When the dust settles on July 19th, only those of you who are standing with the truth will be left standing.

It has been incredible to witness how so many people who claim that they believe our Elohiym's word refuse to believe what it actually says.

I remember back when I was still in the captivity in christianity when my Father was calling me out of it how I would go to the different religious gurus that I knew and try to reason to them with what He was showing to me.

I would try to show them what His word says about obeying Him and such and they would reply back to me yes it says this, but this or but that.

The reality is most people look for ways to twist His word so that they do not have to obey it.

Obeying His word is most people's stumbling block.

It is your iniquity that causes you to stumble.

This is why Saul's teachings are so welcomed by most of you.

Most of you do not want to obey the Torah because you choose to not want to obey it.

I will give some examples of this in a bit.

But first I want to start by addressing this subject from our Elohiym's perspective.

He said;

Jer 17:9-10

9 Every heart is deceitful and incurable: who can know it?


Most of you are aware of these verses in Jeremiah.

But what most of you probably do not know is how these verses are in a prophecy about returning to obeying the Sabbath day and how these verses tie into the prophecies for the last days.

It is a prophecy about healing us if we will return to His Sabbaths and to His path.

And verse 23 says but you will not hearken.

What pathway do you think He is talking about measuring us by?

His Son told us.

He said that all will be judged by His Father's word in the last days.

We cannot heal our own hearts, He has to do it and we have to turn to walking with Him in order for this healing to take place.

He does so when we seek to walk perfectly before His face in His word.

It has been incredible to see how so many of you have tried to find fault in me to prove that our Elohiym has not sent me.

In doing so you are actually seeking to disprove His word because it is His word that testifies that He has sent me.

Why would you seek to do so anyway if what I am telling you to do is to live by His every word?

Is it because you love what I have spoken or is it because something that I have spoken has tweaked you?

What have I spoken that is not in agreement with His word?

I do sometimes get letters that accuse me of error but they are almost always quoting the abomination of desolation Saul of the tares to show me that I am wrong.

Or they are using their own reasoning or the teachings of wolves to try to justify their beliefs.

An example of this is I received a post this morning from a person who was trying to explain to me why he thinks that the Sabbaths are on a fixed day of the week.

His reasoning was that since the sun and the moon were established on the 4th day, he said that there is no way that the lunar based Sabbath could be correct.

If you examine this reasoning, it is crazy reasoning in and of itself.

If you would just think about it, this reasoning would deny that the first three days even existed in our Elohiym's count of months and years.

Therefore even His feasts would be off by 3 days.

Plus, it is no proof of anything other than on the 4th day He set the rotations.

The reality is the evidence in His word of the lunar based Sabbaths is impossible to refute if you believe His word.

And His word proves that the 7 day continual rotating cycle is false if you believe His word.

The 7 day continually rotating cycle does not fit into His word and this is substantial proof that it is not true.

But people are still willing to search for something to grab hold of to disprove His word.

And they will go out on limbs like this in order to do so.

He simply set the moon in its 4th day of the monthly rotation when He established its rotations.

But people will choose to believe in far-reaching ideas like this just to disprove what His word plainly says.

Even in the same verses in Genesis 1 His word plainly says that He put the moon in the heavens for us to determine when His appointed times are and His word plainly says that His Sabbaths are His appointed times.

As with all things, it is simply a matter of believing His word.

The question should be why do any of you want to disprove what His word says?

It is because you want it to be different than what it says.

You want a different truth than what His word says.

The lunar based Sabbath is not very user friendly in this world so people want to find fault in it so that they do not have to obey it.

The same is true about what I have spoken; most of you want to find fault in it because you want a different truth.

The reality is, what I have spoken is that we must trust and obey our Elohiym and live by every word that He gave to us to live by and this is what most of you have a problem with.

In the preceding verses in Jeremiah we read;

Jer 17:5-8

5 Thus says YEHWEH; cursed is the man that trusts in man AND MAKES HIS FLESH HIS ARM and whose heart departs from YEHWEH.

6 For he will be like the heath in the desert and will not see when good comes; but will inhabit the parched places in the wilderness in a salt land and not inhabited.


8 Because he will be like a tree planted by the waters that spreads out its roots by the river and does not see the heat when it comes because its leafs will be green and will not be afraid in the year of drought, neither will it cease from yielding fruit.

Yesterday I spoke about people not trusting our Elohiym in regards to fleeing.

