Our Creator has foretold all along through this that the true good news about the truth of His kingdom would not go out to the world except on the wings of great calamity.

This is because man does not want the true good news that He is building His family on the foundation of His righteous character.

Most of you want to be able to continue in your sins so you have believed into make believe deities to worship and to tell the world about.

And you have invented or believed into make believe kingdoms of heaven and shared these make believe kingdoms with others and with the world.

Yehshua prophesied;

Matt 24:14

14 And the good news of the kingdom WILL BE PROCLAIMED IN ALL OF THE WORLD AS A WITNESS into all nations AND AT THAT TIME the conclusion (the end of man's rule) will come.

The eternal, self-existing Creator sent His prophets to the descendants of Israel to teach them the good news of His kingdom but most did not hearken to what they spoke.

Israel was supposed to not only lay siege to His righteousness, they were supposed to live it as an example to the world and give the truth to them.

But this did not happen.

Of course He knew that this was not going to happen, yet He instructed them to do so.

Even in this verse here Yehshua was prophesying that it was not going to happen until the time of the end.

Instead they perverted His righteousness and lived their make believe images of His character in front of the world.

And they took their made up images of Him and His Son to them.

But He has also spoken that the rest of the world does not have an excuse anyway.

This is because His Creation testifies to His righteous image that they have rejected.

Nevertheless, the truth is going to be given to them as a witness against them and to call them into repentance.

He told us that He was going to pluck one out of the fire and send Him to you in the last days.

He has given me His signature ring, therefore He has given me the authority to stand before Him to the world in order to declare His righteousness and to proclaim His coming judgment.

He sent me to the scattered nations of Israel first to witness against them but they would not hearken, just like He said they would not.

He said that He was going to give this servant the name Zerubbabel.

Concerning this servant He said;

Zech 4:6

6 Then the angel answered and spoke to me, saying, this is YEHWEH's WORD THAT IS UPON ZERUBBABEL, saying; NOT BY MIGHT, NOR BY POWER, BUT BY MY SPIRIT SAYS YEHWEH OF HOSTS.

7 Who are you great mountain?

Before Zerubbabel's face you will become a plain: AND HE WILL BRING FORTH THE HEADSTONE shouting favor, favor to Him.

The headstone is our Messiah.

I have been sent to proclaim the day of YEHWEH's vengeance, therefor I have been sent to declare the day of Yehshua's return because He will return bringing His Father's wrath.

He is the chief corner stone that the temple was built upon and through.

I will post another video that discusses the favor that comes through Him.

Verse 6 says that He has put His word upon me.

And He has done so by or through His 7 spirits.

He sent out these 7 spirits through His Son who entered into the last stone to finish off His temple.

These are the two olive trees that His 7 spirits as flowing out through to the world at this time.

But His 7 spirits have been rejected my most because the conditions that are required in order to enter into the renewed covenant through His Son's blood in order to receive them have been rejected.

Instead, His Son's blood has been trampled underfoot by nearly all.

It was asked of me a couple of days ago what the thunders are.

John was told;

Rev 10:3-4

3 And (the angel) cried out with a great voice like the roar of a lion: and when he had cried out, SEVEN THUNDERS SPOKE THEIR VOICES.

4 And after the seven thunders had spoken, I was about to write and I heard a voice from heaven saying to me; SEAL UP THOSE THINGS WHICH THE SEVEN THUNDERS SPOKE and do not write them.

There is no way that anyone can know what these 7 thunders are unless they are given to them from Elohiym.

They have been sealed.

Only the one whom YEHWEH Elohiym has authorized to speak for Him will be able to speak what these 7 thunders are because no other can know what they are.

I am going to mention false prophet Ron Weinland here today because he has announced recently that he is going to be unloading his deceived flock's tithe money that he has gathered from them and stored up.

He is going to be spending it on advertising his make believe "j" guy's return on May 27th.

Because of this, more will fall prey to his lies in the coming days.

At one point I thought that he and his wife, who he says is the 2nd witness, might actually be dead on the streets of Jerusalem prior to May 27th but that they would not be resurrected thus his prophecy would be dead on the streets of Jerusalem.

It has been shown to me that his prophecy will indeed be dead on the streets of Jerusalem on May 27th without their dead bodies needing to be there.

His false testimony will be dead when he and his wife are not caught up to meet their j guy on the 27th like he has prophesied would happen.

The reason why I bring him up here in regards to the 7 thunders is because Ron knows that only the two witnesses would be given these thunders.

And he knows that they will be used to identify the witnesses.

This is pretty straight forward, and satan knows this so of course his servants know this.

Ron says that the 7 thunders are things like a global financial crash and natural disasters being increased and things like this that will happen anyway.

Two of his made up thunders are that the knowledge of him and the knowledge his "g" guy would be increased from the time that his 3 ½ year tribulation began in 2008.

And with his increased advertising that he is putting forth, this will happen to some degree.

And knowledge of him will certainly be increased when the physical destruction intensifies because satan has gone to a lot of work to set him up in order to deceive many like he has with others as well.

His prophecy will fail on May 27th and this is just about here.

But even after this, I am sure that he will try to ride the calamity in some way in order to continue to deceive people.

He will spin off his non-accenting somehow.

For this reason I will post another more up to date video exposing that he is a false prophet.

The point that I want to make today is; many know and have predicted that the global financial system is going to collapse and for all practical purposes, it has.

