I have spoken in several of these videos about how the different images of christianity's "j" guy are make believe images of who our Messiah really was and is.

He was and still bears the image of His Father's word.

And His Father's word is the same word that He was sent to testify to.

The fact that He came fulfilling so many of the writings of the prophets testifies that these writings are true.

We are told;

John 1:14

And the Word (Logos) "WAS MADE TO BE" flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld His glory as the glory of the only begotten of the Father, full of favor and truth.

I have spoken in other videos about how the Greek word logos that is translated into the word word means the character or the image of a word that it is used to identify.

The word that Yehshua became was His Father's word.

His word is what He gave us to describe His righteous character.

His word testifies that His righteous character opposes everything that opposes it.

This means that the true Messiah opposes everything that opposes His Father's righteous character as well.

Yehshua told Phillip that if we have seen Him then we have seen His Father.

This is because He was and is in total agreement with His Father's character.

This means that He is in agreement with the need for us to purge out evil from our midst.

Today is the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Most of you could care less about observing this 7 day feast or about what it was sent to teach us about living our Elohiym's word to become as He is.

As I awoke this morning and reflected on the blood that we painted on our doorpost last night in lieu of observing the Passover, I thought about how so few of you would hearken to His commandment to observe this memorial in the manner that it was commanded.

Granted, some observe a perverted form of it but so few actually set aside the lamb or goat on the 10th day of the 1st month like we are commanded to and followed through with the rest of the instructions that are associated with this night.

The commandment to observe the Passover is to be a memorial of the process of coming out of Egypt and a memorial of our Elohiym sending His Son to atone for our sins and it is to be a statute forever.

The fact that nearly the entire world refuses to hearken to His word is incredible.

But not as incredible as the one third of the world who claims that His Son's blood is atoning for them in hypocrisy.

It is this group that tramples His shed blood under their feet and it is for this reason that this group will receive a double portion of His wrath in the coming days.

His word says so.

If your messiah reflects an image of a different character than His Father's word reflects, you have a make believe messiah.

Therefore you have make believe blood atoning for you.

This is a very simple fact that His word testifies to.

If your messiah does not oppose that which opposes His Father's righteous character and that which opposes His Father's word that testifies to His character, you are far from reality.

If you think that He offered Himself up so that you do not have to obey His Father's every word, you are living in a delusional and deceived state.

And your belief calls both Him and His Father liars because they both plainly spoke to the contrary.

You will soon be recompensed for your rebellion to His word and to His righteousness if you will not repent.

The real Messiah bears the image of His Father's word and He will return with His Father's word coming out of His mouth like a sword to consume all of you who oppose His word and that which it represents.

His word defines His righteousness that most of you have rejected while you played the whore with the false images of Him and His Son that you give you allegiance to.

Yehshua said that all will be judged by His Father's word in the last day so be prepared to be judged by it.

You are about ready to find out that His word that you have perverted and trampled underfoot does indeed endure forever.

Turn from your rebellion to His word and to His righteousness that His word testifies to because His Kingdom is at hand.

Turn to letting His unleavened bread of life circumcise your hearts.

If you forbear to do so, you will experience His wrath.

This is just another reality that His word testifies to.