Is your trust in what your hand can provide for yourself?

Or is your heart to obey our Elohiym no matter what and put your trust in His provision no matter what?

Do you want to disprove me in your heart so that you can justify not fleeing?

Again, in doing so, you are trying to disprove His word because His word gave us His promise that He has sent me.

You would rather believe that His word is not true just so that you can justify your rebellion.

The symbolism in this verse of being like a tree planted by the waters ties in with the living waters that will flow out of Jerusalem in the millennium and with the planting of YEHWEH in the millennium in other prophecies like in Isaiah 61.

I had one person write me yesterday to tell me how I have had failed prophesies.

I have had no such thing.

If you think this, it is your unbelief of our Elohiym's word that allows you to think this way in the first place.

One of the three examples that this man gave of my so called failed prophecies was that I said the angel reported back on February 17th that the earth is quiet and since then nothing major has happened.

A lot has certainly happened in the world since then and the warnings have certainly continued to sound.

But as far as the world not coming totally unglued yet, this does not disprove what was spoken in one way whatsoever.

I spoke that I did not know what the space of time would be of the silence that was to follow.

Another one was he referred to the 10 days not happening in a way that he could see on a physical plain.

The 10 days certainly happened, just not in a way that he thought they would.

I certainly witnessed them happening and I spoke on this in yesterday's video.

The 3rd was that the 5 months of torment was reduced to 5 days and now it has been further revealed through me that the 5 month prophecy was to point us to this particular 5 day period of time in order to prove who will receive the torment in the last day.

He had a problem with this which was actually part of the 10 day prophecy of satan putting some of you in prison.

The 5 months of torment prophecy unfolding like it did is actually incredible proof that our Elohiym has sent me.

There is no way that it could have fit into this particular 5 day period of time between the 10th day and the 15th day of the 1st month like it did unless it was from above.

He started setting this prophecy up in regards to this 5 day period and what it was to prove to us 3,324 years ago in the first Exodus.

But if a person is not looking for this proof, and looking for proof to the contrary, then they will see what they want to see.

In lieu of what this person believes about these things being failed prophecy, he asked the question when I would admit that something is not right with what I have spoken.

My answer to him was that I believe my Father's word and His word testifies that He has sent me so I will move forward boldly in His service.

Therefore I accept what He gives and when He gives it.

And I do not judge how He has this unfolding with my own understanding.

I do not let how I thought this or that was going to happen get in the way of what our Creator is revealing to us like this man did.

I told him that it is because I believe our Elohiym's word that I will hold fast to doing the work that He has sent me to do until His word is proven wrong.

He wanted to know when so I told him;

If July 19th comes and goes, then we will obviously know that what I have spoken is wrong.

And we will know that the Ezekiel 24 prophecy was wrong and we will know that our self-existing, all-powerful Creator allowed for an imposter to duplicate the work that His prophets recorded that His end-time servant would be sent with.

For some strange reason, I cannot believe that this will be the case.

I told him that maybe this strange reason is because I actually believe YEHWEH's word?

What a phenomenon believing His word is proving to be in a world that does not.

Folks, we have to let His word be our measuring rod and not rely our own understanding for what truth is.

The question for you should be; did you need the 5 days of torment to convince you to flee?

Why wasn't His word good enough for you?

The way that He has designed things for these last days has shown that He has set this up to be a test of whether we will believe His word or not.

Which of you can convict me of bringing forth a work that is not a perfect match to the prophecies that He had recorded that His end time servant would be sent with?

If it is a perfect match, it is so for a reason.

Who else has ever brought forth such a work?

And this work was sent for a reason.

It was sent to cry out to a people to return to the paths of old that are being restored.

I told this man;

If our Elohiym wants to show us that the 5 months/5 days is a prophecy for something else, I say, yes sir, thank you and awesome!

But what did many of you do instead? You scoffed.

What is the reason for the difference in our actions in this matter?

The difference is that I believe the measuring rod that testifies that He has sent me and those of you who scoffed do not, plain and simple.

Nothing has failed in what He has given me to speak.

All that has happened is that more understanding has been given in YEHWEH's perfect timing and I have sought to keep in step with this understanding as He gives it.

Why haven't you done the same?

This is His show and not mine.

It is key to understand that Yehshua said that He will come upon most of you like a thief in the night.

This is because even as the calamity does intensify, most of you still will not choose to hearken to His word because His word has no place in your rebellious hearts.

Or you will want to continue to pick and choose what you will hearken to.

You will be looking for another explanation for the time of trouble or for another time-line so that you do not have to hearken to what He has said through me.

Maybe you do not want to cover your heads.

Or maybe you don't want to cry aloud to warn others because you are afraid what if I am wrong and you are worried about what others will think.

Folks, if I am wrong, then His word is wrong because again, it is His word that testifies that He has sent me.

This is not about me anyway like so many of you want to make it.

It is about the truth that our Elohiym is restoring.

The bottom line is that it is some part of the truth that most of you have a problem with.

YEHWEH said through Ezekiel what is coming upon those of you who do not have His mark;

Ezek 7:18-19

18 You will also gird yourselves with sackcloth and horror will cover you and shame will be upon all of your faces and BALDNESS UPON ALL OF YOUR HEADS.

Your heads are not covered because you would not hearken to even a simple commandment to do so.

19 You will cast your silver in the streets and your gold will be removed: your silver and your gold will not be able to deliver you in the day of YEHWEH's wrath: your life will not be satisfied, neither your stomachs filled: BECAUSE "YOUR INIQUITY" IS YOUR STUMBLING BLOCK.

What iniquity do you think He is talking about?

Could it be your rebellion to what Yehshua said that all will be judged by in the last day?

Maybe you think that Yehshua really did not mean that all will be judged by His Father's word in the last day?

Let me ask you some questions to prove a point.

Do you have a problem with obeying His word about not sitting down in a place where you do not know if someone who is unclean has previously set before?

Do you have a problem with obeying His separation statutes when we are unclean per His word?

Do you have a problem with not shaking other people's hands if you do not know if they are unclean or not because it would make you unclean to do so?

Do you have a problem with needing to purge out the adulterer or the false shepherds from our midst like we are told to?

I ask these questions because the real question is; do you have a problem with His word or not.

If you have a problem with fleeing, of course you are going to look for a reason to find fault with the one who told you to flee so that you can choose not to obey this instruction.

If you had a problem with setting aside the Passover lamb or goat and killing it on the 14th like we are commanded to and observing the rest of the instructions that go with it, of course you are going to try and justify your rebellion to His instruction.

But your problem is you are stumbling at His word.

The same is true with all things that He gave to us to obey in His word like obeying His 7th year Sabbaths.

Your lack obedience to His word shows that you have a problem with His word.

His restoring His 7th year Sabbath this past year was an incredible witness against most of you who heard about it.

Only a few of you hearkened to it and some of you who did were out of work anyway so this really was not a test for you.

But what would you have done if you had not been out of work?

Would you have obeyed?

And I have witnessed different degrees of this.

This past year I have seen some who have saw where we are at in time and they hearkened to His word to a point but then still stumbled to something else in His word.

The point that I am trying to make is we cannot deny His word by picking and choosing what to believe and what to obey.

When we do, we stumble and we are not walking perfectly before our Elohiym's face like He commanded us to.

If we do not believe His word, we are believing into a different image of Him and this is idolatry.

And we are staggering before His face in drunken fornication to Him when we do this.

He gave us His word to mold us in His image but He also gave it to us in order to test us and to prove us whether we would love Him with all of our heart and with all of our thoughts and with our entire life or not.

We must not choose to stumble at His word.

Why do you think that I could have the courage that I do to speak about the g-guy and the j guy of christianity the way that I do?

How do you think that I could tell people last year that they needed to leave their jobs for the 7th year Sabbath with the certainty that I did if I did not know this for sure?

How do you think that I can tell you that you must flee now if I do not know that now is the time for sure?

Don't you think that I know how serious what I am speaking for you to do is?

Of course I do.

My confidence that He has put forth these instructions through me comes from His word.

His word is the proof that I have and it is the proof that He gave to all of us.

Yes, He has given me some signs but signs can be misleading.

Even satan gives his servants signs to make them believe they are serving Elohiym.

But YEHWEH Elohiym's word endures forever.

And this is what we must measure all things with.

This is what my hope and my boldness is in and yours must be likewise.

His word is telling you what you must do in order to bear His mark in your forehead.

And what you bear in your forehead is proven by what you bear in your hand.

We must not stumble at His word and we must do that which He has bid us to do with joy and with confidence in Him and with confidence in His word.