It was an incredible prophecy that was unfolded this past week concerning the sacrifices and the coming time of torment.

Our Elohiym had previously revealed that the 5 months of torment in Revelation chapter 9 is a prophecy that was given to lead us to a 5 day period of time.

And now He has revealed that He set up this 5 day period of time through His word to prove to us who the coming time of torment will be heaped upon.

The detail that He had recorded in His word to prove this prophecy is astounding.

He revealed in all of this that the torment is the 7 vials of His wrath that will be poured out on that last great and terrible day of His vengeance.

This revelation is incredible in how it ties into all of His symbolism and the statutes that are associated with the Passover and the first Exodus.

The other day I spoke about how He revealed this prophecy in a step by step process so you can go back to the videos that led to this revelation.

This was a fascinating process in and of itself.

But the most fascinating thing in this is how the events of this 5 day period associated with the 1st Exodus fits into place in defining who will receive the torment in the day of YEHWEH's vengeance.

It was asked of me what this revelation does to the 5 day period and to the 2nd Exodus that is about upon us.

It does not alter the events of this period of time in any way other than the actual torment will not be during this time.

We must still set aside the Passover lamb or goat on the 10th day like we are commanded to and celebrate the memorial of the Passover on the night of the 14th because this is a memorial to do so forever.

This 5 day period of time was given to point us to the process of how Yehshua's substitution of the sacrifices is made on our behalf.

This process starts with the Passover and ends with the end product of our hearts being circumcised and the final substitution being made on our behalf.

As we are walking in the process, the substitution is temporarily being made on our behalf as we bring our transgressions under Yehshua's blood.

This is His substitution for the daily sacrifices.

The substitution of the daily sacrifices becomes permanent when we are sealed into our Elohiym's family.

This happens when our hearts become circumcised to a point that we are in agreement with His righteous character and He knows that we will trust and obey Him no matter what.

Abraham reached this point when he lifted up the knife to offer up his son.

Gen 22:10-13

10 And Abraham stretched forth his hand and took the knife to slay his son.

11 And YEHWEH's angel called to him out of heaven and said, Abraham, Abraham. And he said, behold.

12 And the angel said; do not stretch forth your hand upon the young man and do not do anything to him: because NOW ELOHIYM KNOWS THAT YOU FEAR HIM seeing that you have not spared your only son from Him.

13 And Abraham lifted up his eyes and looked and behold behind him there was a ram caught in a thicket by his horns: and Abraham went and took the ram and offered him up for a burnt offering AS A SUBSTITUTION SACRIFICE for his son.

What the scriptures reveal about what is required in order for the substitution sacrifice to be made on our behalf is revealed line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little there a little.

These events of the past explain what is required of us.

They outline a process of walking before our Elohiym's face by trusting and obeying Him in order to obtain His seal in our foreheads and in our hands.

His seal is bearing His name.

And this is the seal that you will be required to have in your hand and in your forehead in order to escape the coming time of torment.

For that matter, you will need to be fighting to obtain His seal in order to be delivered through the preceding time of calamity if you do not already have it.

We read that this seal is a requirement that we must have in order to be excluded from the torment in;

Rev 9:4

4 And it was commanded to them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; BUT ONLY THOSE MEN WHO DO NOT HAVE ELOHIYM'S SEAL IN THEIR FOREHEADS.

Line upon line, here a little there a little shows that we must have His seal in our hand as well.

We must not only believe into His righteous character, we must also live His righteousness in our flesh.

We must live His unleavened bread which means we must live His word because His word is the unleavened bread of life that His Son became.

We must become unleavened in the same manner and this is accomplished by us walking in His word in spirit and in truth.

The last day of the 5 day period is the 1st day of His Feast of Unleavened Bread that we are commanded to observe each year.

This feast is one of His Appointed Times that we are required to observe if we are walking before His face.

Of this feast He says;

Ex 13:6-9

6 Seven days you shall eat unleavened bread and to the seventh day shall be a feast to YEHWEH.

7 You shall eat unleavened bread for seven days and there shall be no leavened bread seen with you, neither shall there be any leaven seen in all of your quarters.

8 And you shall show your son, saying, this day is done in lieu of that which YEHWEH did unto us WHEN HE BROUGHT US FORTH OUT OF EGYPT.

