It is awesome how our Creator's Torah is a complete programming process if we walk in it in spirit and in truth.

But most of you choose to reject His programming.

The blood that was poured out from the sacrifices represents the death penalty for transgressing against Him.

He said the soul that sins shall die.

The reason for the death penalty is to teach us not to transgress against Him.

The same is true of the sacrifices and for the sacrifice that He set up through His only begotten Son.

But nearly all of you who claim to be under the atoning sacrifice that He set up through His Son use this sacrifice for a license to transgress against Him.

Therefore you are using it for a license to transgress against why He created you.

This really is incredible if you would just think about it.

Transgressing against His Torah takes us away from that which was given to perfect us in His image.

It is eternal suicide for you to do so.

Common sense should kick in and tell you that we are here for more than to just confess that He sent His Son in the flesh and to confess His name and believe that He resurrected Him from the dead and then you will be given eternal life in His kingdom.

The willful ignorance of man really is astonishing.

We are here to be molded and fashioned to become as our Creator is.

This is because two cannot walk together in harmony unless they are agreed and our Creator is not going to have strife and contention inhabit eternity with Him.

He put us here and He created evil so that we would learn to purge it out from our midst and overcome it.

He commanded us to do so.

His Son said He that overcomes will be the one who is awarded the kingdom.

Yet nearly all who have ever lived have not even remotely set out to accomplish this.

Much was hidden in His word because He has been searching out a certain mindset to become His temple and these things had to be hidden during this time.

But now His temple is built and these things are being revealed because He is going to use them to build the latter harvest of His family.

But you have to agree to His terms in order to be enrolled in His classroom.

You have to lay siege to what He is restoring and embrace His righteousness that His word testifies to.

And part of His terms is agreeing to leave everything that is false.

Hosea said;

Hos 4:1-3

1 Hear YEHWEH's word, because YEHWEH has a controversy with the children of Israel and with the inhabitants of the land BECAUSE THERE IS NO TRUTH, NOR PIETY, NOR KNOWLEDGE OF ELOHIYM in the land.


3 Therefore the land will bewail and EVERY ONE THAT DWELLS THEREIN WILL LANGUISH and the beasts of the field and the fowls of heaven and the fishes of the sea will also be removed.

Today I am going to talk about the blood touching the blood that Hosea spoke of in these verses.

Understanding this is a huge part in understanding why there have only been 144,000 who have been sealed into His family at this point.

For these past nearly 6,000 years almost all who have heard the truth have not seized it and have not taught it to their children.

In doing so they are guilty of sending their children out of the nest on satan's different pathways that lead to eternal death.

They are guilty of shedding innocent blood in doing so.

And then their children go on to pass down the same pathways that are lies to their children and so on.

It is blood touching blood.

And it is not just holding hands with our children walking down a pathway to the lake of fire either; it is also holding hands walking side by side with one another in the lies.

This is why YEHWEH had Hosea prophesy that blood touches blood.

The world is guilty of killing one another because they have not hearkened to that which would have given them eternal life.

They have not stood with the truth and there is no truth in the land as a result of this.

You probably have heard the phrase the blind leading the blind.

It is more a matter of the dead leading and burying the dead when He said that blood touches blood.

Now that the time of the end has come, it is time to stop touching the dead.

This is why He has magnified the touching the dead bodies statute at this time.

He has shown that all who are not following the same path that His Son walked on are like dead people before His face.

And sense they are dead, they are unclean and you are to not touch them and you are to not even go in their houses as a witness against them.

You need to flee from all that is false and flee from all who are not of the truth and come and follow our Messiah who is the image of His Father's word.

You need to stop following your make believe images of our Messiah that you call the j guy.

You need to return to the Torah with the statutes and judgments because in them is life.

They are the bread of life that His Son became.

Walking in them teaches us to become as He became.

I have been saying in these videos that true worship in spirit and in truth is becoming as our Elohiym is.

This is because becoming as He is is why He created us.

He sent His servants the prophets to tell those whom He was building His family from to hearken to His instructions or that they would die.

But almost none hearkened to them.

Most of you have done what our ancestors did and you have followed after satan who always presents a different way.

This is what he did through his servant Saul of tarsus with his bringing what he himself called a more excellent way.

His opposing ways always lead us away from our Elohiym's pathway.

He was put here in our midst with the demons to offer us these opposing choices to our Creator's pathway because our Creator set it up this way.

He set it up this way because He was looking for those who would choose to love His righteous image and fight to become it.

His Son said that the wolves in sheep's clothing would teach lawlessness and that the love of many would wax cold.

He was saying that because lawlessness would abound, the love of many for His Father's righteous image and for the truth that sets us free would wax cold.

Folks if you want to be one of the 3.3333% who will be delivered through this, you have to love the truth and lay siege to it and YEHWEH Elohiym's word is the truth that will deliver you.

There is no other truth that will deliver you.

You are going to have to let the dead bury their dead and follow Yehshua who bears the name of His Father's word.

You are going to have to desire for that which opposes His word to be purged out from our midst.

It is getting ready to be purged out anyway whether you want it or not.

And if you don't want it, you will be purged out along with the rest of the filth and the swill.

He is getting ready to flush the toilet.

Man's time of self-rule under satan's tutelage is about up.

There is a new sheriff coming to town and He will rule with a rod of iron and that which opposes His Father's righteousness will be dealt with.

It is going to be an incredible time to live in where children will grow up learning to love in the manner that our Creator loves and that which breaks down this love will be dealt with.

Man has lived foolishly like our Elohiym does not see all things and that which is done in the secret places.

They think that they have gotten by with their choices.

He allowed for this as part of the testing and refining process that He used to build His temple.

He allowed for us to go our own way.

But in the millennium it will not be so.

All deeds will be made manifest in the light.

How sweet this will be that the adulterer or the thief or the liar will not be allowed to go unchecked.

And because of this, evil will be purged out and it will be an incredible world to live in with love and truth being a way of life.

But before this era of time begins, the cesspool that the world has become needs to destroyed.

And it will be destroyed to help Him build His family.

At the great white throne, which is a thousand years later, those who will be resurrected will be able to see what living His pathway produced and they will get to see what resulted from not living His pathway.

The world has become the cesspool that it has because nearly all of you put no difference between that which is of our Creator and that which is of satan and his crew.

This is because you have rejected His pathway that would have taught the difference to you.

Most of you have chosen to reject our Creator's righteousness and to live with your own brand of righteousness choosing right from wrong for yourselves.

And blood has touched blood because you taught and passed down the lies that lead to the lake of fire to one another.

The good thing is all of you murderers who have helped lead others including your children to the lake of fire will soon receive your recompense if you will not turn from your rebellion.

And after you are purged out, blood will no longer be allowed to touch blood and this is a good day to look forward to indeed.

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym.