to deny His word because His word testifies to it.

It is awesome how He revealed things like how if someone is not following in His Son's footsteps in spirit and in truth, how they are like a dead person before His face.

It is awesome how He revealed that His clean and unclean statute regarding touching dead people applies to these people.

It is awesome because through this statute He has shown those who will become His the importance of remaining separated from the dead and letting the dead bury their dead.

Plus it is an incredible witness against those who are not following in His Son's footsteps.

The same is true with the rest of what He has revealed that was hidden in His instructions.

Our life here is the flesh is to be all about being separated to Him from all else that is not of Him in order to become as He is.

It is awesome what He has revealed about things like the red heifer statute and so many other things like this.

Things like why the blood departing from a woman makes her unclean and what this is symbolic of.

Knowing why He commanded us to obey these things and understanding them according to the understanding that He has revealed to us is incredible.

And walking in them is even more incredible because the lessons in them keep being magnified as we grow in the measure of His 7 spirits that He gives to us to guide us into His character.

But it has been proven through this that nearly all of you who were coming to what He restored were not delighting in it.

You were just coming along to save your necks.

Prov 26:11

11 As a dog returns to his vomit, a fool repeats his foolishness.

But, it has also been refreshing to hear that there are some of you who are still delighting in what has been restored.

Even though this is a very small number, it is refreshing to hear from you and to hear your encouraging words and hear that you continue to hold fast to what has been given to us.

As far as the rest of you, the apostle John said that if you were of the truth, you would have remained in it.

The reason for this is because those who are of the truth in spirit and in truth delight in it and they will not depart from it for anything.

When things do not go as they perceived they would, they wait on our Elohiym to give them understanding.

They hunger and thirst for His righteousness and becoming as He is is a sought after and a fought after way of life for them.

Concerning the repairing of the breach and the restoration of the paths of old at the time of the end Isaiah recorded YEHWEH saying;

Isa 58:12-14

12 And from you (the small remnant) I will build the vanished places that were made desolate (by the false shepherds like Saul of tarsus and his followers): and I will rise up the foundation of many generations and you will be called THE REPAIRER OF THE BREACH, THE RESTORER OF PATHS TO DWELL IN.


14 Then you will delight upon YEHWEH; and you will ride upon the high places of the earth and I will feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father: BECAUSE THE MOUTH OF YEHWEH HAS SPOKEN IT.

He is saying that it is a matter of delighting in walking with Him on His pathway.

His word testifies to what He has restored so for you to reject it, you have to reject His word.

So many of you have made this about me or about July 19th and it is not about me, nor is it about July 19th, it is about the truth that delivers us into eternal life in His family.

People write to me and tell me how July 19th was a failed prophecy therefore I am false.

It was not failed prophecy in lieu of what our Creator gave to us concerning the date.

It was His restored Feast of First Fruits and the last one before He sends His Son in power and glory.

And it was huge in significance in how His timeline in unfolding.

I just let some preconceived ideas from some beliefs that I still held onto get in the way of understanding some things.

Plus, our Creator had not given the 3rd tier to the sign of Jonah until 11 days prior to July 19th so I did not know about the 84 days that were to follow before then.

He revealed the 84 days that began on and included July 19th 11 days prior to this day by His design.

He could have given this to me months earlier but it was not His design to do so and it is proving to be part of His witness against man.

We have to wait on Him and we have to trust His word.

His word proves the 84 days just like it proves the rest of what He has revealed, including July 19th.

Hind sight clearly shows why He waited to reveal this information.

It testified that many of your hearts were really not in love with what He has restored and that you were willing to let your own pre-conceived ideas or your own perceptions trump His word.

He revealed to us the 84 days in the two part "I am the Sign of Jonah" videos and like I said, this one done 11 days in advance.

I did not change the date after the fact; I just did not understand some things about this revelation until He showed me.

And this was an incredible revelation that was hidden in His word in the sign of Jonah.

Leading up to this, all along the way He continued to refine and define His timeline in how this has unfolded and this revelation was no different.

And in this process, He kept adding understanding to His process of how He is building His family.

It has been marvelous to see how perfectly orchestrated His timing has been through this, yet what has been really astounding is what He has revealed about becoming as He is and how this is accomplished in us when we walk with Him through it all.

He is defining the story of man and why we are here through it and He is also brought forth His witness against man through it.

