Last night I was meditating on some things and I was led to wonder how many days there were between the 1st date that I was led to give and the day that I was led to announce the abomination of desolation on July 22nd of last year.

I plugged it in and low and behold it was 188 days.

This is all fascinating how it continues to line up the way that it does.

And this is way cool in lieu of how our Elohiym sent us the 188 day sign that He has already revealed so I thought I'd share this with you.

For those of you who do not know about the 188 day sign, I posted a video on this site called "The 188 Day Sign" that discusses it.

Also, there is a video that explains more on this subject called the "188 Day Cycle & 2012"

The first date that was given in the countdown to Yehshua's return was January 15th of last year and this was discussed in the "January 15th" video.

This was the 10th day of the 10th month on our Elohiym's calendar and it lines up with the corresponding timing of Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon coming against Jerusalem.

In this video I discussed Deuteronomy 7:9-10 that says;

Deut 7:9-10

9 Know therefore that YEHWEH Elohiym, He is Elohiym, the faithful Elohiym who keeps His covenant and mercy with them that LOVE HIM AND KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS TO A THOUSAND GENERATIONS;

10 And He will recompense them that hate Him to their face, to destroy them: HE WILL NOT REFRAIN (from recompensing) those that hate Him; HE WILL RECOMPENSE THEM TO THEIR FACE.

Then exactly 55 day after January 15th to the day there was the Japan quake and following tsunami that happened off of the coast of Sendai Japan.

Sendai means "a thousand generations".

Do you think that this could possibly a coincidence?

For those of you following along, you know about the many times that He has used the numbers 55 and 40 and 11 and even 188 in this to stamp His signature on the events that have happened.

The 55 coupled with the number 40 is a signature that He has given to His end time messenger of the covenant.

I will read you a verse about the signature ring that He was going to send Zerubbabel with in a minute.

Even January 15th was the beginning of 550 days that lead up to July 19th.

And trumpets 2-6 began to sound 11 days apart which covered a 55 day period of time and there is much more like this including a 55 day signature on when the 5 month prophecy began on November 9th.

November 9th was 2- 55 day periods or 110 days after the announcement of the abomination on July 22nd.

And another awesome event in this was that the first 55 days after July 22nd landed on September 15th.

This was the date of the 4th 188 day pattern quake that happened in the Lau Islands and this is discussed in the 188 day videos.

The Japan quake and tsunami was a foreshadow of the exacting judgments that He is going to authorize me to pronounce in the coming days.

He had me speak about January 15th in advance to show this.

He gave January 15th in His prophecy timeline and then in the video about it He led me to speak about the verse in Deuteronomy 7 concerning "A Thousand Generations" of repayment and how all nations will be repaid.

And then 55 days after January 15th, a foreshadow of the destruction came.

In this video I also spoke about how the ancestors of all nations had the truth available to them in the beginning and they do not have an excuse.

I spoke about how we were all given the responsibility to hand the truth down to our children by teaching it to them.

Japan's ancestry came off of the Ark just like all did.

They are descendants of Noah's son Japheth.

The next verse in Deuteronomy 7 says;

11 Therefore HEDGE ABOUT the commandments and the statutes and the judgments which I command you this day AND DO THEM.

YEHWEH's path with His statutes and judgments were given to those who walked with Him long before Moses was sent to deliver the children out of Egypt and long before the Torah was given to them at Sinai.

We are told;

Gen 26:5

5 Because that Abraham OBEYED MY VOICE and GUARDED AND HELD FAST TO my commandments and statutes and MY TORAH.

Who taught Abram who became Abraham in his early years to desire to walk with his Elohiym?

There was a 58 year gap where Noah was still alive after Abram was born.

And then there is another 17 year gap before he was told to depart from his kin.

Abraham found favor with YEHWEH because he desired His righteousness and he obeyed Him.

Don't you think that Noah pleaded with his boys to walk with Elohiym in the manner that he walked with Him?

Of course he did and he even set the example for them to do so but they did not hearken.

Shem did to a point but this is another subject.

We don't see the covenant given through Shem, but rather it was given through Abraham and there was a reason for this.

It was because of his heart.

Granted, Abraham was a descendant of Shem, but it was Abraham's heart that was a heart like Noah's and like the other patriarch's hearts.

And now the descendants of the families who came from those who came off of the Ark will be recompensed for going their own way.

But there is also a reason why the time of affliction is being sent.

It is being sent in order to humble a people to repent and to hearken to their Creator.

A double portion will be poured out in the descendants of Jacob who became Israel.

This is because YEHWEH made His torah directly available to them but they rejected it.

These descendants are primarily the English speaking nations who are in christianity today carry His torah around with them in their bibles but reject it.

Going back to the January 15th date, there was also a relevant revelation regarding this date in a video called "Dead Cows and the Prophet Haggai"

In this video I discussed 212 cows dying at that time and how this tied into the Haggai 2 prophecy that was given to Haggai on the 24th day of the 9th month.

The 24th day of the 9th month this past year was on the 20th day of December on satan's calendar and we were 212 days out from Yehshua's return on this day.

This prophecy goes on to speak about the coming famine and the signature ring that would be given to Zerubbabel.

The prophecy says the famine is being sent because you will not return to Him through His Torah.

You can find the texts to these videos and to all of the videos on the http://www.repairingthebreach.info/ website.

It has all been a remarkable past year and a half in what our Creator has continued to reveal along the way.

Here a little, there a little all of His signs have fit into place.

And here a little, there a little, His prophecies have unfolded and brought us to this time with the Ark Door getting ready to be slammed shut in just 5 days.

