Most of you do not think about why it is so important that we stone the prophet or dreamer of dreams that seek to lead others to a different path or to a different image of our Creator.

Most people think that we are to measure prophets by whether the thing that they have spoken comes to pass or not.

This is only part of the measurement.

It is not the total measurement that we are told to use to decide if we are to stone them.

Ron Weinland or Harold Camping or others like this do need to be stoned but not for predicting the wrong date of our Messiah's return by itself and I will explain.

We are commanded to stone them because they seek to teach their followers to follow after a false image of Elohiym.

They need to be stoned because they seek to lead others to a different path than the one that was given to us that leads to eternal life.

In doing so they are guilty of the spirit of murder.

We are commanded to stone them for these reasons even if their predictions do come to pass.

And we are commanded to do likewise to all of the false shepherds who do the same whether they predict a date or call themselves a prophet or not.

The verses that people use about the event needing to come to pass are found in;

Deut 18:21-22

21 And if you say in your heart, how will we know if what they have spoken is a word which YEHWEH has not spoken?

22 When a prophet speaks in YEHWEH's name, IF THEIR WORD DOES NOT COME TO PASS, AND IT IS NOT TO COME, it is a word that YEHWEH has not spoken and the prophet has spoken it in arrogance and you shall not abide as part of him.

The King James translated the last line as you shall not fear him.

But it is not the word for fear.

It is the word that means to sojourn or to abide with and it is coupled in this verse with a word that means out from or as a part of.

He is saying that we are not walk with or abide with this false prophet and we are to depart out from this false prophet.

In the preceding verses, which I will read in a minute, He says that we are to kill the prophet that speaks a word in His name which He has not commanded them to speak and that speaks in the name of other elohiyms (false images of Him).

The event not coming to pass is part of the measurement but the reason for the death penalty is because they speak in the name of false images of Him and seek to lead those who will listen to them to a different path.

And all other paths beside YEHWEH's true path lead to the lake of fire.

His word is given to us line upon line, here a little there a little.

I often use the example of how most people love to quote John 3:16 without reading or quoting the following verses that define this verse.

YEHWEH had Moses record the exclusion that if the event was not something that was yet to come because all of prophets, including Yehshua have prophesied things that still have not come to pass.

And sometimes things come to pass but not even in the same way that the prophet thought that it would and especially not like those they prophesied to thought it would come to pass.

An example of this is Yehshua saying destroy this temple and in 3 days I will raise it back up.

There often is symbolism like this in the prophecies.

In any case, the instructions for stoning the false prophet are not for if the event did not come to pass by itself because the event might still be yet to come.

Yet it is certainly part of the measurement when coupled with the rest of what we are to measure them with.

In the preceding verses YEHWEH said that He would rise up a prophet to Israel;

Deut 18:18-20

18 I will rise up a prophet from among their kindred like I did with you, AND I WILL GIVE MY WORDS INTO HIS MOUTH; and he will speak to them all that I will command him.

19 And it will come to pass that whosoever will not hearken unto my words WHICH HE WILL SPEAK IN MY NAME, I WILL MAKE INQUISITION WITH HIM.

People write me and tell me that they are not going to follow what any man speaks.

I agree that we are not to follow any man, but when YEHWEH Elohiym puts His word into a man's mouth, you had better hearken because it is not a man's word.

And so few have hearkened to what any of His prophets have spoken.

Over time they have killed them and stoned them and let the false prophets flourish in their midst.

This is still true today.

You will seek to kill me because He has put His word in my mouth and you loathe His word.

So few of you who have heard what He has bid you to do would even do a couple of simple things like stop eating the bread or cover your heads.

It is plainly recorded in His word that I would be sent with these commandments and His word testifies that you ought to have been doing them anyway.

Nearly none of you would offer up the offering in righteousness that He has proclaimed for you to offer up to Him at this time if you are going to return to Him.

He sent me to you bearing irrefutable proof in His word that He has sent me so it is not that you are not hearkening to me.

You are not hearkening to Him because you are not hearkening to His word.

20 But if there is a prophet which speaks proudly a word in my name which I have not commanded him to speak and that speaks in the name of other elohiyms (false images of Him), THAT PROPHET SHALL BE PUT TO DEATH.

The death penalty emphasis is on the speaking in the name of other elohiyms (other images of Him no matter what you call His name by).

In the following verse where He says that if the event does not come to pass, you are to remove yourself from that false prophet.

In Deuteronomy chapter 13, He says that even if the event comes to pass we are to stone them for teaching a different path or a different image of Him.

Deuteronomy 13;

5 "PUT TO DEATH" that prophet or that dreamer of dreams BECAUSE HE OR SHE SPOKE "TO CAUSE YOU TO REBEL" AGAINST YEHWEH ELOHIYM which brought you out of the land of Egypt and released you out of the house of bondage, because he or she has sought TO DRAW YOU OUT FROM "THE PATHWAY" which YEHWEH Elohiym COMMANDED US TO WALK ON.


I will use false prophet Ron Weinland for an example.

Most have not heard of Ron yet but he is still positioned to become known to the world in the coming calamity.

His father satan led him to prophecy that his make believe "j-guy" would return on the Feast of First Fruits this year.

The real messiah will return on this feast so technically Ron's prophecy will come to pass.

But he does not even know when this feast is so he was wrong about the date.

Even so, he is clearly false for other reasons that are bigger reasons because he teaches and represents a different path than the path that YEHWEH Elohiym gave us to walk with Him on.

He represents and teaches a perversion to this path.

Why are we commanded to exercise such a stiff penalty as stoning for what he and others like him have done?

It is because they lead people to the lake of fire and this is murder.

Ron's prophecy failed a few days ago when he was not found dead on the streets of Jerusalem and resurrected 3.5 days later.

And I will tell you why He needs to be stoned.

It is because he did not repent and throw himself before YEHWEH Elohiym's mercy seat.

He has chosen to continue to lead his flock and whoever he can gather into his flock to the lake of fire and this angers me.

And it angers my Father.

He is still set up to be one of satan's many voices who will be riding the coming calamity.

But what is he and what will he be telling people to do?

He will leading them to a false path, therefore to the lake of fire.

If someone is killing thousands of people, what should you do to them?

Our Creator says to stone them so that others will fear doing as they have done.

He says that we are to be the first to grab a stone.

What would you have done to those in Syria who were murdering those children the other day, one with even a pacifier in his mouth?

Would you pat them on the back and tell them to march on?

What is the difference with a false shepherd who is leading his flock to the lake of fire?

There is no difference other than the murder is not immediate.

The same is true of all of you parents who do not teach your children our Creator's path like He commanded us to do.

I have people who write to me and tell me that I am the false prophet.

What have I spoken for you to do that is not commanded by the other prophets?

What have I commanded for you to do that Yehshua Himself did not testify to?

Recently some things have been magnified like that even touching the spiritual dead is the same as touching a dead body.

But which of you can refute that this by showing that scripture does not testify to this magnification and that it is not proclaimed in His word precept upon precept?

You cannot because it is.

Yehshua testified that the spiritually dead are like unto dead men when He said things like let the dead bury their dead.

His word testifies to itself.

And where is there another prophet that has come forth with the red heifer and the water of separation for touching a dead person physically anyway?

Did the commandment to wash with this water go away?

Of course not.

And now it is being restored and magnified to show that 96.6667% of the world needs to be purged from the earth because they are unclean and dead before our Creator.

Isaiah recorded that the 1st witness would magnify the Torah.

He said;

Isa 42:21

21 YEHWEH IS WELL PLEASED for His righteousness' sake; He will MAGNIFY THE TORAH and MAKE IT HONORABLE (magnificient/glorious).

I have always quoted this verse applying it to Yehshua.

He entered into the final stone to complete the temple.

He continues to magnify the Torah through the 2nd witness.

This verse flows right into the here and the now with the second witness.

In the following verse He says;

Isa 42:22-24

22 But this is a people that are robbed and plundered; they are snared in the serpent's holes and they are all hiding in the prison houses: they are for a plunder, and none delivers them from the spoil and none saith to TURN BACK (Repent).

23 Who among you will give ear to this? Who will hearken and obey that which was?

It was prophesied that one would be sent in the spirit of Elijah to restore the paths of old and to turn your hearts to having hearts like the hearts of the patriarchs.

This verse is for the here and the now.

Israel is plundered and spoiled by the abomination of desolation and they are hiding in the captivity of the beast.

He is continuing to magnify the Torah and make it honorable through me.

24 Who gave Jacob to be plundered and Israel to the robbers? Did not YEWHEH do this to you who have sinned? BECAUSE YOU WOULD NOT WALK IN HIS PATHWAYS, NEITHER WOULD YOU OBEY HIS TORAH.

Folks, I am telling you to get as far away from these two bit phony prophets and false shepherds as you can.

If they are not teaching you to do the least of the commandments like wearing blue tassels on the boarders of your clothes all the way to the greatest of them which is loving YEHWEH Elohiym with your entire life, then flee from their filth or you will die with them.

And loving YEHWEH with your entire life is loving His true image.

His true image is not Ron Weinland's image of Him that says that you must conform to some list of 57 truths that he and his pre-assessor put together.

Ron's image of Him is the abomination of desolation Saul of Tarsus's image of Him.

We must measure all against YEHWEH's word, including our own beliefs.

You should not marvel that the false messiah Jose Miranda says that all of the writings of the prophets are void and that we only need to obey Saul's writings.

Saul's writings are Ron's focus as well.

I am using Ron for an example today because he did not go away along with his failed prophecy which I knew he would not.

He simply used his failed prophecy to poise himself to continue to deceive people and for this reason he needs to be stoned.

The measuring rod is the YEHWEH's word; it is not a fabricated list that includes a bunch of lies.

One of the big lies on this false prophet's list is the Saturday Sabbath abomination.

All that any of us need to do is believe Elohiym's word to know the truth on this subject.

You actually have to reject His word in order to believe that the Sabbath is on a fixed day of the week on satan's roman calendar.

I stand boldly with His word and in agreement with His word to declare that all of the false prophets and false shepherds must either repent or dying they will die.

They must die so that they are no longer able to lead others to the lake of fire.

They are not going to be allowed to continue in the millennium.

Satan and his crew will be bound and his servants are going to be purged from the earth so that YEHWEH's will will be done here on earth as it is in heaven.

What will most of you have in your hearts towards me because I have spoken this?

You will think that I am the evil one who needs to die.

And, soon you will be allowed to kill me.

This is because you are a people that calls evil good and good evil.

At least 96.6667% of you will have some degree of this emotion in your heart towards me.

But until then, I will stand before my Father with His Son magnifying His Torah and making it honorable like was prophesied to happen.

I stand before Him declaring that the end of man's error is nearly over.

And if you do not turn from your rebellion to Him, dying you will die.

If you are still alive on July 19th and you have not repented, you will be stoned with hailstones the weight of a talent along with all of the false prophets and the false shepherds who feed their flocks for the slaughter.

Thus saith YEHWEH Elohiym!