9 And it shall be for A SIGN TO YOU UPON YOUR HAND AND FOR A MEMORIAL BETWEEN YOUR EYES, that YEHWEH's TORAH will be in your mouth because with a strong hand YEHWEH brought you out of Egypt.

Observing this feast is to be a sign upon our hands.

Elsewhere the scriptures prove line upon line that the reference to being a sign upon our hand represents what we live in our flesh.

This is discussed in other videos such as the videos on the subject of the mark.

I am making a reference to this verse today to show that it links the mark in our head and in our hand to the day that YEHWEH brought them out of Egypt which was the night of the 15th.

This is significant because no male could partake of the sacrifices that were done for the Passover on the night of the 15th unless they were circumcised.

I have spoken in other videos about how this is not talking about the Passover lamb or goat that is to be killed and eaten on the 14th.

The night of the 14th represents the beginning of the process of coming out Egypt and the night of the 15th represents the substitution of the sacrifices.

Actually the beginning of the process is reflected in the setting aside of the lamb or the goat on the 10thday.

The 10th day leads up to the 14th day.

When we agree to separate the Passover lamb or goat, we are agreeing to set ourselves apart to our Elohiym to enter into the covenant with Him to become His children.

We are agreeing to follow through with the instructions in order for His Son's blood to atone for our transgressions.

And Yehshua riding into Jerusalem on this 10th day is symbolic of Him choosing to set Himself aside to be our substitution.

It is important to understand that Egypt is symbolic for being in bondage to sin.

Yehshua said;

John 8:34-36

34...Truly, truly I say to you, all who do sin are a servant of sin.

And we are told in 1 John 3:4 that sin is transgression of the Torah.

35 And this servant will not dwell in the house forever that the Son dwells in forever.

36 Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.

There is only one way into the kingdom and it is through the replacement sacrifice being made on our behalf.

This 5 day sequence of events is symbolic of this process.

And now, in relation to the 5 months of torment being perfectly funneled into these 5 days in the manner that our Elohiym has done this proves that agreeing to this process is required in order to receive His mark.

It should amaze all of you who have followed the evidence that He gave to us to prove to us that the 5 months began on November 9th and how through the Ezekiel prophesies He whittled it down to 5 days.

And then how these 5 days lined up perfectly with the 5 days between the 10th day and the 15th day of the 1st month on His calendar.

And then how He tied all of this in with the circumcision being required in order to partake of the sacrifices on the night of the 15th which is the night of they left Egypt.

I don't know if this has amazed you but I do know that all of this has certainly amazed me.

Ultimately, the permanent substitution is made when we are sealed into His kingdom and our hearts have been circumcised to a point to where they are in agreement with our Elohiym's righteousness.

But this process starts with entering into the covenant to be separated to our Elohiym to cause His Son to be our Passover sacrifice.

This covenant is portrayed through the baptism process and us signing the contract with genuine repentance.

If our repentance is genuine and we agree to come out of Egypt or come out of the bondage of transgressing the Torah, then the water that we are baptized under is turned into Yehshua's blood and our transgressions are atoned for.

But this atonement is only ongoing if we continue to come out of sin.

The baptism part of this process is represented in the 1st goat on the Day of Atonement.

Yehshua taught that we must still have our feet washed in water and this water is also a symbol of His blood.

Having our feet washed is symbolic of the continued atonement and this is represented in the 2nd goat on the Day of Atonement.

We must continue to wash our feet in His blood as we learn and grow.

Doing so is symbolic of continuing to repent from our transgressions as we learn and as we are refined and purified into our Elohiym's righteousness.

Yehshua also taught that we are to wash one another's feet as well because we are to be our brother's keeper.

We are to help our Elohiym build His family by helping each other and helping our children to become as He is.

Building His family is His family business.

This two part atonement process is discussed in more detail in "The 7th month High Days" videos parts 2 and 3.

Folks, if you would just think about it, if all we needed to do is get baptized or say that we believe that Yehshua was YEHWEH's Son and that He raised Him from the dead, then why are we here?

Common sense should tell you that this does not add up in lieu of the events that are recorded in the scriptures that Yehshua testified to.

Plus, it is recorded in the scriptures that even the demons know that He is the Son of the Most High and they certainly confess that His Father raised Him up from the dead because they saw it happen.

