The religion of christianity rejects nearly everything that YEHWEH and His Son spoke.

You bury your heads in the sand hiding behind false doctrines that you use to give yourselves a false sense of eternal security.

It is amazing how you have no fear and no respect of YEHWEH Elohiym's word that you claim that you believe is His word.

Yehshua said;

Matt 5:48


He is saying that we are to become as His Father is.

YEHWEH Elohiym told us that He created us to be made in His image.

He told us that He gave us His word to accomplish this in us.

Yehshua also said;

Matt 5:20

20 Because I say to you that UNLESS YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS EXCEEDS MORE THAN (excels in a more excellent way than) THE RIGHTEOUSNESS of the scribes and the Pharisees, you will in no way enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Then He went on in the following verses to magnify the Torah like Isaiah prophesied that He would.

He was not sent to get rid of it.

He said so just a few verses earlier.

There are two words used in the manuscripts that describe "exceeds more than".

One of them means to super-abound or to excel and the other means greater as in a more excellent way.

He is saying that unless our righteousness excels in a more excellent way than the righteousness of the scribes and the Pharisees that we will not enter into His Father's kingdom.

The righteousness that He is speaking of that we must have is His Father's righteousness.

The scribes and the Pharisees had an outward appearance of being religious but inwardly they were dead.

Yehshua said they were like white-washed tombs looking good on the outside appearing religious before men, even to make themselves feel good about their religious appearance.

They obeyed the Torah on a physical plain which Yehshua said that they ought to have done.

But they did not live the spiritual intent of why we were given the statutes and judgments which is to become our Elohiym's righteousness.

Plus, they mixed in their traditions to pervert His word.

Yehshua's parable for keeping the traditions of men while rejecting His Father's commandments applies even way more so today than it did for them back then.

Today most of you in the scattered nations of Israel don't even obey any form of the Torah whatsoever and you have replaced nearly all of His commandments with your traditions.

Even most of you who do keep a form of His Torah mix in the false traditions of judaism in with it and you profane it.

Yehshua was saying in His previous sentence that he that does the commandments and teaches others to do them are called great in the kingdom of heaven.

But it is also more than just doing them and teaching them.

It is living them in our hearts and becoming our Elohiym's righteousness through living them in spirit and in truth.

And in order to do this we have to have His 7 spirits to guide us into His righteousness.

I just read where Yehshua said this when He told us that we are to become perfect in the manner that YEHWEH Elohiym is perfect.

His thoughts must become our thoughts and His ways must become our ways.

This morning I was reflecting on what a beautiful statute it is that we are not to even touch that which the unclean person has sat upon or laid down upon.

What He has revealed now about this statute is incredible.

I was reflecting back on a few months ago when I presented myself before the higher ups in the Greek orthodox church to tell them that they are wrong in their false beliefs.

My family was with me that day so they were invited into the arch bishop's office with me.

I could see his anger when we pulled out our towels to cover the chairs that we were about to set on.

What an incredible witness this was against them.

Which do you think pleases our Elohiym?

Is it the one who refuses to even sit where the unclean has sat before or is it the one who is angered by someone for implying that the unclean has sat there before?

What a great witness obeying our Elohiym in this statute is against those of the world when we refuse to even sit where those who are not covered by His Son's blood have sat.

It certainly is a statement that is not received well by many; nevertheless, it is a testimony against them.

The Bishop's underling spoke that he thought covering the chairs showed a psychological problem.

So in his eyes, obeying our Creator's word represents a psychological issue.

Sadly, I have witnessed that this is the case for most people.

They scoff and think those who are obeying our Creator's word have mental issues or they scorn and ridicule them.

I see this whenever I have to go into public.

Like I said the other day in the "Israel laughed" video, the descendants of Israel laugh at obeying YEHWEH's instructions just like their ancestors did that day at Mount Sinai.

Walking perfectly before His face requires us to bring every thought before Him to see if our thoughts have indeed become His thoughts.

Some people have said that what I have spoken in these videos is judging them.

What I have spoken is not my word, it is my Father's word that all are judged with.

We must measure all things with the measuring rod that He has given to us which is His word.

If His word says that we are to not set or touch where the unclean has sat, then this is His judgment, not mine.

I'm just in agreement with His word.

I marvel at the timing of YEHWEH's revelation that the world needs to be treated like an unclean menstruating woman.

It was prophesied that Israel would be scattered because they would become unclean to Him like a menstruating woman.

Jeremiah recorded;

Lam 1:17-18

17 Zion spreads forth her hands and there is none to comfort her: YEHWEH commanded concerning Jacob (Israel) that his adversaries would be round about him and JERUSALEM IS AS A MENSTRUOUS WOMAN AMONG THEM.

And He says why;

18 YEHWEH is righteous; because you have rebelled against His mouth (that which He commanded): hear, I beseech you, all people, and behold His grief: His virgins and His young men have gone into captivity.

Jerusalem is a reference to that which He set apart to become set apart to Him.

He set apart Israel to become His children.

But the scattered nations are like an unclean woman to Him because they have not hearkened to His voice except for the small flock.

The rest have not hearkened to Him in order to become His chaste bride.

They have gone off to play the harlot to Him.

Zechariah explained how Israel is going to be healed of this impurity in the last days.

Zech 13:1

1 IN THAT DAY there will be a fountain opened in the house of David to the inhabitants of Jerusalem for their sin AND FOR THEIR SEPARATION.

