The world is fast asleep and has no fear that their end is near.

Most of you do not know that you are blind and naked and that you are dead men and women walking before our Creator's eyes.

The reason why you do not know this is because you have no fear of going against His desire for you, therefor you keep your heads buried in the mud and the mire of your own ideas of right verses wrong.

You have no interest in why He created you so you go about your lives as you see fit.

What will it take to awaken you and cause you to pull your heads out of this mire?

Sadly His word and the witness He has sent me with testifies that it will take great affliction.

It has been proven over and over again that Him sending His prophets to warn those whom He sent them to was not good enough for most of them.

Only a few have hearkened to Him in nearly 6,000 years' time.

Yesterday, which was June 19th on man's calendar, we came to 30 days before YEHWEH Elohiym will send His Son to purge out all that opposes His will.

40 days before this was the anniversary of Him closing the door behind Noah and his family and then the flood came.

I posted a video a few weeks ago called "In Just 30 days"

He had His prophets record that He would bring the coming time of affliction upon the world in one month.

This one month is recorded in a couple of different places.

It is recorded in Zechariah 11:8 where He says that He will cut off the three shepherds in one month.

These three shepherds are the three false religions that claim to worship Him; christianity, islam and judaism.

This 30 days is also recorded in Hosea chapter 5, verse 7 where He said that He will devour Israel in a month's time.

In these verses in Hosea He singled out Ephraim and Judah.

40 days ago from this 30 day point I burnt a third of the hair that YEHWEH led me to cut off per His Ezekiel 5 prophesy to be a witness against you.

And I cut up the 2nd third of it with a knife and burnt it at that time.

As you can see, my hair is growing back but most of you are still blind and naked before His face with no fear.

I have been sent back among you on this same day, thirty days out from His day of vengeance, with the remaining third of my hair to cast into the wind when He instructs me to do so.

A few verses later in Zechariah chapter 11 He prophesied that Yehshua would be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver.

The children of Israel mourned for Moses for 30 days in Moab and they mourned for Aaron the High Priest for 30 days as well.

Much of the book of Jeremiah is a dual prophesy for the last days.

When King Zedekiah ordered that they remove Jeremiah from the mires of the dungeon that He was imprisoned in, he sent 30 men to do so.

It is not a coincidence that the 40 plus 30 days total up to 70 days before July 19th.

Everything is symbolic.

Judah was sent into captivity for 70 years to Babylon and the United states is symbolic of Babylon in the end time prophesies.

Many have written me wondering why I have not produced a video in the last couple of weeks.

The reason is a few weeks ago my Father led me to fly to Israel to warn them.

The end time prophesies have continued to unfold during my absence from the internet.

I flew to the physical nation of Israel and came to them in the hours leading up to the 44th day from Yehshua's return and landed in Tel Abib at 12:30 in the morning the way that man reckons time.

I was immediately met at the bottom of the stairs from the plane by security because I was dressed in the white linen that our Elohiym clothed me with.

This is the same white linen that His word proclaims the end time messenger would be sent clothed with.

They asked the purpose of my visit and I told them that I had been sent to tell them that the end is at hand and to repent.

They secured me and interrogated me for a few hours and searched my bags and then locked me in a room to send me back to where I had come from.

During the time that they interrogated me I kept explaining to them what it says in the scriptures (the same scriptures that they claim to believe) about me being sent.

I spoke to them several of the prophesies that were recorded that prove that our Creator had indeed sent me to them.

But they had no interest in hearing about these scriptures and the prophecies that are at hand.

When they locked me up I knelt down and asked my Father to show me why this was happening.

He told me to open His word that my captors had allowed for me to carry with me into the room to Ezekiel chapter 3, verse 15.

I did so and it said;

Ezek 3:15

15 Then I came to them of the captivity at Tel-abib, that dwelt by the river of Chebar and I sat there they sat and remained there astonished among them seven days.

At this time He told me that the 7 days was a prophetic reference to 7 hours.

They came and got me and loaded me on a plane that was scheduled to depart at 7 A.M.

I did the arithmetic and this was only 6 ½ hours from when I got there.

As soon as they boarded me on the plane the public began boarding early and the doors were at about a quarter till seven.

I was thinking, this is not 7 hours.

Then they had troubles getting it started or something and from my window seat I saw a truck pull up and hook up a large tubing to it, I suppose it was cables.

And then even after they got the engines fired up, it was still only minutes after 7 A.M.

From there they had other problems after they backed away with the pre-flight check and then plane in front of us that had already made the turn to enter onto the run way had problems and sat there.

The next thing you know, it was 7:30 and we took off.

Knowing how my Father works, I am confident that this was 7 hours to the very second from when I had landed there.

If you think this was all a coincidence, then what voice was it that led me to turn to Ezekiel 3:15 in that room?

Earlier in this same chapter in Ezekiel YEHWEH explained that He was sending His end time messenger to a people that speak the same language that he speaks.

In the following verses after verse 15, in verse 17, He said that He has made this servant that was to be sent to Tel Abib the watchman sent to warn the people.

The people that I was to be sent to are a people of the same language so this was done to show that the people in the land of Israel are not Israel because they speak a different language there.

In verse 24 He said that this servant was to return to his house after he went to Tel Abib.

The physical nation of Israel sent me back to where I have lived for the past nearly 2 years which is Greece.

In verse 25 He said that then they would bind me.

When I flew into the plain or the valley of Athens they arrested me.

For you scoffers, do you really think that all of this could be just a coincidence?

Especially in lieu of all of the other prophesies that have unfolded through all of this?

Go right on and continue to think so because I have not been sent to the 96.667% percent of you who will die in the next 30, now 29 days.

I have been sent to the 3.333% of you who will hearken to His word and repent.

The reason that they arrested me in Greece was the same reason why the authorities in Tel Abib sent me back.

It was because our Creator's word has no place in their rebellious hearts.

If it did, they would know that He has made me His watchman because His word proves this.

One of my accusers whom I walked side by side with for a short season because they were coming to the truth made a big deal that I was in Greece past the time allowed for my tourist visa.

This man lies against the truth to speak this.

The truth is our Creator sent me to Greece to fulfill His prophecy that Ezekiel recorded in chapter 12.

Are we supposed to obey man's rules or our Creator's instructions?

Who owns the land in Greece?

Is it the government or the people of Greece or YEHWEH Elohiym?

I was there because He told me to be there so if you want to call this illegal so that you can declare that I am a false prophet, go right ahead if you want and be part of the 96.667%.

The night before when I flew out of Greece they saw that I was there past my tourist visa and I showed them where I had applied for residency there and they said no problem and let me continue on my journey.

Anyway, I was arrested because it was recorded that I would be.

The kept me there in prison for 14 days before flying me back.

This was done by YEHWEH's design.

Continuing on in Ezekiel 3 He said in verse 26 that He was going to close my mouth for a period of time because those whom I am sent to are a rebellious house.

This was all done for His glory and to testify to what they do to His spokes people when He sends them.

They kill them and imprison them.

Like Joseph was in jail for 2 years, I was there for two weeks.

I keep getting the better end of this.

I certainly was kept in ridiculous circumstances, including having to live in a room with unclean dead people.

But I was in no way in the same circumstances that Jeremiah was put in when he was lowered into the mire with no water even.

I was imprisoned as part of the witness against man that YEHWEH's word has no place in them.

When they bound me, I continued to offer to show them the proof that He has sent me but they could care less, just like the 96.667% of the rest of you could care less what His word says.

In the coming 29 days I will continue to proclaim (to those who will hear) that the Messiah will return on July 19th with a sword to purge out all who forbear to hear.

This same sword is the same sword that I returned to America with.

I have been sent to slay all of you who do not bear YEHWEH Elohiym's mark in your foreheads.

This sword is His word that all will be judged by.

Ezekiel 9 says;

Ezek 9:4-6

4 And YEHWEH said to him, Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, AND SET A MARK upon the foreheads of the men THAT SIGH AND CRY FOR ALL THE ABOMINATIONS that are done in the midst thereof.

5 And I heard Him say REGARDING THE OTHERS, go after them through the city AND SMITE: let not your eye spare, neither have pity nor have compassion on them:

6 SLAY UTTERLY THE OLD AND THE YOUNG, BOTH VIRGINS AND WOMEN WITH THEIR FAMILIES: but do not come near all men whom have "YEHWEH's MARK" and begin at my sanctuary. Begin with the men who are elders that stand before the house of Israel.

There is nowhere for you to hide if you do not bear His mark.

All of you who deny His will for you to become as He is will be purged from before His face.

I said I was imprisoned with dead people.

Nearly everybody there was Muslim.

I did not hold back in telling them how it is according to our Elohiym.

I had no fear of what they would do to me.

I told them that they were dead before our Creator's face.

I explained to them that true worship is becoming as He is and that we become as He is by obeying His word and trusting Him.

Actually, even though I spend the 14 days telling them this they still extended favor to me.

This was probably because I also said that christianity and judaism are also like unto dead people to Him.

Yet, just like most of you, they did not repent.

I doubt that most of you in christianity will be as kind to me as they were but I will stand boldly in your face telling you to either repent or die.

I have not been sent to debate what is true so you can spare sending me your rhetoric.

YEHWEH Elohiym has put His word in my mouth to tell you what is true.

I do not know when He will empower my voice to be heard by sending the calamity but it is coming.

Just because He said that He will accomplish all of this in one month certainly does not mean that the affliction will be this whole time.

Nearly all of His prophecies for the last days speak about the last great day of His vengeance as being one day so most of it will happen on July 19th.

Another prophecy that has unfolded by Him sending me back to America was me coming before your face like Elijah did when he returned.

I have been sent in the spirit of Elijah to tell you that the g guy that your serve is like unto baal.

If you continue to serve this make believe image of our Elohiym you will die.

I have been sent to proclaim the righteousness of the Elohiym of Abraham, Isaac and Israel and to cry out to you to serve His true image.

As Elijah fled, I fled and as he returned, I have returned.

And I have returned to cry out to the 3.33% of you who will hearken.

The rest of you will die if you continue to seek after the imaginations of your own hearts.

As far as those of you who have posted comments while I was absent from the internet, I just do not have time to answer them at this point.

For this reason I might go through the videos and disable comments from the other videos.

For those of you who will repent, His word testifies that you are not only to flee the cities that He is going to destroy and flee from all that is false, you are also told to join in with me in crying aloud to warn others or their blood will be required of you.

This is real and it is happening.

Claiming that I am false will not make me false just like not believing that this is going to happen will not keep it from happening.

It is what it is.

The choice is yours, will you hear or will you forbear?

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym.