It has been incredible to witness how our Elohiym has revealed the timing of how these last days have unfolded and how they are unfolding.

He has done so in a step by step fashion, here a little, there a little in the same manner that He hid His truth in His word.

And everything is precise and it is orchestrated in a marvelous way that could only be done by an all-powerful Creator who is in charge of everything.

I marvel when I reflect back on how all of this has unfolded to this point.

And I marvel at how so few have hearkened to what He has sent forth.

Especially in lieu of His word testifying to what He has sent forth.

Nearly all of you want bombs going off or mass destruction for proof and you will soon get it but to your own peril.

Yesterday I was asked about a video that I was led to post on the 1st day that the 1st trumpet began to sound which was on April 22nd of last year.

The name of this video was "Forty Days of Judgment"

I went back and listened to it just now and was astounded at how prophetic it was for what was to follow.

In the video I was led to say;

This (speaking of the events of the 70 week prophecy given through Daniel) shows that everything is in His (Yehshua's) Father's perfect timing, just as how things will unfold in the coming weeks and months are in His perfect timing.

Things will happen in His schedule of events, all each of you need to do is turn to Him in truth and receive His Spirit and let Him deliver you out of bondage.

This is His show and not mine.

When I produced this video I had no idea that He intended to hold back the calamity for so long but I am thankful that He has.

I did also say in this video that the bulk of the destruction was going to be held back these first 40 days to give the scattered people who came out of Israel a chance to return to Him but that to what degree, I did not know.

And from there I did not know how everything would unfold and there are things that He still has not shown to me.

I have thought that the calamity would happen on a physical plain sooner, but with each step of the way He has continued to show us how He was shortening the days for the Elect's sake like His Son said He would.

And it has been incredible to see how the timing has been revealed.

He has not let what I have spoken fail because He kept giving more understanding along the way when it was time to give it.

And each piece has fit together perfectly to define His prophecy and His timeline.

In this video I said;

"In 40 days the fifth trumpet will begin to blow just as He gave a few days ago. This date is June 1st.

It will blow for 150 days; however the 1st through the 4th and the 6th will continue to blow in increasing waves until July 18th, 2012 when Yehshua will return."

Of course it was later revealed that the actual timing is July 19th as the 18th comes to an end and the 19th begins in Jerusalem.

This statement was a true statement when you look at it through what He has revealed since then.

It was spoken prophetically and I did not even know this at the time.

The 5th trumpet did begin to blow on June 1st and it is awesomely significant that this was 40 days after the 1st trumpet began to blow.

At the time when I said this, I was saying that it would blow for 150 days based on the five months of torment that are associated with it.

150 days is 5- 30 day months.

Scripture testifies that prophetic months are 30 days in length.

Plus, all months originally were 30 days and they will all be 30 days again when Yehshua returns and the rotations are restored.

Then as we went along, He revealed more and more about the 5 months of torment and the timing of it in a step by step manner that was incredible if you were following what He was revealing.

And in the process, He showed that the prophecy of the 5 months was a prophecy that funneled into the 5 days between when the Passover lamb or goat is to be set aside and the timing of the Exodus.

He did this to prove what He had been giving all along about who will receive the torment on the last terrible day of His wrath.

Yet some of you scoff because of how this was spoken here in this video that the 5th trumpet would blow for 150 days instead of looking at how He revealed that the 5th trumpet and the 5 months is a prophecy for the time of torment.

Our Elohiym reveals His secrets in His perfect timing to do so and He has shown in this how His timing is perfect.

And He has tested and refined those whom He has been calling through this process and He has weeded out the tares.

Here is a fascinating piece of information in this that shows His prefect timing in this and shows that He led me to speak what I spoke;

The 5 months of torment prophecy started to be proven exactly 150 days from June 1st when I spoke that the 5th trumpet would blow for 150 days.

150 days from June 1st was October 29th.

On this day I was led to post a video called "November 9th & YU 55"

This was 11 days before November 9th which is incredible in itself in regards to how He has continued to use the number 40 and 11 and 55 in stamping His authenticity in all of this.

I started the October 29th video with the following quote;


This is incredible that this video was produced at the end of 150 days after the 5th trumpet began to sound.

As far as I can remember, I did not know this at that time.

I just counted the days for the first time today, at least as far as I can remember because if I had seen this before, I would have been fascinated by it and spoken of it.

However when I posted the "November 9th & YU 55" video I did catch another 150 day space in time that I spoke of in the video.

I said;

"And if the 150 days or 5 months does begin on November 9th, then just maybe it is not a coincidence that the mirror of this or the 150 days prior to November 9th was June 12th when the 6th trumpet began to sound."

The beginnings of each of trumpets 2-6 were spaced 11 days apart.

This shows that I was not certain that the 5 months would begin on November 9th but I thought so because of all of the evidence that He had given.

