The rebellion that I have been sent to bear witness to is almost impossible to believe.

It has been amazing to be shown how man-kind could be so will-fully rebellious to our Creator's word and to His righteousness that His word testifies to.

The record that is in His word testifies that most have not hearkened to His servants the prophets.

The evidence that He gave us in His word to testify to the image of the one He would send in the last days is so detailed that it would be impossible to refute who this servant is when He sent him forth.

He designed it this way to prove in the last days that it is a matter of believing His word and obeying it and that most would not, just like most have not all along.

It is hard to believe that most of you have rejected this evidence or not hearkened to what He has spoken through His messenger of the covenant that His word testifies to.

As unbelievable as this is, I do believe it because have seen it with my own eyes.

And your judgment is not just about what I have been sent to witness to.

I have also been sent to bear witness of your rejection of what the first witness spoke and this is what really testifies against you in the greatest way.

Those of you who are in the 1/3 of the world that calls yourselves christianity say that you follow the Messiah when you do not follow hardly anything that He told us to do in regards to obeying His Father.

You believe that He walked out of the tomb nearly 2,000 years ago but then you still will not hearken to what He bid us to do.

Instead, most of you have chosen to believe in and follow make believe images of Him that came out from the teachings of the abomination of desolation Saul of the Tares.

However, there are also many of you who see that Saul is false yet you still have the same uncircumcised heart that Saul had.

You still want to tell your creator how it is and how you will serve Him.

You pick and choose what you will hearken to and what you will not hearken to.

Some of you even believe the evidence that He has sent me yet you still will not hearken to what He is telling you to do through me.

This has been incredibly unbelievable to witness.

YEHWEH Elohiym had His servant Malachi record;

Mal 3:1-3

3:1 Behold, I will send my messenger to prepare the way before my face: and YEHWEH will seek you and will suddenly come to His temple. The messenger of the covenant whom I delight in will come to you, says YEHWEH of hosts.

2 Who will abide him the day of his coming? And WHO WILL STAND when he appears? BECAUSE HE IS LIKE A REFINER'S FIRE AND LIKE FULLERS' SOAP:

Most of you have not liked the soap.

3 And he will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he will purify the sons of Levi, and purge them like gold and silver SO THAT THEY MAY OFFER TO YEHWEH AN OFFERING IN RIGHTEOUSNESS

He has had me cry out to you to lift this offering up to Him but almost none of you have.

In order for any of you to not believe that He has sent me, you have to not believe His word that testifies that He has sent me.

You have to reject His Ezekiel 24 sign that He gave to be His promise to prove His servant when He was to send him along with other proofs that He had His servants record.

He said that when this sign is sent, we can know that it is from Him.

You have to reject that He has turned the water of the baptism into the renewed covenant into His Son's blood through His servant.

You have to reject all of the evidence that He has given to us that He has sent me in the spirit of Elijah to restore all things.

You have to reject that I have brought forth the measuring rod that all will be judged by.

This measuring rod is the reed that John spoke of in Revelation that the temple was measured with and it is the plummet that Zechariah recorded the temple was built with.

It is the same measuring rod that the 1st witness testified to when He said that all will be judged or measured with His Father's word.

So you have to reject Yehshua's witness to this as well.

You have to reject what YEWHEH has sent me with in regards to the seven eyes which are the seven spirits that are flowing out through the two olive trees in the manner that I have been sent to testify to.

You have to reject that I am crying out to you to return to having hearts like the Patriarchs had like Malachi recorded that the end time messenger would be sent to do.

You have to reject all of the evidence that has been given through me that Yehshua is the 1st witness.

You have to reject that I am the one who has been sent to cry out to you to remember the Torah of Moses with the statutes and judgments.

And why are you rejecting all of this incredible evidence and much more that I have not even mentioned here today?

It is because you refuse to offer up the offering in righteousness to Him that He has called for you to lift up to Him so you have to reject it so that you can justify your actions.

You choose to not believe this evidence so that you do not have to hearken to His word and what He is telling you to do.

I have discussed in several of these videos how this offering is not only returning to Him and to His righteousness through His Torah with the statutes and judgments and to keep our eyes single on what He is restoring.