They just have it propped up at this point.

And many are riding the signs of the times that are foreshadows of the coming time of affliction.

Most know that we are at the time of the end because YEHWEH has given us so many signs to see that it is and he has placed it in many people's hearts to know that we are at the time of the end in order to call a people to turn to Him.

In lieu of this, most people know that there are going to be earthquakes and natural disasters and such increasing because the scriptures say that there will be.

These things are not hidden; they are not sealed like the 7 thunders are.

And because these things will increase, not only are Ron and his false "g" guy going to be magnified through the increase in them, so will all of the rest of the false prophets and false pastors and their false images of their different "g" guys and "j" guys.

And likewise the truth that He has spoken through His end time messenger of the covenant will go out to the world.

It will be up to the individual to choose who they will stand with.

The choice will be;

Will you stand with YEHWEH Elohiym's word or will you stand with one of satan's many imposters like Ron who says that you have to stand with some made up list of 57 truths?

His 57 truths is actually an abomination in itself.

Ron's measuring rod that the temple was measured with and that all will be measured with is his list of 57 truths that he and his pre-assessor Herbert Armstrong put together.

One of these truths is their false Saturday Sabbath.

This false doctrine is easily proven to be false according to YEHWEH's Elohiym's word that we must measure all things with.

The 7 thunders are things that will only be given to His witness and they will be given in order to prove that He has sent him.

They are specifics that will be or have been sent to identify him.

They are not things like a financial crisis that many have predicted or an increase in earthquakes that almost everyone knows will happen.

In Rev 4:5 we are told;

5 And out of the throne proceeded lightnings AND THUNDERS AND VOICES: and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne which are the seven Spirits of Elohiym.

Zechariah prophesied that Zerubbabel would be one of the two olive trees that would be given YEHWEH's 7 eyes.

And Revelation 5:6 says that the 7 eyes are His 7 spirits.

The only other person that scripture records who possesses the 7 spirits besides Zerubbabel is Yehshua.

We must let scripture define scripture.

Scripture tells us who the two witnesses are.

It is through these 7 spirits that the 7 thunders will be revealed and manifested.

His word says that they speak.

Even the fact that YEHWEH has sent me with His 7 spirits in the manner that He has could be one of these thunders when you consider what they were to be sent to accomplish.

Also, they could be specific coming judgments of physical destruction.

He has led me to speak that Yellowstone is going to blow prior to July 19th.

It could be said that others think or speak that Yellowstone will blow someday.

But no one has said that it will blow before a near date that is now only less than 73 days away.

I have also said that many volcanoes will blow before this date.

Will exact dates follow?

We will see.

I have said that there will be many tsunamis in the days ahead but His spirit led me to speak of a particular one off of the North West coast of America.

And I have said that this will occur before this date as well.

After I spoke this, I Googled it and found that others are predicting such a tsunami off of the coast of America.

They are even preparing for it to happen someday.

But are these others saying that it will be before July 19th?

He has also led me by His 7 spirits to speak that all of man's false worship houses will come crashing down in the days that lead up to Yehshua's return.

And by the end of this day, they will all be destroyed.

And then there are things like what He revealed the last couple of days about the Japan tsunami.

What an incredible thing that this was that He led me "by His spirit" to speak about.

He led me to speak about how He will recompense those who hate Him for a thousand generations in a video about January 15th of last year.

And then 55 days after this date He sent the tsunami.

I want to point out something else on this that I did not point out in the other videos.

I said that January 15th was the beginning of 550 days leading to July 19th.

But what I did not say is that I did not even know this at this time.

He still had not given me the correct date of Yehshua's return because He had not shown me how to count the days to determine when His Feast of first Fruits is yet.

So I did not even know about the 550 days at that point.

I find this really cool.

Are things like Yellowstone or the Japan tsunami the 7 thunders?

I do not know, I just know that by His spirit He has shown me them.

And I know that the 7 thunders will be revealed by His spirit in order to further prove that He has sent me.

The 7 thunders will be proclaimed by the one whom YEHWEH Elohiym's word testifies to that He has sent him.

There is only one stone whom His word testifies to.

His prophets clearly taught that one would be sent at the time of the end and so did His Son.

Yehshua said that one would be sent in the spirit of Elijah to restore all things.

And YEHWEH's word clearly testifies that the first witness was His Son.

His word says the 7 thunders will speak and this means that they will speak to testify to the good news that will go out as a witness to the nations.

This is because they will testify to whom He has sent His good news with.

It could even be argued that the Ezekiel 24 sign is one of the 7 thunders because it is specific and no one has ever brought this sign forward until now.

It was brought forward "by His spirit"

I also know that the good news will go before the end will come.

I know this because Yehshua said that it will.

And I know that the end of man's self-rule will come on July 19th.

For this reason, I know that He will magnify my voice through the 7 thunders speaking.

If they are things like the Ezekiel 24 sign, then He will magnify them so that their voices are heard through the effects of the trumpets that will soon be increased.

If I were you, I ‘d be worried about the 6 trumpets that will also be speaking leading up to this day and the 7 vials of the 7th trumpet that will be poured out on this day.

Yellowstone and the rest of the calamity that He has led me to speak of are coming whether they are the thunders or part of the trumpets.

If I were you, I would turn form your rebellion to His word and lay siege to His righteousness while you still can.