The inhabitants of the world truly have no fear of not being found in our Creator's favor.

Most of you have no fear of having consequences for rebelling against His word and for rebelling against His purpose for Him giving us life.

What kind of fear is it to read verses in the scriptures that repeat over and over again that He is going to destroy those who do not hearken to His Torah and then choose to not hearken to it?

I will tell you, it is no fear whatsoever.

The really crazy thing is that the 1/3 of the world that calls themselves christianity claims that you do fear Him.

Your claim really is insane.

How can any of you make the claim that you fear Him if you refuse to even hearken to the most simple and basic commandments that He gave to us like His command for us to wear blue tassels or fringes on the 4 corners of our garments?

The truth is you lie to yourselves in claiming that you fear Him.

You can claim that you fear Him all you want, you are delusional.

The same thing applies to the humility that you claim that you have before His face.

I have people who live in total rebellion to Him write me and tell me how humble they are before Him.

It really is incredible how willfully delusional most of you are willing to be.

If you were fearful and humble before His face, then you would be in awe of His instructions and you would tremble at opposing them.

You would delight in His commandments including His Sabbaths.

If you feared Him then you would obey Him.

It has been amazing to witness what I have witnessed in my journey across Babylon since I was spit out of the airplane in Miami 5 days ago.

I have witnessed no fear of Him whatsoever, even from the few of you who have been polite to me on the surface.

In the past, some of you have mocked that I have been speaking on you tube these past couple of years claiming that a true prophet would not do so.

Well, I am now in Babylon's face and so far nearly every one of you has laughed, many of you even laughing directly to my face.

What kind of person would have the nerve to laugh at a man clothed in white linen claiming that He is a prophet of the Most High?

Surely you would think that you would have enough fear of our Creator to consider what if this man is His servant.

But so far, except for a couple exceptions of people being polite on the surface, I have not experienced this, nor have I experienced those who are polite exhibiting any real fear either.

My Father has even led me to tote with me the cedar staff that He led me to carve a few years ago and to wear the robe that He has clothed me with much of the time.

There is still no fear, just mocking and scorning from most of you, not all but most of you.

Speaking of carrying the staff, I can see the reason why He led me to carry it because one young man came to me in a Wal-Mart and asked me what was carved on it and I told Him our Creator's scriptures and he seemed interested to hear what was coming so who knows, maybe he will end up being one of the 3.333%

My point is, if I had not been led to tote the staff with me, he would not have approached me.

But what kind of person could see a man walk by them clothed in white linen and toting a staff and not be motivated to ask why I am here?

I will tell you, a person who has no fear because if they had fear, they would know the scriptures and they would know that it was prophesied that one would be sent to them clothed in linen to declare the day and the year of YEHWEH's vengeance.

Instead, most of you want to keep your heads buried in the sand quoting no man knows the day or the hour.

Surely you would think that you would relate the staff to Moses and his staff but no, most simply scoff or laugh instead.

And even if you do not scoff and laugh, you do not hearken to the warning anyway and you depart with no fear of what is coming your way, at least this is what I have witnessed so far.

And the really crazy thing is down south here where I am, most people believe that we are in the end times and that the witnesses will be on the scene soon, so you would think they would fear enough to consider the evidence that I might just be one of them.

But the reality is, the evidence that I have been sent with is my Father's word and His word has no place in your rebellious hearts because you have no fear.

Most of you want signs and wonders like Yellowstone blowing instead.

Well, you are soon to get your heart's desire and you ain't going to like it.

He is going to humble you on a physical plain in order to get you to listen, and even then 96.667%  of you, according to the prophet Ezekiel, will forbear to hear.

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym.