It is incredible that we are now less than 57 days away from our Messiah's return.

Unless you believe false prophet Ron Weinland.

Ron claims that we are now only 3 days away tonight at sundown in Jerusalem.

He has his make believe "j guy" returning at sundown on May 26th.

He says that this is the beginning of the feast of first fruits but he is off 53 ½ days from when this feast is.

He is off because he has rejected the truth about our Creator's calendar that would have taught him when it is.

He did not turn the water into blood during the time of his false prophecy because he was not authorized to do so.

Not only that, he rejected the truth about the water and the blood when I gave it to him 2 years ago on the anniversary of when he falsely observes this feast.

At least this was when I gave it to his underlings that he calls his elders.

It might have been the next day when they gave it to him.

We are told in Revelation chapter 11, verse 6;

Rev 11:6

The (two witnesses) WILL HAVE THE AUTHORITY (the jurisdiction) upon them TO TURN THE WATER TO INTO BLOOD

Ron could not accomplish this because he did not have this authority given to him.

Like I said, he even rejected the truth about turning the water into Yehshua's blood when I gave it to him.

There is much more that he could not do that is prophesied that the witness would do because he is not of the truth.

He could not shave his head and beard to fulfill the Ezekiel 5 prophecy because he already had rejected the commandment that says that we are to not shave our head and beard so he had no hair or beard to shave off.

He could not tell people to return to the Torah of Moses with the statutes and judgments like the end time prophet was prophesied to do because he himself rejects nearly all of the statutes and judgments that are in the Torah except for the clean and unclean foods statutes.

He cannot talk about putting a difference between the clean and unclean with other things other than food laws because he himself puts no difference between the clean and the unclean with everything else.

He could not see the water of separation prophecy with the red heifer because he rejected that which would have taught it to him if he was the real prophet.

And his being dead in the streets of Jerusalem 3.5 days or 84 hours from when he says his "j" guy is returning has already passed so his prophecy is already dead on the streets of Jerusalem.

He could not bring forth the Isaiah 4 prophecy about the 7 women laying hold of one man because he already teaches lies about the 7 churches.

Not only that, he rejects our Elohiym's word that proves that Yehshua was the first witness so he thinks that there are two witnesses on the ground and not one.

He calls his wife the other witness so 7 women certainly could not lay hold of one man in his false beliefs.

And he had to reject all of the prophecies about there being only one end-time messenger of the covenant in order to have his false beliefs.

He rejects nearly everything that the prophets recorded so obviously he is not of the truth.

He even represents satan's Saturday Sabbath abomination and this is a big one since YEHWEH Elohiym said that His Sabbaths are His sign given to us.

He did not fulfill any of the end time prophecies that are being fulfilled through YEHWEH Elohiym's true servant.

He could not fulfill these prophecies because he is one of satan's many counterfeits to the truth that he has set up to snare those who refuse to believe what YEHWEH Elohiym's word says.

The reason why satan was able to snare Ron into being his servant is because Elohiym's word has no place in his rebellious heart.

He says it does but even a superficial comparison to what Ron teaches and lives prove that He is not of the truth.

For example, where are his blue tassels that we are commanded to wear?

Folks, it is simple to measure if someone is false or not.

All we need to do is measure them against the word that Yehshua testified to.

There are several other false prophets and false messiahs that have different claims.

They can all be proven to be false with the same criteria that Ron is proven false with.

This criterion is our Creator's word that we must measure all things with.

One of these false messiahs is a man that spoke about in the "GILLAMRL AND THREE FALSE MESSIAHS" video.

He is a man who also has a date that he has prophesied to happen before the real Messiah returns on July 19th.

His name is Jose Miranda.

Jose claims that he is the messiah in the flesh and that he will be transformed into the Messiah on June 30th.

He claims that he is both the messiah and the anti-messiah.

He certainly is one of the many anti-messiahs, no doubt about that and so is Ron Weinland and everyone else who oppose the our Elohiym's word that the real messiah became in the flesh.

What is really crazy is there are thousands of people who believe him and are tattooing themselves with the number 666.

This is phenomenal.

He actually says that only the abomination of desolation Saul of Tarsus's blasphemous writings are the truth and throws out the true word of the Most High.

And in the midst of all of these false prophets and false messiahs there is one man who is an exact match to the prophecies who has been authorized to turn the water into blood and almost none believe him.

This is because almost none believe our Elohiym's word that they even say that they believe.

His word only testifies to one.

He made the resume that He sent this servant with infallible so that all who believe His word will know that He has sent him.

He did this in the same manner that He had His servants testify that His Son was the Messiah yet they did not believe Him nearly 2,000 years ago when He was sent either.

If I had not witnessed this happening in the same manner, I would not believe it were possible.

Yet His word says that it was going to happen and that you would not hearken.

There is a reason why He is sending His wrath.

What has been revealed recently in regards to the clean and the unclean statutes and magnifying the truth about the water and the blood even more is incredible.

But what is also incredible is how the anger towards me has stepped up since these revelations.

The number of people who are writings me and telling me that I am evil and of satan has actually increased because of what my Father has given me to speak about the water and the blood.

I can see that most of you truly will rejoice when I am dead.

Go enjoy your 3 ½ day party.

Part of the reason why you have so much hostility towards me is because I call your boy Saul who you are in love with false.

You love the lies and hate the truth.

I did not make the determination that Saul is the abomination of desolation from my own understanding.

It was given to me from our Creator and I let His measuring rod prove it to me.

YEHWEH's word easily proves that Saul is false.

Deut 12:32

32 All things that I command you; HEDGE ABOUT them (GUARD THEM) "AND DO THEM" and DO NOT "ADD TO THEM" NOR "TAKE AWAY" FROM THEM.

13:1 If there rise up among you a prophet or a dreamer of dreams and he or she gives you a sign or a wonder,

2 even if that sign or the wonder comes to pass, if he or she speaks to you and says TO WALK FOLLOWING and TO SERVE OTHER IMAGES OF ELOHIYM that are not known (by His word).

Is Saul's image of Him the same image of Him that the writings of the prophets testify to?

No, not even close.

YEHWEH is saying that if any one comes along and tells you to walk on a different path than the path that He gave to us or tells you to worship and to serve a different image of Him than His word testifies to, they are false.

He says not to listen to anyone who does this;

3 Do not hearken to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams: BECAUSE YEHWEH ELOHIYM "PROVES YOU" (OR TESTS YOU) TO KNOW WHETHER YOU LOVE YEHWEH ELOHIYM with all your heart and with all your soul or not.

He tests us to know whether we will choose and love His righteousness or not.

Yehshua said that the wolves in sheep's clothing would teach lawlessness and that the love of many would wax cold.

He was saying that the love of His Father's true character (His righteousness) would wax cold because of these wolves.

YEHWEH goes on to say that we at supposed to put to death anyone who does this.

He put satan here to test us and to prove us and he is allowed to set up the apostates to the truth like Ron and Saul and Jose as part of the test.

Why is it that you cannot believe that you are deceived?

Revelation 12:9 says that satan will have deceived the whole world.

Do you think that the whole world cannot include you?

It certainly included me before I was plucked out of the fire and given a change of raiment and sent to cry out to you to repent.

Continuing on in Deuteronomy 13;

Deut 13:4-5


5 "PUT TO DEATH" that prophet or that dreamer of dreams BECAUSE HE OR SHE SPOKE "TO CAUSE YOU TO REBEL" AGAINST YEHWEH ELOHIYM which brought you out of the land of Egypt and released you out of the house of bondage, because he or she has sought TO DRAW YOU OUT FROM "THE PATHWAY" which YEHWEH Elohiym commanded you to walk on.

Burn away the evil from your midst.

What is Saul's fruit?

Do his 2.3 billion plus followers who are alive today keep YEHWEH's Torah with the statutes and the judgments?

Do you follow Saul or do you follow Yehshua?

If you follow Yehshua, you are walking as He walked and He lived the Torah with the statutes and judgments.

Why is it that nearly all of you do not want to hearken to this instruction to kill the false prophets and to burn away everything that is of a different path?

I can guarantee you that I want to hearken to it and I have beseeched my Father to accomplish this through my cry.

And His word testifies that He has authorized me to make this cry.

He has led me to call for the bringing down of all of satan's false worship houses as part of this.

And He has sent us another foreshadow of this happening.

A few days ago on May 20th He brought down 3 of these pagan churches with a mere 6.0 earthquake in Italy.

This quake happened at the dawning of day # 60 from our Messiah's return Jerusalem time.

It happened at about 2:04 UTC which would have been at about 5:04 in Jerusalem.

Is 3 churches falling from a 6.0 quake as day # 6-0 begins in Jerusalem a coincidence?

Especially in lieu of it occurring at the end of the 10th day that He previously gave to me to speak about.

This was the 10th day after the 70 day judgment began.

This was just a little nugget given to those who already believe to let them know that His wrath is coming.

This nugget will mean nothing to you scoffers because you will need major humbling and even then most of you will still die in your rebellion.

The title of this video is "The Water & the Blood"

The process of living this life in the flesh to turn the water into blood is what this life in the flesh is all about.

We must live to be found in our Creator's favor by living to become as He is.

When we do, He turns the water into His Son's blood.

He gave us the death penalty for not being found in His favor by design.

Everything is set up to teach us to become as He is because two cannot walk together in harmony unless they are agreed.

He is not building an eternal family from a people who do not agree with Him.

If you ignore His classroom and ignore His text book, there is no way that you are going to pass the entrance exam into His family.

There is so much hidden in His clean and unclean statutes that He keeps revealing and it is all awesome.

In regards to the water of separation, even the clean person who sprinkles the water becomes unclean until even.

This is designed to teach us that when we even touch that which is dead before YEHWHEH's face that we can contaminate the minds of the clean people who are in our midst if we return to them with that which is false.

It is all about a total separation from that which is false.

If we bring that which is false into our households we poison others with it.

John said;

1 John 5:6-7

6 Yehshua the Messiah is the same that CAME BY WATER AND BLOOD; not by water only, BUT BY WATER AND BY THE BLOOD. And it is the Spirit that testifies to this because the Spirit is truth.


It is awesome that he is saying in these verses.

We are made in oneness with our Creator through this process.

When the soldier pierced Yehshua water and blood came out of Him as part of this symbolism.

When a baby is born, the water breaks and proceeds forth from the woman before the baby is born.

So it is with us before we can be born into spirit beings in His family.

We have to undergo the cleansing process and be made to be one with our Elohiym.

Before we can even have His 7 spirits given to us we must be bathing for our uncleanness before Him.

Water does not cleanse us from sin.

Blood has to be shed for sin; His word teaches this to us when we live it.

The water that He instructs us to bathe in or have sprinkled upon us must be turned into Yehshua's blood in order for us to be cleansed.

The same is true with the water that we must be baptized under to begin the transformation process.

And His blood has a price tag.

The price tag is thinking differently.

It is being re-programmed to think as our Creator thinks.

Obeying Him with the intent to become as He is required in order for the programming to take place.

John 3:3, 5-6

3 Yehshua answered and said to Nicodemus, truly, truly, I say to you, unless a man is BORN FROM ABOVE, it is not possible for him to see the kingdom of Elohiym.

In verse 4 Nicodemus wanted to know how this is possible.

5 Yehshua answered, truly, truly, I say to you that unless a man is "BORN out from the WATER and the SPIRIT" it is not possible for him to enter into the kingdom of Elohiym.

6 That which is born out from the flesh is flesh and that which is born out from the Spirit is spirit.

We have to follow the instructions for this to happen and following the instructions includes following our Messiah.

Following Him is walking as He walked.

It begins with being baptized under the water like He was.

After He was baptized, His Father's 7 spirits entered into Him.

John the Baptist testified to this.

But the water has to be turned into His blood in order to cleanse us.

We have to sign the contract by meeting the conditions to the contract.

We cannot receive His Father's 7 spirits to guide us into truth without meeting the conditions to the contract.

Yehshua spoke this plainly.

He said that His Father would send us His spirit if we obeyed Him.

The water and the spirit and the blood testify together, not separately.

Many of you write to me and tell me that you do have His spirit guiding you who have not signed the covenant with repentance.

You are liars and hypocrites.

If you are not keeping the commandments, the truth is not in you.

His word says so.

And the commandments include His clean and unclean statutes.

His word says so.

Yehshua did not come to get rid of any of them.

He said so.

But you are above His word in your pride and your arrogance so you are blind and naked and you cannot even see your nakedness.

You have no shame because you have no fear.

You have rejected His eye salve.

He has sent me to plead with you to come down off of your high horses and to return to Him.

Rev 22:17

17 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that hears say, Come. AND LET HIM THAT IS ATHIRST COME. AND THOSE WHO WILL DESIRE, LET HIM LAY HOLD OF "THE WATER OF LIFE" WITH GRATITUDE.

The water of life comes from walking before our Elohiym's face in His word.

It is the water that we must have turned into His Son's blood.

This is His favor for being found in His favor.

Otherwise, dying you will die.

Thus saith Adonai YEHWEH.