Surely you don't think that they will be in Elohiym's eternal family.

People, you have to stop believing satan's lies if you are going to be delivered through what is ahead.

You have to agree to come out of Babylon.

We are here in the flesh to be made in our Elohiym's image, His word says so.

His word says that He sent His word to accomplish this in us.

Living His word circumcises our hearts when we live it in spirit and in truth.

Abraham was 136 years old when he offered up Isaac.

He was 75 years old before Elohiym told him to depart from his country.

And he did not even enter into the circumcision covenant with Elohiym until he was 99 years old.

This is 24 years after he trusted and obeyed Elohiym and departed from his land.

All of this proves that our growth is required and it is a process that requires us trusting and obeying Him.

Why do you think that Abraham had to walk perfectly before Elohiym's face in order to stay in the covenant with Him but you do not have to do likewise?

Why do you think that our Messiah had to obey His Father but you do not have to?

Why is it that all of the patriarchs delighted in obeying our Elohiym's Torah but most of you do not even obey the simplest of His instructions?

Why is it that they hungered to walk in His Torah but most of you think that it was done away with?

Noah had to build the ark and leave his life in obedience in order to continue in the covenant with his maker.

And Yehshua said;

Matt 10:37-39

37 He that loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me and he that loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

38 And he that does not take up his stake (referring to lose his or her life for the kingdom's sake) and follow after me (pursue after the path that He walked on which is His Father's word) is not worthy of me.

39 He that finds his life will lose it and he that loses his life for my sake (my Father's word's sake) will find it.

Why don't you believe Him?

Instead, most of you are not willing to even keep His Father's Sabbaths.

Can't you see how foolish and empty and vain your beliefs are?

If you would just compare your beliefs to the measuring rod that was given to us to measure all things with, you would see that they do not match.

Why do you think you are above His word?

Do you really think that our Messiah said all of these things about obeying His Father and losing our lives for His kingdom's sake and then went off to be killed so that you could use His shed blood to nullify everything that He spoke?

Why do you think He said few would be chosen if He did not mean that few would be chosen?

Yesterday I spoke about how if we do not love what our Elohiym spoke, then we do not love Him.

The same is true of His Son.

Do you love the image of the Messiah that said, let the dead bury their dead and come and follow me?

Do you love the image of the Messiah who spoke that unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and the Pharisees, you will in no way enter into His Father's kingdom?

Or do you love a make believe image of the Messiah that supposedly nailed his father's perfect statutes and righteous judgments to the stake like the abomination of desolation Saul of Tarsus said that He did?

If you do, you are about ready to find out that make believe blood is not going to atone for you.

Folks, this 5 day period between when the lamb is to be set aside for the Passover and the night of the Exodus is a real period of time.

It is etched in our Elohiym's word and it is etched there for a reason.

And it has been revealed that if you do not hearken to the spiritual intent that this 5 days represents in your flesh, you are going to experience the 7 vials of torment on July 19th if you are not already dead before then.

I say this because many will die before then.

The spiritual intent of what this 5 days represents shows that you must separate yourself from your life by losing it and enter into the covenant to be made in our Elohiym's image by agreeing to the terms of the covenant.

It has been asked of me if we still need to set the Passover Lamb aside on the 10th day which is tomorrow, April 2nd for much of the world.

The answer is yes, because observing the Passover is an ordinance that is commanded to be a memorial of the Passover night forever.

How much more so with where we are at in time with this being the last Passover before Yehshua's return and the following night being the night that you are to flee to the hills if you have not already done so.

Of course only few will flee to the hills because this warning is not going out to the masses because there is no fear.

This is just being pronounced ahead of time as a witness against man.

Our Elohiym knew that the warning would not go out because He knew that almost no one would hearken to His signs when He sent them.

Yet He sent them out on an incredibly explosive media outlet in order to be a witness against the stiff-necked rebellion of man.

The media information sheet explaining the basics of what is coming was sent out to thousands of media sources without one reply that I know of.

Even as incredible as this last prophecy is that has been revealed about the 5 months, it still did not go out to the masses because there is no fear.

Yehshua shed His blood to replace the sacrificial system for those of you who are walking before His Father's face to become perfect.