But how it is also to cry aloud and to spare not to warn others that He is sending His Son to purge out all that opposes His righteousness on July 19th when He returns to harvest His Father's temple.

I do not have a "donate here" button for you to offer anything to me.

I come crying to you to lift up the offering to Him that His word testifies to.

He has told you to use whatever resources you have to sound the alarm.

Has this happened?


Like I said; all of this has almost been unbelievable to witness in lieu of all of the proof that He has given to us in His word that He has sent me.

Most of you know that no one has ever brought forth such a work as He has sent me to you with.

And you cannot argue that this work is not an exact match to the work that the prophets recorded the messenger of the covenant would be sent with.

So what is your problem in hearkening to what He is bidding you to do through me?

It is that in your rebellious hearts you do not want to hearken to the Most High.

You can say that you do all you want but you are just giving Him lip service.

Some of you have told me that, no, it is just that you do not want to hearken to any man.

Do you think that the commands in the Ezekiel 24 sign that Ezekiel recorded are the commands of a man?

24 As with Ezekiel, THIS IS A SIGN TO YOU: according to all that he has done shall you do: AND WHEN THIS SIGN COMES, know that I am Adonai YEHWEH.

We must do that which His word bid us to do at this time in regards to this sign.

This sign is a promise from the ‘EL Shadai, the self-existing Creator of all things.

Is His promise not good enough for you to cause you to stop eating the bread of men?

Don't you realize the bread of men comes from the father of lies satan?

Don't you realize that His Son told us the same thing when He said that our eyes must be single on the light?

But instead most of you love to feed off of satan's swill more than the unleavened bread of life.

As a matter of fact, most of you even seek satan's spirit to guide you through your interpretation of the unleavened bread when you do read it.

And his spirit leavens it in your hearts and minds.

You seek your understanding of Elohiym's word through rebellion in your heart and this is inviting satan's spirit into your heart and mind to define truth.

And this proves that satan is your father.

You can say the Most High is your father all you want; you are just lying to yourselves.

What kind of heart can read the verse here in Ezekiel and the verses that accompany them and say that they say something different than what I have spoken?

What kind of heart can deny that this verse here in verse 24 is saying that this sign is a promise from Elohiym?

I will tell you, it is a rebellious heart that does not want to hearken to the sign, therefore does not want to hearken to His word.

It is a rebellious heart that does not believe Elohiym's word even though they claim that they believe it.

Denying what His word (that you say that you believe) says shows your incredible hypocrisy.

He says in verse 26;

26 HE THAT ESCAPES IN THAT DAY WILL COME TO YOU to announce this to your ears.

This verse ties the person who would be sent with this sign to Zerubbabel in the Zechariah prophecy.

Zerubbabel means one that flows out from the captivity.

And Isaiah 61 ties this servant in with the one who would be sent to proclaim the day and the year of YEHWEH's vengeance.

He did so by tying in this servant with some of the Ezekiel 24 sign.

Line upon line, this means that if July 19th is not true, you are saying that the eternal self-existing Creator allowed for satan to come along and make His word of none-effect.

Do you think that this is possible?

Is it such a weak Elohiym that cannot even keep His word that He gave to His prophets who you believe in?

Do you think that the all-powerful Creator who controls everything allowed for an imposter to come along and nullify His promise?

Come on people, you cannot be this stiff-necked.

And what am I bidding you to do anyway?

I am bidding you what His word says to do and that is to obey Him and to cry aloud to warn others.

Many of you even believe that 2012 is the year anyway yet you still will not cry out.

July 19th is the Feast of First Fruits.

What other day would He send His Son to harvest His First Fruits on if not this day?

Many of you believe that He will be sent on what you call the feast of trumpets.

There is not even such a feast found in His Father's word.

In your ignorance you believe the translations of men instead of fearing to be wrong enough to find out the truth about what His word says.

You have no fear.

There are only 3 harvest feasts.

What people erroneously call the feast of trumpets is a High Day on the 1st day of the 7th month that is to be a memorial of acclamations or a memento of shoutings.

It is a very important appointed time indeed.

It is even the day that Yehshua was born but it is not one of the 3 harvest feasts and Yehshua is coming to harvest His Father's First Fruits.

Recently our Elohiym and His Son have even added so much more proof of where we are in time with the sign of Jonah being fully revealed and other amazing prophecies being revealed.

Yehshua made a clear reference tying the sign of Jonah in with the judgment in Matthew 12.

They have revealed how the 3 days and 3 nights that Yehshua was in the tomb and Jonah was in the belly of the fish tie in with the timing of the flood in relation to the backup Passover opportunity.

And they have shown how this has revealed the beginning of the hour of the judgment of Babylon.

This was an incredible and masterfully planned out prophecy that has been given to show us that July 19th is the date.

And there has been so much more revelation such as the five months of torment prophecy and all of the others that He has sent to establish that He has sent me and that His Son is being sent on July 19th.

And all of these things testify to the date but you still will not cry out.

Your stiff-necks are unbelievable.

You deny these proofs just so you do not have to cry aloud and lift up the offering in righteousness to our Elohiym that He has called for you to lift up to Him.

You are being willfully rebellious to His word in order to not lift up this offering to Him.

And it is not just the cry that most of you are refusing anyway.

How many of you have turned to obeying all of what He is restoring at this time?

The 7th year Sabbath is over with now, but how many of you heard it proclaimed and obeyed it and told others to obey it?

How many of you are hearkening to the Ezekiel 24 sign by covering your heads and doing that which has been commanded for you to do in addition to crying aloud?

Do you make the claim in your hearts that it is just me speaking these things?

If you do, you are in denial; it is His word that speaks these things.

It is His word that you are denying.

I had a YouTube video sent to me the other day about a news article on Israel preparing for war that had over 273,000 views in one day or less.

Things like this show that YouTube is an incredibly explosive media source.

This is why He sent me to you on YouTube.

But the truth is not sexy enough or exciting enough for you to join in and spread it like a news article like this is.

How many people have heard that He has sent His end time prophet to proclaim the day and the year of His vengeance in over a year's time?

Almost none have because almost none cried aloud.

You would think that the day of our Messiah's return would be your focus to cry out to others in order to warn them.

You would think that the fact that He has sent His messenger of the covenant might be exciting news for you to share with others.

But the unbelievable thing is it is not.

How can any of you hear the evidence that He has sent me and not be willing to warn others?

Like I have been saying, their blood will be on your hands.

You are rejecting YEHWEH Elohiym because He is the one who has sent me with this cry.

This whole time leading up to when He will let loose the calamity has been part of the witness against you.

He knew that you would not cry out and that it would take the calamity for the message of the covenant to go out.

Yet He sent what He did in the manner that He did to be a witness against your refusal to hearken to Him on His terms.

Do you think that there is anyway in the world that I would want for any of you to cry aloud July 19th if there was a possibility that it was not true?

Of course not.

But I know that it is true because I believe His word.

It is His word that testifies to the work that He has sent me with.

I believe the writings of the prophets that testify to this work.

Who else has ever come with a work that matches the writings of the prophets like this?

For this reason we can have confidence that what I have spoken has come from Him.

If satan was allowed to duplicate this work, he would have done so.

And do you really think that I could be the one who is being led by satan when I am the one who is not adulterating Elohiym's word like the false shepherds are?

I am the one who is speaking out against those of you and the shepherds who put no difference between the clean and the unclean and profane His word.

Here is what His word says about the false shepherds;

Ezek 22:26


Can you listen to what I have been speaking and say that this possibly could apply to me?

Or does it apply to the shepherds in christianity?

Just look at the Sabbath issue along.

All of the others that I know about who are claiming to be the two witnesses have a Sabbath that is fixed on a day of the week on satan's calendar.

And even within the shepherds that have a form of the lunar calendar correct there is much error and division.

One of the things that our Elohiym has restored through me is how the cycles of His luminaries will be restored.

And He has shown us how the restored cycle proves when His Sabbaths are.

Who else has brought forth such evidence about not profaning His Sabbaths and knowing when the correct timing of them is in lieu of the restored rotations?

Not one because it did not come from me and it did not come from man.

I did not figure this out, nor could I have.

My point is; folks, you have to be willfully rebellious to the work that He has sent me with to not join in with it.