I also said in this video;

"I have also spoken that this 150 days could begin as late as February 20th of next year."

The reason that I said this was not prophecy but because I simply subtracted 150 days from July 19th which is February 20th.

One person who was on the fence looking for error wrote me and told me that I was a false prophet because in his opinion, the torment did not begin on or before February 20th.

This was foolishness on his part because he ignored what was previously given from our Creator in order to formulate this opinion.

I said that the 150 days would begin on or before February 20th and it did.

Going back to 2011, exactly 3 days after November 9th, I posted a video called "The Days Will Be Shortened"

In this video I clearly said that the 150 days did in fact begin on November 9th and this is certainly before February 20th, 2012.

So what I spoke back then was true.

Here is the quote;

"Not even starring down the barrel that this 150 days could have begun on November 9th would shake a people to hearken to Him.

Giving this warning did not provoke more than a few people to turn to Him and to cry out to others to turn to Him.

The outcry did not go out.

Man has no fear; they want the proof of the calamity.

They will not believe His word without proof on a physical plain but the truth is, even with the proof on a physical plain, most still will not hearken.

Yehshua walked out of the tomb and a third of the world believes this yet they still won't do as He told them to do.

So nothing has changed since He shed His blood.

I did not say that the 150 days would begin on November 9th, but I did say that it is a perfect match within the dates that Yehshua and His Father have already given to me.

I actually have been saying that it could begin as late as February 20th.

I said this because I did not know for sure.

But the reality is November 9th was a perfect match because it is a perfect match.

It was a custom designed warning complete with an asteroid hurling this way to lead up to it."

I went on to say;

"The 150 days began on November 9th just as the evidence that He gave us showed that they would"

From there it was amazing how YEHWEH cut the 150 days into thirds and then caused a rod or 10% to pass over the last 50 days that began on February 17th.

This funneled these last 5 days at the end of the 150 days that began on November 9th perfectly into the 5 days between the 10th day and the 15th day of the 1st month.

And the prophecy was made complete and it was fully revealed and the whole sign that He gave to us was and is incredible.

But if someone is looking for fault and not letting our Elohiym define His prophesies and not waiting on Him to do so, they will not see His magnificent design in all of this.

There is also a possible mirror to the 40 days of judgment last year that we might be in right now.

The first trumpet began to sound at the corresponding time of Yehshua's resurrection.

This year the corresponding time of His resurrection was in the early morning hours of April 10th.

If you add 40 days to this you land on May 20th.

I will put something out there to show you how this could be a factor.

May 20th is 10 days after May 10th when the 70 day hour of judgment begins.

Could this be a dual application to the 10 day prophecy that unfolded last month that put some back in prison?

It is certainly obvious that He has set this up to be about believing His word and to be a witness against man.

And it is obvious that He has intended to hold back the affliction all along until He can no longer do so in order to still accomplish why He is sending it.

So if He has breathed a ten day period in there to allow the scoffers and mockers to scoff and mock, then this will be fine with me but I would not count on it.

But if He does, I am sure that some who are still sitting on the fence or have climbed back on it from the first ten days will be put in prison by satan because of it.

The witness that He has established is that nearly all will not believe His word, nor will they believe His signs.

The title of this video is "The Sign of Jonah".

What an incredible sign it is that He has given to us regarding the hour of judgment just like the 5 months of torment prophecy was an incredible sign.

The sign of Jonah is a dual prophecy that also applies to the days that we live in that led to revealing and proving the 70 days of judgment and when it is to begin.

The first part of the prophecy was obviously about Yehshua being in the tomb for 3 days and 3 nights.

And it is incredible how the timing of this event tied into the here and the now and what has been revealed.

But when it comes right down to it, these signs will not matter to most of you.

As I quoted a bit ago from the other video, even Yehshua walking out of the tomb did not matter for most of you.

I have actually spoken this in several videos.

You believe that He walked out of the tomb but you still will not hearken to what He said about obeying His Father.

Matt 16:4

4 A wicked and adulterous generation requires a sign; and there will no such a sign given to it BUT THE SIGN OF JONAH.

And He left them and departed.

He gave them many signs such as healing people and fulfilling prophecy in front of them and feeding the masses with a few fish and a few loaves of bread so this shows that He was giving a prophecy here.

When He talked about this sign in Matthew 12:41-42, He tied this sign in with the judgment.

This prophecy started being revealed last year at the time of the Passover when YEHWEH tied the 3 and ½ days that Yehshua was dead in with the blowing of the 1st trumpet.

All of this began showing the meaning of the prophecy of the silence in heaven of a space of a half an hour found in Revelation 8:1.

And now recently He more fully revealed the meaning this prophecy in relation to the hour of the judgment of Babylon.