The word for separation is the same word that is used to describe a menstruating woman.

The fountain that will be opened to the House of David is the living water that comes through the favor of His Son's blood.

The spirit and the water and the blood bear witness to this.

The water that we are baptized in must be turned into Yehshua's blood in order for us to be made clean.

And this is done when we agree to walk humbly before YEHWEH in obedience to Him and walk with Him being guided by His 7 spirits.

Ezek 36:17-18

17 Son of man, the house of Israel is defiled within the land that they dwell in WITH THEIR PATHWAYS AND THEIR WORKS: THEIR PATHWAYS ARE BEFORE MY FACE LIKE THE UNCLEANESS OF A MENSTRUATING WOMAN.

18 I will POUR OUT my fury upon them FOR THE BLOOD THAT THEY HAVE POURED OUT UPON THE LAND and for their idolatry, THEY ARE UNCLEAN.

What is the blood that you have poured out on the land?

This is a reference to His Son's blood that you have trampled underfoot.

You are of this uncleanness if you have trampled His blood underfoot.

He uses the graphics of a menstruating woman because when the blood departs from a woman it carries off her dead seed.

In like manner, if Yehshua's blood is not being applied on our behalf, we are dead men walking and dying we will die.

He even gave women their cycle in the first place to teach us this.

All of this is by His design.

And this really gets fascinating because it even ties into the ashes from the red heifer and the water of separation that we must be cleansed with if we have touched a dead body.

I will explain more on this in the next video and show how He is now magnifying the unclean statutes at this time.

His word is clear that if you will not hearken to what has come out of His mouth that you are unclean before Him like a menstruating woman.

And if all of the blood is gone out from us (meaning there is none of His Son's blood covering us), then we are dead before YEHWEH's face.

And line upon line shows that this is because you are not receiving the favor of His Son's blood because you are not being found in His favor.

Yehshua's blood is not being applied on your behalf to atone for you if you are not living to be found in His Father's favor.

You are rejecting the favor for favor that washes away our impurities.

We must walk with Him to become as He is.

This means that we must walk in a manner to become His righteousness.

His righteousness leads to perfect love because it equates to perfect love.

Here is what He told Abraham;

Gen 17:1-2

1 ...I am El' Shaddai; WALK BEFORE MY FACE AND BE WITHOUT BLEMISH (be perfect).

2 And I will give my covenant between me and you and I will multiply you exceedingly.

Is not this the same thing that Yehshua commanded us that I read to you in the beginning of this video about being perfect in the manner that His Father in heaven is perfect?

Do you think you are walking perfectly before Him if you are polluting His Sabbaths?

Do you think you are walking perfectly before His face if you are putting no difference between the clean and the unclean?

Do you think that you walking humbly with Him on His pathway if you are not walking in His Torah with the statutes and judgments?

If you do, you have your head buried in the sand and you are your father satan's seed and you are utterly bald, blind and naked before YEHWEH Elohiym's face.

2/3rds of you from the scattered nations of Israel are already guaranteed to die in the following 63 days because 7 days ago the Ark's door already shut on you.

And He is going to send a sword after the remaining 1/3 and sadly only a tithe of you in this third will repent.

This shows how stubborn and rebellious you are.

You have no fear of not being found in the Most High's favor because you are totally drunk on the wine of your fornication to Him.

I posted a video on this subject a while back called "Courage in a Bottle".

Your fornication is your wine and it is your liquid courage that you are intoxicated on that allows you to stand boldly before Him and tell Him that you will not hearken to Him.

I will repeat the theme verse that is the title of this video is about.

Matt 5:20

20 Because I say to you that UNLESS YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS EXCELS IN A MORE EXCELLENT WAY THAN THE RIGHTEOUSNESS of the scribes and the Pharisees, YOU WILL IN NO WAY enter into the kingdom of heaven.

This is because unless we become our Creator's righteousness, our righteousness is like a soiled garment to Him.

We are unclean before Him and not clothed in His robe of righteousness.

I'll read where His word testifies to this as well;

Isa 64:4-6

4 For since the beginning of the world men have not heard by the ear, neither seen with the eye, besides Elohiym, what He has prepared for him that waits for Him and

5 REJOICES TO DO HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS AND REMEMBERS HIS PATHWAYS: He who continues will be saved. Behold, He is wroth with those who have sinned:

6 You are all unclean and all of your righteousness ARE FILTHY GARMENTS; you are (withered) fallen away leaves in your iniquities and the wind (spirit) has taken you away.

The Hebrew word that they translated as filthy is not used anywhere else in the Old Testament.

The Strong's concordance says that by implication it means the soiling from menstrual flux.

The word for faded also means that which is disgraced or dishonored and the word leaves can also be branches.

Yehshua gave us a parable that we are branches on the vine and He is the vine and His Father is the vine dresser.

In this parable He said that His Father takes away every branch that does not bear fruit.

And in Matthew 7 He tells us that the good fruit is those who do His Father's word and the bad fruit is those who do not do His Father's law.

In the parable about the vine, He also said that those who do not abide in Him will be gathered like withered branches and cast into the fire.

Branches whither when they are fallen off the vine.

Abiding in Him is abiding in His Father's word.

He was made to be His Father's word and He bears His Father's word as His name.

His Father's word declares His righteousness and unless you are hungering and thirsting to bear His righteousness that His word declares, you are unclean before Him and separated from Him.

Thus Saith YEHWEH Elohiym.