And doing so shows your rebellion to His word that testifies to His work.

Your rebellion is part of the witness against your stiff-necked uncircumcised hearts.

And like I said, there are even some of you who acknowledge that I am His messenger that He has sent who still will not hearken to what He has bid you to do.

Where do you think this leaves you before His face?

Do you think you can refuse to hearken to Him and still be found in His favor?

If you do, you believe into a make believe image of Him.

The test of why we are here in the flesh is will we hearken to Him or not.

Are you above why you are here in the flesh?

Like I said in the beginning of this video, most of you believe that Yehshua walked out of the tomb and you claim that you follow Him, but then you still will not do what He bid you to do in regards to obeying His Father.

This is hypocrisy gone wild.

I am telling you that you must lose your lives for His Father and my Father's kingdom sake.

Did He not bid you to do the same?

I'll read one of the places where He said this.

Matt 10:37-39

37 He that loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

38 And he that does not take up his stake AND FOLLOW AFTER ME is not worthy of me. (and He is His Father's word)


Following after Him is following after the correct image of Him.

Otherwise you are simply following after a make believe messiah with make believe blood.

His image is His Father's word.

Following after His true image is following after His Father's word.

And His Father's word testifies that you are being commanded to cry out to Him and to offer up to Him the offering in righteousness that He has called for you to lift up to Him.

At least you are being commanded to do this if want to be found in His favor.

If not, it just testifies against you that you have no fear of His word.

Concerning the last days He tells us;

Isa 66:2

2 All of these things exist because my hand made them, says YEHWEH: BUT TO THIS MAN WILL I LOOK, TO HIM THAT IS HUMBLE AND OF A BROKEN SPIRIT AND TREMBLES AT MY WORD.

If you refuse to tremble at His word, He is giving you another option.

We read about this option in;

Jer 10:10


You can either tremble at His word or you can tremble at His wrath, the choice is yours to make.

Or maybe you think that Jeremiah and Isaiah and the rest of the prophets had it all wrong?

Maybe Yehshua had it all wrong as well when He said that we have to obey His Father's commandments in order to have eternal life given to us.

Maybe He had it wrong when He said that we have to follow Him and this means walking as He walked if we are to enter into life?

Maybe I have it wrong even though the work that I have been sent with is a perfect match to the work that was recorded that the messenger of the covenant would be sent with in the last days?

Maybe instead you have it right and you can pick and choose what you will obey and what you won't obey and you will still be found in Elohiym's favor?

For some strange reason, I don't like your chances much because His word says differently.

Maybe you know better in all of your wisdom that you have learned while living in rebellion against the Most High's word?

Who do you think your teacher has been if you have been living in rebellion to the YEHWEH's word?

According to His word, He sent you into captivity for your rebellion to Him and your rebellion to His word.

The gate keeper of the captivity is satan and his crew.

This means that you have been under their tutelage.

Just maybe since YEHWEH Elohiym's word says that satan would deceive the whole world, maybe the whole world could include you?

Nah, this could not be.

After all, you think that this is not possible because you think that because you read your bibles and pray to the image of Him who you were taught He is that you are good to go.

Your problem is who taught you who His image is?

How could you learn His righteousness if you rejected His classroom and rejected what His word spoke to teach His character to us?

Most of you believe that satan could not have deceived you because you have lifted yourselves above YEHWEH's word that testifies that he has.

The true image of YEHWEH Elohiym requires us to walk humbly before His face and to fear going against Him.

The fear is the eye salve that gives us eyes to see.

Is this the image that you pray to and worship?

If not, it is a different image than Yehshua prayed to and worshipped.

Isaiah recorded that Yehshua would be given a quick understanding of the fear of YEHWEH.

The fear of YEHWEH is the 7th spirit.

John recorded that Yehshua possessed these 7 spirits which means that He feared not obeying His Father.

Those of you who have no fear of His word have lifted yourselves up above His word.

This is unbelievable arrogance.

The fact that you say that you believe His word and then believe it not is both unbelievable and full of hypocrisy.

The fact that you do not fear what is coming enough to obey Him is unbelievable in itself.

