Tonight is the anniversary of the first exodus out of Egypt 3,324 years ago.

His word testifies that He has raised me up out of the captivity and sent me to announce the abomination of desolation Saul of Tarsus therefore the command to flee to the hills has been activated.

The time of the second exodus is at hand.

The children of Israel were serious enough to leave Egypt that night when they were told to if they were to be delivered into the Promised Land.

But they were not serious enough to follow through with what they agreed to in order to enter into it.

They continued to not trust and obey their Elohiym along the way even after they left their homes in Egypt.

And what happened:

Deut 1:35

35 Surely there will not be one of these men from this evil generation that sees the good land which I swore to give to your fathers

He goes on to add except for Caleb and Joshua and their families and that also their children would be allowed to enter in 40 years later.

The point that I want to make today is almost none are even willing to flee from their homes now that the second Exodus is upon us.

Did YEHWEH Elohiym change?

What makes you think that you will be delivered through what is ahead if you will not hearken to Him?

Not only will you not flee, almost none of you are even willing to join in with the cry that He has sent His watchman with.

You refuse to cry aloud that the day and the year of His vengeance has been declared.

Where does this leave you before His face?

It shows that you are a wicked and rebellious house that will not hearken to His word without His calamity being sent to motivate you to hearken to it.

And yes, His word does testify that He has sent me with this claim.

It is just that His word is not good enough proof for most of you.

For this reason you do not cry out.

There is a reason why the only real proof that He has sent me has been His word until this point.

It is to show that your rebellious hearts need a sign and that you will not hearken to His word.

Well, you will get what your hearts require.

And the blood of those whom you refused to warn will be on your hands.

One thing is for certain, it has been witnessed that for most of you, His word is not your authority.

If it was, you would know that He has sent me and you would cry aloud with me.

Like I said, at least Israel was serious enough to flee back then when He told them to, yet they were not serious enough to enter into the Promised Land.

You need to measure yourself with the same standard that YEHWEH judged their outcome.

Like I asked; did He change?