His timeline has brilliantly testified to His word and to why we are here in the flesh.

I often wondered why the Feast of Temporary Dwellings did not work into the timeline like the other two feasts did and now we know why.

It was because it was not given yet.

The 3rd tier to the sign of Jonah and the 84 days that began on July 19th is absolutely incredible.

And the timing in it ties into what He has already given about this feast and why we are here and this is really awesome.

It is incredible how the 3 months from the last day of the Feast of Unleavened bread ended up being the day of the scattering of the hair considering what He had instructed us regarding eating the bread of men.

I had no fore-knowledge of this 3 month period, nor of the 3 months that was to follow.

It is incredible how 3 months from the scattering is the last day of the Feast of Temporary Dwellings.

And this even testifies to the restored 30 day month that He restored in the restoring all things.

It is awesome how this day was 7 days before the Feast of First Fruits and how this tied into it all.

It is incredible how 84 days from the Feast of First Fruits is the last day of the Feast of Temporary Dwellings in lieu of all of the symbolism of the number 84 that He used in the 2nd tier of the Sign of Jonah.

This 2nd tier is discussed in the "Sign of Jonah" video and in "The 2nd Passover and the Flood" video.

It is amazing how in the 2nd tier the prophecy for the 5 months of torment tied into it proving who will receive the torment and how it tied in with other prophecies and in with the timing of Yehshua's murder and resurrection and in with the events of the flood and in with the silence in heaven of the space of a half an hour and with other events.

He showed in this that the half an hour is symbolic of half of a week or 3 ½ days which is 84 hours.

This is how long the space in time was from when Yehshua was killed until His resurrection.

It is also the space in time from the time the backup Passover is to be killed in the 2nd month until the corresponding timing of the Ark's door closing on the 17th day of the 2nd month.

There are other tie-ins with the number 84 in this sign that are discussed in these videos that are incredible like how 84 days links the red horse prophecy in Zechariah to the Ark's door closing.

It is amazing how the corresponding timing of the Ark's door closing this year was exactly 70 days from the Feast of First Fruits that landed on July 19th.

It is incredible that Yehshua said that the only sign that would be given is the sign of Jonah and here this sign has been given.

I keep saying incredible and awesome because it is, it is magnificent in design.

But like I also keep saying in these videos, it is not about the dates, nor is it about me.

It is not about July 19th, nor is it about October 10th which is the last day of the Feast of Temporary Dwellings.

It is about why we were created and returning to the reason why we were created.

It is about obeying our Creator to be taught by Him to become as He is so that we can be in His family forever.

But as far as the dates go, everything that He revealed in this in regards to the timing was done so by Him in advance and by His design in His timing.

And it was done to testify to His plan to build His family and to testify against man for their rebellion to His plan.

The fact that He gave us the 84 days 11 days prior in lieu of how He has used the number 11 in this is also really cool.

All along the way He kept adding to the understanding of the timeline as we went forward and He did so with this 84 days as well.

But the important thing in this is it is not about the dates, it is about what He is revealing through His Feasts and through the other events through them.

Most of you could care less about His feasts just like you could care less about the rest of His word and this has been testified to through this as well.

The latter two tiers to the sign of Jonah tied all three feasts together and all three of His feasts tie His salvation process together.

And these two tiers use the first tier of Yehshua being in the tomb for 3 days and 3 nights as the launch pad.

This is awesome.

The three tiers to the sign of Jonah literally testify to His word being true.

The important part in this all is what the whole sign testifies to.

The association of the third tier to the three Feasts testifies to why we are here in the flesh which is what we are here to become and how it is accomplished.

If you want to seek to destroy me or throw me under the bus for my error in thinking that it all ended on July 19th in spite of everything else that He has revealed and restored through me, this is your choice to do so.

If you want to kill me or slander me because my Father had not revealed the 84 days yet, go ahead and do so.

We will see which lot doing so will leave you standing in in the judgment.

Some of you have written me and told me how our Creator would not allow His prophet to error like I did.

The ironic thing is this is your own pre-conceived idea that causes you to make this claim.

It is your own pre-conceived idea that thinks He would not allow this.

Like I said, He did not give the 3rd tier to the sign and the 84 days until 11 days prior by His design.

In lieu of this and in lieu of some pre-conceived ideas, naturally I thought the day of His wrath began on the last date that He had given which was July 19th.