Through this He has shown that it is not about the signs or about the dates anyway, but rather about hearkening to His word.

Yet the signs and dates that He has given to us are pretty cool in how they all fit together perfectly.

And he gave them to us for a reason.

It was all led into the sign of Jonah.

And the way that the July 22nd announcement that Saul of Tarsus was and is the abomination of desolation spoken of by Yehshua and by Daniel ties in with the rest of the dates is phenomenal in itself.

And now He has given us yet another fit to all of this showing us that there are 188 days between January 15th and this announcement and this is pretty cool.

The way that He has used the number 55 and 40 and 11 in all of this to sign it with His signature is astonishing.

He has authenticated what He has given through these numbers.

Here is what the prophet Haggai recorded.

This was spoken about in the "Dead Cows and the prophet Haggai" and in the "How Much Longer" videos;

Hag 2:20-23

20 And again the word of YEHWEH came to Haggai in the TWENTY-FOURTH DAY of the month, saying,

21 Speak to Zerubbabel, governor of Judah, saying, I will shake the heavens and the earth;

22 And I will overthrow the thrones of kingdoms, and I will destroy the power of the kingdoms of the heathen and I will overthrow their chariots and those that ride in them and the horses and their riders will fall, each man by the sword of his brother.

23 In that day, saith YEHWEH of hosts, I will bring Zerubbabel my servant, the son of Shealtiel (this name means "I have asked Elohiym"), saith YEHWEH, AND WILL PUT UPON HIM A "SIGNATURE RING" BECAUSE I HAVE CHOSEN HIM, saith YEHWEH of hosts.

The signature ring that He has given to me is His righteousness.

He has sent me to bear witness to His righteousness and to proclaim the day and the year of His vengeance.

But as part of the signet that He has authorized me with, He has authorized me to bring forth these signs that He has signed that were given to prove the day and the year of His vengeance.

Even the 24th day of this past 11th month was part of His signature as well.

The way that He has revealed the timing of this all is part of the only sign that would be given, the sign of Jonah.

The signature ring that He has given to me has authorized me to proclaim how all of this lines up and to show that it is His signature that has put it all together.

But these things are not what all of this is about.

It is about why that which is coming is being sent.

It is about our Elohiym's righteousness and why all that which opposes it must be purged out.

Like I said, His signature is His righteousness.

Yet He has signed these signs as being from Him as part of testifying to His righteousness.

Many know about the 188 day earthquake cycle and many know that He uses the number 40 for judgment.

But none have His signature ring that allows them to tie it all together.

None have the 55 day stamp that He has given.

None have brought forth the 5 point Ezekiel 24 sign that is a huge part of His signature because this is a promise from Him.

He said that when this sign is sent, we can know that it is from Him.

In lieu of there being 5 points to this sign, I even marvel at how there are 5 -11's making up the number 55 in regards to how He has used the number 11 in all of this.

An example of this is 5 of the trumpets being spaced 11 days apart.

The precision that He has revealed in all of this is incredible, even dating back to the 1,100th year after He put Adam and Eve in the garden.

Actually it goes back before then because He put His luminaries in place for us know His calendar and to use to determine His dates.

And this is necessary in understanding and determining the sign of Jonah.

Without knowing how His calendar operates none of this could be understood.

The sign of Jonah outlines His entire salvation process when you consider it all of the way through.

It ties the events of the flood in with the day of His wrath that is to come in the last days and in with the events of the exodus.

It ties the 5 months of torment prophecy that proves who will receive His wrath on that last great day in with the timing of Yehshua coming into Jerusalem and the memorial of the Exodus.

And this prophecy proves His mark that we must have in our foreheads in order to avoid the coming time of judgment.

The way that He revealed the 5 month prophecy shows that it is rebellion to His instructions that is the mark of the beast and that hearkening to His word is required.

Through the sign of Jonah, He tied in Nineveh's repentance to show that those who repent will rise up in the judgment against those who do not.

Matt 12:41

41 The men of Nineveh will stand up in the judgment with this generation and will condemn it BECAUSE THEY REPENTED AT THE PREACHING OF JONAH; and, behold, a greater than Jonas is here.

Almost none have repented at this time to what He has sent me with.

And YEHWEH said that this was going to happen.

They did not repent at the preaching of Noah either and Yehshua said that as in the days of Noah, so will it be in the days of His return.

YEHWEH said;

Ezekiel 3

6...If I had not sent you to them, they would have hearkened to you.

7 But the house of Israel will not hearken to you BECAUSE THEY WILL NOT HEARKEN TO ME because all of the house of Israel is impudent and hardhearted.

Anyway, I just wanted to post this video today to tell those of you who are appreciating the signs that He has given to us about these few new spokes to the wheel.

One being that the abomination of desolation was announced 188 days after January 15th of last year.

Another was that in the video about January 15th, He led me to speak about Deuteronomy 7 and the thousand generations, then 55 days after the 15th He sent the quake and tsunami.

And those who are following this know that this quake was one of the 188 day pattern earthquakes.

And the third big revelation today is how this all fits into the signature ring that He has given to me and sent me with.

Again, the numbers are not His signet. They are just part of revealing His signature.

His righteousness is His signet.

But as part of the signet that He has authorized me with, He has authorized me to bring forth these signs that have His signature on them.

The rest of you who are not appreciating the signs and are not hearkening to what He has spoken through me can scoff and mock all you want.

Doing so will not keep that which is heading your way from being heaped upon you.

And you will be recompensed for your rebellion to the Most High.