The rest of you are about ready to find out that you are starch naked because the shame of your nakedness is about ready to be revealed to you.

The Passover memorial on the 4th night of this 5 day period was never a part of the sacrificial system.

It was to be a memorial of YEHWEH's Passover that He sent to us to enter into the covenant with Him to come out of sin.

The sacrifices on the 15th were substituted but Elohiym's word says that this substitution is conditional on being circumcised.

All males still need to be circumcised in the flesh because He has commanded us to do so.

But this is also symbolic that all must have our hearts circumcised into our Elohiym's image in order to enter into His kingdom.

And we cannot even have the temporal substitution for the daily sacrifices made on our behalf as we journey to this point unless we are walking before our Elohiym's face in His covenant.

In other words, we have to be in the process of having our hearts circumcised in order for the sacrifices, including the sacrifices that we made for the Passover on the night of the 15th, to be substituted on our behalf.

If you are in this process in the coming days, and bearing His mark in your foreheads and in your hands, then He will deliver you through the coming time of affliction.

And He will deliver you into the millennium where you can continue in the process to become as He is.

Folks, coming out of the bondage of sin is required for Yehshua's sacrifice to be substituted on our behalf.

I'll read what He said again;

John 8:34-36

34...Truly, truly I say to you, all who do sin are a servant of sin.

And again, we are told in 1 John 3:4 that sin is transgression of the Torah.

35 And this servant will not dwell into the house forever that the Son dwells into forever.

36 Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.

The Son is His Father's word.

He said that we must follow Him.

Following Him is following on the same path that He walked on and He walked on His Father's path.

His path is His Torah.

Yehshua said that we must live by His Father's every word.

He said nothing else to the contrary.

Folks, most of you are following the teachings of men that came out from the abomination of desolation.

Search the prophesies.

They will tell you why Elohiym is sending His wrath to the world.

They will explain that it is because the scattered nations of Israel would not hearken to His Torah with the statutes and judgments, therefore those of them who do not repent will receive a double portion of His wrath.

They will explain why the rest of the world is without an excuse as well.

They will explain to you that one would be plucked out of the fire that you are in and sent to cry these things out to you.

They will explain the prophesies that validate that He has made me this servant and sent me to you.

Abraham had no substitution given to him until he obeyed and trusted in His Elohiym.

Do you really believe that you are on a higher spiritual plain that Abraham?

Why do you think that you do not have to obey our Elohiym in the same manner that His Son obeyed Him?

Especially when His Son told us that the only way into His Father's kingdom is to follow Him?

How do you think that following a make believe image of Him will get you there?

You are a rebellious, stiff-necked people who have uncircumcised hearts and dying you will die if you do not turn from your rebellion.

Day 5 or the 15th day of the 1st month is still April 7th for most of you.

Flee from the lies and flee to the hills like you are being commanded to.

This is real and it is happening.

And be thankful that the actual time of torment is not until 103 days after the 15th day has passed.

Yet rest assured there will still be much calamity sent to humble you before then if you will not repent from your abominations, so repent.

If you do, YEHWEH Elohiym will deliver you.

Jer 12:15-17

15 And it will come to pass after that I have plucked them out I will return, and have compassion on them, and will bring them again, every man to his heritage and every man to his land.

Pay attention because there is a "BIG IF" attached.

16 And it will come to pass, IF MY PEOPLE WILL DILIGENTLY LEARN MY PATH (His path is His Torah), to pledge themselves to my name as YEHWEH lives in the manner that they taught MY PEOPLE TO PLEDGE THEMSELVES TO BAAL (the one that christianity calls the "g- guy") then my people will be built in my midst.


The question is, will you hearken or will you forbear?

If you will not hearken, He is going to destroy you from before His face.

If you will hearken, He will deliver you into the lands from whence our ancestors were plucked out of.

The choice is yours to make.

There is no substitution sacrifice made on behalf of those who refuse the conditions of the covenant.

His word proves this and this 5 month prophecy concerning the torment proves this as well.

Believing that His substitution will be made on your behalf based on some other terms because Saul of Tarsus said so will not make what you believe true.

Believing a lie does not make it true.

Yehshua said that He is going to tell those of you whose works were apart from His Father's Torah to depart from Him because He never knew you.

You either believe Him, or you believe Saul.

Like I said, the choice is yours to make.