My witness against the scattered nations of Israel and the inhabitants of the world is complete.

But there are some who are writing me wondering if I am dead or not so I decided to post another video to announce that per Yehshua's prayer, there was another way.

He said;

Matt 23:37

37 Jerusalem, Jerusalem, YOU KILL THE PROPHETS AND STONE THEM WHICH ARE SENT TO YOU, how often I would have gathered your children as a hen gathers her brood under her wings AND YOU WOULD NOT HEARKEN!

His statement is true.

But you were not allowed to kill me just like your ancestors were not allowed to kill the first Elijah or some of the other prophets.

I was sent in the spirit of Elijah and I will be caught up in like manner to him being removed that day.

Our Messiah's prayer if there be any other way was both a prayer and a prophecy that there was another way concerning my death.

There was another way because there is no other way for the rest of the 3.3333% of you who Ezekiel prophesied will turn from your rebellion to do so except that the time of affliction be heaped upon you.

This is the only way.

And the 96.66667% will blaspheme the Most High when it is come upon you.

The witness that I was sent to bear witness to testifies that my death would have made no difference in the outcome of this.

The truth that I have been sent to bear witness to and to restore has no place in nearly all of your rebellious hearts.

Just as Yehshua's death and resurrection made no difference to nearly all who have lived since then.

Yehshua already established this part of the witness, He was killed and resurrected and you still would not hearken to what He spoke.

The scattered nations of Israel even believe that He was resurrected from the dead yet you will not hearken to what He spoke about following Him.

You are in love with believing into your lies so that you do not have to walk in His Father's Torah like He did.

You are utterly drunk off of your wine of fornication.

You despise His and His Father's righteous image that you were created to become and you believe into make believe images of them to worship so that you can hold onto your lives deciding right from wrong for yourselves.

During my testimony I continued to prophecy that the good news of our Elohiym's kingdom and the warning cry for the coming wrath would not go out to the world without the calamity be unleashed upon it.

This witness has proven to be true.

Instead of hearkening, nearly all of you who heard the good news and the warning cry murdered me in your hearts.

Or you laughed at me.

It was incredible how the religious leaders in christianity kicked me out of their false worship houses when I came to announce the truth to their ears.

They despised what I was sent to speak to them and scorned my Father's word.

And so did nearly all individuals who I spoke to.

I had one person write me and tell me how he hopes that he is the one who is allowed to throw me into the lake of fire.

Why would anyone have such hatred in their hearts for the one who has stood up to oppose the rebellion to our Elohiym's word and to cry out for His people to return to Him?

This man and others of you say that I am proven false because of my non-death.

My non-death is actually further proof that I have been sent to you in lieu of Yehshua's prayer that night if there be any other way.

Nothing was recorded without meaning.

The really cool thing is His sheep really do hear His voice because the very small flock who is hearkening to what is being restored do hear this revelation and they hear it loud and clear.

In any case, there are less than a couple of days to go and you will know that our Creator has sent me.

His word declares it and it is true and my witness is true.