And even after He gave the 84 days it was automatic for me to think during those 11 days that this time was referring to the day of His wrath in lieu of me speaking the 19th was this day all along.

But the awesome thing in this is He gave the third tier prior to the Feast to testify that this is His show and to His glory.

Prophecy is prophecy and it is revealed in His perfect timing and by His perfect design.

You are actually telling Him that His timing and His design is wrong because this is His show.

And, as I keep saying, you also call His word a lie to say that He has not sent me.

In any case, as far as the 19th goes, it did happen and His temple of first fruits is complete whether it happened like you or I thought that it would or not.

His word is perfect, not me.

I am very, very flawed, yet He has restored things through me in spite of this.

This day was given from Him and it represented that His first Harvest into His family is complete.

And it is the last such feast before His wrath is unleashed.

If you cannot receive this, this is your choice not to.

The evidence that He gave to us to prove it ahead of time is irrefutable to those who believe His word.

Our ways are not His ways.

He designed this whole thing that we call life in the flesh to test us and to prove us whether we will hearken to Him or decide right from wrong for ourselves.

And He uses imperfect servants to do so.

If you think that His servants are perfect or without error, you are delusional.

If you know for sure that the 143,822 who were asleep in the graves were not resurrected on the 19th to join Yehshua and the 24 elders along with the 153 who remained here in the flesh, then you certainly know something that I do not know.

I said in an earlier video that I do not know what all went down on this day on a spiritual plain because I do not.

But I do know that it was His restored Feast of First fruits that He restored it in the final year of man's rule under the helm of satan and that the day of His vengeance was declared from this day and from there, the other details are not important.

What is important is why He created us and why He is sending the coming calamity and to whom He is sending it upon.

Things do not need to happen in a way that you or I perceived or thought they would in order to make them true.

Nor does them not happening like I thought they would make them false.

July 19th happened because His word testified to it, not because I spoke it.

When Yehshua returns in power and in glory for the world to see, the angels will gather those who will be delivered into the millennium and all else will be purged out.

I do not know the details to how this will work out; I just know that the time is near at hand.

I believe it will be a process as people are humbled into repentance but I do not know.

The really cool thing is I have nothing to prove to any of you, my Father's word proves that He has sent me and it testifies to what He has sent me to restore.

And like I keep saying, this is not about me.

If you want to make it about me, doing so will be your noose.

It is about laying siege to what He has restored and embracing it with your whole heart and desiring to become as our Creator is.

If you do not want to lay siege to what He has restored and you want to be made in some other image, this is your choice.

Like I keep saying, you have to call His word a lie to say that He has not sent me.

If you want to stone me because of what you perceive to be false prophecy, this is your choice.

You will merely be stoning someone who has spoken for you to turn from your rebellion to our Creator in order to live to become as He is.

Yehshua and Moses both described who is a false prophet.

Moses said that it is anyone who seeks to lead you to a different pathway.

The pathway is YEHWEH's Torah.

Yehshua said;

Matt 24:11-13

11 And many false prophets will rise and will deceive many.

12 And because LAWLESSNESS (violation of the Torah) will abound, the love of many will wax cold.

Have I taught lawlessness against His Torah?

In saying this, Yehshua was saying that the love of many for His Father's righteousness would wax cold.

His righteousness is His character.

Instead of loving His righteousness, most of you love a make believe image of His character, just like you love a make believe image of His Son's character.

Yehshua said;

Matt 7:15

15 Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

In the next verse He tells us how to identify them;

16 You can know them (or recognize them) BY THEIR FRUITS.

Then He goes on to give a parable that identifies their fruit.

Matthew 7:23

And then I will confess to you; depart from me, I never knew you because YOUR WORKS (your fruits) WERE LAWLESSNESS (Lawlessness is violation of the Torah).

Can any of you accuse me of this?

The following verses that He spoke verify this.

Matt 7:24-27

24 Therefore who ever hears MY WORD AND DOES IT, I will liken him to a wise man which built his house upon a rock:

25 And the rain descended and the floods came and the winds blew and beat upon that house and it did not fall BECAUSE IT WAS FOUNDED UPON A ROCK.

26 And every one that hears MY WORD AND DOES NOT DO IT will be likened to a foolish man which built his house upon the sand:

27 And the rain descended and the floods came and the winds blew and beat upon that house and it fell and GREAT WAS THE FALL OF IT.

His word is His Father's word that He was made to be.

Have I spoken for you to do His Father's word or not?

Am I a false prophet according to our Messiah's description of one?

For which work do you seek to kill me or slander me?

Is it because July 19th did not happen in the exact manner that I thought?

Or is it because you are hostile in your hearts to what I have spoken about returning to the Torah of Moses with the statutes and judgments?

The good thing for me is my Father's word testifies that His end time messenger of the covenant would be sent pleading with you to return to His Torah and sent with the rest of the work that I have been sent with.

So obviously you want to kill me or slander me because of your understanding of July 19th being a false prophecy for other reasons other than it actually being false prophecy.

What you should consider is why you do not have the same passion for killing or slandering all of the false shepherds who lead their flocks to the lake of fire.

All other pathways other than our Creator's word that His Son became lead to the lake of fire.

His word includes His Torah.

This evidence shows that my accusers disdain for me is really a disdain for my Father's word that He has restored and repaired and not because of July 19th.

Some of you have diagnosed me as being insane.

What would be insane of me would be for me to reject all of the proof that our Elohiym has given to us in His word that He has sent me.

One person wrote my wife and told her how insane it is that I continue in the white linen that I am clothed with.

What would be insane of me would be to ignore that He clothed me this way and take it off.

It would be totally insane of me to reject the proof that He sent me with and to reject the proof that this change of raiment was from Him.

It would be totally insane for me to renounce my citizenship in His family and walk away from what He has given to me.

What He has revealed and restored is awesome and walking with Him to become as He is is awesome so it would be insane for me to leave it.

For any of you to reject all of the evidence in His word that He has sent me is what is crazy.

For that matter, for any of you to reject what He is offering to you is crazy.

For me to do so along with you would be the crazy thing.

I cannot willfully reject all of the proof that He has given to us like most of you have done and I cannot willfully reject what His word says about His end time messenger of His covenant like most of you have and walk away from the job that He has given to me.

If I did, I would indeed be insane.

Yet some of you have done this and you have returned to your vomit.

But for most of you, you have rejected it without turning from your rebellion and your vomit in the first place.

You have rejected what He sent me to cry out to you to do in spite of it being an exact match to what was recorded that the end time messenger of the covenant would cry out for you to do.

And for this, His wrath is at your door.

I still do not know how this is all going to unfold in the coming less seventy-some days but it will unfold.

I just know that it is absolutely beautiful that He has now tied His Feast of Temporary Dwellings into it.

Is it possible that the 84 days that leads up to the last day of the Feast will lead to a final refining of time, or will this day be the end of the last great day since it represents the last 1,000 years?

I do not know and I certainly do not want to let my pre-conceived ideas get in the way again.

I know that July 19th represented that the first fruits harvest is complete.

I know that when the dust settles, only those who are standing with and in the truth will be standing in our Elohiym's kingdom.

And I know that He is going to deliver those of you who will turn from your rebellion to Him into the 1,000 year period that is fast approaching.

From there, I will fight very hard to not mix in any more of my pre-conceived ideas into this and wait on Him to reveal things.

I also know that the sign of Jonah is impossible to refute.

There are way too many dynamic and intricate details in how He revealed it that are a perfect match to His prophecies and to events of the past like the flood and His Son's death and resurrection that prove that it came from Him.

There is no way in the world that I could be enough of a genius to conjure up such an incredible revelation that involves so many prophecies coming together to tie in His three feasts and the other things like this sign does.

It is absolutely astounding and it is marvelous in design and it could only be put together by an all-powerful, almighty Creator that has this all put together by His design and under His control.

He simply used an imperfect and simple person in myself to bring His sign to you to testify to His glory.

Whether you marvel at His sign that He has sent or not and whether you turn from your rebellion to Him and from your vomit or not is up to you.

From my perspective, it would be insanity to ignore or reject His sign, just like it would be insanity to say that you believe His word but then not believe what it says.

As for me and my family, we will remain steadfast in believing His word and holding fast to what it says.

And we will hold fast to and declare His righteousness that His word testifies to.

If you want to condemn me for doing so, or even kill me as is the case with at least one of you, this is your choice.

I will continue to stand with His word and I will continue to cry out for you to do the same so that we can live together in His family for eternity.