It is unbelievable that you think you do not have to keep His Torah with the statutes and judgments when all of His prophets recorded that it would be because you would not hearken to them would be why He is sending His wrath in the last days.

It is unbelievable that some of you actually think that I am the one that is from satan because I am telling you to return to the Torah that Moses recorded with the statutes and judgments.

This is unbelievable because our Messiah and the rest of the prophets taught that we were not to depart from them in the first place.

Our Messiah taught that He did not come to get rid of one punctuation mark from His Father's Torah until heaven and earth pass away.

And Yehshua and Malachi said that the end time servant would be sent in the spirit of Elijah to restore these things.

The fact that you cannot accept this is unbelievable.

And for those of you who think that I have not been sent in the spirit of Elijah, what do you think the spirit of Elijah is?

Read the story of baal his false prophets and you will find that it is an exact match to what I have spoken to those of you worshipping the image of the "g" guy of christianity.

I have said over and over again, if the ‘"g" guy or the baal of christianity is the Elohiym of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, then continue to follow him and die in your sins.

But if the righteous image of YEHWEH Elohiym that I have been sent to testify to be the Elohiym of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, then turn to Him and be delivered.

I have told you to turn from being between two opinions just like Elijah was sent to do.

You are between two opinions because you say you love the Elohiym of Abraham, but then you worship a make believe image of Him and you do not love His true righteous image.

The "g" guy of christianity is not the same image of YEHWEH Elohiym that the prophets recorded or His Son spoke about.

His Son told us to do the same thing that I am saying about fearing Elohiym.

He said;

Matt 10:28

28 Do not fear them that can kill the body but are not able to kill your eternal life: BUT RATHER FEAR HIM WHO IS ABLE TO DESTROY BOTH BODY AND ETERNAL LIFE IN THE LAKE OF FIRE.

Why do you think that you do not have to fear going against His word?

It is because you are above His word in your rebellious pride-filled, arrogant, uncircumcised hearts.

I actually have had people who will not even obey the simplest of His commandments write to me and tell me how they do fear Him.

They explain that they have incredible fear of His coming judgment but they still will not even obey Him.

If this is you, you lie to yourself to say that you fear Him.

If you feared Him, you would obey Him, plain and simple.

You would fear not being found in His favor and fear losing out on eternal life.

You would fear to not be in agreement with Him.

If you believe we are in the end times, then who else is there in the world that you think has been sent to restore all things in the spirit of Elijah if I am not the one?

In the revelation that Yehshua gave to John, here is who will be thrown into the lake of fire;

Rev 21:8

8 BUT THE FAITHLESS (those who are afraid to trust their Elohiym) AND THE DISBELIEVING (the ones who do not believe Him), and the abominable, and murderers, and fornicators, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, will have their place in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone which is the second death.

He lumped the faithless and the disbelieving in with the murderers and all other abominations.

Some of you write to me and tell me that you do believe His word but you are not hearkening to what it says.

You cannot even see your hypocrisy.

How can any of you say that you believe Him when you will not even believe and His Ezekiel 24 promise nor obey what His sign bids you to do?

You claim is a contradiction.

The faith of the saints is the same faith that Yehshua has.

He believes His Father's word and He obeyed it while in the flesh.

If you have a different faith than He had as evidenced by what you live in the flesh, you are not of the truth.

In the same verse that explains the saints have the same belief that Yehshua has it also explains that they are those who keep the commandments.

This was given so that we are without excuse.

The fact that you can read verses like these and deny them in your hearts is unbelievable.

It really is an unbelievable witness against man.

But, like I said in the beginning, as unbelievable as it is, I believe it because I have seen it with my own eyes.

He sent me and the work that He sent me with to bear witness against you.

You write me and tell me that He knows your heart.

You are correct, He knows if rebellion to His word is in your heart.

He knows when rebellion to His righteousness that His word testifies to is in your heart.

He knows if you seek to become as He is in your heart or if you seek to make Him to be as you want Him to be in your heart.

He knows when you love a make believe image of Him in your heart.

Absolutely He knows what is in our hearts.

And He gave us His word to prove what is in our hearts to us so that we could know.

At least we could know if we trembled at His word instead of being lifted up above it.