I spoke on this in more detail in "The Flood & the 2nd Passover" video.

It is remarkable how these events tie in together just like it is remarkable how all of the events like the timing of when the trumpets began to sound and the prophecy of the 5 months of torment tie in together with one another.

And how they tie in with dates given in the scriptures and even how they tie in with current events that He has sent to warn people.

And what is really incredible is how all of this is in the same manner as the sign of Jonah.

This has all been part of Yehshua's prophecy that no sign would be given but the sign of Jonah.

Jonah was in the belly of the fish 3 days and 3 nights just as Yehshua was in the tomb for 3 days and 3 nights so there are some physical attributes to this sign.

But the sign itself is the concerning the timing of it all.

It is the timing of when Yehshua was in the tomb in regards to when the Passover is to be killed and how this lines up with when the Passover is to be killed for the backup Passover opportunity.

And also how this ties together with the timing of His resurrection and how this lines up with the timing of the Ark door closing.

And in all of this there is the message that testifies to how we are saved or brought into His family.

It has been an astonishing revelation.

The prophecy that Yehshua gave is there will be no sign given except the timing of how all of these events line up to prove the hour of judgment and His subsequent return.

And keep in mind that July 19th was given long before all of this proof was.

The evidence in the prophecies followed.

It is just that the evidence fit perfectly into it all like a masterful, all-powerful Creator had to orchestrate it all because He did.

Within this sign, He has given us remarkable proof that it is from Him because His signature is all over what He has revealed to prove that it is from Him.

And His word testifies to it as well.

How He orchestrated the timing of all of this is so incredible that it could have only been set in place by an all-powerful, supernatural supreme being.

He set the timing in place before He even wound the clock when He put His luminaries in place.

He had His servants the prophets record dates and prophecies to validate it and to testify to it.

The whole thing is astonishing.

Yet the good news of His Son's return and the warning for the world to repent will not go out without Him sending the time of calamity to carry it because the world wants headlines.

But the headlines will not matter to most when they come anyway.

Did Hurricane Katrina cause those affected by it to obey their Elohiym?

Did the Japan Tsunami cause them to cry out to His true name and to hearken to Him?

Will Yellowstone blowing her top cause any of you to leave your false images of Him?

No, it is going to take the world completely coming unglued to even get a small remnant to hearken to Him.

Like I said, His Son walking out of the tomb nearly 2,000 years ago was not enough except for a small flock.

And this is truly incredible, yet it is a reality.

Yehshua said;

Mathew 24

37 Because as the days of Noah were, likewise will the coming of the Son of man be.

38 Because LIKE IN THE DAYS THAT WERE BEFORE THE FLOOD they were eating and drinking and marrying and giving in marriage until the day that Noah entered into the ark,

39 and they did not know until the flood came and took them all away; AND IN LIKE MANNER WILL THE COMING OF THE SON OF MAN BE.

We are less than 7 days away from the corresponding time of the Ark door being closed.

He is not returning at this moment, yet this prophecy here applies in a dual way as well.

The Son a man is also a reference to His Father's servants the prophets and therefore to what they have spoken.

It is at the same timing as in the days of Noah that the hour of judgment will begin.

I do not know what will happen on this day and if the flood gates of the famine and pestilences will be let loose on that exact moment.

I just know that at the same timing that the door was closed, I will be burning a third of the hair and the pestilences and the famine will follow.

His word has testified to this.

Daniel prophesied that the temple would fall at the end of the 70 year prophecy and it did fall.

It fell exactly 40 years later, but it did fall nevertheless.

In the Ezekiel 5 prophecy the destruction of the thirds is described;

Ezekiel 5


This will all come to pass after the early morning hours of May 10th and will be finished on July 19th.

Those of you who are requiring exacting details on when and how this is going to unfold are spending your time focused on the wrong thing.

I have said all along why not obey our Elohiym because you love His righteousness and you want to become it anyway.

Why do you need to be humbled into obeying Him?

The truth is, in your pride, most of you will not be humbled into obeying Him anyway.

You would rather die than to obey your Creator.

And you will die blaspheming Him because the images that you have of Him do not require you to obey Him and you are in love with these make believe images of Him and you will hold onto them to death.

You do not want His righteousness because it has no part in your rebellious, uncircumcised hearts.

You want to tell Him how it is.

The fulfillment of the sign of Jonah has been given but it will not matter to most of you because you are a wicked and an adulterous generation.

There have only been a few who have bound yourselves in Ezekiel's skirt.

Ezekiel's skirt is the robe of righteousness that YEHWEH has sent His servant to proclaim to you.

For the rest of you, He is suggesting that you come down off of your high horses and to do so quickly because His judgment is at hand.

And the door of the Ark is about to be slammed shut just as it was slammed shut in the days of Noah and at the same time.